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I Do Not Care Poems

These I Do Not Care poems are examples of poetry about I Do Not Care. These are the best examples of Care I Do Not poems written by international poets.

I think of you now, 
Why I do not know. 
You made an impression upon me. 
How? I cannot answer. 
You just did. 

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Categories: care, happiness, love, romance, romantic,

Jibon ta ajj maskhabri khatar moto 
Khoti gulo khorchar moti  ahat dea jaya
Ar sukh ta kono ak share bazer er moto 
Manuser chahida gulo...

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Categories: care, 11th grade, 1st grade,

Forgotten empathy
In the hush of nonchalance
We forget to be human
For a moment the world is tilt
As we walked on with a guilt...

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Categories: care, dark, friend, friendship,

What is time 
I'm here thinking of time .
I ask myself what is time 
Time is loving 
Time is caring
Time is Relaxing , 
Time is...

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Categories: america, anxiety, care, depression,

Don't Give Up
Don't give up
We aren't down and out
I'm still there with you
and will be, not to doubt.

I know that days are testing
The shadows are far too...

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Categories: care, community, encouraging, hope,

Premium Member A Poetic Conversation With Covid 19
Halt who goes there? 
I am the health care scare. 
Is your name bubonic, measles or tee bee
No, that is not me.
I do not see...

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Categories: care, caregiving, environment, grief,

Premium Member Disease By Dialogue-A Poetic Conversation
The Gloved One 

Halt who goes there? 

The Disease 

I am the health care scare. 

The Gloved One 

Is your name bubonic, measles or tee...

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Categories: care, fantasy, grief, health,

Pet Art
-- pet art --
| pRINTS  | p
| ReVEAL  | e
| NAtURE  | t
| AFFaIR   | a
| DEMUrE | r
| UNPENt...

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Categories: animal, care,

Look Up
A world in which people look down,
Like a monarch who cares for his crown,
Not the kingdom which he is to rule;
Power is the choice of...

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Categories: care, future, love, uplifting,

Lost Dreams
These are my dreams on display,
They cover the entire wall.
Coloured bright yellow, pink and grey, 
And blue and green
They beckon me.
In a fit of anger

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Categories: care,

Plural penetration
Throw bold differences that inspire our colorblind eyes and cast themselves out of their opaque truth and discover feeling reality
Everyone feels the crimson hatred that...

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Categories: care,

If I Write

At night, 
If I write,
I am that dot
On a tidy sheet
Left to move
Only latent views
Of an idle mind;
It is a sham.
I do not write.

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Categories: care,

Premium Member Good, Bad and Special
The Good,                       ...

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Categories: care, friend, love, silence,

Premium Member My Lord
This world can be a hard cold place,                 ...

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Categories: care, fire, life, me, sad,

Premium Member My Teeth Ran Off and I do Not Care
My teeth ran off the other day
I did not give chase
Feeling joyful

Can you tell
They are not
The best


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Categories: care, 10th grade, 11th grade,

Why Can't You Understand

Emotions running like a
steam mill!
About to scream frustrated
because you don't understand
how I feel!
Asking God to protect
me and to help me heal.
Thinking I should have thought

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Categories: black love, care, conflict,

Nobody cares
Does anybody care I'm a beast
crying at the moon ?
Nobody cares about the beast 
Does anybody care I'm a woman 
howling for love ? 

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Categories: care, depression,


My friend had come over
To cure me of ennui
That could kill me.
I thought he had with him
His collection of latest narratives
To divert and ease my...

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Categories: care,

Do Not Disturb The Snow
Meeting the icy wind head-on 
The polar bear raised his head, 
Lifted his nose, 
Sniffed the air deep and long,
The right paw stomped the ground

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Categories: care,

I Believe In You, Too
I Believe In You, Too

I have come to realize that I am obsessive
And afraid to act, well, because I am afraid
Like standing at the edge;...

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Categories: care, friendship, love, strength,