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Sports Car Poems

These Sports Car poems are examples of Car poems about Sports. These are the best examples of Car Sports poems written by international poets.

Premium Member Drag Racing
Split fire those dragons men will tame
To ride the rails to make a name
To risk it all to feel the Force
No man alive will ride...

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Categories: car, sports,

Premium Member Nothing at all
Nothing at all (So much has changed)  

He has a lot of cars,
motorcycles too...
He love's his sports,
supports all his teams

I tell myself- I'm glad...

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Categories: car, change, feelings, football,

Premium Member Love on the highway
That pretty girl in the sports car,
Could she be a movie star?
She drives past, throws a smile at me,
Could she be attracted to me?

The cool...

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Categories: beautiful, car, girl, i

Premium Member Drunk Patrons
A blind poet stumbles into a bar
Counts the number of drunk patrons there are
   Adds up all the burps
   Plus all...

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Categories: car, drink, home, poets,

Premium Member Silly Lee

“I’m locked out of my sports car,” said Lee
to a cop while he stood helplessly.
“Man, your ragtop is DOWN,”
said the cop with a frown.
“Just reach...

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Categories: car,

Premium Member A Man on the Make
Just the way he moves, the way he talks
  The things he says, the way he talks

The way he does the special things he...

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Categories: car, fashion, money, sad,

Premium Member A Car for Every Perusasion
There's certainly a wide-ranging variety of different cars
  From the Model T to the Tesla -- no longer wildly popular

People want choices to match...

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Categories: car, future, money, society,

The Race of Your Life
Give it your all and do your best.
Always tell your self you can out run the rest.
Your heart is racing, your palms all sweaty,
you're ready...

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Categories: car, fun, race, sports,


Rain in face
Turn away as truck roars past
Sports car in imagined race
Hisses to near-aquaplane fast
Passing the eighteen wheels
Through his spray cloud

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Categories: car, death, rain,

Red Is A Beautiful Color


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Categories: car, color, red, rose,

I have a Blue Badge
>This must be my last poem today, as I must away. Plus I might get told off for posting too many.  I have a...

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Categories: anxiety, car, hair, humor,

Mohave Valley Raceway
Mohave Valley Raceway is the place to be.
Lots of awesome people and races to see.
And should you happen to have a date come Sat. night.

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Categories: car, drink, family, food,

Premium Member 'Cos I'm a fool who broke the rules
Speed through the corner, hear the tyres scream!

I'm alright, I'm a man, I'm alright, alright I am!

Car's going too fast - but still, point's got...

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Categories: abuse, car, cool, death,

Premium Member NEED FOR SPEED
As I put the key in the ignition 
To win this race is my only ambition  
I love to hear the roar and smell...

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Categories: car, destiny, race, sports,

With Dad
Five years old
I'm in the truck with Dad
I ask How do you know how to drive
Dad smiles and touches his chin
He lets me drive on...

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Categories: car, dad, father daughter,

Cars In Malaysia Part 1
Of Cars in Malaysia Part 1

In this part of the world where I am at, a motorcar is every somebody’s must have…
Simply because reliable and...

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Categories: appreciation, car, community, environment,

The plea MY SPIRIT
You enter the shop,your eyes searching me
In the shelf,I try to hide
wishing that you won't see me
but your eyes light up with delight.
You spot me...

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Categories: addiction, car, people, teen,

Premium Member Barbagello raceway
Barbagello Raceway.

We live in a place
Just up from the track
Barbagello raceway it be
The cars and the bikes
They race there all day
And this is exciting to...

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Categories: car, sports, uplifting,

A Race To Death
Poetic Lyrics By Thomas Lam Hsi

SAVE FROM Satan...who plays 'all' roles...the...

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© Thomas Hsi  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: adventure, anger, car, celebration,

Athletic s
Dumb within
A soldier’s haircut
Woman's skin
Driven children
Swollen tears
Bronze medallion
Wasted years...

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Categories: car, childhood, cry, gender,