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Best Talkative Poems

Below are the all-time best Talkative poems written by Poets on PoetrySoup. These top poems in list format are the best examples of talkative poems written by PoetrySoup members

Word Squirrel
Rodents can be loquacious
That includes your average gerbil
They love to prattle, chat and blather
They really are quite verbal

Hamsters are talkative too
Just as garrulous as can...

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Categories: talkative, animal, children, education, kid, words,
Form: Rhyme

Premium Member Mother Nature's Little Prince
A most beautiful little green frog swims quietly and so gracefully
While his eyes gaze gently on a mountain looming in the distance.
He’s at ease as...

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Categories: talkative, beautiful, beauty, emotions, feelings, heart, star,
Form: Verse
Premium Member Mother Nature's Little Prince
Mother Nature’s Little Prince

A most beautiful little green frog swims quietly and so gracefully
While his eyes gaze gently on a mountain looming in the distance.

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Categories: talkative, allegory, beauty, celebration, emotions, fantasy, i
Form: Narrative
You are special
You are the Evening Star glowing in the night sky;
no one can replace the radiance within you. People tell you that you are not cool,

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Categories: talkative, art, hope, inspirational, life, uplifting,
Form: Free verse
ABC's Help Wanted On Dating
All Being Considered, Dating Every Friendly Girl Has It's Joy. Kisses, Long Massages, 
Necking, Only Poetic, Quick Responsive, Stable, Talkative, Unusually Vivacious Women 
Who're Xenial,...

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Categories: talkative, girlfriend-boyfriend, people
Form: ABC

Moon And Ocean
Moon looks down upon us from so high in the unending sky, the sky so deep in color.

Moon says when the fun begins, when we...

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Categories: talkative, beach, conflict, culture, cute love, innocence,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member A Rural Station

A former place this, a patch where roots rattle,
where stubble has a ferrous frizzle.
A long truncated railroad stop
humming still within a surrogate reality.
As dry voices...

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Categories: talkative, poetry,
Form: Blank verse
2 humans 2 hearts And 1 love
Once there was a girl with a tough personality. She was considered to be a friendly and talkative. She was extremely tough regardless of love...

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Categories: talkative, love, teen, day, life, sister, me,
Form: Couplet
When I felt I was under
 judgmental power,
it worried me.
Those causes 
brought me running 
down the hill straight home
sit by my desk 
hold my...

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Categories: talkative, career, emotions,
Form: Prose Poetry
lonely fisherman
The Lonely Fisherman  
He sat on a rowing boat in the fjord he wore a yellow raincoat 
and a southwestern cap matching his coat`...

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Categories: talkative, april, autumn, basketball, betrayal,
Form: Blank verse
Driving Emotions
Messy is spilling her drinks in my car
Curious keeps asking me questions
Bossy is telling me ways to go 
Because unorganized just lost our directions.

Impatient is...

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Categories: talkative, car, emotions, happiness, humor, humorous, life,
Form: ABC
Premium Member Barnyard Chickens
It has been said that we are,
A quiet, curious, sweet bird, full of personality;
We have tons of sisters (brothers) and a mom and father with...

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© Dear Heart  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: talkative, animal, cute, farm,
Form: Verse
The Chatterbox
An extremely talkative person, he was.
He was! He was! He was! 
He talked about this, and he talked about that.
He talked about anything he could...

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Categories: talkative, how i feel, society,
Form: Limerick

A clatter of human hooves
drums on through an after- dawn marketplace…
the wide tunnel of  mouths
reel from the splintered chorus
of jangled tunes bargaining and rattling

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Categories: talkative, places, space,
Form: Light Verse
Premium Member Our Passions on Fire My Darling
A very long time passed between us
Before we met once again
Quite unexpectedly surprisingly
Exchanging very intense looks
Harboring most hungry urges
Possessing the wildest desires
Feeling rebounding emotions
Charged nerves...

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Categories: talkative, allegory, break up, emotions, feelings, lost
Form: Free verse
Gangan - The talking drum
The stream of music 
Has in it an instrument 
Talking beats, not singing,
And sending legs into a frenzy 

The hook of a Demigod 
Knocking the...

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Categories: talkative, africa, music, words,
Form: Quatrain
Nostalgia and Teachers' Day
Through the long gone years, I have much grown…
From a young schoolboy to a present day aging crone…

But in my mind, I am as I...

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Categories: talkative, appreciation, change, childhood, growing up, history,
Form: Narrative
Childhood days
My childhood days
Are my golden rays
When I'm now whining
I feel my childhood smiling
No beating , No pain
No knowledge about cheating , always our reign 

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Categories: talkative, adventure, beautiful, education, emotions, feelings, memory,
Form: Light Verse

At four she was a guinea pig
For a rising college geek
‘Cause the kid was talkative
Perfect brain to take a...

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Categories: talkative, education, funny, growing up, on writing
Form: Chastushka

Go to heaven before the heavens goes to hell,
Going home from home is dangerous with a child.
To the cold virgin earth shall...

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Categories: talkative, africa, art,
Form: Blank verse
The Colour of Life
Talkative seagulls loons fishing swimmers splashing
hawks catching a wave riding it like a magic carpet
nutty squirrels seem to run from everywhere to nowhere
watchful cats stretching...

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Categories: talkative, beauty, christian, desire, earth, hope, meaningful,
Form: Free verse
What A Revolting Development
What A Revolting Development
(Not by Groucho or Karl Marx)

Bernie with bent back grudges does carry
Decided to become another Revolutionary
Always knowing exactly what he meant
By this...

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© James Horn  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: talkative, allegory, analogy, humorous,
Form: Couplet
oh Sister
I was never a favourite child 
Maybe to my dad only, I thought he understood me better than anyone else 
I was quiet, boring, antisocial,...

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Categories: talkative, family, sister,
Form: Name
Odumegwu Ojukwu
A gallant man of thousand fists
Spirited brave man of Amadioha’s clan
Conversational colonel of the battalion empire
Emperor manned through the honeyed knight
The dialogue of the drums...

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Categories: talkative, abuse, africa, anxiety, art,
Form: Ballad
"Drop your pants Zoe"
"No, am scared"
"You will love it, trust me"
"Aa aa aa am scared"
"Look into my eyes, Zoe"
"Okay, be gentle"

It's the deafening sound of...

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Categories: talkative, blue, child abuse, dark, memory, psychological,
Form: Free verse