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Life Cat Poems

These Life Cat poems are examples of Cat poems about Life. These are the best examples of Cat Life poems written by international poets.

Premium Member A Rum n Raisin Special - Origins
Milly was a nutty cat as nutty as can be
An also nutty poet said, “She’s nuttier than me.”
And that was saying something and I think...

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Categories: birth, cat,

Premium Member She Wants to be a Cat
A tiny bit of surgery will turn you into a cat
I loved the idea, and told my cousin, Rat.
He rolled his eyes saying it would...

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Premium Member my pretty girl
oh how this anger strikes me odd
      the things I want to blame on God

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Categories: cat, loss, love, pets,

Our Beloved Jess


Sharp eyes dimmed ,a last spark of life  

Looking puzzle and questioning  

Into my soul went his silent plea, 

As if to...

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Categories: absence, animal, bereavement, cat,

Premium Member The Deepest Well
(Sick with grief over the loss of our old blind cat, sick because we'd put her our last night to vomit up a hairball and...

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Categories: cat, death, grief, life,

Lifetime Love
Aloof, cold, withdrawn. 
Yelling before dawn. 
Mean, angry, scared, 
Slashing and hissing when challenged or dared. 

How this is all that some can see,
I must...

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Categories: cat, pets,

Premium Member God Around the Corner
God Around the Corner

By Mark D. Stucky
My cat’s favorite spot to sleep and surveil the house
was at the top of the hallway-to-basement stairs.
I would sometimes...

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Categories: cat, god, prayer, psychological,

Premium Member Feral Tercet
Born feline and left forever free to run;
Try but they’ll never be domesticated;
Feral life filled with unequivocal absolution....

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Categories: animal, cat, emotions, nature,

Premium Member Start Jamming
The little girl loves rubbing me,
I love giving her kisses when we have tea.
She has this bowl of four new friends,
goldfish cannot go out to...

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Categories: cat, fish, girl, humor,

Premium Member Embedded

Even though you're not here, 
I miss your morning meows.
I've ignored you parting from me,
But you haven't gone anyhow. 

I remember six years ago, ...

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Categories: animal, best friend, cat,

Premium Member Thoughts for sale
No-one truly knows what a moment is worth.

The movie's not over till the credits are run.

Life will never be fair for time has no conscience.


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Categories: cat,

"Why so grim?", Old Tom Cat asked,
but Little Kitten turned away –
stared at the sky with wistful eyes,
withdrawn from this sweet, golden day.

"Why so gloomy?",...

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Categories: animal, cat, feelings, flower,

Premium Member The crazy
Can't find 
No peace of mind 
As the days go by
It gets harder to try
 Waiting on something I just can't find
It's getting harder to...

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Categories: cat, adventure, anniversary, appreciation, caregiving,

The moral mortgage of mice and men
The moral mortgage of mice and men 

Yours truly quite astute,
especially regarding cute
little field mice, also known 
as meadow voles,
which imprecation one doth emote,
when aforementioned...

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Categories: cat, adventure, animal, appreciation, august,

Darkness rise, Brightness falls
AS the Black Cat cries through the night
All that seems Black and White, turns to be Shadow and...

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Categories: cat, desire, dream, racism, slavery,