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Sea Idyll (Idyl) Poems

These Sea Idyll (Idyl) poems are examples of Idyll (Idyl) poems about Sea. These are the best examples of Idyll (Idyl) Sea poems written by international poets.

The water,
Is cool and refreshing,
It invigorates more than the body,
It is a psyche boost,
A thought catalyst.
Swimming through the sea,
In the never ending,
Solitude of the sky.

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Categories: art, beautiful, body, french,

Version Intro
A lonely soul,
Is never alone.
The hymns of the land,
The laps of the sea,
The whirls of the wind,
Accompany the soloist,
Regardless of the journey ahead.

Solitude is the...

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Categories: culture, deep, solitude,

A ribbon of blue snakes through the hills
Carving its path as it meanders along
Rushing and gushing down to the sea
Burbling and gurgling, hear it singing...

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Categories: nature, river,


We rest together by the sea
In a bower filled meadow on high,
And he shares musings intimately
While a magical breeze teems nearby
sliding through words through breath’s...

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Categories: romance,


In the green valley 
Near lake blue and pink salmon 
Lived a huldra 
Beautiful in human eyes 
But trolls had rejected her
Ugly in their...

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Categories: animals,

wonder of spring
Wonder of Spring.

By the roadside, tiny
vibrant, green as the ocean
bushes grow.

I think they are spun by 
the sea breeze
and nourished by April’s sun.

Tomorrow morning 

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Categories: nature,

What color is it? that luminous llght,
throwing patterns past midnight under my archway,
and on the sandy beach of our island ocean,
where I used to wade...

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© Nola Perez  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: visionary, labor day,

Over-nighting it on the Dreamer's Yacht
The ship is always loaded
With misty looking folks
Who fill the decks and cabins
Wrapped in dreamers’ cloaks

No one lies too far 
Or near the closest sleeper

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© KJ Hooten  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: allegory, imagination, peace, night,

Sunrise in The Rockies
The sky seems to be on fire,
Almost supernatural,
Burning magnesium bright.
Almost as if Armageddon is coming;
As if it's already here.

It transfers its brillance to the mountains

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Categories: inspirational, introspection, nature, uplifting,

Pole to Pole
I used to make up stories for children
none are left.
Sing babes in arms lullaby's
and goodnight.
Remembering beds of painted flowers
past and new.
Stories for children rhymed for...

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Categories: life

The Past
From across the sea.
She inspired me.
I don't know how or why.
Her words, went deep.
And made me cry.

Stirring memories, of the past.
Dreams, that did not last.

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Categories: introspection, life, me,

I am Free
I belong to no Party.
Or political wing.
Social, Tory or anything.
My club is me.
I am free.

No woman has me engaged.
No ring or marriage  arranged.
Never been...

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Categories: inspirational, me, drug,

Joy of Life
Open the windows.
Open the doors.
Let the glorious sunshine in.
Remove the dust.
From the floors.

Listen, the birds are singing.
A happy, happy tune.
In April, May and June.
Live life...

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Categories: happiness, nature, sea, hope,

Sail round the world
I'm looking for a girl.
To sail with me.
To go for a whirl.
Out to sea.

Round the world we go.
She must show.
That she can.
Cook, swim and steer.

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Categories: adventure, happiness, sea,

Repose in Twilight
Twilight falls on slender frame
Against a sea without a name
Ivory pearl smile, tucked in a rhyme
A beauty misplaced among the waves of 

Fearsome, a tremble

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© John Allen  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: friendship, prayer, autumn,