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Dark Depression Poems

These Dark Depression poems are examples of Depression poems about Dark. These are the best examples of Depression Dark poems written by international poets.

Little Did She Know
It was unusually dark and calm,
She could feel the chillness of the breeze,
But her heart knew that this wind might unfold to her something which...

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Categories: abuse, dark, depression, heartbroken,

Premium Member Remember me my love
Remember me my love

When darkness has come...
descended hard upon you...
When your mind is weary,
so weary... from the strain

When your heart is heavy,
and you're down on...

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Categories: dark, depression, encouraging, i


Life has changed we live in fear 
Stay safe take care are all we here  
The lockdown has started but when will it end

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Categories: conflict, dark, death, depression,

He told her
She was a gift,
A timely offering
From the universe,
A universe 
Ruled by a sadistic god
Holding a compass 
In his cruel hand

The god pierced the...

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Categories: addiction, depression, destiny, lost

Abide: after Aubade by Philip Larkin
by Michael R. Burch

after Philip Larkin's "Aubade"

It is hard to understand or accept mortality—
such an alien concept: not to be.
Perhaps unsettling enough to spawn religion,

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Categories: addiction, death, depression, drink,

Premium Member Liberation
Kieran Pavlick

You can't dance 
in the sunny meadows.
Or smell the 
flower's perfume.

If you continue
to reside in the
forest dark
with the flying 
monkeys of regret....

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Categories: depression, birthday, children, conflict, death,

Black like ink, slimy gooey terror 
Marking trails across the floor.
A dash across the concrete leaving panic in your wake.
My minds like putty, adjusting to...

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Categories: depression, anxiety, confusion, corruption, dark,

The Sound of Silence
In the silence of my sleep...In the silence of my dreams
In the silence of my thoughts... in the silence are my screams

The Sound of Silence


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Categories: death, depression, remember, stress,

Quit or keep going
They say I’m not sick 
They say being molested and raped is okay 
You’ll get better 
But it happens everywhere 
The television hides so much...

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Categories: depression, art,

Premium Member Risky Opportunity
Viral rabidity 
dark depression closes in
and economic
claustrophobic feelings
against overpopulated sick inhumanity,
competing ravenous clans
overwhelming individual rights
autonomously-held capital wealth.

And then violently
politically explodes
internally devouring,
pregnancy rates collapsing,
and extracting

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Categories: depression, health, integrity, peace,

Dear Mom,
I may not say it
May not speak the words
Breathing life into their meaning
That doesn't mean I don't tell you
Misery written into my brow
After another harsh...

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Categories: dark, depression, family, hurt,

Trapped in The Void
The darkness gone, no light can hold.
I'm in the void, no love I'm told.
I'm cast out of the light, and expelled from the dark.
There is...

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Categories: depression,

Put Me to Sleep
It's midnight,
I see the Blue-Black sky,
Like my bruised soul,
And shattered life,
Hold me in your arms,
Put me to sleep,
Endless nights,
Anxiety, Depression, Insomnia Creeps,
Maybe I wake up...

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Categories: anxiety, conflict, dark, depression,

Friday of March 2019
It was a Friday when I first encountered a panic attack. I was sitting still and then I wasn't. I could feel my heart cracking....

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Categories: depression, anxiety, blue, crush, dark,

Fear is draining
Swallowed fear down my throat 
In the whirlpool of my stomach 
Striking lighting in my chest 
Sending earthquakes along my skin 
Hair stands on end....

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Categories: abuse, anxiety, childhood, depression,

The Inner Psychopath
Through the set screen of a cower cover
A tyrant terror of the self resides; 
Forming a merged mind with opposing sides. 
Persuasion being his asset...

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Categories: conflict, dark, deep, depression,

Premium Member You Might As Well Smile

but i wouldn’t fault you words spilling from a loose connection 
i forgive the negative 
they are tied to your artistic temperament 

your heart 

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Categories: depression, angst, anxiety, blessing, character,

The Damsel


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Categories: depression, hero, imagination,

Storms Inside
Storms Inside

It's not easy to cry, to shead a single tear
To allow such vulnerability to appear 
But once you start you cant seem to stop

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Categories: cry, depression, imagination, metaphor,

The stars of Azkaban
They take me into foreign lands
They show me the meaning of predujice
And how it can damage a man
So when the streets are...

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Categories: depression, age, allah, beautiful, christian,