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Child, stand up

Child , stand up
Clothes deemed unfashionable
by followers with no individuality
Kinky locks not straight enough
according to those with no self realization
The stiffness in your tongue bearing testament
to your mother tongue, to which they laugh at, why?

You're Mahogany, sanded and buffed
well crafted and glossed to a high sheen

Vulnerable yet resilience is you
Intelligent yet humility is you
Poor yet generosity is you

Yes, you are all that and more
because you have captured and nurtured
a knowledge and pride in self

Your smile glows from within
as it brightens your surrounds
Don't be shackled with self doubt
for your strength feeds multitudes.
Your gentleness comforting many.

As you wear your head gear to dance,
dance till you turn up the dust
each muscle sinew in perfect coordination,
sweat weaving in between the seamless strings
of those beads crafted and carried with pride.

Roar with song!
Share your history through lore
Ululate till the sound carries to the heavens,
breaking the skies open with torrents of nourishing rains falling,
This ,Africa, is what you are...

Copyright © Abongile Ncwana | Year Posted 2016

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The Mountain I Believed to Be Id

Across the valley
Stood the mountain I believed to be id
Two levels and a summit
Made it appear layered
Like first-dynasty pyramids

It would be a long climb
Step, stumble, slip,
Clutch and elevate my entire being

The valley’s simple green plants
Lived in symbiotic coexistence
With bees and ants
Nature nurturing nature
An embryonic journey
Between the Tigres and Euphrates

Such splendor might have caused me to remain
Many do
But I walked on

At the base of the mountain I paused
The summit hidden by a cloud ring
I looked back upon my Mesopotamia
Hailing its verdant simplicity
Questioning the summit’s worth

But uncontrollable curiosity
And unquenchable desire
Edged me forward

I climbed onto rocky soil
I stumbled as stones slipped ‘neath my feet
Reaching out to clutch a bush
I pulled upward

The first plateau ran before me as a brook
I peered into the pool of life
Finding amphibians, reptiles, fish
I waded
Ankles rubbing green algae
Creating eerie sensitivity
Slippery touch

The water cooled me
Thinning air brought calm
A sandy bottom soothed me

Such harmony might have
Caused me to remain
Many do

But above me
Within a mystical Saturnic cloud
Secrets of the summit beckoned
Edging me to elevate

Sweaty palms grasped a wild rose’s stem
Sharp thorns drew blood
My body fatigued, I cursed the climb
What marvels lay above the ring

The second plateau’s diversity thrilled me
Simple moss, brown rabbits
Deer with long, willowy legs
Hundreds of life forms
Gave me entrance
To Thoreau’s untouched paradise

The alluring cloud hung low above me
I questioned my destination
The second plateau’s oasis might have
Caused me to remain
Many do

But irresistible desire
Again edged me to step, stumble
Slip, clutch and elevate

I entered the cloud layer
Feeling hot and cold dancing vapor
The mountain I believed to be id
Swam under my feet

Perplexed, I muddled upward
Above the timber line
No trees, no grass
No plants, no animals
No life

Still I was curious for id
And took the final step

A cold granite peak
Amidst the grey moisture
Self-realization was achieved

I had seen all that was beautiful
But passed it by
The key to paradise was offered
Three times
Yet I had been a martyr to my own desire

I could not see
The valley, brook,
Or paradise of total life

I could see
Only myself
And I cried
For want of something beautiful

Copyright © Carolyn Devonshire | Year Posted 2010

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Oh Id's Nerve

oh, the nerve of my id
     struggling to climb mountains
          seeking secrets
               on a quest for meanings
passing all the beauty of life
     never stopping to smell flowers
          marvel at deer
               enjoy the freshness of a babbling brook
in a quest for self-realization
     reaching the top
          seeing only myself
               crying out for splendor left behind
oh, the nerve of my id
     ensuring isolation
          eliminating potential for happiness
               searching and only finding myself
too much introspection
mired in self-reflection
reaching no real destination
Based on my poem “The Mountain I Believed to Be Id”
Anagram of my last name: Devonshire

Copyright © Carolyn Devonshire | Year Posted 2011

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Dragonfly-the miracle insect

Dragonfly-the miracle insect

Oh… Dragonfly, the miracle insect
You are the symbol of change and self realization 
Source of mental and emotional maturity, 
Your scurrying flight across water 
represents an act of going beyond the surface
glance at deeper implications and aspects of life. 
Your agile flight and its ability to move in all six directions
Exclude a sense of power and poise
this can be seen only with age and maturity.
Your speed at amazing 45 miles an hour
Hover like a helicopter and fly backward like a hummingbird,
Fly straight up, down and on either side
Your wing strokes elegance and grace just like a veteran ballet dancer
You are wonderful and exhibits Iridescence both on your wings as well as body
It is kaleidoscopic 

Your eyes are wonderful  
most amazing and awe inspiring sights
You can see in all 360 degrees around 
That symbolizes the uninhibited vision of the mind
And ability to see beyond the limitations of the human self

You are innocent and harmless, not bite 
To Japanese you are a symbol of summer and autumn
And admired and respected all
Samurai use you as a symbol of power and best of all victory
For Chinese you are a symbol of prosperity, harmony and as a good luck charm 
To Native Americans you are a sign of happiness, speed and purity
because you eats from the wind itself
Those may be the hidden facts that you have inhabited our planet for almost 300
Million years!  

Jayaratne Weerakkody

Copyright © Jayaratne Weerakkody | Year Posted 2014

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Come one, come all to the fabulous House of Mirrors,
Souls and the soulless, all are Welcome here in these
Reflective cell prisms.
Enticements glass thunder dome, clear crystalline panes,
Shimmering in the well-lit maze of illusionary frames, of
Reality or fantasy!
The ring master a little man of slight size,
Stands upon a wooden crate, directing the flow
Of humanity’s human fright seekers, one thin dime
He so yells for the fear factor of a life time,
Come one, come all, to the fun house
Of reflections living nightmares!
A ticket taker hidden within a glass box,
Appears out of thin air, a wax figure Gypsy
Woman dressed in satin silks dirty rags,
Laughingly rocks back and forth, as you
Place your dime into her wooden box
Stall, and a golden ticket pops outwardly
As each person prepares themselves to go in,
This funfairs torture chamber of glass!
One by one, a single being enters,
As a sliding pane slams shut behind them,
Curves, illusions and convictions of delusions,
Confuse the individuality of each patron within
This side show of self-realization, as eerie
Music and bodiless screams echo, throughout
This crystal palace of icy fear!
Corporal phantoms slide from panel to panel,
Leaping behind the terrified guests, deadened
Jackals of the afterlife, relishing in the tormented
Screams of those held captive within this
Mirrored house of horrors!
Hands at the glass press in panic, trying to
Find their way out to sanities realm of reality,
But with each pane exposes their inner fear
Until their heartbeats trobe against
Their chest, and their nails scratch at the
Fragile glass cutting it so thin it shatters
At last!
Suddenly outside the roped lines, these
Terrified customers of evil’s displaced,
Find themselves freed from the spell
Of invocation’s demonic force of this
The devils carnival house of Mirrored glass!


Copyright © cherl dunn | Year Posted 2015

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Teeter totter

Birth.        Life. 
Reliant.     Trust.
Wonder.     Bliss.
Rules.        Unsurety.
Rules.        No meaning.
Rules.        Punishment.
Realization. Carefulness
Realization. Why
Why.           Realization
Love.           Acceptance
Caring.         Learning
Growing.      Self realization
God.            Spiritual
Spiritual.      Enlightenment
Friends.        Good
Friends.        Bad
Learning.      Future
Compassion.  Feeling
Feeling.         New
How wonderful it is.the journey that is.home will come, inevitably.it will come.
Aging.          Acceptance
Illness.           Faith
Faith.              Understanding
Acceptance.     Life
Life.                 Death

Copyright © Sheryl Wood | Year Posted 2014

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Finding Paradise

Finding Paradise  5/25/15
I fell 
into a strange dimension
to play lost and found

searching for 
the magic elixir 
where dreams come true 
and love rules 

Wandering thru 
many lands of promise
unable to hold on 
to lasting peace 

is a moving spotlight 
across foreign places

but the dream 
runs deep

Which way do I go?
or catch a falling star…

Bound by gravity
I pause and retreat to 
where I Am

a golden orb
kaleidoscopes into a moment of Truth
& paints a new horizon

Self-Realization arises.
while the warm, earthly breeze
whispers an invitation 
 “Be here now.” 

Copyright © Michelle Casto | Year Posted 2015

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What Mankind Forgot

(What Mankind Forgot)

We forgot our place in life
We forgot how to be alive
We forgot our connection to life and the cosmos
We filled our homes, schools and hospitals with the killer asbestos
We forgot our ancient wisdom
We forgot the wisdom from the opening of our heart the knowledge and stories of How we did come About and how we did start
We forgot the knowledge of natures forces
We forgot the power from the deepest of sources
We stole from our planet and are using up all of its resources
We forgot our path and our dreams
We polluted our once purest streams
We took from earth many things we did not need
We built cars, planes and trains that pumped out poison that us and our future Generations are Expected to breathe
We have to take we cannot leave
We ditched our horses and bred them wild
But wild they are not
Their help and ability we forgot
We forgot our true purpose
We are caught in the mass trance of fabricated consensual reality
We lost sight of our authenticity
That inner spark that drives us towards our happiness and self-realization
We lost our True destiny
We forgot that we are here to be realized as spiritual beings embodied in a physical form and Embedded in a congenial universe
We forgot that everything revolves around and is love
We forgot how to love and be loved
We live on bended knees to a force that isn't seen with thy eye 
That should see the truth
We cannot see without the proof
We forgot what we once stood for
We shunned it out and locked the door
We are no more
What we once was
Mankind has lost all scense of what it means to be free
Be bend down and hand away our pride and dignity
To the power that over rules our reason to exist
We are stranded and scared in a forever descending mist.

Written by sarah Linklater  28th march 2015

Copyright © Sarah Linklater | Year Posted 2015

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self realization haiku

true acceptance lies
within the realm of thyself
just be who you are

Copyright © Marty King | Year Posted 2014

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Our washing machine mind

Looking at the washing machine, 
A thought came in my mind,
If our brain too had a system just like it,
Everyday we would remove all possible stains,
Of jealousy, anger, hatred and pain.
I wondered and pondered,
And the process of self realization began..
By learning and following some steps,
We can actually develop such a mechanism, 
The detergent being optimism,
Our wisdom and kind conduct code,
Would enable it on fully automatic mode,
Our humility and simplicity, 
Will function like electricity, 
Our smile and acceptance of err,
Shall perform the task of water,
Forgiveness could be substance,
Which will add on the fragrance,
All hurt,
Will then vanish just as the dirt,
Resulting into bright and clean mind..

Copyright © nilofar shaikh | Year Posted 2014

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Black panther 
Striped tiger;
Stray cats challenge


Takeaway meal
Fast food dinner;
Family feast


Street bazaar
New offerings greet;
Dazzling array


Crowded mall
Strangers congregate;
Celebrities entertain


Busy walkway crowd
Strange faces meet;
Loneliness loiters


Tired old couple
Sun drenched faces;
Hair greying with late bus


Child care centre
Noisy kids mingling;
Care-giver disciplines


Hotel atrium
Tourist traffic brisk;
Coming and going


Supermarket shelves
Global brands assemble;
Mini United Nations


Morning kung-fu
Martial arts dance;
Healthy self-defense


Mirror image peeps
Self-realization stare;
Grey hair and wrinkles


Leon Enriquez
31 August 2014

Copyright © Leon Enriquez | Year Posted 2014

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In the eye of the beholder

Poem by Jorn Boor '' In the eye of the beholder ''


The path of life I will walk, slowly I will grow old

Along this road I stumble, throughout the years in which I unfold


Insecurity's hold me, only strong tough.. in my past before

Skill & faith... I use my tool set, to build my fundamental inner core


Passing phases of moving progression, through my moments of thought

Life's happiness I treasure in full, it's the ingredient for which I fought


I mature through life element's, painful encounters bring hard challenges for sure

My mind is set on self realization, which is destined to hold ones cure.


I like to run, I love to play, fight through all of my dislikes.

As long as I am still aging, I stay determinate to gain insights


Triggers, traps, challenges.. I won't give in, I will not be afraid.

Life's disadvantages I need to handle, so in the end I can set them straight


I let my inner soul control my destiny, I focus, I pay attention

I'll grow responsible, I create happiness within this true intention.


Birth intended I feel blessed to live, I must shine each single day

I hold in mind to respect my life, I choose to live it in my own way.


I stand up for all of my choices, of which I am allowed to make.

Otherwise I am not able to die in peace, I can't allow that my soul is fake.


Frustration towards Human Race, I feel the truth is loosing ground

One day I trigger the alarm, to your convenience I will let it sound


I'll be my own friend, the bond I create within will set me free

Maybe it doesn't mean to you that much for now, but in the end you'll agree


Hiding is the key for failure, in the end I will regret

I enjoy thunder, the lightings and rain, cleansed air is the result which I expect.


Faith is creating a gift we handout ourselves, it leads us towards alignment

My environment is a product of me, accomplished... so i can die in contentment. 


Jorn Boor, Johannesburg SA 

Date: 26-10-11

Copyright © Jorn J.A. Boor | Year Posted 2011

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Sweet Jane

Sweet Jane, 

The essense of euphoria, cloud 
of confusion 
Fooled by your seductions, 
indulge in delusion 
You betray me, 
Trading blissful thoughts you 
gave me, for Will 
My best friend I knew forever, 
and still 
Eyes Bloodstained in pain, and 
raging until 

Sweet Mary, 

You carried me away from fury, 
from Ill, 
in the moment, 
Take Me 
To the time I spent with you, 
dimes I spent on you, 
In anguish, when the pollute 
clears, I can see and hear, 
but only to know, the time I've 
years we've embraced, 
Monopolized my night and day 
for your own snakish 

What Trickery.. 
Though, instead of resistence 
and bickering, 
I kiss your wet lips, as you dry 
The Stress lifts, 
Self-realization hits, 
the cause of anxiety, and mass 
The Irony, 
Our relationship seems to be 
teeming/teaming with irony 

You Stand for rebellion, but you 
enslaved me 
Through, at first through lustful 
Set akindle blushes to your 
and to my amazement, 
Through pre-adolescent stages, 
and justifications, 
Became an arranging of a 
forbidden engagement, 

Between a boy and lady, 
Manipulative of love and time.. 

A Boy's mind.. 

..One last time... 

I Say, 
After I set Astray, 
To count the days, before I 

Mary Jane. 

Copyright © Askia Mohammed | Year Posted 2013

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Sometimes you gotta 
close your eyes to see 
the real truth hidden
inside you ....

Copyright © Madelin Barton | Year Posted 2013

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Self Realization

When different folks
Say the same thing about you,
Consider closely...

Copyright © Leon Stacey | Year Posted 2008

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Dog eat dog world
Awakes to new dawn;
Paradoxical gains

Words and yet more
Empty words dilute;
Cold comfort frozen

Headlines sensation
Bad news in vogue;
Catchy decadence

Muse upon feeling
Profound thought;
Self-realization lights

Mood swings highlight
Psychic trauma;
Pain instigates

Skybridge running track
26 floors above;
Senior citizens jog

Look to this day
To do something good;
Saturday cat nap

Set routines
To-Do List unfurls;
Time is never enough

Much ado
About nothing new;
Changes re-order

Ideas rule the world
Change agents --
Come and go abruptly

Worn-out old pavilion
Two weary workers;
Chat over beer repast

Busy passage conduit
People hurry briskly;
Haphazard side stepping

Busy networking
Trying to get ahead;
Lost in the crowd

Visual impact dazzle
Too much colour;
Not much insight

Takeaway counter
Pre-order your drink blend;
Beverage on-the-fly

Leon Enriquez
04 July 2014

Copyright © Leon Enriquez | Year Posted 2014

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I saw the bitter tears of unhappiness,
Running down your ravaged with pain
                                               Dear face
And I became a sponge of compassion
                                       To absorb them,


I heard the howling of your starving
Echoing throughout your rebellious 
                                         Drained veins,
And I became a sweet loaf of bread
                                            To feed you,


I tasted the agonizing thirst of
                                     Your dry lips,
Burning fire! Consuming your
                                     Every single tissue,
And I became vivifying fresh water
                                      To quench it,


I smelled the presence of sickness in your
                                          Tormented body,
Devouring your vibrant wellbeing, 
And I became salutary medicine to nurse you
                                                  Back to health,

I felt the terror in your trembling gracious
Scaring away your lofty humane
And I became fortifying courage to obliterate
                                            Your distressful fears,


I found you lost in the darkness of joyless
Walking towards the abominable cliffs of
                                               Self- distraction,
And I became a bright ray of hope to guide you
                                               To self-realization,


I discovered you shivering in the middle
                                             Of savage winter,
Wandering around without a roof over
                                            Your frozen head,
And I became a shelter of warmth to protect you
                                           From merciless cold, 


I watched you suffering from excruciating
Feeling the ever depressing loneliness in
                                             Your tormented soul,
And I became your constant caring


I noted the torture of merciless
Destroying your wonderful, tender
And I became your faithful
                                         Loved one,


I observed you struggling in the rough sea
                                                           Of life,
Fighting your way over the ominous waves
                                         Of human malice,
And I became a solid boat of charity to bring you
                                              On the serene shore,


I witnessed your efforts to climb the mountains
                                              Of desirable success,
Struggling, hopelessly, up the steep path
                                                       Of attainment, 
And I became a firm ladder of mercy to help you
                                                   Reach the very top,


I remarked you fighting against your brutal
Trying to overcome their beastly power with your
                                                             Bare hands,
And I became a heavy sword of justice to make you


I perceived the sharp arrow of relentless
Heading towards your loving, caring
And I became a shield of concern to save
                                    Your precious life,


You ask me why I do all these things
                                                   For you,
The answer is very simple my
It is because…
                              I LOVE YOU!

                                                    ©  Demetrios Trifiatis

Copyright © Demetrios Trifiatis | Year Posted 2012

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Book Of Changes

I consult the I Ching with a question
Only I myself will ask.
Giving Taoism my full attention
Three pennies I will cast.
Six casts in all will yield a hexagram
Chance determines each line.
The bottom three shows plainly who I am
The top three will divine.
Depending on the hexagram result
In it lies a message.
The book of changes I must now consult
Determines the presage.

Wind followed by wind
Is self-realization
One continuum.

Copyright © Albert Ahearn | Year Posted 2010

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An Ode to dreams

In one time of our lives,
We have dreamed dreams,
searched out life by the seams.
To  dream of breaking out of society cage,
putting past us senseless rage.
Taking hold of self-realization,Dreams hold tribulation.
Dreams show us deep within our minds,
What we truly desire,
Lights a burned out fire,
In hopes, that dreams may find someone new to inspire.
Desiring someone daring.A mind every so caring.
A heart so fair,
And shoulders to bear.
Dreams are kept in the back of my mind,
Longing to be revealed in time.

Copyright © Ettie Christian | Year Posted 2014

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Self Realization

Stop! Listen to your heartbeat.
Concentrate on every thump as it slowly evaporates 
into the inner tissue of your soul. 
Silence manifests laterally,
drowning your body, leaving you with sharpened senses. 
Your limbs slowly detach from your fragile body
creating paranormal stratospheres in the surrounding cosmos.
All matter surrounding you dissolves until all turns to 
black shadow.
Solitude takes you and you are an irrelevant whisper 
within infinity. You gain consciousness,
you are in a pool of your most distant memories. 
You come to the realize that you never knew 
yourself, you were never even close. 
Suddenly you feel more in tune than ever.
You are reborn from the womb of your own heat
confident that you aren’t, you never were, and you never will be. 

Copyright © Karin Rodriguez | Year Posted 2010

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Role Models

“Role Models”

Can a Man teach a girl to be a Woman?
Can a Woman teach a boy to be a Man?
A simple fact known over millennia 
It takes a village to raise a child.

So how does a girl become a woman?
And how does a boy become a man?
Is it nature verses nurture which decides?
Or are there other forces that preside?

What is it that makes a girl into a woman?
What is it that makes a boy into a man?
Could it be that our individuality identity 
As male or female is quite simple.

The primacy of "nature" over "nurture"
Is manifested in emulating the behavior 
And clear example of both parents
It is they who define who we are

Our journey to self-realization begins 
A "blank slate" endowed from birth 
From infancy to adulthood nurtured
To fulfill distinctive specific roles

Guided by a Mother and a Father
A child’s guides to self identity
Our individual roles are learned
In life lessons taught over time.

© Eugene Harvey

Copyright © Eugene Harvey | Year Posted 2011

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I got the news today

I got the news today . It wasn't the worse or the best of news . I got the news today
There I sat my hands in place my mind whirling out into space . The doctor staring at the computer files. I shouted silently hey look over at me please just for awhile.
I got the news today.
The doctor cleared his throat and then in a metered tone of voice discussed my diagnosis and treatment choice. 
At least we know what is going on. I interrupted my life , do I have long
He gazed up at the ceiling as if the sword of Damocles tittered over me
I can make this proclamation with proper medication you should live your life without reservations. 
So I got the news today, better than I thought I must say.
I thanked my colleague for I being a doctor too and as I walked out past the nurses station.   There was a moment of self realization that I must strive without hesitation to show more compassion with my patients who face similar situations. 
I got my news today

Copyright © lawrence goldman | Year Posted 2016

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Upbeat, The Islander: Upbeat Comes to Terms

I'm a simple guy,
I like video games, music and succeeding without trying,
So when a man comes up to me and tell me he can save my life,
Who am I to turn down a free book from a generous passerby,
Strange how after hundreds of Reddit articles I find these red words the most astounding,
Each verse saturated with a truth beyond my understanding,
I embraced the scripture in my new-found belief,
Ditching skeptics and scientific contention for a biblical motif,
So with my newfangled faith I embarked on a holy endeavor,
To sift through a lifetime of personal uncertainty to uncover the answer,
I found myself under bottomless pizza boxes,
Buying time stocks from the evolutionary clock,
Discovering purpose through glimmering game discs,
Fashioning polygonal personalities into personable obelisks,
Uncovering the depths of my psyche excavating mountains of dirty laundry,
Rinse on, dry off, purging both physical filth and emotional quandaries,
Sharing walkways with speeding cars enslaved to a monetary duty I can't shirk
A journey of a thousand steps every pilgrimage to work,
My blood a bubbling brew of ambition and potential,
Yet required to surpass insurmountable credentials,
Ignoring the marked symbols in newspapers they seek to brand on my forehead,
Subjective opinions of civility and idealism dropped on me like warheads,
Cryptic predictions of personality and fate,
You think I need a dice roll to determine if I'm straight?
Countless evaluations to rationalize the psyche and soul combined,
What makes their opinion more viable than mine?
I'm taking buoyant steps upon the swamp to reach my destination,
Swapping carnality for divinity to achieve the ultimate self-preservation,
Cremating my mortality I seek to ascend,
Past primitive understanding of a purpose I cannot comprehend,
This road we walk is coated with trip-wire and paved with scorching coals,
Watch out for those flaming hours in your 5-day forecast so find the nearest foxhole,
The burden on our shoulders has already been lifted so there's no reason for us to be aching,
We're on the path to eternal salvation why aren't we skipping?
So why don't you tag along with me on this self-realization odyssey,
I can't promise explosions or tentacle-headed aliens but I know it'll at least be interesting,
Just you, yourself, me and I,
The most dynamic duo to ever breach the sky.

Copyright © Michael Zavaletta | Year Posted 2015

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          by Odin Roark

How elusive the quest
To place oneself in sync
Wavelength to wavelength
Response to reply

So many agendas beg ignoring
Those places where integrity remains suspect
Where job
Eye contact
Undeserved pleasures
Even fantasized harmony
Portending confirmation of truth
Are often merely layered fears
Forged in distrust

For lest we forget
No one promised answers

Even as schemas know no boundaries
The road signs always offering direction
To the many of want
Facilitating few of need
They nevertheless remain available

Such goes this phenomenon of plans
Diagramable life
Representation of what might be
But rarely is
What is intrinsically longed for
Yet seemingly uncatchable
Like forever morphing mercury

So desperate are most
Clutching to random connection
Often without reason 
That attention from others
Is embraced as self-realization

Perhaps a venture off the beaten path
A bushwhack through the untrammeled past
Might beg consideration

Where revisiting the child within
Will remind how infant outbursts
Conveyed rudimentary logic
When diaper rash urgency
Void of language 
Save scream and cry
Defined simple organics 
A voicing in search of form

So easy to ignore this
Time’s simplistic message
Reaching back toward the dawn of man
When primitive bone and stone
Drummed the truth of need
When duplicity hadn’t been invented
When progress was preserved by raw instinct


Actuality is in questioned focus 
Our civilized regression
This guised-in-furtherance flight
Toward make-believe escape
Has jettisoned logic into the abyss of ignorance
Manipulating instead today’s lie of norm
Into modern truth

The hunt will continue
Beneath self-created imprisonment
To find that somewhere yet to objectify itself
That place where slumbers intrinsic reasoning  
Kept safe by nature’s heartbeat
Requires nothing but simple acceptance
Of that known simply as
Ever available

Searching minds continue
Trusting consciousness will prevail
Even allowing occasional laughter
Along the path where delusions entertain…


Copyright © Odin Roark | Year Posted 2013

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Conspiracy. No such thing. (Revised 2)

Go to war in Iraq. Deny everything
Just don’t look back

Solider I gave you a direct order to shoot that woman
The one in all black
She’s wearing a bomb
Concealed in her wrap

I don’t care if you can’t see it
The US government doesn’t pay you to think
Quick shoot her in the head
Before she teaches her son to hate and kill back.

There is a cycle it is undeniable 
For close to eight years we have claimed democracy 
yet we have lived under a rule of hypocrisy
there is also a fascination of denial
living steady in this country

secret organizations and special interests groups
uh ho here we go, you hear it and your eyes roll
another Conspiracy
but the occult and its rituals lives strong today

From how a president is inaugurated
Right down to the pen and the hand shake
It’s in the tarot deck and stands in front of the justice system
They hide it in plain sight so you wont think anything of it

With a blind fold on her eyes
You cant judge what you did not see
Holding a scale that can tip either way
From the roses to the arrows in the eagles claw

What must a person do to assist humanity 
How do I guide the people away from fear
And into self realization without disturbing your true path
Knowledge is the key. The more you know 
The more you experience
The more you can see past the lies of hipocracy 

Copyright © Ron Flatow | Year Posted 2007