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Best Imageries Poems

Below are the all-time best Imageries poems written by Poets on PoetrySoup. These top poems in list format are the best examples of imageries poems written by PoetrySoup members

Oratory - Power of the Spoken Word
As words escaped constricted passage
of time from eons of layered myths,
legends of demi-gods thus linked,
in glowing rendition, with whisk on hand
the Orator with staff, sang...

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Categories: imageries, art,
Form: I do not know?

Just Because
I need you
just because
my life seems
full when you’re
My days are
filled with light,
your image owns
my nights

My life is
full, more like
complete, for you
have filled my
My empty pain

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Categories: imageries, love, romance, romantic,
Form: Rhyme
A tribute to India's National poet
 Oh, my dear honorable poet!
Words recess when I write about you
 For, they start loving you

You were a sincere lover,
   when you...

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Categories: imageries, appreciation, tribute,
Form: Free verse
Dear fellow poets – the young and the young once,

Modern poetry to me is “today’s poetry.” It presents poetry from the hearts of current writers...

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Categories: imageries, appreciation, blessing, poetry,
Form: Prose
Weaving Forms- A Parody
Weaving Forms

Abc, Abecedarian, acrostic, alliteration alexandrine
  Salaam, sehraa senyru, sestina, sijo, shape, sonnet
      The list of forms of writing...

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Categories: imageries, allusion, humor, hyperbole, imagery, metaphor, poetry,
Form: Light Verse

The Kente Rug
The Kente Rug

Yet not time for me to say, say mine of thoughts
Another rug has been dump into the mud of our thoughts
Never to find...

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Categories: imageries, funeral, loss, day,
Form: Blank verse
Rose-Colored Tinted Memories
Edacious dreams were left to die,
but hunger doesn't fade away.
Sweet longings that pervade each day,
reminding that our hearts don’t lie.

The brilliance of the imageries
(not fading...

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Categories: imageries, dream, longing, memory,
Form: Rhyme
Knowledge Confined In Paper
Sharpening the cells in cerebrum and cerebellum 
Through meditation, arts, knowledge and strategy
With emotion, motion of sad and happy persons 
From the history up to...

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Categories: imageries, loss, wisdom, universe, , literature,
Form: Narrative
Only One
- Contest Entry -

There can be only one in my mind,
Impressing my every thought into the service of your image,
I experience your beauty a thousand...

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Categories: imageries, i love you, love, romance, romantic,
Form: Free verse
As fishes wriggling

The entirety of their slippery bodies

In vast oceans, lost in the glory of waters

Instincts meander

Their way through to the mind

In a pool of...

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Categories: imageries, allegory, deep, life,
Form: ABC
X-Ray Poem
I write to tell you of my life
But you compare meanings with dictionaries
And understand words
Think of this poem like a lover's fight
You told me if...

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Categories: imageries, on writing and words, me, life,
Form: Free verse
' The Prince Of The Passionate Land (or) Prince Freakasso ... '
To The Prince Of The Passionate Land
Who Paints, With Both Words and Hands
Lightly Brushing Masterpieces
Riding His Realm, Wherever He Pleases

In A Far Fifth-Dimension of Grandeur

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Categories: imageries, adventure, allegory, dedication, friendship, imagination, life,
Form: Light Verse
La Historia 101
La Historia-101, 2011
Vickie M. Ortiz Vazquez

Imagine, I cannot
To feel their lost
Longing for the return home
Rejoicing behind closed doors
Criminal act
Propagate servitude with miserable pay
Runaway between breaths

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Categories: imageries, angst, history, introspection,
Form: Free verse
Nibbles Of Temptation
Temptations allure influenced only by the physical.  Then further made curious by a simple comment of “you smell good” or an undeniable look of...

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Categories: imageries,
Form: Prose Poetry
Premium Member A grammarian

It was a stolen date on a late winter evening

Placing rosy dots on her cheek with a hug

A secret told to the senses instead to...

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Categories: imageries, allegory, fantasy,
Form: Free verse
How To Love A Poet
Make him mad with words,
Sentence his mind with imageries,
Paint a fascinating tale on his palms;
Guide his poetry like you guide your 
soul before a pride...

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Categories: imageries, africa, art,
Form: Ballad
Premium Member Framed Soul
Framed Soul

Within their frames, like lovely captured dreams,
     my art and poems speak of life: green trees,
soft azure skies, sun-sparkled winding...

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Categories: imageries, emotions, imagery, poetess, writing,
Form: Sonnet
( after Achebe's  remembrance)

We opened our book of remembrance with a
Blissful kola nut from Ogidi,then poured libation
On that same ground that once held our...

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Categories: imageries, africa, anxiety, art,
Form: Bio
To A Poet
Hey poet! 
You are a great, 
You think of mankind
Universe, nature and God, 
Civilizations, cultures, societies
Countries, nations and communities, 
These all are the very subjects...

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Categories: imageries, poetry, poets,
Form: Ode
Top Ten poetry forms
I love to write romantic rhymes
Lavishing lovely lyrics on each lines
Singing sweet songs to send out smiles
I woo words and employ a sincere style

I am...

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Categories: imageries, artwords, writing, love, writing,
Form: Rhyme
Scattered Lines
Form, used to be it;
Structure was 
What made it complete.

So all rhymes
And metrical measurements
Were employed in the marking
Of my lines;

And the intertwining 
Of the cords...

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Categories: imageries, beauty, creation, eulogy, poetry, writing,
Form: Blank verse
Fantastic Free-verse
I have always loved to write 
real…romantic rhymes
but now I have to feel free to 
form a fantastic freeverse
with my creative caps on and my...

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Categories: imageries, artwords, write, write,
Form: Free verse
Take the tour
Take the terrific tour:
Walk with words,
Sing sweet songs,
Rent real rhymes,
Make mild melodies,
Pen passionate poems,
Involve inspiring imageries,
Wield wholesome words.
Talented? Take time to
Intrigue, impact, instruct;
Take the terrific...

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Categories: imageries, inspirational
Form: Alliteration
Living My Name
In your presence, I suddenly rediscovered my name

It was hidden under the cloak of foolish pride

A self contained the mirage that dulled my perception of...

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Categories: imageries, allegory, emo, emotions, loneliness, lost, love,
Form: Prose Poetry
Is there really a beautiful heaven?
Is there a red and black hell for sinners? 
Basking on this,  I told myself that the beautiful heaven...

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Categories: imageries, africa, art,
Form: Blank verse