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Best Hominids Poems

Below are the all-time best Hominids poems written by Poets on PoetrySoup. These top poems in list format are the best examples of hominids poems written by PoetrySoup members

Premium Member I Have A Raccoon Dream
I dream that tonight I am a raccoon
And it is here in this body that I store the notion
That my sadness will last forever,
In the...

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Categories: hominids, animalsdream, dream,
Form: Free verse

A Meadow For Autumn
when eve doth fall upon summers’ end, 
   a hint of splendor bequeathed arose
upon firmament as changed scenery 
   (this third...

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Categories: hominids, age, allegory, autumn, change, environment, nature,
Form: Enclosed Rhyme
On rock, paper and scissors
i refuse to believe that paper could ever
there are those 
(in fact you may be one)
that swear by this game of chance 
to make...

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Categories: hominids, life
Form: I do not know?

 O beautiful woman,
 Admirable woman of
the tropic,
 O lustre of the
earth bathed with
 Today and ever
 I bask in your warm
delightful bosom!

Black woman, fine

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Categories: hominids, africa, beauty, celebration, eulogy, feelings, mother,
Form: Verse
Premium Member Being Right
  being right all the time can be very boring...
  if always right, perhaps you may have little to say
  that's a...

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© Ian Love  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: hominids, art, philosophy, religion, science,
Form: Verse

A Tale of Tails

We are primates, one and all
And our heritage is not from the fall.
The primate group is where we’re from
And no matter how far we’ve come

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© LR Waldman  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: hominids, science,
Form: Verse
color television
in the basement is your first color television
known for its recurring static and bent antenna
and broken VCR
extraterrestrials climb in through the high window
that doesn't open

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Categories: hominids, horror, mystery, science, space, technology, time,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Song From Beyond The Stars part 1 The Approach
  [ story with context, a plausible universe with top and bottom
  a coat of cosmos covering
  over a subterranean protoverse of...

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© Ian Love  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: hominids, adventure, destiny, future, imagination, journey, planet,
Form: Verse

With this no harm I meant
Life is marvelous

Faster than rocketships
Entering a higher level of consciousness
Around nautilus, hippopotamus other species and hominids
Another song I give
While realizing...

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Categories: hominids, poetry, rap, word play, words, work,
Form: Rhyme
Battle Axe And Her Republican Trumpeting Waze - part 1
Upon bitterly cold dawning hours of one January 2000 day
the Harns family desperately sought a place to live – “hay
there” Nelson Swartley (an independent realtor)...

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Categories: hominids, evil, grave, house, life, prejudice, storm,
Form: I do not know?
Peril Us Aye Grant To Be Hurried Lee Read
Armageddon wold be an amazing boon
to accompany ourselves amidst others in rubble strewn cocoon 
or perchance an arid extra dry spell blows humungous dune
donning any...

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Categories: hominids, allusion, angst, conflict, grave, introspection, metaphor,
Form: I do not know?
Defiant hominids embraced in rumination,
Hostile and corrosive to nature,
God Bless the disillusioned we !!...

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Categories: hominids, irony,
Form: Senryu
Just Another Day In My Man Cave
I always arise
     at break of dawn,
when curtained solar
     radiance openly drawn
upon a vast

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Categories: hominids, 5th grade, age, art, culture, home,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Brain Transplants to Robots, 2024
In 2024 the breakthrough came
which solved two scientific dilemmas simultaneously:

1. Brain transplants into human mortal bodies with limited life spans were far too expensive.

2. Robot...

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Categories: hominids, science fiction,
Form: Free verse
a trite Nihilistic Occasion - part one
This doodling Yankee (boot noah dandy) 
doth newt lack chutzpah, 
tries to finagle Fitbit fitting figurative footwear, 
that ideally Fitzhugh 
like custom made glove snugly,...

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Categories: hominids, deep, earth, fantasy, goodbye, holocaust, humanity,
Form: I do not know?
Twenty First Century Civilization Gone Askew
Twenty First Century Civilization Gone Askew...?

Methinks perchance man
     kind always vain
n'er did appertain
moral hike polar opposite

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Categories: hominids, america, death, destiny, heaven, literature, slavery,
Form: Free verse
Listen, People of the Lake
   Our ancestors
lived short lives 
   They made tools 
out of rock 
  and images of the hunt 

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Categories: hominids, history, love,
Form: Concrete
The hominid dreamer
The dreamer
Lies buried in the hemisphere
Like hominids nested in calcium
Upon outstretched shovel
Vermillion corridors pounce in theatrical unfolding
Its all shadows and graves say
Those cliffside with buckets...

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Categories: hominids, allegory,
Form: Free verse
Grant This Civil Yankee To Doodle Till He Gets Blue In The Face
blowing balloons signaling 158 years since Appomattox
(Alternately titled always look on the bright side of life)

Armageddon would be morbidly amazing,
   concluding (reign of...

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Categories: hominids, 10th grade, 11th grade, 12th grade,
Form: Prose Poetry
Odyssey from Africa 6e 7a
CHAPTER 6 (e, continued)

Though without communication 
Spoken in symbolic language 
Their gorilla hosts perceived it
And made ready for the parting
In a solemn mood of sadness
All the hominids...

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Categories: hominids, adventure, africa, history, identity, mythology, nature,
Form: Narrative
Adieu To Mild Winter 2019
This last day of February two thousand nineteen
Southeastern Montgomery County, Pennsylvania
unlikely to be inundated with heavy snowy scene
methinks buds will burst early issuing royal green

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Categories: hominids, 12th grade, beauty, earth, environment, february,
Form: Pastoral
Palm History Awash With Drips
(Me slippery fingers slither,
slip and slide splashing ala
Jackson Pollock), sans slap
dash experimental, swiftly

tailored and harried writing
style, yes on par with purging,
spewing, venting...unexpurgated,
unexpressed, unexplained... 
words, which...

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Categories: hominids, analogy, atheist, boat, creation, funny, gospel,
Form: Free verse
Autumn Equinox 2018
I riff flecked about thee august
     Autumn Equinox 2018,
     this polymath learned why,
September Equinox

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Categories: hominids, 11th grade, 8th grade, autumn, dad,
Form: Elegy
The First
The right atmospheric conditions can animate your bones.
I tell ya,
Dinosaurs rising, ichthyosaurs rising,
Rise of the hominids no more, eh?
Resurrection ain't a fool's business, fellow, ol'...

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© Rose Melo  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: hominids, life, time
Form: Free verse
Peril Us Aye Grant This To Be a Civil Yet Hurried Lee Red
(Alternately titled always look on the bright side of life)

Armageddon wold be a morbidly amazing, 
   concluding (reign of Homo Sapiens)

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Categories: hominids, 10th grade, 12th grade, future, howl,
Form: Cowboy