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The Value of Poetry
Words are amazing, stuck in our heads
all the time they look for a way out
we are their channel always its door
so turn the key, find what it's all about

Whatever our direction in poetry form
follow your head, be bold, be strong
trust...Read More
Categories: channel, poetry, words, writing,
Form: Rhyme

Premium Member Intimates

sense love across

 our silent room 
   ...Read More
Categories: channel, love, silence,
Form: Free verse
The Tunnel

trapped in a tunnel
channel for careless choices
bright lights, brilliant colors fade 
with fear of vows broken.
The way out: turn around to truth.

August 16, 2019

host: nette onclaud
contest: Second Edition of Wayra...Read More
Categories: channel, 11th grade, imagery,
Form: Free verse
Reach the highest realms..
Where there is no hierarchy..
Only a change in frequency..
A high vibratory frequency..
So in tune with love..

Tune into a channel of peace and harmony..
A construct of no limitations..
Captured by softness light as a feather..
Enraptured by the wondrous multiple...Read More
Categories: channel, growth, meaningful, spiritual,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Transfiguration


Radiant crystalline
a lighter body 
you romanced the 
divine in my mind

you touched my 
you touched my
you touched my 


Diamond snakeskin 
shed, peeled back 
your luminescence shining pure
through my many fractured cracks 

all your lines bleeding 
burning bright white light
in my...Read More
Categories: channel, faith, god, heart, i am, jesus, light,
Form: Free verse

Premium Member dads
He will never save the world from alien invasion
Win a medal for outstanding bravery
Play a sport for his nation
Save a child from a burning building.
But what he really wants to be his child’s super hero.
Fly a spitfire in a battle
Climb...Read More
Categories: channel, dad,
Form: Free verse
                                     "CROCK" DOSSENBERG McHENRY
...Read More
Categories: channel, business, fashion, music, sports,
Form: Chant Royal
Resonating Soul SOS

Multi-channel stream meanders in the carved valley,
concert of murmur cascades melody on sculpted rock.
I place my ears on the flow of the whistling air,
but the sound of music flies past me unheard.
Summer rains fall in torrent on parched tree,
the rhythm...Read More
Categories: channel, imagery, music, people, silence, sound,
Form: Free verse
Panegyric praising phantasmagoric albeit
Panegyric praising phantasmagoric, albeit...
unseen prophets providing perspicuity...,

Who commune with yours truly
within state of mind between
sleep and wakefulness
methinks disembodied spirits
infiltrate mine consciousness
while suspended within trance.

Meditation invokes light hypnosis
gently beckoning me to surrender self
fearlessness disappears relinquishing
clutched grip upon ethereal essence
without substance, I...Read More
Categories: channel, 11th grade, 12th grade, blessing, devotion, inspirational,
Form: Elegy

There is no milk to be had
from this humid churn.
The air is obese.
A limping obstinacy
inflates canyons of heat.
The sun throws a leash of blood
around our necks.
Throats channel the smoke
of saxophones.
Over the dry prairies
a fiery mule pulls the sun.
We will burn...Read More
Categories: channel, poetry,
Form: Blank verse
Premium Member Thomas Obscured
Thomas Obscured

by our religion
we have avoided
this channel to truth..
it is a direct channel
not impeded by tenets 
and teachings which
veil that which
is obscured..
there is a fear
which holds the
veil in place..
a glimpse plus
some courage
and we are pushed..
recognizing Peace...

(Referring to the Gospel...Read More
Categories: channel, encouraging, friend, night, thank you,
Form: Alliteration
Ever the gracious recipient of largesse
Ever the gracious recipient of largesse!

Estrangement swiftly harries stylishly tailors
mine psyche courtesy family of origin, plus
eldest daughter, whose doth rage against this
human machine, albeit yours truly, beatle
browed, black crows, foo fighter (biological
daughter), a presumption aye surmise fille

to the scab barred...Read More
Categories: channel, abuse, anger, childhood, conflict, dark, depression, father,
Form: Free verse
Death By Asteroid
It's coming to your planet from out there
Sooner if you watch the news channel first 
2006 QV89  is alive and well and almost here
It can't wait to kill you on September 10th.
Most likely you could lose an eye or tooth
Not...Read More
Categories: channel, anxiety, appreciation, conflict, death, life, political,
Form: Free verse
The victors Crown
Jesus has overcome everything
so today our hearts can sing
every  stronghold shall be broken
erase every lie over you that has ever been spoken
you are significant 
and wonderfully made
you are free from captivity 
the debt is paid
every lie spoken over you
will...Read More
Categories: channel, christian, faith, freedom, truth, universe, uplifting,
Form: Rhyme
Dear Diet
Dear Diet

                                      ...Read More
Categories: channel, dream, food, life, poems, poetry,
Form: Ballad
Premium Member Birthday Boy II
There are invisible waves,
In the architecture,
Wrapped around my heart,

Multiplying molecules,
Turned into something new,
With far and few in between,

I see a radio frequency,
Telling me they are listening,
Come channel in my fellows,

Riding off the backs of others,
The suffering of Mother Earth,
My grave...Read More
Categories: channel, birthday, celebration, dark, sad,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Only For Worthy Fear Seekers
Prowess from power,
Providing promised uneasiness,
A perfect place for all to fall apart,

Evading peacefulness,
A never-ending need to believe,
That there is balance between us,

Disasters that refract,
The light that started so long ago,
Glowing in our sparkling radiation,

To know Phobos,
Visiting the vessels that fell...Read More
Categories: channel, beautiful, courage, depression, encouraging, god, poets, sad,
Form: Free verse
totally lecherous, yet  talented Damien
TG4 plays providence to his vocals
Tomboy Irish call him a treasure
today’s leprechauns use singing to entice
talented neophyte criss-crosses the Isle
tenors flounder copying his Irish flair
truly dolorous, they smolder because
their bombast like hot air is way...Read More
Categories: channel, 12th grade, guitar, music, surreal,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Memorial day, 2019 in America
Americans are Americans, period.
No matter color, sex and for heavens, sake!
Not ....Their "party affiliation,"
On which some are insanely fixated.

We were born au natural.
We were not born as a member of political party.
That's a choice you make way later.
But some think...Read More
Categories: channel, america, angst, holiday, patriotic, political,
Form: Rhyme
on a stool
in my Nona's
kitchen sitting
watching there was
no food channel
it wouldn't have
mattered she had
no television
she was our
Italian Julia

on a stool
in my childhood
i would watch
my Nona cook
without words
without recipes
a pinch of this
and three
bay leaves
for the

as time passed
before Nona
passed she passed
a rooted...Read More
Categories: channel, muse,
Form: I do not know?
Consenting to Death
Death, don't lie to the rest of the world
Say it, 
Loud and clear
That you and I are good friends!

Say it,
That you are,
For me,
The taste of exquisite chocolate 
As it melts in the mouth,
You are,
The orgasmic climax lovers feel
When they get...Read More
Categories: channel, death, life,
Form: Free verse
Every season changes
The asphalt driveway is blackened over by rain 
sand bags lie in the corner of the garage in case water creeps in, some sheep scurry in distant fields 

Your elephant eyes are locked on the TV; 55 inches of electronic...Read More
Categories: channel, angst, animal, assonance, beautiful, care,
Form: Narrative
lonely days
lonely days
 He came home early
Switched on the news
Which was read by a man
Who fell several times, over his own words
There was only one channel.
After the news, a lady played guitar
End of evening TV.
He took his bike out of the...Read More
Categories: channel, absence,
Form: Blank verse
Would The Stream Return

The stream lost in tectonic turmoil
Arterial channel skeletal
A pebble poised on the brink
Petrified still
Unrolling inertia
Thwarted by the sands
Of static time
Patina of moist caress
Weathered in the strife
Of ossified life
Existential essence
The primordial building strands
Covered the inert facet
Layer by layer
Grew the malachite moss
Elemental...Read More
Categories: channel, inspirational, life,
Form: Free verse
Trash talking
"Reno Catto 
kitty cat
ah ya'll cussin
ya'll cussin
dat song say badword

how to be a whore by ya side
pussie fo cash
shake dat thang
shake dat thang
women shakin day azz
top of dez
get on top of dez
grind dat thang down
switch it
grind dos inchez down"
a...Read More
Categories: channel, adventure, america, anti bullying, celebrity, hip hop,
Form: Ballad