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Away From Home Poems

These Away From Home poems are examples of poetry about Away From Home. These are the best examples of Home Away From poems written by international poets.

Premium Member I SMELL BREAD
Far away from home and feeling all alone, I crave all the comforts that'll make this house a home.

The clock on the wall, ticks down...

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Categories: home, care, change, environment, growth,

Premium Member DOLLY DAMIAN AND MOLLY: CascadEs
Damian and Dolly met at the small Park 
A mile away from her and Molly's apartment.
They were touching loving kissing and a bit of
Caressing. ...

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Categories: destiny, devotion, future, home,

Something More
I long for something more
Something deeper, something truer
I long for something I do not know
Though I have felt it’s shadow and heard it's comforting call

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Categories: heaven, home, love, trust,

i'll never be home
stole her scissors
crying on the bathroom floor,
it’s muscle memory.
4 months have passed,
but my body remembers.
when you were there with me, 
leaning on the sink,
holding my...

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Categories: home, boyfriend, break up, emotions,

It Happens Over There
It happens over there,
a suburb, a state or half a world 
or more away from where I live 
in a quiet street with roses and...

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Categories: home, social,

Premium Member Spiritual Wisdom Download
My school,                                               ...

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Categories: home, girl, light, peace, school,

Premium Member let's get away

let's create our own corner of heaven
where you and i will feel at home
away from noise and chaos
we'll sip wine and tell our stories

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Categories: heaven, home, love, peace,

Premium Member Travelin' Home
I’m walkin’ down this road Lord
Don’t know where it’s taking me
Goin’ in circles take my hand here it is
Help me to jump these potholes
Lost my...

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Categories: home, blessing, christian, hope, love,

Premium Member Xmas for the homeless
Stop to wish them a Happy Xmas,
to all those who do not have a home,
warmth of hearth, family love we have,
do give them a small...

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Categories: home, blessing, childhood, christian, christmas,

Fuse memories to your soul
Pets come in all shapes and sizes. This poem is in awe of those fluffy, irresistible, cuteness overload pets that take over our lives and...

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Categories: cat, dog, family, home,

It'll never be home
It'll never be home
By Michelle Morris

I went through our boxes
And found too many memories
All wrapped up in good and bad
I found it overwhelming

I gave it...

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Categories: emotions, heartbreak, home, house,

Premium Member Home Medicines
Invincible craving for the relish from home, 
Laughter in deep dimples sets as lava, seats silently with desires.
 Mother’s medicines rejuvenate,

Food, Bring them from Africa.

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Categories: home, africa, allusion, desire, eulogy,

Premium Member Tales from the Hollow
In a windswept vale the tree had spread its branches
Its shale like trunk defined by weather had many wounds
One in particular had hollowed inside this...

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Categories: destiny, earth, fate, home,

Earth teaches us to be humble
Let's go outside!
Look at the mountains.
The deep blue sea.
The seasons changing.

Jump from the thunder.
Feel the ground shake.
Hide from the hurricane.
Run away from the lava of...

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Categories: home, creation, earth, earth day,

Premium Member Green Boat Home
Though within me
I feel red motions,
Burning up Earth's mountains
and plains,

Far away from Earth's green-blue ocean,
Still this red blood heart can sing:

We are sailing,
All EarthTribes now,

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Categories: home, blue, boat, earth day,