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Video Games Poems

These Video Games poems are examples of Games poems about Video. These are the best examples of Games Video poems written by international poets.

Yester Daze
when young I rarely played alone
many friends visited my home
among the many in my company
were heroes, cowboys. and fantasy

video games and an old arcade
I seldom...

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Categories: fun, games, memory,

Childhood Memories
Atari, Sega
Nintendo, Playstation One
Just reminiscing...

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Categories: adventure, childhood, funny, games,

Premium Member How Is It Goal In
Liverpool showed very early they have a goal 
How very cold? 
But the Londoners got off the couch 
And stood tall without a slouch 

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Categories: courage, games, money, red,

Premium Member The Big Game Chiefs
Time is winding down 
And the Big Game is ready to put a smile on a wintry frown 
A Chief represents the A F see...

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Categories: celebration, football, games, leadership,

Premium Member The Relegation Review
Something happened that shook the ground 
The Hammies were victory bound 
Two goals up late in the game 
They thought the words of relegation would...

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Categories: class, destiny, games, heartbroken,

Premium Member Upon Watching Goals Being Taken Away
Where were you last year 
Back in relegation I did hear 
Have your beer with your cheer 
West Ham will level it soon 
Under this...

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Categories: games, cheer up, confusion, fun,

Premium Member A Witch Flits and Twists Through the Indigo Mist
A well-worn witch flits and twists through the indigo mist.
Gloating in genius, I look at my well-read list.
Bats shaken out of their sleep, come out...

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Categories: games, halloween,

Contest 3
Bring a character to life.

I bring a character to life
Like video games hard core and might
Her eyes is white a glowing
Like mutant with all her...

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Categories: games,

Premium Member Grown Up Babies Playing Video Games
So used to action
Everything fast paced
Instant gratification
Worlds away from reality

First job, too boring
Find out they have to take orders? 
No way!

Lots of cleaning. What is...

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Categories: games, 10th grade, 11th grade,

Premium Member Pong

First commercially successful
Video game technology
Pong arcade video game
Made by Atari
Loved by millions instantly
Started an 80 billion dollar industry
Pong -no Ping-
Just Pong

Simplistic graphics still astound
Mesmerized by...

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Categories: childhood, fun, games, memory,

Video games
I’m over it like jump rope...

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Categories: games, 7th grade, 8th grade,

Video Games
Slow steady breaths
Quick flicks of the hand
The grip of a controller in your hand
The feeling of the headset resting upon you
The sounds
The lights
The action
Oh the...

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Categories: games,

Mario Kart
I was playing my Nintendo
controller in my hand
I guess I dozed off
to Mario Kart land

It was Donkey Kong Stadium
I was in the lead
no one could...

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Categories: games, 5th grade, character, funny,

Premium Member Gargoyles
Grotesque monsters immortalized in stone
Are perched on top of ancient architectural
Churches with a rumor attached about them 
Being marsupial, taking to flight, and having
To materialize...

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Categories: games, adventure, change, children, education,

Premium Member You Are Dead Stupid
Some weird stranger came up behind me
with a machete and lopped off my head
It rolled away,
down an embankment,
landing in a ditch of wet soggy leaves.

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Categories: games, life,

It begins like any teenage romance movie.
They’re at a party. Music is playing on the speakers.
She’s been smashing buttons as Mileena and chomping through skulls.

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Categories: boyfriend, games, girlfriend, love,

Premium Member Video Games
Are they tame?
Our children who were sweet
Become anxious,
And upset
When they can't figure out the next frame.
They'll throw controllers, yell
And kick things as if under...

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Categories: games, anger, anxiety, conflict, confusion,

Premium Member That Is My Game Time Though
Why do it
Waste of our time
Takes us away from games


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Categories: addiction, games, time,

Premium Member Scary Video Games
Video game kill
Normalize for battle?

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Categories: games, scary,

Outdated Colecovision
I don't understand my cousin or his dumb decision.
There are many video game consoles but he only plays the Colecovision.
I tell him to buy an...

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Categories: funny, games, nostalgia,