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Belly Dance Poems

These Belly Dance poems are examples of Dance poems about Belly. These are the best examples of Dance Belly poems written by international poets.

Lotus of the Nile
a name given to her.
Someone highly beautiful,
the crowd would run to see her.

 Astonished by her talent,
her movements were something new.
She was a rare...

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© Reva Mae  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: africa, body, dance, history,

Premium Member THE DANCE OF TIME
a little girl, learns to walk.
then at weddings,Daddy has
her on top of his shoes
she looks up at him
she is only four
as she moves with him

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Categories: age, dance, time,


.........The Belly Dancer.........

Stood beside her teacher on the stage.
Young, brunette. Hip hugger magenta 
jeans and a short bandana shoulder 
less top...
Her young heart leapt with...

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Categories: dance, love, romantic love,

Premium Member The Dance of Salome
The Dance of Salome
Herod bellowed out the night's festive orders..
"Bring the torches, bring the tables..
more wine, that we may rejoice,  
for tonight we revel...

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Categories: dance, daughter, moon, mother

Premium Member The Belly Dancer

The Belly Dancer

Learned private lessons in a club
in Chicago's Greek Town.
Her teacher told her,the bigger the
dancer....the more beautiful.
Being thin was no attribute to see
that skin...

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Categories: dance,

Party Night
She moves like the wind,
fluid and free,
moves like a belly dancer,
every moment is a joy for me.
the ribbons trail in the air,
leaving behind a coloured...

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Categories: dance, appreciation, crush, drink, drug,

A Dance with Death
Oh death, what say thee when it’s my time?
Will thou come to me, or will I go to thee?
Will you really want me in my...

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Categories: dance, death, faith, moving on,

Raqs Baladi
 I dance in the color royal blue
with gold accent my body.
 I dance with my hips on the move,
and shake to give you a...

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Categories: appreciation, art, dance,

Serpentine Shadow Dance

First you lemming sway to the left,
then you ostrich sway to the right
No straight talk movement is motive necessary
on Leper Rabbit Foot Devil’s Night

Now a-moral...

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Categories: dance, spiritual, wisdom, word

To Dance
Whether it is cheek to cheek 
A proper distance apart at the start
Or belly to belly just like jelly
Dancing can be fun for everyone

What does...

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Categories: dance, fun, joy,

Her hips move with every twist
Shimmering frame, lissome belly 
Slender and lithe, slithers like jelly
Looks so sweet on celluloid
A mischievous smile she carries
This Indian Cabaret...

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Categories: dance,

Desires of fragmented hips
I pose, clad fully with a spinal disorder
Music flows in my blood and I wana dance to India’s border
I wana sway my hips
When I hear...

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Categories: dance, desire, pain,

Gladys Goes Belly Dancing
Gladys offered her best belly dance
But the judges thought she'd have no chance
So she pouted her lips 
Then swayed her snake hips
Which sent them all...

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Categories: dance, humor,

wind swishes the leaves
spring green shimmies and shakes
nature's belly dance...

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Categories: dance, green, spring, tree,

Premium Member Once A Dancer

This is an amazing little known fact
Was once a tap dancer in an all girl act
Moves so sexy
Jiggling my belly
ONE offer flooded in to be...

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Categories: dance,

The Dance
Got a belly full of booze and I
Feel like tripping the light fantastic,
Dancing with the devil in the pale
Moonlight, whatever you want to
Call it, I...

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Categories: addiction, candy, dance, emotions,

We Dance, Misunderstood
What “ matters” matter?
the why of things, the how?
If I spoke in an enlightened manner, 
would you be convinced of my meaning?
Women cry out like...

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Categories: dance, angst, anxiety, aubade, betrayal,

Dance of Life

The rushing breeze
Tinkles tiny veins of leaves,
Blows past leaving behind
The rickety branches nonchalant.
Water current
Drives away dancing waves
Leaving behind craggy rocks undaunted
In the belly...

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Categories: dance, beauty, celebration, cheer up,

Universal Contagion
that dance with your lips
whether luscious or pin-stripe thing
glimmering like rubies or scales glazed by sunshine

that dance on perched puffy cheeks
whether skin of cocoa freckles...

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Categories: body, dance, feelings, happiness,

Premium Member The Belly Dancer
As beguiling costumes dazzle eyes  
flashing glitter heightens indulgences.
Jasmine kisses lightheadedly make 
nerves of passion quiver.
Rhinestone stars twinkle
usurping Venus
with xanthic 
yellow zircons.

(ABC Poem)

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Categories: beautiful, dance, imagery, imagination,