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Moon Haiku Poems

These Moon Haiku poems are examples of Haiku poems about Moon. These are the best examples of Haiku Moon poems written by international poets.

Premium Member HAIKU :: 6 :: A TRILOGY
HAIKU  ::  6a :: PROMISE

Together we were,

friends we remain  …

we promise


Clouds interlacing

winds of night separating

rejoined by...

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Categories: encouraging, life, relationship,

Zen Death Haiku
Brittle autumn leaves
crumble to dust
in the freezing wind.
—Takao, translation by Michael R. Burch

This frigid season
nothing but the shadow
of my corpse survives.
—Tadatomo, translation by Michael R....

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Categories: death,

Premium Member Study In Solitude
lone crow at twilight
perched on bare winter branches
bright full moon backdrop


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Categories: bird, moon, nature, tree,

Premium Member falling toward the moon
falling toward the moon
pocket full of poetry
christmas ideals

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Categories: poetry,

Premium Member Scarlet Sunset
Ebon nights, blue moon;
Purple shadows drape the noon.
Lover, please come back!...

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Categories: dark, feelings, heart, lonely,

Premium Member HAIKU WAY 2

Dark night swirls
Misty moon climbs;
Wet rainy sketch


Sunday rain clouds
Hints of wetness;
Dark stormy feel


Rain cascades
Misty skyline sketch;
Lightning flash 


Business meeting
Devilish details;
Stress strokes strain


Magical moon
Mystic magnetism;
Moments gravitate



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Categories: allegory,

Premium Member HAIKU WAY 1

Evening calm
Moon on the rise;
Cool breeze sighs


Sunset skyline
Touching colours tint;
October fest


Once again feel
Rain drizzles brisk;
Wet stone footpath


Morning mist
Birdsong whispers;
Dawn shapes slowly


Birds by window
Sightseeing tour;
Curious serenade



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Moon Helps Dark Knight
dark knight visits house
everything was clear to loot
moon helps in this deed

- Friday, June 21, 2019 Chattogram...

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Categories: moon,

Premium Member Haiku senryu nuptials


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Categories: love, marriage,

Premium Member Full Moon Midnight
Midnight, the pearl shines
Moonlight streams through like hope
Miracles arise...

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Categories: moon, night,

Premium Member O HALLOWEEN MOON- -

Metonic cycle
bright and brilliant Halloween
moon in the skies shines

every nineteen years
shines October thirty-first
Halloween moon does…

encouraging you
third quarter moon beaming down
to make...

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Categories: analogy, beautiful, halloween, imagery,

Premium Member Silhouettes
Halloween night's moon

  silhouettes witches' hats, capes

    ~ searchlight for broomsticks  


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Categories: halloween, light, moon, night,

huge Halloween moon
hides behind gossamer clouds
it plays trick or treat

autumnal wind blows
sidewalk is bathed in moonlight
such an eerie glow

children prowl the streets
dressed in such ghostly...

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Categories: halloween, mom,

Premium Member haiku 923
charcoal silhouette 
lying on the naked branch 
an Autumn moon sits

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Categories: autumn, moon, nature,

Premium Member Light of the Moon
the light of the moon
reflected upon the sea
romance by nature...

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Categories: appreciation, nature, romance, sea,

Premium Member HAIKU PATH 3

Mid-autumn moon
Lanterns and lovers;
Moon cake serenade


Creative streak
Mood swings hurl;
Curl of night wind


Note book page
Await ink stains;
Splurge of verse


Joy hides
Sad sorrow wets;
Surge of feelings


Change renovates
New situation...

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Categories: change,

Premium Member Worm Moon Rising
         in the charcoal sky 
looking at the full worm moon
arrested moment

Date written: 09/12/2019

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Categories: beauty, moon, nature, night,

Premium Member haiku full moon

sparse clouds linger
hanging above the red barn
autumns full moon  

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Categories: autumn, moon, red,

Premium Member HAIKU PATH 2

Now and here
Love sums bliss;
A sacred space


By koi pond
Aqueous surprise;
Lively zest colours 


Old kung-fu master
Fluidly agile;
Pugilistic dance


Dawn sunshine
Stray birds sing;
Window ledge chorus


Busy streets
Winding into nightfall;

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Premium Member HAIKU PATH 1

Deep dark blankets
Night sculpts new day;
Pregnant with hope


Time oozes away
Change in sepia tones; 
Abrupt departure


Memory cascades
Vivid pictures slant;
New versions emerge


Black cat
Night camouflage;
Ferocious disguise


Bright floral notes

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