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Rhyme Humorous Poems

These Rhyme Humorous poems are examples of Humorous poems about Rhyme. These are the best examples of Humorous Rhyme poems written by international poets.

Try mumbo jumbo chicken gumbo soup saith dumbo
Try mumbo jumbo chicken gumbo soup saith dumbo

Yours truly an unfortunate hostage
within *****sapien zoo
presenting poetic hodge podge 
and mish mash to you
looking for unwitting...

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Categories: humorous, america, appreciation, april, food,

Premium Member A time to reflect - Is The True Writer Gone
Have you heard about this new thing,
this new thing called AI.
Is it friend or foe,
real or fake?
I was told it is a writer's best friend,

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Categories: humorous, friend, poetry, poets, writing,

Premium Member I Saw God But Now What
Did you ever look up to the big bright blue sky,
I did and I saw the blue eyes of God.
I know He is watching over...

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Categories: humorous, blue, joy, rain, sky,

Premium Member I Guess I'll Be Me
I Guess I'll Be Me

When I was afraid to be me,
I looked at others
And tried to be a copy
Mimic all their motions
Repeat the same moves

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Categories: humorous, anti bullying, body, fun,

Premium Member Odd Socks Rock
I love my socks, all colours and design
The brighter the nicer, simply sublime 
Socks warm feet, cosy and snug as a rug
Fabulous for dancing the...

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Categories: happiness, humorous,

Premium Member Write
Quote By Poet "A pen must write because they love to write." 

My imagination and creativity,
is spewing ink all over the desk.
Here I sit waiting...

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Categories: humorous, imagination, words, write, writing,

Premium Member The Odd Sock
Grandma knitted me and my brother,
he is blue and I am pink.
We fit snug in Sally's shoes, 
off to school or to play we go.

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Categories: humorous, brother, giggle, girl, grandmother,

Premium Member Dine and Dash
Dine and dash we are on the go
look at all the food below
warm soup is for me
with crackers and brie
are we eating real fast or...

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Categories: humorous, animal, food, friend, giggle,

Premium Member Blame
Quote: A man can fail many times, but he isn't a failure until he begins to blame somebody else. By John Burroughs

Life has many ups...

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Categories: humorous, child, hurt, life, people,

Premium Member It Socks To Be Me
I am a solo sock mismatched again, 
Insouciantly sorted out by men. 

I’m worn and torn, my shelf life so unfair - 
Old sole cast...

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Categories: humorous,

Premium Member What Happens to Our Socks
Gremlins come out in the night
on cold little feet,
searching through our houses for
places with some heat.

Some nights we do laundry, and
right before we sleep,
our clothes...

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Categories: humorous,

Premium Member Now you ask who can I be - A Riddle
Some say I'm soulful,
Others the Devils tool,
One minute I might find you doleful,
The other acting quite the fool.

Yet that's patently unfair,
One aspect that I can't...

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Categories: appreciation, deep, fun, humorous,

Premium Member Esmerelda

     She played by the rules,
     Even amongst a room full of fools.

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Categories: age, character, family, humorous,

April fools day ordinarily all manner of tomfoolery abounds
April fools' day - ordinarily all manner of tomfoolery abounds

Written/updated since last year
unlike any other 
when out of this world
outlandish accouterments
people did wear
hermetically sealed
of even...

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Categories: humorous, appreciation, april, day, easter,

Premium Member The Twilight Zone
Many knew my best friend,
Rod Serling.
Rod told stories back in the sixties,
or should I say a story within a story.
I was mesmerized by each story...

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Categories: humorous, friend, happiness, time, world,

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