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Dear Lord, Give Me Wisdom

Dear Lord, Give me wisdom...
In making my decisions.
Help remind me to pray,
To think about what I am going to say.

Sometimes without thinking I jump in with both feet...
Only because I did not pray and think.
I didn’t think of the consequences it would bring,
I was eager to serve without Your leading.

You are truly merciful and You do forgive...
Though the damage is done You will bring.
What Satan meant for evil, and turn it around for good,
These things will eventually be understood.

If I would just take the time to pray...
And listen to what You have to say.
I could avoid so many mistakes,
As prayer prevents them from taking place.

So, my prayer is, Dear Lord...
Help me to listen to You and be in accord.
One with the Holy Spirit knowing Your will, I pray,
Dear Lord, Give me wisdom, so You can have Your way.

"If any of you lack wisdom, let him ask of God, that giveth to all men liberally,
and upbraideth not; and it shall be given him."  [James 1:5]

Copyright © Cinda Carter | Year Posted 2014

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Wise enough to know

Wise Enough to Know

I'm wise enough 
to know what I don't know
I think fast but my brain's slow
rivers of thought
cause my mind to flow
Still it seems I'm dumb enough 
to put on a vain show
Will you follow me
to the places I want to go?

Wise enough
I look through windows clear
I'm over there by the juke box
wishing you were sitting near
Watching you play with your ear
Dumb me I close the curtains
darkening the atmosphere
thinking you might see me better
and come over here
I lack swag and courage
I'm paralyzed by my own fear

I'm wise enough 
To see my own faults
And accept them for what they are
They seem smaller when viewed from afar
I can't drive away quick enough
in my pimped out get away car
I'm dumb enough 
To be blinded by this prosperity
yet figuratively
I like the ambiguity
of not being able to see
my own incongruity 
Maybe dumb is part of my personality
I'll probably never be the best version of me
after all I'm my own worst enemy

I try denying that money can change my heart
Still the cash flows from the art
Break it down by numbers tear it apart
Pop the balloon with a dart
Gas from my ego
smells worse than a fart

I'm wise enough to know
I've got a lot of learning to do
If I knew you you'd teach me
I'm sure it's true
I could become the me
of the who's who
Crystal clearly seeing you
I like your particular shade of blue
is there anything you can't do?
I'm dumb enough not to know
to much learning can turn me into a fool
I'm the thread to your needle
smooth like plastic 
I've stretched so much
you might think I'm elastic
Unable to be held by a wooden spool
I hope you find my multicolours cool
stitch this heart to your fabric
for you I'd gladly play the fool
I can't swim but I'd jump in with both feet
to the deep end of your pool
You'd help me be wise enough
to avoid the traps and pitfalls of life
So if you are dumb and wise enough to be my wife
Stumble with me into paradise!

Another collaborative piece with my friend Freddie Robinson Jr.
Thank you Freddie you are inspirational. I am also glad my wife stumbled with me or perhaps I tripped her so that I could catch her. Either way it has been paradise ( at least for me).

Copyright © Richard Lamoureux | Year Posted 2017

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And The Drooling Commences

Hot apple pie is the ultimate treat For sheer taste enjoyment, it can't be beat Exciting the senses The drooling commences This mouth watering treat is ever so sweet Now pile on some ice cream high up on top Taste buds will tango and you'll tingle nonstop A sensation so heavenly You'll hear sweet melodies A mouth watering treat so give it a shot Don't worry bout the crowd you're bound to attract The envy among them will fill a big sack Just do it, don't waiver Enjoy the sweet flavour Shove it on down cause there's no turning back Hot apple pie is the ultimate treat A taste to amaze you, jump in with both feet Enjoy the thrill Till you're bloody well filled A fantastic taste treat but don't overeat © Jack Ellison 2015

Copyright © Jack Ellison | Year Posted 2015

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Twist And Shout

Poetry Soup is THE place to hang out If you're looking for a place to twist and shout It's all fun and games Just let go of the reigns Jump in with both feet and splash about © Jack Ellison 2015

Copyright © Jack Ellison | Year Posted 2015

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Optional is not an option anymore.
I will roam
and I will writhe.
I will rally, rebuild.
I will pave a road, 
I'll launch a ship.
I'll race a train, I'll run like hell.
I'll **** the marrow from my spine.
I'll hold my head above the moon.
I'll dive in the deep, I'll chase a bullet.
I'll wander out,
I'll slide away.
I'll lead an army and bomb the past.
Declare unrest and start new rule.
Crown a new king, 
I'll carve a new stone.
I'll turn a new leaf and I'll sing a new song.
I'll make a new wish 
And I'll burn a new bush.
I'll write a new page 
And jump in with both feet. 
I'll love a new lover
And befriend whom you hate.
I'll start a campaign.
I'll torch down our home.
Then move heaven and earth one inch to the left.
I'll shake. I'll regroup.
I'll push and I'll prod. 
I'll weave... I will tide. 
I'll bend, and I'll bob, and I'll steal, 
Because optional's not an option...

Sahn   6/8/14

Copyright © shannon april alice | Year Posted 2014