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Child Kyrielle Poems

These Child Kyrielle poems are examples of Kyrielle poems about Child. These are the best examples of Kyrielle Child poems written by international poets.

Premium Member Jesus by your side
Gentle healing hands of Jesus 
Hover ever so close to us
Reach out to one who calls
At life’s many trips and falls!

He stays with you throughout...

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Categories: 11th grade, 12th grade,

Plead the Blood
 Life can be like a roller coaster that turns you upside down. 
Sometimes, you don’t know whether to smile or whether to frown.

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Categories: christian,

Premium Member born this day

a northern star, a guiding light
weary travelers rest this night
swaddled baby laid upon hay
a holy king was born this day

the angels sang from up above

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Categories: christmas, god,

The Tragedy of Christmas
The time approaches,Advent is nigh
That innocent child, sent from on high,
Will to our sinful earth descend
And for our sad sins meet his end...

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Categories: christmas, sad,

Premium Member A Cold December Night so Long Ago
A Cold December Night so Long Ago

‘twas on a cold December night
so long ago, a star shown bright,
and in the heavens, anthems rang
“Praise to the...

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Categories: birth, christmas, jesus, religious,

Joyously, I worship You, my God, for Your faithfulness midst my transgression.  
With Your justification, You declared me righteous, beyond Satan’s objection…
Your Word wrought...

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Categories: blessing, christian, devotion, faith,

Premium Member I Was Born in a Winter Storm
I began as a mother's dream,
who gave birth to me with a scream;
outside there was a howling wind,
and snow and me have always twined.

All the...

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Categories: childhood, family,

Premium Member Abandoned


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Categories: child abuse,

Credit Card Hoodoo
Your new bank card is on the way,
praise god for all his/her ways
if you can't beat 'em join 'em (I say)
Oh lord have mercy on...

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Categories: abuse, cry, culture, dark,



I wanted truth, you told me lies,
you love me but you agonize.
Now, I am glad you acting mild
for I and her have...

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Categories: abuse, depression, feelings, relationship,

Premium Member Helplessly - Hopelessy
We have our trials, but there are
some souls who never get too far.
They barely even learned to crawl.
Helplessly - hopelessly - they fall.

The homeless and...

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Categories: life,

Premium Member Awful Weight of Agony
The phone just rang; the wrenching news has caught me unaware.
My heart is numb, my tongue is dumb; I stumble down the stair.
I cannot comprehend...

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Categories: bereavement, death, grief, heartbroken,

Brand New Star
I grew tired of my earthly bounds
I answered those angelic sounds
Don't grieve that I left you behind
Precious child, sweet daughter of mine

In my dreams He...

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Categories: daughter,

Premium Member Quiet Me With Your Love
Quiet me with Your love, Lord
The noise of the world is loud
I cannot hear
Your still small voice
Whispering in my ear…..
Quiet me…..

Hush this beating of my...

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Categories: child, prayer, song, spiritual,

Full Figured Woman
I am a full figured woman
inside and out
Embracing my shape
as each curve tells her own story

My head you no longer enter
my heart you can not...

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Categories: freedom, inspirational, life, love,

Premium Member Christmas
Children’s voices are raised in praise
In their seducing Christmas plays. 
They tell of Herod so reviled,
He would harm the sweet Christ Child.

Hearken to merry Christmas...

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Categories: faith, jesus, birth, christmas,

Christmas Period
Season of hope,sharing and merriment,
deep love shown to many as compliment,
assorted food and gifts bought for a fee,
the joy of giving has overwhelmed me.

Time to...

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Categories: life, seasons, giving, joy,

                 DON’T GRIEVE THY GRAVE

It’s about strong powers and...

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Categories: angst, world, universe,

Premium Member A Wonderous Fate
Birthed through Mother's most wondrous state
into the arms of love and fate
to so rejoice to be sensate,
O God has opened Heaven's gate. 

I grew in...

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Categories: hope, love, nature, passion,


So here’s the problem as I  see the situation
No one ever looks around ...

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Categories: angst, me, me,