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Kids Color Poems

These Kids Color poems are examples of Color poems about Kids. These are the best examples of Color Kids poems written by international poets.

Premium Member Guess Who
Who was a family show singer,
when her young daughter tried to be a dead ringer.
He brought her to life,
then she became  his wife.


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Categories: child, color, dance, family,

Premium Member Counting Colors
When you look around you,
what colors do you see?
Can you name more than three,
shall I point out a few?

I see a golden sun 
against a...

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Categories: beautiful, beauty, children, color,

Premium Member October Fun
A witch, a fairy, pirate too;
Wearing  a costume - fun to do,
Pumpkins carved, decorated too,
Outside--many fun things to do.

Autumn leaves which are red and...

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Categories: beautiful, color, emotions, fashion,

Premium Member November
cool nights 
nice warm days 
hot chocolate 
warm baked apple pies 
colorful leaves 
cuddling up 
fun ...

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Categories: chocolate, color, day, food,

Premium Member Legos Nursery Rhymes
My bedroom has a rug on the wood floor,  
Many colorful squares are everywhere.  
I made a tall blue tower up my door,...

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Categories: animal, blue, child, color,

Premium Member Autumn
autumn-dressed in pretty colors of red, yellow and orange
cool breezes-cover the pumpkins at night like a blanket
the sun-now has less time to play outside
autumn-is my...

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Categories: color, cool, night, red,

Premium Member October's Story
The shaking of the big old trees,
Pretty colors in the cool breeze
Falling leaves coming around me,
In October I love to see.

From the oven hot apple...

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Categories: color, cool, fruit, love,

Premium Member The Night Sky Comes Alive
The black velvet sky,  
with diamond dancing stars.  
The full moon,  
shining brightly.  
Morning awaits,   
sun bursting into color....

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Categories: color, dance, moon, morning,

Premium Member Autumnal
How do I know,                                         ...

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Categories: autumn, clothes, color, cool,

Premium Member Chapter 1-- Damian Hakim: the Making of the Man- Damian's Early Days
Date 2008 these are Damian's 
Formative days. Damian Hakim 
Was born 2001 August 10th.
8lbs 7oz. Big baby boy! Damian 
Lived in west Virginia with his

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Categories: black love, color, confidence,

Premium Member Chapter 111 -- Damian Delilah Mallory: Worries Orchestrations Population Disintegration
Molly sat on the backyard porch 
Watching the kids play when Dolly 
Emerged from the doorway and 
Sat with her. "Hey sis how's it going...

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Categories: color, daffodils, family, good

Premium Member Butterfly
so cute ~ tiny
very colorful
heavenly made
in the

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Categories: color, cute, flying, heaven,

Premium Member As the Misty Moon Rides High
The day is coming to a close,                  ...

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Categories: color, day, moon, night,

Premium Member Starry Night - Van Gogh
a star filled night~dancing paints exploded in color...

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Categories: color, dance, night, sky,

Premium Member July Fourth
days and nights.
Parades in town,
dancing horses ~ clowns.
Sky lights up everywhere,
pretty colors fill the air.
Animals do not like the noise,
the loud noise hurts their sensitive...

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Categories: animal, birthday, color, food,

Book: Shattered Sighs