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Jugular Poems

Jugular Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of jugular poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for jugular.

New Poems

Depression and other matters of the mind
No" she screamed as she broke open the door
But his feet were a foot above the floor.
She tried her best, but the rope stood strong,
He finally corrected, his every wrong!!!

On the other side, the needle pierced her vein
She felt it...Read More
Categories: jugular, abuse, appreciation, depression, drug, heartbreak,
Form: Rhyme

Premium Member Invisible Scars
Knife-like, piercing words of contempt stab the jugular vein
Exsanguinating victim; accustomed to the blood and sharp pain...
gone numb while slowly dying a death by a thousand cuts.

Submitted for...
Strand Select E Any Form,Any Theme Poetry Contest (Winner: Honorable Mention)
Sponsored by Brian...Read More
Categories: jugular, abuse, angst, endurance, violence, words,
Form: Sijo
You Are Closer to Us
Stay away from you,
You can't breathe without you,
You are our only god,
From our jugular vein,
You're closer.

May it exist when you are away,
Let life to life,
Hear, see,
You know everything,
From our jugular vein,
You're closer.

Make you cry, make you laugh,
Let the dead be...Read More
Categories: jugular, allah, god, islamic,
Form: Blank verse
Premium Member The Vine Maker

He had seen chicken necks 
twisted and broken in Chinese markets, 
the plucked dismemberment 
of flapping wings. 

With help, 
he could have strung his carcass up 
like a hog on a hook. 
He would have quickly cleaved himself 

from balls...Read More
Categories: jugular, allegory,
Form: Blank verse
Premium Member The Juglar

The jugular vein is most important for life
“Going for the jugular” means causing much strife
Breathing is difficult
Not just an irritant
All things considered, hope I'll have a gleeful afterlife

...Read More
Categories: jugular, destiny,
Form: Limerick

Premium Member EXOTICA-SOUL
Song Of Songs 6:5a: Turn your eyes from me; they overwhelm me.


Like a violent storm in a glass jar,
your eyes dazzle —
in wonderment my cheeks swell
morphing into the color of a pink sunset
and my lashes cover my eyes.
I sigh and...Read More
Categories: jugular, love,
Form: Verse


Leopard, jugular eyed, silent,
did you pause to rest too long?
See how she pulls you about her throat
how lightly you rest upon her shoulders.
Upon what missionary did you feed
that you should be so converted?...Read More
Categories: jugular, africa, animal, change, christian,
Form: Haiku
Premium Member Don't Ever Give Up
As a child I was told practice makes perfect
No matter who you are.
Again. Again it has to be automatic.
In order for you to be fantastic.
Listen to the guitar.
As a child I was told practice makes perfect
Listen to the music.
You need...Read More
Categories: jugular, appreciation, art, class, confidence, education, future, growth,
Form: Villanelle
Trigger Heart

Lung smoke and mirrors
shatter the wed dream with a bang
The lies become clearer

A hail of false bullet vows rang,
revolving deceit adulterously sang

Ring finger is missing sacred forged metal,
severed bond got an autopsy divorce settle

Trigger heart aim to fatal kiss the...Read More
Categories: jugular, allusion, dark, hurt, marriage,
Form: Rhyme Royal
Premium Member September 16th 1968
As he lay in an open field 
Blood pouring out of his head
Trying to yell for help
He looks upon the clear blue sky
Wondering if today he will die
He can feel the wind from the chopper blades
Yellow smoke sends a message...Read More
Categories: jugular, war,
Form: Sonnet

Premium Member The Bullet
Over 50 years ago the draft almost took my brothers soul
A Vietnam Battle that almost took his life
On Sept 16th in the year of 1968
While out on patrol a sniper was lurking in a tree
Pop was the sound that he...Read More
Categories: jugular, war,
Form: Epic
Good guy goes off
Guess who's back?, back again
No it's not Eminem, I stole his pen
No that's not a diss so please don't ask again 
I've been quiet for a while but I can no longer hold it in 
I lost my mind, because...Read More
Categories: jugular, anger, deep, emotions, fun, horror, humorous,
Form: Free verse
Haunting Intrigue Stoked
Though the necks
sighting of Ichabod Crane
humungous horror
helplessly harassing,
hellish hyena howling,
hideously hounding,
headless Halloween
hair raising happening,

regarding haunting
horseman spectre,
not due to arrive
(in gremlin, golem, and
goblin crawling theaters
everywhere in outer limits
of twilight zone),
come October thirty first

two thousand, and nineteen
divination trap
pings can never
be implemented overly
soon...Read More
Categories: jugular, 11th grade, america, autumn, fear, holiday, imagery,
Form: Free verse
Bulletproof Vest Palpitations

It’s Faint Paddies Day
from my oxy scarce commuter view

At this Rocky Mountain skin altitude,
death is always on the dispatch menu

Faint Paddies 
be sweating onion fear on a ghetto roll
Cry babies
be diaper blues potty wailing —  
Siren screams taking an...Read More
Categories: jugular, fear, society, truth, wisdom,
Form: Narrative
Premium Member Hey Come Join Us
Bathed in delightful unknowingness I keep to myself.
I am not tempted to jump into the sewer of negativity I see unfolding 
The pool that often times seem to saturate and permeate this pack.
I refer to them as the negative three,...Read More
Categories: jugular, 10th grade, 11th grade, 12th grade, 6th
Form: Free verse
Feeling the Fear

I can feel the walls closing in ...
I’m so afraid
of the pulmonary crumbling

The glass ceiling is falling,
shattered expectations of a jagged relation
pierces my Peter Parker abdomen

Serrated intimacy 
got a crimson cold carotid end
I don’t jugular know when the heart attacks...Read More
Categories: jugular, heartbroken, loss, lost love, sorrow,
Form: Narrative
Yes sometimes
Intoxication take residence 
In the heart
I drink
From Love's tarven
And lose myself into its Holy grail
Like fish in oceans
I want you closer
As a ring to the finger
Thorns to the rose
And hide from judging eyes
Like blood in jugular veins....Read More
Categories: jugular, 11th grade,
Form: Ballad
Stinkin Thinkin

Stinkin Thinkin

Help me I’m sinking

What am I thinking

Confusion... contempt

My energy spent

Life precious and singular

Pulsing crimson jugular

Bodies vital life blood

Emotional damage flood

Throbbing throughout vein

Unrelenting torrential rain

Exploding under strain

Too many images contain

Life force seeping... drain

Perniciousness on brain

Why here today remain

...Read More
Categories: jugular, depression, suicide,
Form: Rhyme
Braggadocio Haint The Style Of This Whelk Hooked Sluggish Autodidact
Nay, despite failing to make the grade,
     this bluesy well red, duff mute 
     average white band hit,
     hard knock school alumnus
jack of all trades master of none...Read More
Categories: jugular, 10th grade, 12th grade, evil, fate, funny,
Form: Free verse
Silence drowning
Snipping through the skin
vocal pain ripping my eardrums
Breathing in your blood 
as i wash my sins
in your devotion
Masicate my masterpiece
Notes scratched in her skin
Mangle my manuscript
Snapping my fingers as i draw them down your chalk board
With the final flaying chord
My...Read More
Categories: jugular, poetry,
Form: Free verse
Sacrificial Bond
the bubbling bleat of a slit throat goat
its waning heartbeat drips and drones
with the heated thrum of jugular hum
soul distorted, unborn, aborted.

lungs expand and collapse in unison 
the pan and cage adjourn their union
yet an orgy of the senses progresses
orchestral...Read More
Categories: jugular, dark, death, metaphor, nonsense, sick, spiritual, symbolism,
Form: Free verse
Roundup Time At The FAKE Not Okay Corral
(alternately titled: ah me go march'n home on derange)

I'll play the devil's advocate, yet
prepare a stance with pitchfork
     against misinterpreted faux attempt
     to describe, how whet
d'ya column re: immigration officials coe vet

patrol,...Read More
Categories: jugular, 10th grade, 11th grade, 12th grade, abuse,
Form: Elegy
Lamentations of a proletariat
Lamentations of a proletariat 

Loaded to the brim, withouted in a pack of "obersver-non participants"
folded like a wrap, yet forced to lack in the ranks of "server-run-anticipants"
dare to pass a comment and... a knife to your jugular
they claim to pass,...Read More
Categories: jugular, anger, betrayal, discrimination,
Form: Dramatic monologue
Corkscrews in the jugular
and wine sat there in front
of you,
cheese and pickle on the sofa
so far and it's so good.

But then the morning comes
to frisk you
and empty glasses all around you
when they find the blood
it won't look good for you.

Make...Read More
Categories: jugular, death,
Form: Rhyme
Scarlet Fever
You don’t know intensity…
Scarlet walls… painted
And it looks BEAUTIFUL…gushing out tainting the canvas, what a rush… wish you could feel it.
I lick the blade; my accomplice, and an abrupt sting kisses my tongue
I am exhilarated… I am Alive!
Flashbacks of my...Read More
Categories: jugular, desire, emotions, hate, how i feel, imagination,
Form: I do not know?