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Best Reform Poems

Below are the all-time best Reform poems written by Poets on PoetrySoup. These top poems in list format are the best examples of reform poems written by PoetrySoup members

Death of the Poet Destroyer
~The Untold Fatal Attraction Poem~

Mid-morning she sees the sun ahead
Her death flowed in a messaged bottle
Gazing into her brown eyes upon all open sores,
Her conscience...

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Categories: reform, birth, change, conflict, death,

Premium Member The Wren
 "A little bird told me..."

Of all the birds revered by the Celts, the Wren was considered the most sacred. In Ireland, it was called...

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Categories: reform, bird,

Premium Member Mold Me


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Categories: reform, love,

Premium Member Children of the Divine Wind
Many times the ocean 
has saved Nippon,     pearl of the sea,
an oceanic symbiosis  a speck in a fecund see.
The dikes...

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Categories: reform, history, inspirational, introspection, natural

Twins Revenge
A. W. Nutter

Fog from my breath in the way
Temporarily impeding my vision
A small lamp, illuminates my prey
Unaware, of his impending execution

Rons wife, conveniently out of...

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Categories: reform, imaginationhusband, husband,

Premium Member Courtship of Poetry
I wrestle with my words in aimlessness when I write.
Poetry is a relationship to me, it's a troubled courtship.
I can't come to reasonable reform in...

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Categories: reform, imagery, poetry, writing,

Premium Member Mystical Lore of the Twilight Hawk

Aloft, with keen eyes in sorbet skies’ raspberry half-light,
does visceral vibrations of vitality await.
Soaring in a hush, with plumage plush, a silent stealth kite,
he glissades...

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Categories: reform, bird, conflict, death, destiny,


Smiles were stolen from me long time ago
Days gone gray as storms rush to play: my...
They drain. Fervently, I called to the Heavens...

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Categories: reform, inspirational, journey, life, passion,

As Spring is Felt

Warm rains, shaken from winters' pelt

pelt earth into reform below.

Below new soil, as spring is felt,

felt springs uncoil to melt the snow.


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Categories: reform, april, change, flower, garden,

Before the night is Over (He's coming back) pt.2

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Categories: reform, black african american, caregiving,

Premium Member YOUTH AND OLD AGE

Get off your galloping horse of youth’s impressions 
Stop looking down upon old age with contempt
You still on the planes of doubt...

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Categories: reform, education, old, youth,

An Art of Breathing
What loathesome burden wears your weary heart
a trinket on a cold and hoary hand?
And in its dark tide drowns the cheery part
to keep you bound,...

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Categories: reform, introspection

Mystic Tampering.
Some ancient wisdom
Doth behold; a parabolic
To unfold. Mathematics to 
Delight ; resemble crescent 
Moon at night! The alchemy
In this I see; a medieval
Fantasy . Behold...

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Categories: reform, fantasy

Who will free my soul

Criticism and sarcastic words is all i hear,
Nobody ever appreciates my efforts.
Failure and fiasco is all fear,
Inspiration derived doesn’t seem to...

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Categories: reform, death, depression, life, sad,

fool heart
Fool Heart

The problem was never your leaving me
It lied with your still being around
Too easy for us to cross pathways 
Too easy for me to...

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Categories: reform, forgiveness, girlfriend-boyfriend, history, lost

Premium Member Africa
Africa, beautiful continent
Dreamy echoes fascinate
Giraffes heighten inclines
Jurassic known linger
Madagascar nestles offshore
Primates quest reform
Savannah tribes umbilical
Visioned waves x-ray
Young zebra...

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Categories: reform, animals, history, inspirational, nature,

LOVE YOU & Hope & Change
Hope for what?

Change to what?

Change what?

Believe exactly what?

Reform what?

Reform exactly into what?

Define Love.

Love what?

Love whom?

Love Humanity!
Humanity isn’t a person nor an animal.

Love Humanity!
Humanity is an...

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Categories: reform, confusion, hope, love, philosophylove,


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Categories: reform, anger, change, corruption, political,

Words unspoken
Only time can mend what has been broken,
And fill the hole of words unspoken.
Replace what has been fear and hate,
Stop any further destruction in the...

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Categories: reform, life,

Premium Member Wolf Spirit
Wolf Spirit

This self that I must show the world
is weak and trembles in the darkness. . .
I have secrets that would haunt you;
I am forbidden...

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Categories: reform, devotion, emotions, woman, words,

Charcoal grey, silver grey, shading to white,
Changing and shifting,
Pewter grey, ashy grey, darkness then light,
Trailing and lifting.

A quiet avalanche of melting clouds
In horizontal fall,
Covering distant...

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Categories: reform, confidence, nature,

Bloody Leaders
If a busy gun takes lives
Then silent leaders do worse
They burn lives,hang knuses on the innocent.
Voice your pain
Or get blessed with a curse.
Blood shed schools,

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Categories: reform, leadership,

Forever a fool
This is too hard

I don’t want to do it

There is simply no way

For me to get through it

Though, often, we confuse

What is hard with what...

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Categories: reform, character, encouraging, hope, humorous,

Solitary Walker
There she goes,into the moon dust 
Walking in the silver lit fair and just, 
Above stars were sprinkled on her hair,
Her body,clothes with perfumed jasmine...

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Categories: reform, beautiful, blessing, daffodils, dance,

The Chicago Haymarket Riot of 1886
It was in eighteen eighty-six in the streets of Chicago,
where the greatest miscarriage of justice people would know
transpired in an infamous labor-police rendezvous.
Albert Parsons led...

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Categories: reform, history, death, men, work,