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Blue Whale Poems

Blue Whale Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of blue whale poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for blue whale.

New Poems

rose poem and a fish
Rose poem about animals
A word- fish is not at ease with carpentry
it uses its natural weapon for hunting other fishes
which is ok for us when lost on a raft
in the middle of the ocean.
A blue whale is too...Read More
Categories: blue whale, adventure, allegory, art, fashion,
Form: Blank verse

Natural History
We got there when it opened
And we raced right up to 4.
The dinosaurs were waiting;
Some excitement was in store.

We stopped at every case and looked
As Henry posed in front.
From room to room we wandered
On a dino-fossil hunt.

Attention started flagging
So we...Read More
Categories: blue whale, grandson, today,
Form: Rhyme
Sea ghosts
hunters on calm sea
gigantic blue whale breaches
ghosts watch wistfully
...Read More
Categories: blue whale, image, sea,
Form: Haiku
Premium Member Billy the Whale

There was once a blue whale named Billy
Who loved to get really really silly
And swim in waves all big and super hilly
His favorite flower was a pink lily
But he hated the winters getting chilly
Or wearing anything that was frilly
He just...Read More
Categories: blue whale, funny, grandson,
Form: Monorhyme
Premium Member Ocean Breeze
There once was a blue whale who had the flu
He went to the doc and asked what to do --
   Doc replied, "Just don't sneeze
   You'll create such a breeze --
My stethoscope won't detect your achoo."...Read More
Categories: blue whale, fish, sick, silly,
Form: Limerick

Blue Wail
Blue Wail

My head says futile, my heart keeps faith
A journey so long for one lonesome waif
Steadfastly onwards, my heart rules my mind
As on I endeavour, that one I might find

These limitless seas that I wander alone
Carry the sounds of my...Read More
Categories: blue whale, animal, journey, lonely, longing, sea,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member I Am Just What I Am

Here I sit on the ocean bed
Just sifting mud and ooze,
But If it was up to me
It's not the life I'd choose.

It's dark down here, there's creepy things
All looking for a feast
So I live on tenterhooks,
Hiding from the beasts.

To be...Read More
Categories: blue whale, humorous, longing,
Form: Personification
Unfathomably So
I know I can’t write down 
All I feel these days tonight
But, I believe you all get what I mean
When I say that I feel alone all over again

Maybe, it’s because not many individuals really want to
Hang out with me...Read More
Categories: blue whale, angst, appreciation, deep, faith, passion, symbolism, words,
Form: Free verse
Robinson Crusoe
Blue sea blue sky 
That was my destination
Having encounter with blue whale 
That was my destination 
Inhaling blue water, finding blue pearl 
That was my destination
I Robinson Crusoe 
Wandering in Blue Ocean 
Sinking and drinking unwelcome water
That was my destination
Fainted...Read More
Categories: blue whale, 5th grade, blue, boat, sea,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member My Giant Fish Story
I’m going to tell a story
that I don’t think you’ll believe,

it stretches your credulity,
so much you just might leave.

So at the risk of losing you
I’ll chance to tell this tale,

about the time I caught a fish
the size of a blue...Read More
Categories: blue whale, fish, humorous,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Blue Whale Farts

Blue whale fart bubbles are big enough to swallow a horse
Can't imagine how they know, must have an underwater source 
Maybe a smartass starfish
With a human-like gift
Thinks he's world-famous and looks great in fish shorts

...Read More
Categories: blue whale, inspirational,
Form: Limerick
Premium Member Song From Beyond The Stars part 2 Earthside Gathering
  from the extremely large to the very small, rocks have been game changers
  planet-sized melters, moon-makers
  asteroids with cataclysmic impact, dinosaur terminators
  again life's prospects pivoting
  this time, on tiny stable debris-lump, Sun-Earth L4...Read More
Categories: blue whale, adventure, destiny, humanity, science fiction,
Form: Verse
Premium Member Song From Beyond The Stars part 1 The Approach
  [ story with context, a plausible universe with top and bottom
  a coat of cosmos covering
  over a subterranean protoverse of potential fields
  a quantum cellar creating
  the very big banging cosmos and much...Read More
Categories: blue whale, adventure, destiny, future, imagination, journey, planet, science
Form: Verse
Lost in Rowde
There's something odd down in Rowde
I'm not sure what it is
It can't be seen when I take a look
But my salad ... it got took

I grow a lot of lettuce
Raddichio as well
However now there is no quibble 
My lunch has...Read More
Categories: blue whale, absence, food, mystery,
Form: Free verse
Deep In The Ocean
A-mazing sea creatures
L-ive in the ocean blue; 
V-iew of corals on the bottom
I-s seen like fresh and

E-arly first of August, 
B-ig blue whale makes a motion; 
I-t's truly incredible, 
D-eep in the
O-cean....Read More
Categories: blue whale, birthday,
Form: Acrostic
Riding Route 66 with the Wind on our Faces
The bike was loaded and packed
The duffle bag strapped to the rack
The air was crisp when we started out at dawn
In the early morning hours we were gone 
Down the road with the wind on our faces
Off to visit some...Read More
Categories: blue whale, memory, travel,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Into The Blue

               Into The Blue

                  Blue bells hang on my...Read More
Categories: blue whale, beauty, blue, engagement,
Form: Free verse
Voyage of the Frigate
A large ship will sail
Next to it swims blue whale
After finishing work on the rail
Seamen sing ballads each a different tale

The mountains on the island stretch to the sky
Towards them great eagle will fly
As captain towards the binoculars puts his...Read More
Categories: blue whale, adventure, universe,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Whales - The Acrostic Style

W hales are one of the largest an most beautiful magnificent marine mamals in the world
H ave been hunted for centuries for oil, meat, other raw materials.
A nd some of the species are endangered, and they're going extinct
L ife span...Read More
Categories: blue whale, animal, appreciation, beautiful, sea,
Form: Acrostic
Premium Member Plastic Paradise
Time’s ticking for whooping cranes
wild buffalo and prairie dogs.
For their losses outweigh their gains,
displaced by cattle sheep and hogs.

The elephant and the blue whale
may share the fate of the dodo.
For their lives are now endangered
like the dragons of Komodo.

Alligator and...Read More
Categories: blue whale, environment, future, how i feel, nature,
Form: Quatrain
I fell in a maelstrom of Skonivie

                                       ...Read More
Categories: blue whale, nonsense,
Form: Prose
Homo not-so-Sapiens
Humanity’s first born child
Sits, wondering what to do
First Africa, then the world, the seven seas
And then space - the final frontier
He’s the first in line for world domination,
But first he’s got to put the competition
To extinction

A lion never apologised,
For being...Read More
Categories: blue whale, humorous, men, science,
Form: Free verse
CRAYONS- the big box

yellow lemon
green apple
red raspberry
orange orange


grey goose
pink flamingo
red robin
raven raven


gold fish
blue whale
red snapper
salmon salmon


black panther
brown bear
Redd Foxx
sable sable


copper head
black mamba
red  racer
snake skin


black man
white man
red skin


zebra stripes
leopard spots
diamond back
rainbow trout

Categories: blue whale, bird, blue, color, fish, green, nature, rainbow,
Form: Free verse

Small curly pink one for   Mr.  Pig
Beatrix Potter’s Peter rabbit’s  is fluffy to lie on. 
Absurdly small whippy one for elephant so big
Long  one with paintbrush end for Mr.  Lion

All foxes...Read More
Categories: blue whale, animals, children, funny, space,
Form: Quatrain
Flight Of The Seagull
I see you up there flying in the sky of majestic winged one,
your wing span is so wide, you dip your wings now and then
just to see what the wind is doing, Your head lifts up to see,
as your steely...Read More
Categories: blue whale, animals, life, nature, sea, sea,
Form: Lyric