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Education Imagism Poems

These Education Imagism poems are examples of Imagism poems about Education. These are the best examples of Imagism Education poems written by international poets.

Every teacher a dictionary
Every teacher is a dictionary
Biology teacher is biology dictionary
History teacher is a history journal
Arts teacher is a Michelangelo alive

Every one of them own dictionary
Each an...

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Categories: education, irony, teacher,

Wasted Lives
I have watched them in their ceaseless task,
Their fruitless task,
That consumes them so,
They who were once the level headed ones,
Now going rounded in circles,
In an...

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Categories: allusion, analogy, baseball, character,

Words without meaning
You would not bet on cards in your hand,
Without knowing their face value.
You wouldn't plant seeds,
If you knew the plant they would grow into, 

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Categories: appreciation, beauty, care, color,

Something in a school bag
Something is in pupil’s school bag
Perhaps it’s the future of the world
Something to build or to annihilate
The secret is at the bottom of time
Till then...

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Categories: allusion, education,


Cobblestone, campanile,
Mortar boards, smiles,  laughter,
Library, pigeon, tassel,
Friends,  classmates,  tea after.



TCD  = ...

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Categories: education, ireland,

The perfect time of the day
It happens twice a day,
That time when the big and little hand on our clocks get together at six
To make six thirty the call.
The only...

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Categories: allusion, art, break up,

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                I've tied my shoes, as I fold my hands...

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Categories: allegory, analogy, confusion, dedication,

Examination Room
Examination room
Is theater  of anxiety
Where examiner has
Surgeon’s knife ready
To cut the brain open
And expose quantity
Of foolishness hiding
Otherwise unknown


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Categories: education, metaphor,

Witchcraft of the Civilized
There is a place where a diviner lives
It’s a place of shouting, invoking spirits
A diviner plays tricks on the young
Dealing  in business of words...

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Categories: education, satire,

Bring up a child
If you want to bring up a child
loyal, strong and independent
full of wisdom and knowledge
release him to the hostile world.
Overprotect and massage the child

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Categories: education, irony,

As dark as night
You are nothing but agony
Misery ,separation, cries , death ,hate

Perpetrators once my 
Friends, neighbors, colleagues, companion
Transformed to haters.


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Categories: bereavement, betrayal, dark, depression,

Breeze  Breeze  Breeze
Trees  Move  Left  TO Right
THE  SKY  Dark 
Light.Ning  AND  Thunder
Announce ITS  Coming

A ...

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Categories: bereavement, earth, education, environment,


Dialect abandoned with education and travel  
Now only speak Geordie to the dog on walks
In unguarded moments
Awkwardly recalling...

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Categories: words,

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The prerequisites have been established.
The requirements have been met.
The struggles have been suppressed.
The strife is the burden that coexists.
Now when it is time to make...

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Categories: america, color, community, culture,

Good Will
Good Will, my happy friend by Kant intoxicated:
Why do some people make living so complicated?
I want to visit him, but he was left and let...

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Categories: absence, devotion, education, introspection,

Maths is known as the King of subjects,

Not political science,

Teaching political science at schools a waste,

Like drawing a picture of a tasty fruit,

The political scientists...

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Categories: abuse, community, education, sin,



Having Tea.....!


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Categories: character, drink, education, imagination,

Nobody is born bad
Nobody is born bad
Lack of love
Lack of compassion
Lack of education
Lack of jobs
And lack of care
Drives people to take desperate measures to survive

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Categories: care, caregiving, children, education,

Why wreck the day

I woke up and toked,

wrapped up the little jokes,
led the flow of traffic on down the road.

I'm not Casper but I sher Boo the mood...

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Categories: business, devotion, education, faith,

I imagine attending a colorful graduation ceremony at the college or university.
After attending my mind is stuck with a lot of queries:
Would graduates  cultivate...

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Categories: education, imagination, on work