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Child Iambic Pentameter Poems

These Child Iambic Pentameter poems are examples of Iambic Pentameter poems about Child. These are the best examples of Iambic Pentameter Child poems written by international poets.

Little Lily
Little lily lost in leisure 
Trying to trace her long lost treasure 
Where to find and where to not 
But ended up finding what she...

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Categories: care, character, child, dark,

Premium Member Father
A tradesman’s son and temple secrets die
in sixty nine years, never knowing why.

Contempt delivered their first child perfect,
your childhood gauntlet galvanized neglect.

A mother’s son and...

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Categories: bible, childhood, christian, faith,

Premium Member A Walk In Solitude
A Walk In Solitude

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Categories: nature, solitude,

Inviting hills
O to tune in to good times of childhood—
To re-live gone-by years, not just to brood,
To lighten dust-laden baggage’s dead tare,
To unburden mind of deadwood...

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Categories: childhood,

Premium Member Christmas Mass
     Christmas Mass
Dear holy child, I celebrate your birth,
and wonder at the bright and shining star,
that leads to all the joy...

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Categories: america, christmas,

Blood and Envy: A Cautionary Christmas Poem
Blood and Envy - A Cautionary Christmas Poem
By Jude S. Walko 

Twas some time after All Hallows Eve.
The roof started to leak like a sieve.

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Categories: boy, christmas, father son,

Premium Member Sweet Times
Sweet Times

Sweet is the taste of days from yesteryear
that haunt the heart so keenly they bring tears
to eyes which have seen sadness, joy and pain

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Categories: age, memory,

Premium Member The Reason Is -
it snowed and snowed on the day I was born
and for that reason I love falling snow;
in dreams, I walk the frozen woods till morn

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Categories: nature, writing,

Premium Member When God Created You
When God created you, the heavens rang
A symphony of praise and jubilee
Celestial ones with rapture danced and sang
And rainbow hues burst forth with joyous glee


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Categories: daughter, feelings, love,

A Misummer's Night Dream
Once upon a midsummer’s night,
I dreamed a dream of horses white,
of Billy goats and little fishes-
of dogs and cats and childhood wishes.
I dreamed of a...

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Categories: fantasy,

Premium Member Christ's Mass
Dear holy child,  I celebrate your birth
and wonder at the bright and shining star
that leads to all the joy...

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Categories: christian, christmas, hope,

I am not free
I am tough like Huey,
I dream like Martin,
I see like Malcolm,
I stand like Rosa,
I am educated like Booker,
I am the stature of Fredrick,
I am the...

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Categories: africa, america, black african

Dillard Mill
It rained all night. The day rose dripping grey.
The cool air, welcome after summer’s heat
Smelled finally like fall. The first red flames
Of sumac bushes shone...

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Categories: autumn,

Premium Member What's in a Day
This day for you is just a special day
A time to celebrate with closest friends
My girl, I’ll try to find the words to say
That on...

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Categories: birthday, blessing, daughter, universe,

The boy, he drowns in it, 
That double-breasted flesh blanket, 
Striped and stylish upside down noose,
It's too hard to get loose.

Death delayed as he sees...

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Categories: child, childhood, growing up,

The Old House Beside the R oad
The Old House Beside the Road

There is an old, ramshackle house that stands there by the road.
This house once had a family, with many stories...

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Categories: family, nostalgia,

Premium Member Will You Please Just Try
I won’t, I won’t, no, I will not, not cry!
God, I can feel You, will You please just try
To get my Mom and Dad to...

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Categories: angst, child, faith, family,

Premium Member Wandering In Nature
And from a child- I was quiet and odd,
Choosing to read old books and write my words;
I would wander in nature and be awed,
Loving the...

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Categories: nature,

She Comes, Part Two
The drum, the drum, the Druid in the East
The daylight shattering the glass of night
Behold the mead and cake that form the feast
Behold the glorious...

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Categories: england, magic, mother daughter,

She Comes, Part One

For all the night she trod the furrowed earth
As she has walked all winter in her wake
In seeking for the child she brought to birth

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Categories: england, magic, mother daughter,