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Celebration Dance Poems

These Celebration Dance poems are examples of Dance poems about Celebration. These are the best examples of Dance Celebration poems written by international poets.

I so see stars in the heavens light
Oh, How I feel everything is all, so all right
I can feel tin your pains
I hear the creator,...

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Categories: dance, analogy, appreciation, caregiving, celebration,

Premium Member Summer Of Sweet Sixteen
Sweet sixteen soiree, she sits shyly in a 
safflower dress,
sampling sumptuous strawberry shortcake,
sipping sasafras soda,
summertime sapphire sky, 60's songs swirling
in summerhouse celebration,
self-conscious seventeen year old...

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Categories: dance, 7th grade, 8th grade,


    Standing, thinking without thinking of anything ...
         I hear the music calling me!

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Categories: allusion, celebration, dance, extended

Last Dance
Time always runs faster than I can and I need it to slow down

A year of planning through happiness and frustration disappearing in a matter...

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Categories: celebration, dance, life, love,

Premium Member The Dance
In the dark by a streetlamp, I dance for the light.
 I dance with awe into the Moon-lit night.
 I dance with the inspiration of...

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Categories: beautiful, celebration, dance, encouraging,

Tonight we dance
She raised her glass 
to a space of fragrance 
gifts of perfumers and chefs 
bees for our banquet. 

"Tonight we dance." 

Her glass rose 

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Categories: celebration, dance, lust, money,

Premium Member She's here: Spring
Her intoxicating fragrance 
Heavily pregnant
With thinly veiled 
Promises of seduction 
Stepped into attendance with stealth 
to herald her arrival 
A stimulus that suddenly 
heightened our...

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Categories: dance, appreciation, beautiful, celebration, earth,

I come to this earth 
And for what is worth 
my pace my feet in front of each other step by step

Shall we dance,. let...

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Categories: dance, analogy, appreciation, celebration, devotion,

Kick Up Yer Heels
Cock-a-doodle-doo! Time is come for you 
to raise yer head, get out of bed.
Strum a note or two.

If you cain’t strum, pick and grin –...

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Categories: celebration, dance, drink, fun,

Premium Member Our Winter Of Content
As the tavern comes to life with the workday through,
in the ambiance of the comfort of, crackling hickory wood,
we're warming our hearts with aged Irish...

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Categories: dance, best friend, celebration, cheer

Oh, let us come
Let us come to celebrate 
Let us come embrace each other's arms 
And dance moving holy movements 
Caressing our soul mind and...

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Categories: analogy, celebration, dance, encouraging,

Premium Member immeasurable
I watched a young gold medalist 
Finish her routine 
On the balance beam.

I watched a young girl 
Walking barefoot 
On the smooth bark of a...

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Categories: beauty, celebration, children, dance,

Essence to love
Beg of thee 
You asked for me
Gifted with belief 
You quickly made an essence of relief
You set my wings a fly 
I soared through...

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Categories: dance, angel, beautiful, celebration, color,

Premium Member before our lives were here
The language of our elders 
whispers soft upon our skin.
We see it in the landscape of our lives.
Trees dance to it. 
They pull the soul...

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Categories: celebration, dance, humanity, inspiration,

A Mangoes and Bananas Christmas
I don't know about the rest of the world,
But New Zealand will be sitting pretty this Christmas.

Santa may have trouble delivering the presents for the...

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Categories: dance, celebration, cheer up, childhood,