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Song From Beyond The Stars part 1 The Approach
[ story with context, a plausible universe with top and bottom a coat of cosmos covering over a subterranean protoverse of potential fields a quantum cellar creating the very big banging cosmos and much faster-than-light travelling a probable theatre telling of real possibility, fabulous overtures grounding deep base notes life insistent, intermingling incredible scenes playing out, coinciding with our own backyard exploring, ever evolving... ] exotic orb ? controlling dips between protoverse and the cosmos rationale ? many minds minding prime number composition ? seven million and sixty-one beings all but one, still soundly sleeping free-fall spirits just departed from a far-side galactic spiral arm slow rhythmic dance, dizzy dreaming sweeps inward around a massive black hole, gathering energy cosmic speedster, flung fast flinging protoversic drive to the suburbs, a myriad of stars invite gentle probe, meme-melder mixing juncture, reached in a blink, one-third across this beautiful galaxy ethereal form, flimsy fleeting mostly abolished space-time-matter, thirty-three thousand light years emerges, clever craft cruising no visible containment, just coherent rippling orb-like presence with background quantum quivering life slumbers on, networks calibrated, cells healed, new thoughts imagined aware now, senses slowly stirring as trusted "anticipator", open my eyes, feel alive again reinforced, companions cuddling functional, memory of last sojourn, full of miscalculation lessons learnt, wistful wondering warm memories flood in, tinged with sadness, as strange images disturb melancholic mood measuring constituent minds tingle and wriggle, more discomfort than pleasure not sure yet, jape jostle-jangling so move on, look forward to the glow ahead in the looming star-fields search renewed, filters fine-tuning our "scanners" primed to focus on bandwidths along the galactic plane narrow beam, selective seeking then...five sentient life-forms sensed, near a single mid-life yellow star unusual, babble buzzing three do not surprise, the fourth seems rare, the fifth is entirely unknown ! alter course...busy bee-lining intrigued, "pilots" counsel caution, beneath the planetary orbits blind-side approach, closer creeping a stable solar system revealed, life is now clearly evident artefacts duly dispersing disparate group, crawling stellar-bound, unoccupied space vehicles their signals, home-planet pointing the originators ? large localised brain, upright body species on-board discs, human song singing gravity bound, oxygen breathers, not natural space-wayfarers but inquisitive, inquiring bimanual, bipedal, explorers of their planetary system peering beyond, looking, longing from double planet, third world, 8 light minutes out from the sun, named Sol locked embrace with smaller sibling planet of origin they call the Earth, two orbiting space stations many satellites surrounding our distraction suddenly in unison we shudder ! pointed incoming beam bouncing not sure if breached ? if probe gained entry ? if we are violated ? strong feeling of gut-wrenching guilt as "anticipator", I failed to anticipate, who knows what risk ! the rest respond, reassuring our "scanners" hastily replay the event, scan, as only they can narrowing down, sourcing, searching stable legrange-point, far-side of sun-earth gravitational system my "others" vent, much muttering we overshoot, then manoeuvre in, our approach, the sun shining behind defences up, our ship-shape shielding a lumpy rock, gravity secured, five light-seconds from planet Earth computing, communicating human instrument, scouring visible heavens for footloose danger otherwise barren, silence screaming but for warmed up dust-cloud, a hasty, eerie departure signature ? frightened frantic lift-off leaping ? slight wobbling motion on the rock, along with tell-tale surface abrasions interstellar interloping ? we feel exposed, nervous, rattled, we need more effective camouflage cozy collective counselling towards the blue planet, from behind sister Luna, they call the Moon options open, plan preparing note in our passing, dim human base-lights, near the far-side Earth margin light valley shafting, shimmering the beautiful one glides over the horizon, we are planet-struck recharging, pleasure powering a lucky break, covered by coincidental meteor shower exospheric, in-close curving updated report... humans, early-stage solar system colonisers gregarious globalising world-wide internet web, consciousness suspected, though not apparent worth revisiting, reviewing a mostly watery world with sentient planet-bound cetaceans from early epoch evolving landward, primitive, sentient hominids, related to the humans precariously persisting that's four of the five, still no sign of the vanishing, illusive ones harbinger, time turning troubling ! so descend, past atmospheric spheres to a warm glimmering ocean slide in, only stealthy splashing diving down, light receding, pressure building, where there is time to think layers covertly covering our hidden presence and games we might play, maybe companions willing alien fingers finessing candidate creature, the largest-ever animal on this planet still living, still deep sea swimming a blue whale to wrap around with delicate ephemeral touching sharing thoughts and feeling feelings
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