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Card Games Poems

These Card Games poems are examples of Games poems about Card. These are the best examples of Games Card poems written by international poets.

Premium Member Dealing Twenty Twenty One On The Table
There once was a place that was very entertaining 
That used chance as a form of gaming 
Inside the hall that was run by a...

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Categories: dream, fantasy, games, heart,

Premium Member CLABIASH

From some old country
This is the oddest card game
With rules to make your hair stand on end
No use trying to make sense of it
Just accept...

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Categories: conflict, family, fun, games,

don’t call him a baby...
don’t make fun of his tears...
his soul’s tender —
he runs and hides,
under a chromatic beanbag
with a dark emotional spectrum.

when he returns...

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Categories: child, feelings, games, love,

Premium Member THREE WAYS of Swiping the World Cup
THREE WAYS of Swiping the World Cup

"It is sweet and fitting/glorious to lay your life down for your country » - from a poem by...

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Categories: football, games, humor, sports,

Just Roll the Dice
My turn to roll the dice
No time to play nice
The bones stop and I realize
Once again I've rolled snake eyes

I am not able
To walk away...

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Categories: games, money,

Annotated Poem number 1
The silver king{1} banded with the dark queen{2},
United under the all-powerful one{3}.
Off to war, of armies of four{4},
together with the warrior son{5}.

Battle was fierce, many...

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Categories: fun, games,

Card Game
Handed a deck of
Twos and

Yet expected to have
Kings and

You have anything less
Than a jack?

Prepare to be a reject....

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Categories: games, humanity, racism,

The Short Burst Of Elation Winning At Online Solitaire
One need not be David Copperfield,
nor a card shark/sharp, scrutinizing
random display codified
computer algorithm doth yield.

The chance to "win"
may appear tubby zero
analogous finding a diamond
in the...

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Categories: adventure, art, december, games,

Premium Member Commerce of Communion
Competing to weaken inappropriate business models for healthy government
too industriously advocating automated capital-enriching violence
despite co-arising globally stressed-out climates
is not an eco-theologist apologist's leading non-trump card.


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Categories: business, games, health, humor,

Shuffling Feet
Joys increase where hearts lie open
To the sun and reign,
Where Jack and Jill are King and Queen,
Diamonds or no.
Pharaoh and Caesar 
Must bow down
To the...

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Categories: dream, games, poetry,

The Rules of Football
The  Rules of Football 

I took my little boy 
to a nearby football pitch 
He said he was tired 
of playing hide and seek 
He now wanted a...

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Categories: games, 11th grade, confidence, dedication,

Premium Member The Play Is Made
Oh, how I love a good game;
I anxiously await my turn,
And then I make my play.

I also love a good play;
Good scripts, for which I’m...

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Categories: games, baseball, basketball, football, fun,

Attention Feed 2

A blank finality now invades a friends eyes
you cannot argue with that can you

A choice so psychotic and so manipulative
it’s emotional blackmail so impinged 

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Categories: games,

Poker Frustration
For jacks or better or two pairs, I just get even money.
When this is the best I get, it is no longer funny.
Each time I...

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Categories: games,

Premium Member FIFA WORLD CUP

       What’s up! FIFA world cup! Most exciting game,

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Categories: football, games,

Premium Member Old Maid Games
I recall a card game
probably extending back past the 1950s
called Old Maid.

There was also Authors
and a few other choices
less popular with me.
But Old Maid sticks...

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Categories: games, earth, gender, health, humanity,

Premium Member Original Freedoms of Intent
Do you see yourself as more Republican
or leaning more Democrat?

Oh my,
I'm a card-carrying Republican.
Came from a long patriarchal line
of red-blooded Republicans.

What makes you a Republican?

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Categories: earth, freedom, games, garden,

Facebook Games
Candy Crush and Angry Birds
To some of us these are just words
But if you play they’ll stress you out
Run out of moves and you will...

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Categories: games, humor,

Premium Member to the games the children play
there they sat—
four cultures
of american children:
cheerful innocence
of the world

their greatest challenge
the card game
they played:
winning was
of no chase
just getting to the end
of the carding race—

if only...

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Categories: analogy, children, games, hope,

deck party
deck party
card game cut short 
trumped by sweat bees

written April 7, 2017


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