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Best Imbalances Poems

Below are the all-time best Imbalances poems written by Poets on PoetrySoup. These top poems in list format are the best examples of imbalances poems written by PoetrySoup members

Premium Member See-Saws
What playground does not hold the magic lure
Of see-saws firmly braced upon their stands?
What child resists excitement, felt for sure
In ups and downs: the hard...

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Categories: imbalances, inspiration, life, metaphor, philosophy, psychological,
Form: Sonnet

Premium Member Questions
She questions her life..
She questions her mortality..
She questions her immortality..

Curiously seeking for answers ..
Of the unknown..

Who am I..
Why do we rise and fall..
Why is there...

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Categories: imbalances, earth, life, metaphor, spiritual,
Form: Personification
The Hero I Don't Deserve
Hey, my name is Aaron and I am kinda a modern day superhero

Now I know what you’re thinkin’

Okay, this guy? A hero? Like with powers...

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Categories: imbalances, endurance, hero, inspirational, mental illness, motivation,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member In Response To My First Poem
See-Saws  -   (First Poem posted on PoetrySoup, 08/04/2014)

What playground does not hold the magic lure
of see-saws firmly braced upon their stands?
What child...

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Categories: imbalances, life, philosophy, universe,
Form: Iambic Pentameter
The mechanical components, the valve that pumps my heart 
The reactive nerve endings that serve a sensory stimulus 
The tear ducts that latently only lend...

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Categories: imbalances, beautiful, gender, identity, woman, women,
Form: Light Verse

Premium Member Healthy Politics, and Sex, and Religion
I hope I know what is healthy sex,
in an experiential kind of way,
in a biblical swell of stay,
and I can imagine a world with healthier,

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Categories: imbalances, health, humor, philosophy, political, religion, sensual,
Form: Political Verse
Thy Sword: The Masculine Principle
What is this period, which illustrates the weak motions 
of dull blades, and misguided swings?

I am an unfortunate imitator, as the fearless edge I once...

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Categories: imbalances, allegory, change, leadership, men, metaphor, strength,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Baby Talk
We learn our right from wrongs,
and maybe right from lefts,
as we go along.

Issues come up within developmental windows,
like stealing
emerges from touching your older brother's stuff

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Categories: imbalances, baby, birth, children, culture, heaven, humanity,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member After School Jam Session
How was school today?


Did you learn anything important?

Maybe. I'm not sure yet.

Really? What are you considering?

We talked about Howard Odum's natural trinity
of altruism.

Maybe I skipped...

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Categories: imbalances, culture, earth, education, environment, health, humor,
Form: Political Verse
Premium Member Kind Mind Blast
Our topic for this morning
said Professor Glory
to her sleepy class of bicameral scholars,
is "Attraction v. Addiction to Peak Experiences."

Addictions are wanting more than attraction therapeutically...

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Categories: imbalances, adventure, birth, change, community, environment, love,
Form: Narrative
Premium Member Prophets and Messiahs
The difference between bad-old-boy competitively evolving egg whites
and good-girl revolutionary just-us-yolks
is the difference between prophetic intent
and messianic practice,
said Professor Glory
in her Gospel of Permaculture class,

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Categories: imbalances, destiny, environment, nature, science, truth, wisdom,
Form: Narrative
Care For Mother Earth and Her Everything
Spare a thought
For buffaloes, bulls and bears groaning, mourning, starving
Under your collar don’t blow hot
Making rivers and rodents sad, carving 

Space and time you don’t...

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Categories: imbalances, poems,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member I Would Not Speak of Evil
I would not speak these evil dilemmas,
devilish details,
dissonant fissures
disrupting smooth told sails
toward western red sunset horizons.
Who remains to listen
to remaining problems of evil?
to why...

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Categories: imbalances, anger, faith, fear, god, health, political,
Form: Prose Poetry
Yes We Can
Yes We Can © 
Sophie Boswell

Let’s paint America purple, by mixing red with blue
Let’s rebuild this mighty country, with a different hue
By using our integrity,...

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Categories: imbalances, america, integrity,
Form: Lyric
No sleep

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Categories: imbalances, health,
Form: Free verse
This freedom is an expensive commodity
We speak not of justice
we were bred in this system of 
where equity is still a mystery.
we speak and act with 
a sure way to...

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Categories: imbalances, angst,
Form: Verse
The Butcher 1
This is a story from one inmate who discribed some of his
crimes and is still alive.

Here you do not choose the meal, here you are...

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Categories: imbalances, art, poetry,
Form: Prose
all the followed
imagine if all your heroes,
all your idols, all your 
“spiritual leaders,” who
have supposedly written books
(or had books written for them/
by them), whose “lives” have
been depicted...

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Categories: imbalances, life, books, books,
Form: Free verse

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Categories: imbalances, introspection,
Form: Rhyme
This Is A Perfect World
This is a perfect world
A world that although not perfectly round,
although it seemingly wobbles like a top in its uneasiness and discontent with its occasional...

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Categories: imbalances, poems, poetry, world,
Form: Light Verse
My Muse
My Muse!

My muse is not an imaginary being made up by ancient civilizations saying that inspiration
for everything comes from supernatural beings different ones assigned to...

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Categories: imbalances, analogy, devotion, imagery, imagination, literature, meaningful,
Form: List
Premium Member FP TENSIONS

A FP...

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Categories: imbalances, anxiety,
Form: Verse
Premium Member Baggage of Life
The baggage of life
Was full of experiences
The luggage so heavy
Emotion to imbalances.

Sometimes it was happy
Sometimes felt so sad
Sometimes it was so good
Sometimes it behaves bad.


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Categories: imbalances, crazy, feelings, giving, humanity, life, longing,
Form: Free verse
Green Woman 2
What do we make of this lady who lives by the ocean, alone? In a green wooden house. Some would call this paradise. Does she?...

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Categories: imbalances, character, crazy, woman,
Form: Free verse