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Hate Imagism Poems

These Hate Imagism poems are examples of Imagism poems about Hate. These are the best examples of Imagism Hate poems written by international poets.

there are more kinds of rich
There are more kinds of rich,
Than stars in the heavens.

There are rich colours,
Rich dark chocolates,
And countless other rich foods.

There are people rich in servants,
Rich in...

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Categories: addiction, allusion, analogy, appreciation,

I dream of fantasy,
But live in reality...
Sometimes fantasy is in reality
And I would hate it for the confusion and disbelief
Fantasy can be too good, to...

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Categories: fairy, fantasy, love, nice,

Have you ever seen?	
the dark side of my face
If so, you would not aspire, my love
Take a different angle	
and look inside through my tempting...

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Categories: character, courage, crazy, imagery,

Again and Again
Still happened again?
Or I'm the one who can't explain?
I've tried baby, can't you see?
Is it true you liked to unite like a bee?
Or you will...

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Categories: 11th grade,

When God, who is forever free,
Breathed life into my earthly frame,—
From that first day, by His free will
When I a living soul became,—
A babe upon...

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Categories: celebration, celebrity, christian, christmas,

The Looking Glass
I'm lookin' @ you, 
through the glass..

How long can these
feelin's last!? 

I'd love to tap it..
'n say; 


"God, I've missed you!"
(You should know. )

"Yes, I've...

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Categories: absence, angel, baby, birth,

The good side of bad
I tried to hate.
I tried to scorn.
I tried to change fate .
But i was wrong.
I always taste the good side.
Even after a bad bite.
Went behind...

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Categories: anti bullying,

Wretched Piper
I shall sit upon this knoll
And play my solo pipe.
My melody is salvation;
Playing in the morning,
And at noon and night.

But, woe is me!
I am a...

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© Tesem Agee  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: confidence, conflict, courage, hate,

Slowfox sleepwalk
forensic fears out on the potter's field
where fathers lie with no choice
and the ultimate enigma
has formed your white lies
formed your white noise

in the vale of...

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Categories: imagery, nonsense, surreal,

As dark as night
You are nothing but agony
Misery ,separation, cries , death ,hate

Perpetrators once my 
Friends, neighbors, colleagues, companion
Transformed to haters.


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Categories: bereavement, betrayal, dark, depression,

Oppressed and the Oppressor
You can see, yet you do not see
A hole, where a heart should be
You can hear, but do not heed
The screams and cries of those...

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© Amar Qamar  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: conflict, dark, discrimination, evil,

Self Harm
It calls me closer, its calls me near
'Just once and it'll be over'
Death whispers in my ear
Irresistible is its sweet entice
Staring down, which one to...

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© Amar Qamar  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: confusion, dark, hate, sad,

Battered wife
Darkness surrounds her, as she cries,
Blood oozes as she dies… 
Bruised and battered a pitiful state
The consequences of her partners anger his hate
“I should of...

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© Amar Qamar  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: abuse, imagination, sad, sorrow,


do the throats of our wrists bare
do we have thousands of clean
cells to fall back
do we have to recover ourselves
or wait for someone...

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Categories: irony,

God On Trial
I feel I simply must profess, your efforts to capture me of great success,
Is all for naught, I volunteered,
You imagined a cloud I sit, like...

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Categories: bible, hate, religion, spiritual,

Baby, look into my eyes 
Do you see my heart in them? 
Ur the one I adore, hope u can notice that. 
Can't lie about...

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© ENOCK SANG  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: deep, destiny, emotions, happiness,

Grass of hope
In color flouting leaves, those leaves of times:
In dream as searching for hope another rhymes,
They met the grass, everywhere,the grass of hope;
But neither fate nor...

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Categories: allah, analogy, freedom, god,

Everyday Thoughts
Am I a good friend? Why can't I
When I try
They ignore me
It's all I can feel

I've asked before 
"Do you hate me?"
And they still...

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Categories: absence

is done
Only I hate is Love
       Switching any way
 In of at last ends out


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Categories: basketball, hate, love, me,

Words Inspire - 
They create imagery
Words flow on the paper
Is there a dactyl?
Coming together into a chorus
Freedom of ideas grow 
Time after time
Free thoughts ...

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© stacey law  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: poets,