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Healthy Politics, and Sex, and Religion

I hope I know what is healthy sex, in an experiential kind of way, in a biblical swell of stay, and I can imagine a world with healthier, more cooperative, political empowerment, but I am clueless about healthy religion, which most of my friends would claim is an oxymoron, like military intelligence. Well, I think it's easier to have any one of these, if you already have the other two. So, if I am feeling warmly resonant with my good vibe positive political psychology of ecologically cooperative relationships, including those that are sexual, which, now that I think about it I'm not really sure what a sexless human relationship would be. Maybe ambivalently androgynous, but isn't that somehow the same thing as saying transgenderal, and somehow that doesn't seem sexless at all. Anyway, what does all that have to do with healthy v pathological religion? What makes sex and political relationships regenerative, and sometimes, unfortunately, degenerative, is also what makes religions syncretically regenerative across all Earth's more celebratory ecosystems, Creation Stories, both Left-scientific languaged and Right-artistic mythic, divine as regenerative sacred inspiration breathing through each moment and day and night and death's last eternal expiration. Breath memories are sequential but also consequential, and empathically cumulative entrusting remembering reweaving religioning healthy politics of Earth's sexy sacred cooperative ecological economics. You seem to see politics as the religious business of empowerment. And disempowerment. Yes, to control nutritional and pathological regenerative/degenerative trends of multicultural and multigenerational contentment, absence of suffering and ecological loss, for you, a Taoist Christian Zen-Jew. More typically comprehended as love ultimately comprehensive within Judeo-Christian nurturing circles, rather than demi-terrorists marching in Red Patriarchal Squares. Yes, love takes a paternalistic-dominatrix tribal paranoid WinLose Left turn in Mohammad's search for a more ecologically helpful Allah. Love is synergy, according to Bucky Fuller. Yes, and consilience, says E. O. Wilson, over at Harvard with that Positive Psychology clan on the social science side of campus. Syncretic and perennial philosophy, for Alduous Huxley. Yes, but why both? Why not just syncretic, like integrity of Earth's ecological-nutritional values? Perhaps because Huxley saw multicultural syncretism as evolving polypathically and inclusively across time, like the evolution of DNA's intelligence; so perennial, like the seasonal cycles of development, mutually and perpetually enriching future generations with further layers and networks of interdependently healthy metaphysical paradigmatic ecosystemic integrity of co-gravitating Creation-ReGeneration Stories, Aphorisms, Wisdom Literature. The pre-millennial transliterations of post-millennial (0)-ego-sum-invested ecologically EarthCentric Soul, gifting cooperative-nurturing-nutritional resources and ecopolitical ownership forward, to include WinWin choices only, inclusive of all time, all generations of Golden Ruler ReGenerativists, at least in our positive-nutritional, non-socio-ecopathological intent. Sacred regenerations of incarnated Elder DNA sensory-nutritional-digestive ecopolitical climate-normed consumer balancing producer organic functions, looking at 7-sacred generations forward in Earth Tribe's multiculturally ecological Ego/Eco BiCameral TaoEconomics of New PostMillennial PermaCultural Interior/Exterior EquiValent NotNot Zeroist PolyCulturally Climaxing Feminist EcoPolitical BodhiSattvas and EcoNurturing Messiah Circles and double-helixed fractal (0) sum zen-tao-bilateral spiraling temporal Yang/Yin mandala networks of cooperative DNA/RNA solidarity revolutionary climate and landscape health-regenerativity. Yes, but I prefer Rabbi Heschel's Wonder and Awe, for all of the reweaving recreative regenerativity above, whether sex, or politics, or religion, and preferably all three, together, for a really nice cooperative bicamerally balancing party to be multiculturally held and had and owned and consumed and produced and empowered and disempowered with ecologically optimal cooperative-politically regenerative Tradition/Story/Sonnets/Stars/Light/Sun/BiLateral DualDark Integral 4D RealPrimeTime Interdependence/(0)-Empty DiPolar NotNot WinWin Black Hole () . Oh, I get it, like Teilhard de Chardin, right? Well, yes, left with right, right both/anding wrong health both/anding appositional pathological imbalances of sexually cooperative ecopolitically reweaving metaphysical revolutions of DNA/RNA (0) thermodynamic fractal-balanced octave-harmonic light frequency reiterative bicameral ego/eco-identity consciousness, both (0)Mega-InterdependentYang and (0)Virgin-EmptyYin coincidentally co-arising cognitive-affective co-empathic trust, rather than more LeftBrain Dominant overly-competitive mutual ecopolitical mistrusts, WinLose survival of the fittest evolutionary models substituting for fully regenerative ecologically supported cooperative power-with history trumps monoculturing power-over competitive enculturing memory. If no DNA, then no sex, no politics, no religion, no science. If no light, no DNA. Right, and if no yinyin as WinWin (0) square root dual dark Black Hole (0)Rigin, then no Perennial (0)Mega Yang/Yin bicameral multicultural-regenerative balance. Hmmm,... well, don't hold your breath. Right, right. Gotta keep breathing together, if nothing else. Would help, though, I mean, you know, just as a post-millennial start, to invest religious time as spiritual energy on planting trees and native grasses, green organic root systemic Earth-nurturers, cooperatively conjoined together, where we now ballistically create deserts of starving soils and souls, too competitively anti-religioning not together.

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