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Farewell Imagism Poems

These Farewell Imagism poems are examples of Imagism poems about Farewell. These are the best examples of Imagism Farewell poems written by international poets.

Judas Kiss
His threads soaked in blood 
Dismantled ricassos line his back
His tear filled eyes he shuts 
The sky above him black 
Anger fused with sorrow
Heavy stones...

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Categories: betrayal,

empty slides in the park

chatter fills the school bus

Bad light stops play

The muscians retire

Note: Haydn's Farewell Symphony

The mist lifts slowly

A new vista...

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Categories: imagery, imagination,

The graveyard of my heart
I buried you with love in the coffin of my heart,
When I realised that it was just a graveyard 
Where people were born and they...

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Categories: change, emo, emotions, farewell,

A Fall Into the Deep
I stand upon the lengthy pier,
It extends beyond the wave.
I've come to set romance adrift,
T is a love too late to save.

As the seagulls soar...

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Categories: lost love,

When flowers were growing no more,
No butterflies passing by,
Birds singing melodies anymore,
Nothing committed to its course
Creating feeling of emptiness,
As rain bids its farewell
Making them believe...

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Categories: adventure, imagination, miracle,

I see..
You saunter lonely
At the far end of the
Flexuous narrow path 
Vivacious breeze fly occasionally 
Shaking white silken dress like a feather! 

I heed
Silent wild...

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Categories: farewell,

'twas All Wild
‘’twas all wild—All wind, All shores:
Seas were brewing savage storms;
Rambling clouds were moving thunder—
Thunder herself, did her chores…
 With white, foaming, briny waters—
The fleet of...

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Categories: imagination, mystery, nature

Premium Member tabb-PRODIGAL
Out of error,a fear,
             Then a lie;
Out of regret,a farewell,

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Categories: forgiveness

Premium Member spaces- SNUFFED OUT
Bad light stops play

The muscians retire

Note: Haydn's Farewell Symphony...

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Categories: music

Premium Member ADIEU
On the east window
A large reflected ball,
Nature's alarm call
In a patch of sky
That meets the horizon
Where swallows circle-
Then say farewell....

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Categories: nature, seasons,