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Income Tax Poems

Income Tax Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of income tax poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for income tax.

New Poems


There was a man from Halifax
Refused to do his income tax
    They tossed him out
    Without a doubt
Suddenly fun perks got the axe

posted on September 7, 2019...Read More
Categories: income tax, fun, money, time,
Form: Limerick

Premium Member Wish for a Day was Granted
She was sitting on the edge of the bar stool
Not wearing anything but her wings.
I found it curious that no one else seemed
to want a peek and I could not stop peeking.

“What will you have?” the bartender asked.
She was a...Read More
Categories: income tax, 10th grade, 11th grade, 12th grade, fairy,
Form: Narrative
Trump and Approach Are Superficial
Trump and Approach Are Superficial

Started at beginning and point that is initial,
His approach and appearance are superficial;
Trouble up stirred,
With each word;
Statements Trump made had been prejudicial.

James Horn
Retired Veteran
BA Sociology, Psychology Minor
MA Urban Economics

I really met the requirements
for a BA in...Read More
Categories: income tax, allegory, analogy,
Form: Limerick
About Priest and His Face Would Ponder
About Priest and His Face Would Ponder

About priest and his face, we did ponder,
And maybe some spell he may be under;
Have heard he can hardly carry a note;
Sounds like someone run over by a boat.

Of your mind, priest tried to...Read More
Categories: income tax, allegory, analogy,
Form: Couplet
Personal Ad
Personal Ad -Advertisement-Article- (In need of something a little bit different)

I'm looking for a female with a personality other than herself
Someone different from me. Tranquilized, homogenized and light
Traumatized by clowns and cotton candy
This individual should be alive at the time...Read More
Categories: income tax, absence, abuse, appreciation, business, confusion, relationship, silly,
Form: Light Verse

Premium Member LAX
I once was a little bit lax,
Failing to pay my income tax.
There is no need to guess,
I then faced the IRS;
Was sent to prison to relax....Read More
Categories: income tax, money, poetry, silly,
Form: Limerick
Premium Member SAVE MAX PAY TAX
                       SAVE MAX, PAY TAX

             Burdened...Read More
Categories: income tax, hello, proposal,
Form: Limerick
Premium Member When Tax Season Comes
When Tax Season Comes

When tax season comes, I relax...
not worried cause I have my facts
along with a friend
that helps to the end...
my financial aide, Turbo Tax!

So simple, it says what to do...
just type numbers in, click review.
No big fees to...Read More
Categories: income tax, funny, money,
Form: Limerick
Premium Member After Taxes - Pet Hate
After taxes, our money's all spent.
We can't save for our own retirement.
I've got a big axe
to grind! Income tax
isn't paid by our own president!

...Read More
Categories: income tax, funny,
Form: Limerick
Premium Member Tricky Tax Plan
America will be great said the man
Starting with a reduced income tax plan
Nothing but a huge joke
He is just a dumb bloke
His reformed tax break I am not a fan


(Female, Size 8, any stone)...Read More
Categories: income tax, humorous, political,
Form: Limerick
Premium Member A Worthy Question
A Worthy Question?

Our income tax has become outrageous
Our politicians promise umbrageous
Life one step at a time
Then two steps out of rhyme
Is being honest disadvantageous?

On the Prowl

An old man who lived in a windmill
Way up north in the town of Churchill
Was...Read More
Categories: income tax, fun,
Form: Limerick
Thermonuclear War
the world just ended today
no more income tax to pay
no more unsightly social ills
we just skipped out on our bills
we finally got those terrorists
hiding in the murky mists
we showed our science is really tops
we proved our popcorn really pops 
we...Read More
Categories: income tax, war,
Form: Couplet
Premium Member My Real Friend Saved My Bacon
When I exchange phones, I have to leave my new phone and my old phone in the Sprint store for about four hours, because this is how long it takes to upload my 1734 phone numbers to my new phone....Read More
Categories: income tax, friend, friendship, tribute, wisdom, woman, women, work,
Form: Prose
Premium Member The Free Associationj
                                       ...Read More
Categories: income tax, satire, surreal,
Form: Lyric
Premium Member April Angst: Lonely for the Lone Star State
I'm not known for being sentimental,
Nostalgia's not really my thing,
But each year 'round the middle of April,
While I wait for my CPA to ring,
As I'm sorting through piles of instructions
Re what I can and can't claim as deductions,
I know in...Read More
Categories: income tax, angst, april, humor, miss you,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Taxes
Now is the hour.
I have to pay my taxes.
But why?
Everything I buy has a tax on it.
Isn't that enough?
What does our government
do with the tax money?
They waste it for their own pleasure,
leaving us to starve,
or sleep out in the cold.
I...Read More
Categories: income tax, america, business, conflict, crazy, destiny, discrimination, environment,
Form: Prose Poetry

My charming husband hails from Halifax
Where they make the world’s finest beeswax
For years he worked preparing income tax
Wearing a suit and tie with neatly pressed slacks
He would take care of details including sales tax
Correspond with clients usually by phone or...Read More
Categories: income tax, husband, life, retirement, work,
Form: Monorhyme
Premium Member Reasons for Seasons
A question.


For now.
Subject to chain-reaction change.

As long as we're clear
about our lack of restraining rules.

Quite so, dear.
I'm wondering about that line
"Jesus is the reason
for the Season."
What was the reason
before JesusSeason?

I mean,
Joseph and Mary
and their parents,
What was their reason
for this...Read More
Categories: income tax, christmas, earth, holiday, humor, jesus, jewish, seasons,
Form: Political Verse
Born and Bred

Goshen ghettofied,
born and bred
Yeah, I’m the teen darkie
with the big nose
and the nappy head
Rolling with my homies
on an asphalt bounce,
with the music on blast
Yeah, we’re the young darkies
with the big lips ...
American society outcasts
As ministers of menace, we preach
dem chickens...Read More
Categories: income tax, identity, perspective, racism, truth,
Form: Dramatic monologue
Death and Taxes
Now that I'm dead I can finally relax,
worry free of April 15th and filing my income tax.

3-22-17...Read More
Categories: income tax, anxiety, death, humor, money,
Form: Epigram
Premium Member Blame It On The Soup
Blame it on the Soup

This day is sacred said I,
Set aside to do income tax,
But first I’ll check on the web,
And then I’ll turn right back.

There was the Soup with new poems,
Oh, I’ll just read a few,
Before I knew it,...Read More
Categories: income tax, humor,
Form: Quatrain
You say you love your neighbour,
and we should do likewise,
yet you talk behind one’s back
if they dress differently,
or speak in a foreign tongue,
or have skin a different shade from yours.

You say, “Thou shalt not steal”,
yet you cheat on your income...Read More
Categories: income tax, conflict, corruption, prejudice,
Form: Free verse
Destructive and Abusing
Destructive and Abusing

His distinction is
Being destructive, and then
Others abusing.

Would like to see the results 
of an MMPI on Trump along 
with income tax results. Or,
is afraid of all the insults.

Jim Horn

This is what I am hearing from
analysts on TV. Fake...Read More
Categories: income tax, allegory, allusion, analogy, angst,
Form: Haiku
Another Loss By Hillary
Another Loss By Hillary

 A lot of people are upset about Hillary's loss. 
Politics should be kept out off of FaceBook just like out of church. 
I am really worried about Trump. Staff he is choosing are a bunch of has...Read More
Categories: income tax, angst,
Form: Limerick
life with Trump V, VI, VII, VIII
Author's Note: Recite the following using the rhythm and melody of "Home, home on the range where the deer and the antelope play." The first verse can be used as the refrain:

His income tax structure is strange
Donald will the needy...Read More
Categories: income tax, song,
Form: Limerick