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Son Daughter Poems

These Son Daughter poems are examples of Daughter poems about Son. These are the best examples of Daughter Son poems written by international poets.

Premium Member Bio Modified Aries Ram
husband, father, doctor, and cricketer,
Lover of poetry, photography, music, 
in a World divided by arrogance, ignorance and greed!
Dream of a world without borders, of happy...

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Categories: daughter, baptism, birth, blessing, dad,


An alkaline extract!
my mouth drools 
o! momma
everytime I think of the dish
whether it is the beloved 
amitar khar (i know as papaya khar),
tiyohor khar (i know as...

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Categories: daughter, 12th grade, food, magic,

Premium Member Bio Modified - Introverted Encourager
Christian, puzzle-solving, athletic, musician
Who loves his bride, his children, his lineage. 
I think love is the key to most locks, joy is attainable, peace is...

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© John Watt  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: art, daughter, grandchild, son,

Daughter of the most high king
Ghost of my past

There is a ghostly child I must embrace 

Hands reaching out

Tears streaming down her face 

Fingers grasping my heart strings 

She said...

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Categories: daughter, beautiful, blessing,

A Salute To The Frontliners
A Salute To The Frontliners
Free Verse
Ernilando L. Tugaff

Men and Women in Uniform
'though you are not  soldiers
You are  warriors in your field of endeavor

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Categories: daughter, bereavement, caregiving, courage, emotions,

My name is Cousin Paulie
My name is Cousin Paulie,
Average bloke in an average job,
Father to a daughter who was killed by a virus,
while neutropenic from chemotherapy,
Son to an 89...

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Categories: betrayal, daughter, father, son,


Oh, it's more than difficult, penning this poem.
It's your birthday,daughter, and with a bad cold, I am stuck at home!

Thank you for your fifty-two loving years...

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Categories: birthday, mother daughter, tribute,

My Ail For Thy Presence are not there 
In my darkest hour 
When I miss you 
When I need you 

To be my candle flame 
To talk to me

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Categories: daughter, child, hurt, longing, mother

Premium Member The Spite Syllabub

"The Spite Syllabub"

The daughter 
is not 
The mother 

Sylvia’s bees were
left milk, bread and butter

Plath by name
but not 
the daughter’s path

in evolving nature
not the mother

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Categories: daughter, art, freedom, love, mother

Premium Member No Friends Of Mine
Etymologists hate poetry -
I have that on the best authority -
Of course the bloody rhyme's not perfect!
What else do you expect?
The inventors of language
(About the...

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© Beth Evans  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: abuse, daughter, father, love,

All My Children
All My Children
by Michael R. Burch
It is May now, gentle May,
and the sun shines pleasantly
upon the blousy flowers
of this backyard cemet'ry,
upon my children as...

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Categories: daughter, bereavement, child, childhood, children,


Woman was a gift from you, 
When you created earth.
Taken from the rib of man,
'Twas you who gave her birth.

Beautiful above all things
In Adam's paradise,

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© C R Lord  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: creation, daughter, god, gospel,

Premium Member Life and memory
Sometimes I look at life,
As if I am not there,
As if I am just a memory,
Come back to revisit my life.

My daughter is in the...

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Categories: best friend, daughter, family,

Not much of a real man
When you see someone bettering themselves.
Sometimes you need to swallow your pride and put your ego on a shelf.
You may not like a person's decision.

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© Erica Berg  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: daughter, anger, anxiety, bullying, discrimination,

Madonna's Legacy
Heavenly Mother,
How could you bear to lose your son?
I weep reliving your agony.
Born from anxiety and despair, beneath
My stomach the babe which the State
Will judge...

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Categories: daughter, christian, faith, fear, mother

Unfair Names
I’ve been called an inequity spotter
(although some will just call me a “rotter”).
Names are biased for sons:
yours and mine — everyone’s.
I propose to make JohnSON...

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Categories: daughter, father daughter, father

By Julia Shaw

At seventy-two my life has been so very fine,
That I'd like to push a button and just rewind.
I'd go back to my wedding...

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© Julia Shaw  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: appreciation, child, daughter, life,

Premium Member Hearing It From The Loud Speaker
He once owned the Taj Mahal 
And knew how to work the law. 
Before there was a call 
And the Speaker made moves to make...

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Categories: appreciation, corruption, father daughter,

Premium Member mother's eyes
I'm the two year old
with white hair and wrinkly skin-
mother's eyes' magic

Honorable Mention in STRAND SELECT 7 ,any form ,any theme Poetry Contest sponsored by...

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Categories: daughter, magic, mother, son,

Why me father daughter relationship
Why me father/daughter relationship
important to this papa

Fourteen and a half years
since death of mother (mine),
nary one iota of communication
in general and compassion

in particular while
she lived,...

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Categories: daughter, 10th grade, 11th grade,