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Funny Irony Poems

These Funny Irony poems are examples of Irony poems about Funny. These are the best examples of Irony Funny poems written by international poets.

Premium Member a poem inspired by glitchore that will age poorly probably
Fingertips click a
desperate breakbeat
as eyes glaze over
in blue light baptism
please overwhelm me

Binary jungle,
you glowing cesspit
through the clipping
curtain echoes a choir
of post-post ironic

Dopamine is a...

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Categories: computer, funny, irony, music,

It’s funny, I think.
We had the talk.
I wrote about it
But the words never fit.
Still, I wrote.
Just to remember
As much as I could.

It’s funny because…

You said...

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Categories: irony, addiction, crush, emotions, feelings,

Premium Member Taylor Swift She Is Not
Rants do not make great songs
Rosanne Barr I am sorry to say
not so great in a thong
when you sell no tickets
you have no show

Unless you...

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Categories: irony, analogy, funny, integrity, mental

Premium Member Et Come Home
There on to you!!!
Your idiot brother
Hovered over a Starbucks,
Your sister was seen
Cruising Rodeo Drive.
And Uncle Henry
Got hold of a bottle
George W. Dickle
Tennessee Sippin’ Whiskey
…and you...

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Categories: america, funny, irony,

Do Not Pee By the Roadside
Near the park, I screamed at a big chap—
“Do not pee by the roadside, ape-man!”
oh, because I seen fright,
I peed on a shrub a night.

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© Bantu West  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: irony, confusion, giggle, humanity, humor,

Failed Attempt At Humor
You can’t understand how that sounds.
You laugh, but you look like clowns.
Don’t repeat the joke. Don’t assail
my ears with what you would call a humorous...

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Categories: funny, humor, irony, me,

Within me,
I feel it now.

How wonderful.

I feel its potential.
Driving me
To better myself.

How funny.

That this should come,
Shortly after
The trigger....

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Categories: irony,

" Intelligent people learn to make strong friendship with the most criticized person in the community"
Quote by poet. 

Zero has value than Empty
In mathematical contest...

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Categories: africa, fairy, irony,

Premium Member I Thought I Had It All Figured Out
and all of a sudden
time stood still
as if to laugh at me

AP: Honorable Mention 2023

Submitted on April 11, 2023 for contest SIMPLY POETRY 2 sponsored...

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Categories: funny, games, irony, life,

Jokes need laughter but
No laughter was concluded
The joke must be you...

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Categories: irony, character, funny, hate, humor,

Premium Member Its An All New Reality,,,,Stupid'
Diputs.' Its a reality.)
Some keep casting it out..'
Hoping 'all' will catch on'
So far only 'the super woke'
Have owned it..they were told..
That its 'Stupid' not, to...

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Categories: appreciation, culture, funny, irony,

I almost believed
The closer, the gladder lovers will share
With slow whispers that comes peeling a smile,
With a heartbeat felt in sighs without rile 
Holding sway the day...

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Categories: funny, irony, mirror, poetry,

Premium Member The Villanelle Story of Junebug and Taten
A Villanelle by Jelsr
Junebug couldn't stop thinking about the hood the house
It was just so slumming and urban
Never had he known anything so robust

That morning,...

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Categories: irony, analogy, anxiety, funny, hope,

I Should Seen It Comin'
There is a space still unknown
In the basement of my home
In the dirt there's gotta be treasure
Better go 'splorin' (for good measure)
A century ago, this...

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Categories: irony, adventure, funny, home, humorous,

Premium Member A Great Treat
To the charming stout blonde, said the man
“Please know that I am your ardent fan”
When he was about to kiss,
Gave him a kick in the...

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Categories: anger, fun, irony,