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Best Hymen Poems

Below are the all-time best Hymen poems written by Poets on PoetrySoup. These top poems in list format are the best examples of hymen poems written by PoetrySoup members

Am I a woman when i turn 18?
No longer scared to sneak dad’s old whiskey out of our Swedish glass cabinet
Maybe it was when i...

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Categories: hymen, abuse, anxiety, how i feel, hurt,
Form: Lyric

Premium Member Wake Asia Wake - Part Two - 1

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© T Wignesan  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: hymen, inspirational, dark, dark,
Form: Dramatic monologue
Premium Member Old beginnings
As dawn vanquished the winter solstice
the celebrations were over but
Mary and Joe felt frisky,his fingers
underneath her dress, stirring her pot
keeping her simmering till she
arched her...

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Categories: hymen, christmas,
Form: Narrative
Whiskey Hymn - First Part
for The Beloved, a night at Nedjima Bar (Ankara, Turkey)

… hypnosis shattered by atomic jiggling, salivation of song on your brow,
channeled chaos of body, spastic...

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Categories: hymen, love, woman,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Silence, Translation of Pierre Emmanuel s Silence by T Wignesan
				SILENCE, Translation of Pierre Emmanuel's poem: Silence by T. Wignesan

The silence PRIOR to silence
	Silence anterior to the ineffable SYLLABLE where silence is born where it’s...

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© T Wignesan  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: hymen, creation, universe,
Form: Free verse

Premium Member Sweet Bleeding
In a Texas commercial circus
the journey is set
vehicled by hormonal energy
beginning from the cashier's tag
well placed on her blue shirt
exactly on her very firm left...

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Categories: hymen, desire, fantasy, rude, sexy,
Form: Rhyme
Her material-finished-economical clothes,
from see through to micro-mini skirts,
all display bleached thighs.
Thighs, cushioning men to comfort,
smooth and spotless,
like refined cotton.
She is beauty itself.
Those who see say:

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Categories: hymen, beauty, forgiveness,
Form: Free verse
Homes and Holes
Dreadful dawn dug doggedly deep, dazed dues
Prickle-prone paths  pierce peer-less purpose
Buried bricks burn beneath brine and blood
Homes and holes hitch-hike heated Hours

Sync'd steps stoop,...

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Categories: hymen, absence, anger, career, confusion, creation, freedom,
Form: Alliteration
Valentine Matte
Countless generations lapsed since height of Greco-Roman mythology conceived, birthed and populated vast canopy of sky and expanse of terrestrial firmament, whereat obeisant propinquity quintessentially...

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Categories: hymen, adventure, age, animal, body, candy, endurance,
Form: Dramatic Verse
Picture a heart on fire -n- a soul walking through it, salaciously secreting saliva, emotions making crazy love to their desires, the levels of love...

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Categories: hymen, emotions, love, nature, soulmate, sound,
Form: Free verse
Song of the Chaste
I will spread my legs apart
For you my body to have
I will let my hymen depart
Yet only on our wedding 

I will warm my head

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Categories: hymen, marriage,
Form: Dramatic monologue
White that never appeared white
That day Dawn chorus
Felt is soothing to my ears
I jumped for  my nerdy glasses to trace
That singing face
Couldn't figure out her
The reason refrained me...

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Categories: hymen, age, autumn, birth, change, color, cute
Form: I do not know?
morning mail
A hymen or a hyena on a hyperlink is akin to a rotating rogue on a rhododendron. Balancing is deemed important by heavy duty wheels...

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Categories: hymen, absence,
Form: I do not know?

Virginity made a promise to always remain a virgin
It’s all pride and dignity; so careful, least all will cave in
She got the deep well locked;...

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Categories: hymen, fun, girl, truth, integrity,
Form: Classicism
winter landscape
Winter landscape 

 The landscape was white like frozen waves
 smoke from farm chimneys went straight only dispersed
when meeting the upper sky.
Ah, this innocence of...

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Categories: hymen, dedication, deep, devotion, drink, education,
Form: Lyric
Raped to the soul
You came in but the dog didn't bark,
Even the walls of the room knows the smell of your perfumes.
Your smiles were warm but heart dark,

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Categories: hymen, depression, sad love,
Form: Sonnet
Rape on Songhai

Washington, Washington, their Washington
With a great hot flaming phallus in hand
Griped so tight, knuckles turn pale
You shield it up with the hood of...

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Categories: hymen, political,
Form: Free verse
Libya! Weep Libya!
Thy sly invaders smooch thy defender
Thy oppressor masks his crusader
Eye wells cried dry, mouths filled with peals of empty laughter
When ego puffs personality...

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Categories: hymen, political, life, life,
Form: Rhyme
3 women, one and the same

a heart much larger than the mind
outgoing, free spirited
defenseless, blind
loving, trusting
naive to the ways of mankind

few can escape their fate
as if born to satisfy...

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© Bob shank  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: hymen, hope, life, sad, innocence,
Form: Rhyme
As I walk around
As I walk around our house

it is now so quiet 

as a mouse.

As I walk into your bed room

I can still hear you mommy

singing a...

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Categories: hymen, caregiving, goodbye, i miss you,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member 50 Words for Poe: Foxglove
"50 Words for Poe: Foxglove"

What goes through the mind 
of Winter, when you are Autumn
just past Spring
Sometimes you’d squeeze IT
in the hot spaces left-of-centre
with the...

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Categories: hymen, dark, gothic, murder, muse, mystery, poets,
Form: Free verse
first blood
sun gently breaks hymen
of inviolable night,
flooding silken sheets
of sky
with bleeding red.

december morning's ample bosom 
spills forth crisp coolness,
bracing me 
with a discovery so new.
my fingers...

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Categories: hymen, girlfriend-boyfriend, life, love, passion, romance
Form: Free verse
And at your banquet 
while they serve you 
you stay silent.

The flint glass cup 
shines in front of your plate 
blood-red for the sweet poison...

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Categories: hymen, allegory, life, love, passion, philosophy, visionary,
Form: Dramatic Verse
All the wayward words
mock me for inadequacy.
I remain detached from meaning, 
emigrating to eloquence of wordless solitude.
The hymen breaks.
Dumb poems cry. I don’t want to...

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Categories: hymen, dedication, imagination, inspirational, natural disasters, nature,
Form: ABC
Bathed in spotlight, neon tongues
flatter to deceive.
Magdalene princess hawks
cars dancing headlights.

Just a child,
drugged on promises, candy wrapped in lies.

Recollecting innocence on far away shores.
ready to...

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Categories: hymen, life, sad, social, drug,
Form: Free verse