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Dark Depression Poems

These Dark Depression poems are examples of Depression poems about Dark. These are the best examples of Depression Dark poems written by international poets.

Concussion Blues
No One can see the tears in my eyes
For I wear dark glasses 
No One knows my true demise 
For I feel my life is...

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Categories: anger, depression, feelings, judgement,

Black sky
Black night
And moonlight
Dark eyes
Dark mind
In dark clothes
We hide
Burning in our anger
Drowning in our tears
The ghosts of smiles linger
Shadows of past cheer
A hollow, empty smile

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Categories: angst, child abuse, depression,

Que Sera Sera
spontaneous fits of anger
bouts of jumbled up disarray
Disheveled and violently shaken
Awoken From my slumber
almost had me mistaken 
The glorious days are long gone 
Have been...

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Categories: dark, depression, emotions, feelings,

You’ve howled in approval. I’ve driven both forest and ocean through your channels. There was no hustle like their squeak of my rubber soles, running...

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Categories: depression, adventure, anxiety, autumn, dark,

Dark Universe

The Universe loves me.

Darkness adores me. 

Suffocating me to sleep,

submerging me in incandescent dreams...

...where Light never fades....

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Categories: depression, appreciation, beauty, courage, creation,

Welcome to my Ted talk
I've come to a halt. My body
doesn't want to move, it is
breathing out air, inhaling and 
exhaling but moving, no. It is
done, I am done,...

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Categories: angst, anxiety, dark, depression,

Enclosed heart
Place Me and my heart in enclosed chamber,
Where my heartbeat only listened to my ears,
Where my lips can't say a word,
Where everything seems dark and...

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Categories: betrayal, deep, depression, destiny,

I used to fear the storm, now I feel comfortable by the dark clouds
I feel alone even when in large crowds
Things that I used to...

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© Alex Duffy  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: deep, depression, emotions, growing

Writing practice
I'm writing this for practice, just giving my pen a work out
As I work out a way to get this hurt out
I'm going to kill...

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© Alex Duffy  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: dark, deep, depression, poems,

What If
You know, why I m scared to live...
What if I start to love again
What if I start to feel again
What if I start to smile...

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Categories: depression, anxiety, betrayal, confidence, confusion,

Premium Member Sad
Why am I sad
Saddy-sad, saddy-sad

Why is life bad
Maddy-sad, maddy-sad

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Categories: cry, death, depression, loneliness,

Premium Member Self-deluded brain
I have tons of dreams amid the night's agony.
My optimism was tainted by despair.
Is there a cure to reignite passion?
Even anxiety found me sad.
The walls...

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Categories: allegory, anxiety, deep, depression,

In a perfect world, you are making me coffee,
just the way I like, point two five cream, and point
five sugar. It is a perfect world...

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Categories: depression, analogy, anxiety, dark, deep,

Residents of a Fevered Brain
Residents of a Fevered Mind
By Sy Roth

I took the road more traveled--my mistake
Thought I could hide among the masses
Fully expecting that someone might pluck me...

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© Sy Roth  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: allusion, anger, depression,

There's no point in saying I hate this.
I'm just tired all the time.
I want to dive into an abyss 
But I have to say I'm...

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Categories: depression, anxiety, cheer up, dark,