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Faith Iambic Pentameter Poems

These Faith Iambic Pentameter poems are examples of Iambic Pentameter poems about Faith. These are the best examples of Iambic Pentameter Faith poems written by international poets.

Mystic Colour's Blight
If amber green haze may comfort me now,
in the pit of distress without counsel. 
And rampant me strength from this soulless life, 
where one is...

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Categories: anxiety, depression, faith, freedom,

Premium Member Father
A tradesman’s son and temple secrets die
in sixty nine years, never knowing why.

Contempt delivered their first child perfect,
your childhood gauntlet galvanized neglect.

A mother’s son and...

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Categories: bible, childhood, christian, faith,

One's ill respite, ne'er distantly 
the acclimation's Faith as sight
before the God of might stay free,
as justice arbitraries fight!

My land, my kin, my own insight

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Categories: prayer,

That bridge so named uncertainty
stands waiting ~ there appall
the risk of sure identity
to face from God , His Call!

The inches, not extremity
that size demeanor small

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Categories: jesus, prayer, rights,

My First English Poem
A Realization

Once upon a time, a baby was born
In a small town near the green mountains. 
He was living life off from thorn.
Blessed! But he’s...

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Categories: god, heaven,

Premium Member Death of a Believer
The death of soul steals slowly through the years
the fog of mind that's never...

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© Vee Bdosa  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: death, life,

Cross Divisive Barriers
We have to cross divisive barriers
When we wade through storms in togetherness;
Water rising like silent couriers
Brings our disposition from this madness.

Beyond much witless pride and...

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Categories: adventure, appreciation, confidence, dedication,

Premium Member The Dead and Dying
Disjointed beings beg the questions – still
an ashen horse delivers what is owed.
Decisions kneel before compassion’s will,
to stop and help a turtle cross the road.


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Categories: christian, death, faith, loss,

Premium Member Touch
Tomorrow’s dreams beneath my pillow sit
Orchestral prayers unwind the years ago
Uncovered only one way back to you
Conviction drew your soul’s celestial arc
His light still shines...

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Categories: christian, death, faith, hope,

Premium Member My Immortal Soul

	I’m gloriously blessed. My soul, when free,
	will be in Heaven for eternity.
	The Lord has promised immortality;
        His Holy...

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Categories: faith, god, heaven, jesus,

Premium Member Will You Please Just Try
I won’t, I won’t, no, I will not, not cry!
God, I can feel You, will You please just try
To get my Mom and Dad to...

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Categories: angst, child, faith, family,

Premium Member SARAJEVO - Death of a Believer
        Sarajevo - DEATH OF A BELIEVER
In Sarajevo, death, down through the years
is fog of mind not meant...

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© Vee Bdosa  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: allah, confusion, death, faith,

Terror, Violence, and The Truth
The root cause of Terror is simply Hate,
The lust to control the world with Power.
Denial of this fact will not negate
Its existence, its evident goal...

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Categories: religion, truth, violence,

Premium Member Where They Will Find Me
In words and brushstrokes, live my heart and soul;
   as artist, poet, these gifts make me whole.
Words from my soul convey what's in...

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Categories: death, life, me,

Falling Stars

We are all but falling stars
Shedding light across the sky
Nights inky canvas brought to life
Morning dew the joy we cry
Silence bleed the coming song

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Categories: faith, life, philosophy,

Reasons For Writing
My reasons for writing are so many
Writing's second skin, like breathing to me.
Thoughts and ideas, life lessons I learned,
Woven in words and rhyme,  joy...

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Categories: blessing, uplifting, writing,

How true that words reveal the heart content,
For from the lips a person does impart
His thoughts, his being, his hidden intent,
All these come from the...

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Categories: heart, light, lost, truth,

Harriet's Gift
A poem for Advent.  I wish you well, whether you are a person of faith or no faith.  We are one another x


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Categories: christmas, friendship, humanity, joy,

The Only True Recipe
If life is what we make it, then the recipe’s the key
but few of us will live our life as it is meant to be


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Categories: emotions, encouraging, faith,

Heroes need Heroes to
So who do you look up too?
Wishing you could repeat their acts of daring do!
Dying to escape your self build shell,
Dreaming that you were like...

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Categories: hero, life,