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Children Haiku Poems

These Children Haiku poems are examples of Haiku poems about Children. These are the best examples of Haiku Children poems written by international poets.

Spiked words
loathsome ridicule
children carry sharp word spikes
adulthood painful

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Categories: abuse, children, hurt, pain,

Short Summer
Morning breaks clouds rise
Heat of the day commences
Ice in drinks we need
Cool refreshments and pool trips
All to subvert heat
Blazing Sun melt popsicles
Sprinklers make rainbows
Children enjoy...

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Categories: summer,

Premium Member HAIKU WAY 4

Dawn hurls light
A new day starts;
Precious moments


Fresh morning air
Morning mist frames;
Birdsong psalm


Old pavilion
Stray echoes loiter;
Mid-autumn tea


Children frolic
Playground antics;
Childhood workout


Old footpath here
Meaningful interlude;
Silence speaks well


Old lovers...

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Categories: allegory,

Smile maker
Children in bathtub
farts create massive bubbles
the laughter explodes 

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Categories: children, fun, happy,

Frosted panes
Frosted window panes
hundreds of unique crystals
children scratching ice...

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Categories: children, winter,

Painful words
Words often make cuts
deep into innocent souls
permanent damage...

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Categories: children, hurt,

Guidance needed
All children wobble
like older drunken people
innocent steps now...

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Categories: care, children, drink,

Premium Member Autumn in Her Glory
Crows, bats, witches, haunted houses, goblins, ghosts and me
Pumpkin bread, corn pudding, warm caramel apples my way.
Delicate intricate spider webs between my house and garage.

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Categories: 10th grade, 11th grade,

huge Halloween moon
hides behind gossamer clouds
it plays trick or treat

autumnal wind blows
sidewalk is bathed in moonlight
such an eerie glow

children prowl the streets
dressed in such ghostly...

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Categories: halloween, mom,

Premium Member HAIKU PATH 1

Deep dark blankets
Night sculpts new day;
Pregnant with hope


Time oozes away
Change in sepia tones; 
Abrupt departure


Memory cascades
Vivid pictures slant;
New versions emerge


Black cat
Night camouflage;
Ferocious disguise


Bright floral notes

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Categories: change,

have you ever been;
been to heaven where God is
dwell He does so there

heaven have you been
perfect place where Angels is
dwell they 2 so there 


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Categories: analogy, appreciation, devotion, environment,

Premium Member HAIKU SPARKLE 6

City skyline
Waterfront lights;
Primal patterns post


Late evening mist
Ancient moonlight speaks;
Old-time serenade


Once again peep
Look at what you see;
Haiku intervention


Book of verses
Page 69 buzz;
Mellow haiku


Floral elegance
Dancing in stray...

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Categories: change,

trains of thought
emblazoned with slashrune graffiti
children count the cars...

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Categories: art, childhood, travel,

Premium Member They Learn Young

a face with a smile
laughter endears it to you...
tears spill from your eyes.

children playing games
sounds of happiness abound...
the crack of a gun

a place of learning

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Categories: 10th grade, america, anger,

Premium Member echoes

of children's laughter
running free

posted on July 5, 2019...

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Categories: children, freedom, innocence, nature,

Premium Member children

children climbing
the old weeping willow
~ summer memories

posted on June 28, 2019...

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Categories: children, fun, memory, nature,

life begins at birth
first breath of new beginning
years of growth to come

toddler age has crowned
walking, talking, falling down
a stage of newness

teen years spring up fast

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Categories: age,

sunshiny hillside
amazing caterpillar
by the apple tree

spring summer blossoms
of green, wild apples eating
the children they are 

written by
James Edward Lee Sr. 2019© ...

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Categories: appreciation, children, fruit,

Down the Jersey Shore
Winding lines of cars
Stop and go on black paved roads
Driving down the shore

Bright umbrellas pose
Sitting on a sandy beach
Lolling in the sun

The smell of hot...

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Categories: beach, summer, sun,

Premium Member tornado comes toward hospital
weird clouds in a calm sky
a tornado is spotted
children want to peek

its roaring toward us
many are hysterical
hospital hallway

lights go out silence
day turns ebony
alerts hit cellphones


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Categories: 10th grade, 11th grade,