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Brush Off Poems

Brush Off Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of brush off poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for brush off.

New Poems

things go wrong
still carry on
get up
brush off the dust
over power bad sin
TRY AGAIN...Read More
Categories: brush off, adventure, betrayal,
Form: Prose Poetry

New day
The east has a crown
The darkness has bowed down
Brush off any frown
Smile in a fresh gown

...Read More
Categories: brush off, confidence, dark, day, inspiration, inspirational love, life,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member WORTH A DREAM

Some people have the knack
To show up uninvited
And crawl beneath our skin
They enrage and irk us till
We want to strangle them
If only there were a way
To avoid their drama and theatrics
Some way to magically bypass
All those who so make our...Read More
Categories: brush off, anger, angst, longing, people, stress,
Form: Free verse
Shake Our Heads No
L-et's shake our heads no, 
O-nce we are lured by the devil; 
R-efrain from being tempted, 
S-tay in our sacred

C-ome shake our heads no, 
E-arly fourteenth of December; 
L-isten not to fascinating talk
E-nchanting us to surrender.
S-ee the light of the...Read More
Categories: brush off, birthday,
Form: Acrostic
Learning Gives Life Meaning
Brush off today for no real reason or rhyme
and return to one special point in time. 
Reliving my senior year, life at its prime,
Planning for college, an auspicious climb;

The focus had changed from my family to peers.
Now recalling classmates, not...Read More
Categories: brush off, 12th grade, life, today, wisdom,
Form: Monorhyme

Aloof Waft Ting Thru Spiritus Mundi
While rummaging, mining,
and distilling me gray matter,
stoking mentality activates
oft time surprising me,
where unexpected novel

cognizance never abates,
I experienced becoming
linkedin with cosmic fates,
sans collective unconscious
soul of the universe,
and chanced to espy,

(albeit only a trimmed speck),
the spirit of William Butler Yeats
considered one of...Read More
Categories: brush off, adventure, allusion, appreciation, celebration, crazy, dream, imagery,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member God Speaks
God Speaks
But Few Are Heeding His Voice
Written: by Tom Wright

God communicates in ways that not all understand,
Many brush off his message while neglecting his command.

From the pulpit we covet substance to tickle our ears,
While remaining as mute sheep, bound for...Read More
Categories: brush off, god, inspirational,
Form: Couplet
Premium Member On the Park Bench at Christmas
I walk into the park on Christmas night.
A wonderland of winter greets my eye.
In shadows with a bluish tinge, the white
of snow looks magical, and it’s piled high.
I’m glad I wore my boots! I look ahead
and see a bench. It’s...Read More
Categories: brush off, christmas,
Form: Sonnet
Because I Love You
Saying I love you is not me telling you how I feel,
Saying I love you is me making you a promise,
A promise to keep you safe,
A promise to make sure you eat,
A promise to help you smile.
Saying I love you...Read More
Categories: brush off, love, meaningful, true love, trust, truth,
Form: Light Verse
Money Can't Buy Me Love The Brush Off
		Money Can’t Buy True Love

			By Gavri Hanita Hazaka Abir Selek 2nd 
			Charles  Gerald Patrick Chard 2nd 

It’s not the things you possess that make you someone,
Nor the money you spend like running water,
But the genuine love you share with...Read More
Categories: brush off, beautiful,
Form: I do not know?
Premium Member Being a Bee
To be a bee 

is not to be becoming
as pollen dust 
defies the brush off.

is not to be becalmed
as the buzzer is never silent,
never switched to off.

is not be idle 
as bees are frightfully busy 
all of the time.

is not...Read More
Categories: brush off, nature,
Form: Free verse
Screen Obsessed Teens
Screen Obsessed Teens
Finding home in cold dark screens.
Show support, send a like,
Post another, cry all night.
Yet another insecurity.
Take a jab at another's purity.  
Swallow a pill, lose some weight;
You feel so heavy the scale could break.
Strive for beauty and...Read More
Categories: brush off, technology,
Form: Rhyme
sayonara mother thirteen years ago back in time tear drop uno
the bittersweet silent story of my life age
fifty and nine automatically rebroadcast 
     in indelible (yet never washed out) beige
indistinguishably linkedin, when counting 
     the last three of seventy somber orbitz, 
...Read More
Categories: brush off, 7th grade, 8th grade, absence, goodbye, grief,
Form: Metrical Tale
Premium Member Chuckling And Squawking

Walked at the mall this morning right outta bed
Clucking and squawking like an old hen with the bends
Perseverance is a must
Just brush off the dust
Showing all the youngies this old guy ain't dead

...Read More
Categories: brush off, age,
Form: Limerick

Through my window pierce first spry rays of sun 
Tingling energy hovers over me
Like a coat waiting for a day of fun
Effervescence tickles my skin with glee

Eyes shut tight I let myself be nudged by
An infantry of mini faeries
Aided by...Read More
Categories: brush off, fantasy, good morning, morning, motivation, senses, sleep,
Form: Sonnet
Premium Member Frank Gard 1887-1912
Frank Gard

I loved her as much as Jesus loves his bride.
My friends, she was my saintly intended, indeed!
Created by my God especially for me; this beautiful flower,
This unmatched star in all the galaxy! She was,
Innocence personified; the apex of all...Read More
Categories: brush off, lost love,
Form: Epitaph
Premium Member An internet date
Your emails were a riot of allure,
Potential bloomed with every word I read,
Our common ground would bear fruit, I was sure,
Our future life unfurled inside my head.

We fixed a date on Saturday at five,
I readied you a spot within my...Read More
Categories: brush off, heartbreak, love hurts, relationship, romance, technology,
Form: Sonnet
Dirty Love
So we came undone, stitch by stitch,
it's been far to long but the scars still itch.
Lies start to feed on a love I believed
was specifically designed and crafted for me.
Words once ingrained into our history,
scatter like petals from an over-plucked...Read More
Categories: brush off, goodbye,
Form: Rhyme
Dreams and Dragons
Your talking dreams, now you're in my realm
The dreams are not what the actor's film
You want the truth, or fact, even faith, 
reality and dream, all the same, either way

Watch me walk into the night
From darkness I will draw forth...Read More
Categories: brush off, allusion, animal, beautiful, beauty, butterfly, dream, fantasy,
Form: Free verse
Cut you off
People showed their true colours and wonder why I got put off
People broke my heart and wonder why I'm shut off
The world on my shoulders was too heavy to just brush off
People handed me the scissors and wonder why they...Read More
Categories: brush off, deep, discrimination, emotions, inspirational, uplifting,
Form: Free verse
Brushing My Teeth
Brushing My Teeth

Haven been told when brushing my teeth,
Is like water that flows through a reef;
Up and down,
And all around;
Would wipe brush off with a long leaf.

Now my mother will leave me alone and
stop asking me if I have brushed...Read More
Categories: brush off, allegory, analogy,
Form: Limerick
Preserve The Past
Preserve the past in order 
to make tomorrow a better place.

With the strength of ten
and the mind of one
brush off those wounds
aging the surface
and free up your thoughts

It is there the lessons do lie
where man and nature survive
together we all...Read More
Categories: brush off, earth, love,
Form: Free verse
Peace From Within
Peace From Within

a hush upon the immense solitude alone,
 brush off the silence torn in meager illusion

 we felt faint upon the setting of the sun
 to keep back the resistance with a sign

 I sensed a great stirring inside...Read More
Categories: brush off, addiction, art,
Form: Free verse
Let Go

You spend your time worrying
     about so many things
You take a little problem
     and give it giant wings

You let it cloud your senses
     leading happiness astray
You fret...Read More
Categories: brush off, anxiety, life, perspective,
Form: Rhyme
Never Meant Any Harm
Never Meant Any Harm

I knew that there was a possibility that I would,
but I never meant to hurt you with my words.
I never meant any harm.

I never meant to push you away,
but somehow I did.
I understand though, at least a...Read More
Categories: brush off, christian,
Form: Prose Poetry