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We In Deep Trouble

I think we are in trouble
they are all in good spirits
something smells fishy to me

They smile and they tell you
they "will", fix it this time
give them your vote, and you'll see

Each one is claiming 
they are without question
so far above all reproach

They wave their credentials
and swear that they're honest 
they say they are no cockroach

They are doing some dueling
jockeying for position
all four maybe five that are left

If there is no indictment
by the Justice Department
the White House is guilty of theft

The American people are 
the ones that are cheated
a "new prez" won't help things at all

Millions are voting soon
good, bad or indifferent
it's too late to put up a wall

They'll be printed in languages 
that are foreign to most locals
the ballots will surely be lost

Count and recount them 
til they have what they wanted
for it must be their way at all cost.....

Copyright © Pete Yuhas | Year Posted 2016

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the battle in my head

left left left right left
army marches to the sound 
of boots in in time 
like a wall of robots

fast movers climb
jockeying for position 
only to thrill and kill
joy stick of death
left left left right left

a squad makes way
undetected unseen 
to gather intel 
before they are seen
left left left right left

left left left right left
closer marches echoing sound 
slumber city dreaming of peace
happy as their frowns are upside down
division march time march 
division halt

the city falls without hope
over run by the deafening sound 
mortar and gunshot sounds 
 find all who hide men, women,
sons and daughters

the war is over ?

Copyright © gregory ramos | Year Posted 2014

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Patchwork Musings

Patchwork Musings

Vying for order
This square
That corner
One's center

These squared-off life experiences
Know well jockeying for position
Is fraught with chance

The waking state knows

Nothing resolves naturally
No stitch in one's original design
Arrives at needle's focus point
Matching perfectly the original intent
Red threads
Clash with its attracted yellow
Black outs white

One's colors
Opting to make permanent
That square
Or the next
Find unraveling threads
But a question of time
Permanence better hung
On the wall of one's imagination

We hope

Will our dream impressions
Be nestled beneath chin
Or atop restless feet
Where nightmare's fragilities
Thrash about
Disturbing tucked images
That lovingly comfort
Dream's Neverland

So long
This task of bringing together
The peach trees of youth
Nestling next to briar bushes of adolescence
Awaiting adulthood's gnarled disappointments

One's patchwork cover
Taken every night to bed
Merely wants the blanky of security
Insuring a safe slumber
Until tomorrow
Where more patches await

Copyright © Odin Roark | Year Posted 2013

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First – the carbo-loading
monster meal to sustain
the beast that drives
the cornerstone of greed
in mindless hunt for “bargains”.

Next – jockeying for position
awaiting the starter’s pistol
explosion of coupon bearers
storming the gates of ….greed
pursuing an empty, endless, need.

Feint right, fake left, bob and weave
position, position, timing
shuffle-step, reverse pivot
head fake and twist, break right
aisle 6, electronics, end zone – score!!!

Crazy dance, fire works,
no flags thrown, no penalties.
Game over.  Ice and ibuprofen,
rest and recuperation.
AH, the joy of

John G. Lawless

Copyright © John lawless | Year Posted 2017