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Best Sulks Poems

Below are the all-time best Sulks poems written by Poets on PoetrySoup. These top poems in list format are the best examples of sulks poems written by PoetrySoup members

Premium Member This Old House
The house stands like a neglected grandma,
the cobwebs at its windows
the grubby lace about her neck,
the peeling paint
her cheap make-up,
carelessly applied,
cracked window-panes
her cracked spectacles,
encrusted with...

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© Beth Evans  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: sulks, birth, blue, books, children, green, house,
Form: Free verse

Premium Member Flying

Before I ever thought of age
I dreamed of running through the woods
And lifting my feet from the ground and flying.
Only a few inches up, not...

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Categories: sulks, age, flying,
Form: Sestina
A Passenger
A passenger opposite me
In the bus looked at me
His bare face, a rough feeling worn 
How may change, with that my own

Looking at him and...

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Categories: sulks, life, lonely, simile,
Form: Free verse

I try to ignore the squirming Hyde within 
And, with effort still,
I raise myself for the last traces 
of sunshine and fun.
What was left of the day,...

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Categories: sulks, children, depression, emotions, environment, flower, fun,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Soul Stance River - 28
The Shoshone bargain their horses like apathetic bankers,
what we all have in common is constant starvation
and near death stumbles, several times this month our pack...

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Categories: sulks, adventure, history,
Form: Epic

Let's not sulk
Not only the one who sulks does barely nothing, 
he also bums out the rest of his acquaintances, 
diminishing their cheerfulness and good will, 

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Categories: sulks, adventure, analogy, beauty, bereavement, character, emotions,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Winter Blues
As the Sun sulks in a somber place
shades of alabaster mar His face.
And mimicking souls crying alone
howling winds bring a chill to the bone.

Freezing days...

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Categories: sulks, city, depression, how i feel, imagery,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Confessions Of A Poet
Confessions Of A Poet

As the dark hour slays the great setting Sun
earthly fires in the nether regions flame
The poet's heart must see both to have...

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Categories: sulks, creation, muse, poetry, poets, wisdom, word
Form: Rhyme
Is all injustice created equal
He sits and waits and sulks
as the clock strikes
and on they strike
and on he called to do no wrong 'in judgement,
in meteyard, in weight or...

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Categories: sulks, history, philosophy
Form: Free verse
The Ballad of the Internet Troll

Beware ye netizens
of the internet troll
dare not feed it.
just sigh and past it scroll

There dwell within the internet
A vile creature with a rash wreath
Who spews...

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Categories: sulks, humor, humorous,
Form: Ballade
The man in my mirror
There dwells another man in my mirror and it’s not me
The obvious differences, between us, I want the people to see.
The man in my mirror...

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Categories: sulks, joy, life, me, mirror, time,
Form: Rhyme
the rabbit -part one-
(literary nonsense)
the winter was so long ago, burying the world in snow
rabbits hop where rabbits go, here i sit to-night
and the day i hath long...

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© Ben Dover  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: sulks, animals, confusion, children, funny, imagination, seasons,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Kitten Charms
Kitten charms
     sweetest gift
          in your arms

Fluffy fur

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Categories: sulks, cat, love,
Form: Verse
A Fairy Tale Heroine

The big, bad wolf wears a suit of gray with a snide smile.
Standing upright, he believes himself to be debonaire
as he takes his comb from...

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Categories: sulks, adventure, animals, childhood, fantasy, fear, evil,
Form: Personification
Come On In, The Water's Fine
You bought the ticket, so let's take a ride
I promise not to leave you unsatisfied
You may want a life vest and/or bear spray
And abandon all...

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Categories: sulks, funny, humor, identity, silly, surreal, truth,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Rainbow Wheels - Collaboration with Chris Green
In the path of sundust
multicolored dancing particles
he sits, sulks, mutters,
dust gathers on his wheels

The daylight taunts him
beyond the glass defense
pulling on his emotions
as the heat...

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Categories: sulks, friendship, strength,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Self Defeating Rescue
The scream assaults my ears,
rips open my heart.

I catch Petunia, fat cat hunter,
and snatch the baby bunny
from her mouth.

Strong and determined,
she jumps free,
goes after her...

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© Cona Adams  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: sulks, animal,
Form: Narrative
Snow Syndrome
From time to time when the sun sulks
and turns away its face in a huff,
It sends a chill spiraling down earth’s core
and renders the sky...

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Categories: sulks, snow, winter,
Form: Free verse
Cowboys Are Heroes
I never understand why some people
use ‘cowboy’ as if it were an insult.
I think they’d prefer somebody who
in the background cowers and sulks.
Someone who goes...

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Categories: sulks, appreciation, hero, how i feel, society,
Form: Cowboy
The Crooning Dove

Effigy formed of inert dust, 
Inhaled the divine pulse, vile vine  
Infused with worth and dignity. 
I'm not! I'm not! Fallen from grace; 

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Categories: sulks, spiritual,
Form: Pastoral
Reasons For My Love
I love the way she wears the sun
In her hair; and the way the rain
Beads on her delicate shoulders;
I love when her eyelids flutter
In early...

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Categories: sulks, lovelove,
Form: Verse
so affraid
 im so affraid to loose him he means so much to me if he were to leave im not sure id know who to...

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Categories: sulks, dedication, desire, devotion, dream, fear, feelings,
Form: I do not know?
Art Cures
*Art Cures*

Art helps to express feeling and thoughts
Where no vocabulary can't, a crayon sought
With canvas and palette, I paint pains off
There reveals causes, was I...

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Categories: sulks, art
Form: I do not know?
The Cheery Earth And The Lonely Moon
The moon sulks and envys
when earths stomach is filled habitually
to be garnish in wintry season
listening to carols from birds to wild beast and godly person

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Categories: sulks, uplifting, moon,
Form: Light Verse
Logic sulks in a
corner as love bewitches
young, eager heart....

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Categories: sulks, life, love,
Form: Haiku