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Half bubble and a few bricks for contest

He is "half a bubble off of centre"
More than "A few bricks short of a load"
He is not a Prince worth kissing
He is more of an ugly toad.

Some think he is "Rock Solid"
A veritable "Mountain of a man"
Instead he's a snake Replacing a ladder
Nothing but a "flash in the pan"

You'll have to "hit the nail on the head"
For "he's not the sharpest tack in the box"
If you don't want this jerk to catch you
I recommend "pulling up your socks

If you think I was "born yesterday"
Or "I've got nothing to lose"
Instead of "Drinking the koolaide"
You musta been guzzlin the booze

For I am "the man of your dreams"
Look my way I'm "Love at first sight"
Forget that other "good for nuttin" fella
I'll "rock your world" "forever, a day and a night!"

Copyright © Richard Lamoureux | Year Posted 2015

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“”..... Ander her picture when she cut her wrists and so the kid saw the picture and his prick went Whoop Whoop Whoop,,,”
- Trantino. The Great Blafigria Is.

“ … For I dream I know not how¡
And my soul is sorely shaken
Lest an evil step be taken,-
Lest the dead who is forsaken
May not be happy now.”
-The Bridal Ballad. Edgar Allan Poe

Please Stop.
I don’t want falling in Love
& being pretty smart 
O mamma mia. 
When the Train is Gone
 I thrower in motion:
I don’t hit the nail on the head¡ 

 I’m going wild against the Wall
Slap-up meal. 
My brain’s been ****ed
When yr love is come 
Toot toot 
Damn ***** ate my dog.

 Then haemin’s yr ***: 
Love is a silly thing
 Fancying that
All over the place 
And to die 
Of a broken Heart, ja, ja ja.

 Hey captain¡ Hey captain¡
 My arm chaplain is incapable.
Hey Captain¡ Hey Captain¡
 I think we’re gonna cum
In the twinkling of an eye:
 The end of the love
Lies inside you¡

 Do you know Do you see:
All lovers are Rapier pigs
 bastard Gentlemen of rape
Looking out at all rissoles
In the churches’ streets 
& saying:
” let me darkle
Or let me daze”.

 With Langston Huges’ motto
As we live and learn:
“Dig and be dug
In return”

No more Love Poem
Darkly Vampire.
Carry me to Yr Black Ritual
Of bloody Love
 Leaning lip-poised.
 We tremble to receive
The darkly ****ing Eucharistic 
To touch Perceive
Touch Explore
 And yet with utmost Sinful care
 Slide Melt

The *****Cock 
And Chicken 
In the head of lustful night
Carry me.

Copyright © Daniel de Culla | Year Posted 2012

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Not my words just sayin

cutting corners                                                                                                                    to let the cat out of the bag                                                                                                feeling under the weather                                                                                                  adding insult to injury Break a leg                                                                                      A piece of cake costs an arm and a leg                                                                            killing two birds with one stone Speak of the devil                                                                hit the nail on the head                                                                                                      Once in a blue moon                                                                                                          You can’t judge a book by its cover

Copyright © John Beam | Year Posted 2015

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If milk could kill 
We would all be dead
But Luis Pasteur
Hit the nail on the head:

"Witchcraft may kill
By subtle disguise
But I have the cure:
Its just passed your eyes!"

Copyright © Rico Leffanta | Year Posted 2017

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Isn't The Same Old Spiel


Be careful what you ask for
Next thing you know it wasn't all that great, or you want even more

This isn't the same old spiel
I'll tell you something real
Everyone has an 'Achilles heel'

Speaking the truth, life is rather short
Don't be a poor sport
The ball is in your court

You are really barking up the wrong tree
If you think you're godly
Compared to everybody

Only here once
No ifs ands or buts
All eventually bite the dust

It's not all make believe
From A to Z

Others will always meddle
I don't care if you believe in god or the devil
Better grasp the nettle
Instead of trying to always settle
If you want to reach a higher level

I'll hit the nail on the head
Don't get misled
We all wind up dead

I'm going to call it a day
But not going to throw it all away

Copyright © Dalton Ogletree | Year Posted 2017

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My Dear Trainee teachers

My Dear Trainee Teachers
As you’ll be embarking on another chapter of your education,
Go with zeal and full determination,
Be curious to see your new destination,
Its an environment where you’ll meet the future generation,
Hoping to see you deliver up to their expectation.

My Dear Teacher Trainee 
The College has impacted in you knowledge, a tool for transformation
Both academic and moral formation 
You're entrusted to represent the whole Institution
Raise the flag of our nation
And try to avoid any sort of abomination.

My Dear Teacher Trainee
It does not matter where you would be posted as your destination,
Because everywhere is part of our noble nation
Go and carry on this noblest of occupation
Remember where you came from and desist procrastination
Because it is the beginning of frustration.

My Dear Teacher Trainee
In the classroom students will be curious to see your every motion
Since, they were told to welcome
The new Teacher Trainee from a strange location
Be an early bird as its a sign of devotion 
And resist coming late, lest you be caution.

My Dear Teacher Trainee
Don’t forget to plan your lessons; it would help you in better implementation
Teach them well; teach your pupils how to build a nation
Show them how good students should behave in your explanation
Because you may never know what they learn from observation
Give them significant and relevant information
And maintain good channel of communication.

My Dear Teacher Trainee
Be a role model to every student; inspired them in your expression
Hit the nail on the head in a state of confliction
Accept when you are wrong and try to improve on your weak portion 

You must inspire
So that they’ll aspire
Before your time expire

© Marabi Amfaal Hydara 
The Humanitarian Poet.

Copyright © Marabi Amfaal Hydara | Year Posted 2018