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Bedtime at "IKE and JANE's " Sequence 5

Hi folks. The name's Ike. 
'Member me from my other writes?
check 'em out if you'd like.

Me and the Missus, Jane here, jest wanted to say hey.
Jane, she ses I oughta tell you good folks how I pray.
She thought it might be a help to one a ya some day.

Now ya see most everybody prays the way they sees fit.
That's just fine 'ceptin' in the mornin'..well, see.. I fergit.
Way back, a friend name 'a Wally hepped me on that score a bit,
And since then, in the mornin', I aint hardly never fergit.

See at night I got no problem thankin' God with the Missus,
then it's bedtime and we gits in our hugs and kisses.
We tuck in her kitty cats and then we hit the hay.
As I said in the  mornin' when I got up I'd fergit ta pray.

So at night when I drop my britches on the floor,  
I kick my shoes up under the bed behind 'em,
so when I wakes up in the mornin' after a good snore,
well, I gotsta git down on my knees ta find 'em!

And whil'st I'm on my knees, I 'member somethin', Hoss,
Right 'bout then, I 'member that I ain't the Boss.
So then I ask Him ta help me do what He wants that day,
and 'cause He's Merciful and Good, He helps me that way.

...Z'at what you wanted me to say, my darlin' Missus?
Reckon so ..cause she.. gimme a couple 'a kisses.
               Nite nite, darlin'...
               and to you folks too!
               God bless y'all..

Copyright © Robert A. Dufresne | Year Posted 2010

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The Yodelin' Cowboy

Hank was a hard workin' cowpoke who really earned his meager pay.
He rode his *** Old Red from early dawn 'til at night he hit the hay,
Fixin' fences, ropin' steers and brandin' dogies in the old corral,
But he had an odd addiction that gnawed on his pard's morale!

He was a happy yodler which is alright fer a wrangler I suppose,
But his irritatin' warblin' caused him to nearly come to blows!
At night in the bunkhouse he would even yodel in his sleep,
Addin' to the din of his pals who were known fer snorin' deep!

His yodelin' caused cattle to stampede and hosses to buck and neigh.
Caused chickens to cease layin' aigs and cantankerous mules to bray!
Porkers squealed in their sty and the hounds barked and howled,
His comrades raged and cussed and the cats all hissed and yowled!

Even rattlesnakes were flustered and slithered to hide in dens,
And bands of coyotes skulked to seek cover in the nearby fens.
Frenzied birds vacated their cozy nests and fled to distant climes,
And Cookie got upset since the guys couldn't hear his supper chimes!

The grizzled old ranch boss called Hank aside fer a serious session,
Sayin', "Son, you're creatin' havoc 'round hyar with yer damn obsession!
Take yer *** and yodler to swoon the gals at the Dry Gulch Saloon,
'Cause if'n you keep it up 'round hyar, you'll hit the road and soon!"

Robert L. Hinshaw, CMSgt, USAF, Retired
(c) 2015 All Rights Reserved

Copyright © Robert L. Hinshaw | Year Posted 2015

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A Cowboy Poet

Hank had rode the range a-punchin' cattle fer nigh on fifty years,
Ridin' through Texas northers and brandin' cantankerous steers.
He'd herded ornery longhorns along the Chisolm Trail to Abilene.
He'd signed on with the Triple D Ranch when he was about seventeen.

Hank had broke many a wild bronc and a heap of times was throwed,
And ridin' the saddle all them years, his legs was grievously bowed!
He put his loyal hoss Old Dan out to pasture and decided to retire,
To take quill in hand, reminisce and toss off verse by a glowin' fire.

He wrote about pullin' cattle-guard on dark and stormy nights;
The grandeur of the starry skies and the spectacular Northern Lights;
Splendid risin's of the sun and its magnificent settin's at end of day,
And sleepin' 'neath the mellow moon when it was time to hit the hay.

Hank wrote of the meager pay and many suppers of beans and bacon,
And the same for breakfast with acrid-tastin' java when he'd awaken!
The evenin' campfires with his pards a-singin' 'long with the harmonica,
And, yes, he wrote of a long-lost love, his dance hall queen, Suemonica.

He wrote about long, hot and dusty days in the saddle a-mendin' fences,
Of buffalo, antelope, tumbleweed and the beauty of God's great expanses.
His last poem spoke of the epitaph he wanted etched upon his stone:
"I ain't one to moan, But, Lord I was hopin' this ride You'd postpone!"

Robert L. Hinshaw, CMSgt, USAF, Retired
(c) 2014 All Rights Reserved

Copyright © Robert L. Hinshaw | Year Posted 2014

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Risin' With The Sun

It seemed to Hank it was jes' a couple of hours ago since he'd hit the hay.
Now the risin' sun jes' peekin' over the hills heralded another day.

His old hound dog, Spooks, tugged at his blanket a-wantin' to play,
And his faithful hoss, Ol' Dan, greeted him with a raucous neigh.

He pulled on his boots, Stetson hat and bandana, his usual attire,
And stirred last nights camp fire embers to bring alive the fire.

He ate his usual grub of beans, biscuits, coffee and bacon,
And suddenly realized that is was Sunday, if'n he warn't mistaken!

"Wahl" he mused, "I don't reckon the boss'll mind if'n I tarry here a spell.
I'd jes' like to chat with the Lord this mornin' and tell Him all is well."

Hank sat on a log sippin' his joe from a tin cup a-gazin' across the vale,
Thinkin', "I don't need no fancy church to worship.  They's confinin' as a jail!"

"Lord, you know I ain't gittin' rich cowboyin' and that's fer damn sure!
Er, 'scuse me Lord fer cussin'.  I'm tryin' to make my sinful tongue more pure."

"I don't need no earthly possessions when all about me is Yer great Creation.
These here mountains, rivers and cowboyin' that I love is my compensation."

"I'm a-thankin' Ye fer them eagles soarin' on the wind and fer Yer eternal love,
And fer the pristine Colorady sky, the moon and stars shinin' from high above."

"And finally Lord, when this old cowpoke comes to the end of the trail,
I'd be obliged if'n I could dwell in Yer Corral when I cross that mysterious veil."

"Thank Ye Lord fer lendin' me Yer ears and I promise to keep my cussin' at bay."
"Wahl boys, we'd better skedaddle and git to herdin' them steers to earn our pay."

Robert L. Hinshaw, CMSgt, USAF, Retired
(c) 2014 All Rights Reserved

Copyright © Robert L. Hinshaw | Year Posted 2014

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Bacon, Biscuits and Beans

A cowpokes life is a rough one and when he draws his monthly pay,
He mounts his hoss and gallops to town to visit the local cabaret.
He scrubs the manure from his boots and dons a decent pair of jeans,
Hopin' to find some tolerable grub instead of bacon, biscuits and beans!

He spends his days herdin' ornery longhorns and fixin' barbed wire fences,
Ridin' in nasty weather and eatin' dust 'til he nearly loses his senses!
Fer all of this he expects some decent grub at the end of ever' day,
But Cooky dispenses bacon, biscuits and beans the same as yesterday!

Chuck is served up on battered tin plates and tin cups fer slurpin' joe,
And if'n you don't like it, Cooky is mighty quick to tell ya where to go!
The fellers complain to the trail boss but it don't do a damn bit of good.
He tells 'em, "If'n you don't like it here, find yerself another livelihood!"

At the cabaret he's confounded by the chinaware and fancy silverware,
And instead of sittin' on the ground to eat, he sits on a rickety chair!
He consumes a colossal steak with sweet peas and smashed pertaters,
A couple of beers and a salad of onions, lettuce and fresh termaters.

He and his old cayuse slowly meander back to the ranch to hit the hay,
But he'll return to the cabaret next month when he collects his meager pay.
He savored his scrumptious meal of countless calories and proteins,
'Cause he knows that tomorrow he'll be eatin' bacon, biscuits and beans!

Robert L. Hinshaw, CMSgt, USAF, Retired

Copyright © Robert L. Hinshaw | Year Posted 2016

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My Idiom Oneliners Part 1

Elsie the cow was slower than molasses,
that's why they finally decided to put her out to pasture.

With Stormin' Norman around you'd tremble with fear,
because all around him was lightning and thunder in the atmosphere.

I try not to get into too much of a habit, of trying to figure out
what nuns wear at the abbot.

It doesn't matter to me if I get burned, especially since I'm ashes in an urn.

Debby couldn't figure out why people's smiles would suddenly flounder,
till one day her new nickname was Ms. Debby Downer.

My dog is generally nice; his bark being much worse than his bite.

After cleaning up the elephant poop, I finally admitted that my life was a zoo.

Two's company and three's a crowd, but not after a polygamists vows.

My stomach would almost always get into a knot, till I stopped being a contortionist.

One hand always washes the other, especially if you always bathe with your lover.

I almost always kill two birds with one stone, that is why they don't fly in pairs by my home.

A penny saved is a penny earned, that's why I always have Dollar Tree money to burn.

The early bird always catches the worm, I know because when I do I've seen them squirm.

Money doesn't grow on trees, if it did then there would be no more leaves.

I try not to wear my heart on my sleeve, especially if there's no tissues around and I have to sneeze.

Well I guess its that time once again to hit the hay as I keep reminding the bales not to misbehave.

I try not to cry over spilt almond milk, especially if its an off brand and not the expensive Silk.

I want to remodel my kitchen I think, everything that is but the kitchen sink.

They alway's claim that Elvis has left the building, then why do I always still see impersonators making a living.

I walk around with a big chip on my shoulder, which is great because I sometimes forget to eat now that I'm older.

And finally, I hope one day when I kick the bucket, that it'll travel far enough to go into the Guiness World Book of Records. 

Copyright © cheryl hoffman | Year Posted 2016

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                                         DARLING BIRDS OF MAY
                                Chirrrrup chirrrrup  darling birds of May
                           Peep, cheep, peepy cheep please hit the hay
                                            We are summer birds
                                            Say no empty words
                                    Rising sun is bathing us with ray

Copyright © RAJAT KANTI CHAKRABARTY | Year Posted 2014

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Dandy Don Johnson

Here's to you, Dandy Don, ol' mate!

   We in Soup jes' think you're great!

Ye who dwell in the land of the dingo,

   'ave learned us to speak native Aussie lingo!

Our kindest regards to yer dog Bungeye Jack.

   'e does a kindness in warmin' yer back!

Don't tipple too much good ol' Foster Brew,

   For like a boomerang, 'twill come back to nettle you!

Keep on crankin' out them ballads fer our delight,'

   And ol' Bob Hopeless'll see what he can write.

It's gittin' late so I'm gonna knock off and hit the hay.

   Take care of yerself and Bungeye Jack and fer now, G'Day!

Robert L. Hinshaw, CMSgt, USAF, Retired

Copyright © Robert L. Hinshaw | Year Posted 2011

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Poem a day

    I strive to write one poem a day
To keep my wheels turning and gay
   Out if time
Must find rhyme
   Before I have to hit the hay

Copyright © Anna Hopper | Year Posted 2015

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Through day and night
She cooks and cleans
Kissing boo-boos
And creating dreams.
She loves you more
And more each day
Even when
You hit the hay.

Through good and bad
She stays tough
Even when
We look real rough.
Speedily she drives
From place to place
Hoping it won’t be
A wild chase.

She's always there 
Through thick and thin
She loves us so
Even when we sin.
Making dinner
Is her cup of tea
She cooks like a superstar
And especially loves me.

She braids my hair,
Cleans my underwear.
She also drives me everywhere!
She Loves me to the moon and back,
Farther then you can see
But the best part about my mom
Is that she loves you and me.

Copyright © Jenna Niemiec | Year Posted 2016

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Old McDonald's Wife

McDonald's wife was heard to say
There's too much work for me today.
So an illness I'll fake
And take a short break,
Then maybe I'll hit the hay.

Copyright © Richard Breese | Year Posted 2016

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When i look at my life and think
I realize that your love was the missing link
You came into my life when my happiness was extinct
I thought there was no way out of the pain so i would excessively drink
I thought there was no other way
I wouldn't turn to anyone for help and i'm not gonna pray
But the second i said soo... And you said hey
My depression receded and the pain went away
And as of today i'm sure that i love you is there anything else i need to say?
Youve given me a purpose and taken my mind out of its disarray
Alyssa you saved me from myself and ill do anything for you to repay
I will love you until i pass away your always on my mind no matter the time of day from when i wake up to when i hit the hay
i know deep in my heart that you do the same
YOUR MY UNIVERSE! sorry i needed to exclaim
My heart flutter when i hear you say my name
{spoken over the phone} 
B-"Baby i just wanted to tell you that to my heart you have the key"
A-"Awe Baby"
B-"I can't live without you like vitamin C"
A-"I love you"
B-"I love you too"
A-"I can't wait to be in your arms so you can hold me"
B-"I can't wait, I wanna stare into your eyes and forever be lost at sea"
A-"Awe B now i know that you love me"
B-"I do to an infinity, soo much it doesn't seem real our love is like a divinity."

B-"in the stars There are no constellations, you are all i see just you in my arms and forever and always with me")
I mean there will be bumps on the road
I just hope that love and loyalty is what i show
Baby we can get through anything i know
Before i met you i was lost but that was a long time ago
Now your my everything my inspiration and my flow
Ive got a lot of love for you to show
Maybe we're going to fast and we need to take it slow
Your not my everything you're my forever and ill never let go
Alyssa i love you i hope you know
Thats the first thing i said,
from that moment you brought back to the living because on the inside i was dead
Now it hasn't even been a month and i can imagine us together for eternity and one day wed
I feel like i can't do anything without you i can't even sleep in my bed
But if you need to let me go to be happy then go cut the thread
Ill try to go on i mean i know that you'll be better off in my head
Still it will hurt like my soul being shred
I hope you can look past my mistakes and love me for who i am you don't even have to tell me just leave it unsaid
Just look straight through me like you can see in infrared
What you'll see is the inside of B
and if you look into my thoughts you'd realize there is no longer a me,
There is just a we
Just us together ill do anything to make you happy
like take you to the sea or at least to heaven that i can guarantee
Alyssa i love you i don't take that lightly
I say that with everything inside of me...
I say that with everything that is B...

Copyright © Brody Brown | Year Posted 2014

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Promises of Love

Just who can bear an empty heart devoid of any hope.
Of finding love to help you live and essentiallly just cope.
It has been said, we go to bed, per chance a dream or two.
For promises of love are there awaiting me and you.
But if you wake up all alone to face another day.
Don't forget that prayer you said before you hit the hay.

Written April 12th, 2012
For Russel Sivveys Contest 6 lines of love or romance.
By Robert Johnson

Copyright © robert johnson | Year Posted 2012

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New Year 366 page 7


Get a pan upon the heat
Time to make a tasty treat
Slice your vegetables chunky 
Then throw your onions in you monkey
Add some herbs and then some meat
This meal will be so hard to beat
Some stock to make the gravy tasty
Cook it slow do not be hasty
Some crusty bread upon the table
Eat as much as you are able


There's a bounty on my head and the hunters are coming
It's time for me to start a running
Got to grab me a horse and a saddle
Or maybe a canoe with a paddle
Got to find somewhere to hide
Nobody wants to be on my side
I killed a man in a fair gun fight
Sheriff shouted murder now I must take flight
For if they catch me they'll hang me high
And I've no intention to lie down and die
How far can I run before I'm caught?
How long before a judge I'm bought
A life on the run stretches before me
Branded a murderer I will be
Wanted posters tell the tale
Dead or alive there will be no bail
I can see them closing in
My chances of escape very thin
So a shoot-out is inevitable my guns I fire
The end is close they have such desire
They capture me and take me back
I stand for trial they all attack
Suddenly a witness who saw the gun fight
Says self-defence he saw it right
The judge he says the charge is dropped
Then I awoke and out of bed I popped
Souls Dream

Souls dream of brighter days ahead
Laughing spring dancing in my head
Wandering through countryside alert
To every little animal hiding out covert
Oh joy of new born life to see
Sweet spring so beautiful to me

Springs Symphony

God’s gardener has bought forth blooms
Spring's symphony to erase the gloom
Petals of pink and white cast a magic spell
A plethora of colour and fragrant in smell
To lift a day to higher heights
Flowers to enjoy and bring out life’s delights

Valentines Passion

In Valentine's Passion there's Tenderness
In Flames Of Love and a sweet caress
Joy in each other they have found
Eternally their souls are bound
To love each other every day
To support each other in every way

Garden Celebration

It's time for a garden celebration
Yellow stars a manifestation
Purples glory everywhere
Fascinating colours for all to share
Flowers oozing colours of all hue
Flowers I would share with you


If you try to book an appointment today
 It’s a week till you can see the doctor they say
 Then they give you a time and a date
 You turn up early but there always late
 I just wonder how it would be 
 If I asked them waiting time to pay me
 Now you go to hospital to see a doc
 Your time is booked and yet it's a shock
 When you wait nearly an hour
 Gracious you got time to shower
 I just wonder how it would be
 If I asked them waiting time to pay me
 Let’s face it though these things are free
 And patient patients we will have to be
 Now it’s the dentist a month you will wait
 Again when you get there he's going to be late
 I just wonder how it would be
 If being late made my dentistry free
 They fine us if we forget to go
 What's good for the goose ain't that so
 So appointments seem a waste of time
 There always late but it’s not a crime
 Go back to when we just used to queue
 I recommend it to the house how about you


Good golly miss Holly your birthdays today
Good golly miss Holly I'd just like to say
That I wish you happy birthday
Hope all the best comes your way
From the early early morning to the early early night
I hope your birthdays rocking till you go to bed tonight

Curried Shepherd’s Pie

If life where a bread and butter pudding
Or a curried shepherd’s pie
I might be convinced to give it a second try
If life where cheese and biscuits or perhaps sushi
I might be glad with just one turn maybe
But life is none of the above I tell you
One goes all you get make the most of it you must do

Glaring Sun

Glaring sun Heralds Dawn
On lion and on smallest fawn
Full Moon follows Setting Sun
All beast their sleeping have begun
They've had a full and splendid day
Now they all have hit the hay

Copyright © Owen Yeates | Year Posted 2016

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The Order of Life

I'm really tired. 
Sorry that my creative juices are not flowing today.
Today is not the day.
 I'm just ready to hit the hay. 

Days upon days, it seems that I lag to say: Have a good day!
Perhaps tomorrow will be a different kind of day, 
where we sing songs about how Love Is Here To Stay? 
We should all be thankful how we live an ordinary life, almost every single day. 

Not counting the extra hours of sleep, especially on a holiday. 
What day is it today? 
Do you remember the phrases, quotes, lyrics, and cute things we say?
I know I'm asking much, but please hear the words I'm about to say: 
Will you be the one for me, the one who will love me on that special day?
Be my amor on Valentine's Day? Spend the rest of your life with me almost everyday? 

Experience all the joy and sadness whatever comes our way? 
Come What May? Or do you want to change the date to May?
But here you lay. In the Stone Garden I always pray, that we will soon meet, together, forever, celebrating A New Day.

Copyright © Jesson Rata | Year Posted 2013

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Agave Blues

The band's trumpeting out the Bose 
A dozen red roses for thirteen chicas 
In that old cantina
Looks like one's left cold
But it's colder still out that
Crooked oval door
As Jorge keeps 'em entertained
With his liquid tambourine 

Hey Mr. Cobbler shaker
Play a tune for me
Keep those ice cubes clinging clanging
Cooling that Agave Blue for me

He played that song 'til the early morn 
The man of her dreams hails a cab 
She smiles all the way back home
What a night it was
All the things they'd done
The excitement wakes her
As she rolls over to kiss her lover
And finds he never hit the hay

Hey Mr. Cobbler shaker
Play a tune for me
Keep those ice cubes clinging clanging
Cooling that Agave Blue for me

Did he always have to leave
Her this way
Alone and confused
Where did they depart
She'd go back yet another time
To try and find the man
Who has her heart

Hey Mr. Cobbler shaker
Play a tune for me
Keep those ice cubes clinging clanging
Cooling that Agave Blue for me

Copyright © Brian Martin | Year Posted 2015

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The Love Between A Girl And A Horse

As the horse's hooves struck the earth with such force
Kim and the animal went around and around the course

With wind blowing through both their hair
They looked just like a perfect pair

The girl and the horse shared the greatest love
It sure was something to be proud of

But at the end of their busy day
It was time for both of them to hit the hay

Copyright © Sierra Teadt | Year Posted 2010

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Playing Cards and Bullsh-t

Around the table they sit,
cards in hand and talking sh-t.
Sometimes win, and sometimes lose
being together is what we chose.

BS is our pastime,
we love to shoot the bull.
The memories of the old times,
the dreams we have of new.

But soon we all are parted,
time to hit the hay.
We've got to face reality,
and go our separate ways.

We'll get together soon again,
and we'll party all night long.
Playing cards annd bullsh-t
are our favorite songs.

Copyright © Terri Mary | Year Posted 2012

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A Look Beyond The Gate

He rose at dawn to start each day,
And though the work brought little pay...
The cowboy loved his life!
To rustle cows and hit the hay
Beneath the what he'd say
Was perfect, with no strife.

The trail was long and dusty too,
But oh those ragged mountain views
Stirred music in his soul!
And by the campfire where the crew
Told tales around the dice and drew
Their luck with games not droll...

Comradery was thick and bold,
Where every story that was told
Became their common fate.
And when the dice lie still and cold,
Each cowboy knows he's growing old...
He looks beyond the gate.

Copyright © sharon peeples | Year Posted 2005

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Maybe Tonight

Turn out the light, my Love, it's the end of day
Don't turn your back on me, for tonight I want to play
Please listen carefully, I've something left to say
If you'll give your love to me, with you I'll always stay

I know it's a lot to ask, for you to think this way
All you want to do my love, is sleep the night away
I know you are so weary, from working for your pay
I, do, hear your message, my head's not made of clay

Still, I'm always hopeful, you'll meet me just halfway
If it does not happen, that is still okay
We'll try another time, my dove, you go hit the hay
I'll watch over you, my wife, until the light's first ray

I know I ask a lot, your nerves are near to fray
You are as a prize to me, I want you on display
I will be with you, my love, until we're old and gray
Think of me once in a while, and I will never stray


Copyright © Steven Clark | Year Posted 2013

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The one who wipes your nose and rinses you off with a hose.
She picks you up and you drop your cup.
You make a mess and she ruined her new dress.
Your toys are left out but she never pouts.
The crying never stops until you suddenly saw rain drops.
Dad comes home to save the day and mom wants to hit the hay.
Your first word was candy because you couldn’t say Andy.
Nothing beats mamas love yet she’s as calm as a dove.

Copyright © Morgan Maring | Year Posted 2015

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Slip in shades of grey,
new dentures have poli-grip,
time to hit the hay…


Copyright © cheryl hoffman | Year Posted 2017

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Insomnia is a ***** and I'll tell you this, once you get it you wish you had someone to share it with, cuz it's lonely at night all by yourself, wishing someone could relate to the way you felt. So you lay there all alone lost in  your thoughts, you try to stay comfortable but you just turn and toss. Try to stay calm and clear your mind, you check the time realizing hours have already went by. So you try to relax one again, but every five seconds it like shits crawling on your skin.after the itching stops you grab a pillow to hold, then your flipping the covers off and on cuz you keep getting to hot and to cold. Get frustrated with yourself asking why can't I sleep, I try everything even the classic counting sheep. After your able to finally hit the hay, you wake up and realize you slept your whole day away

Copyright © Jay Sky | Year Posted 2014

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A New Day

Awaken your eyes
Every day anew
The song of a bird
Life within renew

The morning dew
Upon a leaf
The morning sun
A thief

Steal away the night
And wake up the day
Crawl out of bed
After you had hit the hay

Get ready for school
Take a shower
There is nobody out
At such an hour

Throw on new clothes
Five in the morning
Somebody wants to find
My heart, Adorning

Copyright © Matthan Atherton | Year Posted 2009

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Millie's Christmas Wish

Millie's Christmas Wish
Winter Vacation was coming
The kids were all set
They were thinking of Christmas
And the gifts they would get

But, Millie sat waiting
Thinking of nothing but snow
Watching the class clock
That was moving so slow

They did arts and crafts
Made cute cards for their folks
Sang old Christmas songs
And told old Christmas jokes

But Millie, our Millie
Was miles away
Thinking of Michigan snow
In which she'd soon play

She packed up her things
Then the bell filled the air
She waved to the teacher
And burst out of her chair

Faster than reindeer
She was gone from the school
Off to get packed
For a vacation so cool

She ran all the way home
She had sweat on her face
Left her books at the door
And grabbed her pink case

Millie was ready
With one thing on her mind
She was off to see snow
And leave the sunshine behind

She'd packed and unpacked
Twice every night
Now she was sure
That her bag was packed right

Winter vacation
In the north in the snow
She'd be there in hours
Just one night to go

She tossed and she tumbled
But she woke right at five
She showered and dressed
She felt so alive

They loaded the car
And they left in a rush
Millie was set
And gave her hair a quick brush

They got to the airport
At nine twenty two
They checked her small bag
Which was nearly brand new

They went to the gate
They met a woman in tan
He said "Hello, there Millie"
"I'm your steward...names Anne"

"Before we go on"
"There's someone else you should meet"
"He's a pilot, our Captain"
"And his name is Pete"

She kissed Mom goodbye
And she kissed her dad too
Anne took her aboard
To sit in seat number two

Millie was nervous
But, excited as well
She told Anne her feelings
Anne said "I won't tell"

The plane taxied out
Left the ground with a roar
Millie's tummy, it rumbled
Like it had never before

Anne came and sat
In the seat by her side
She said "Look over there"
"Those are clouds right outside"

Millie and Anne 
Talked all the way there
Of the Christmas to come
They made quite a pair

The Captain announced
They were all set to land
When the plane hit the ground
Millie grabbed Anne's right hand

The big door then opened
They got off of the plane
At the end of the ramp
She saw her cousin, named Jane

Her Grandparents met her
Thanked Anne, said good bye
Anne said "Have a Good Christmas"
Millie said "I'll certainly try"

Jane and her brother
Had come for Christmas as well
With her Grandparents and cousins
Christmas was sure to be swell

They went to pick up her luggage
And then go out to the truck
Her bag came out first
It was her Christmas luck

The first thing she saw
As she held Grandpa's hand
Was no snow on the ground
This was not what she'd planned

Her parents had told her
About the Michigan snow
About snowmen, and snowballs
And the wind, how it'd blow

She kept quiet, said nothing
There was no snow to be seen
As she looked out the window
The grass was still green

Maybe, just maybe
I'm early she thought
It'll snow here tomorrow
Today is too hot

She played with her cousins
Called her folks about four
Rode bikes that her Grandpa
Bought them all at the store

Nothing was different
It was just like at home
No snow blowing white
Nothing fluffy like foam

She went to bed early
It had been a long day
She kissed her grandparents goodnight
And then hit the hay

She dreamed of the winters
Of the snow on the ground
She dreamed about snowmen
And climbing up a snow mound

The next morning she woke
Ran and opened the drape
Wrapped it round her neck
And looked outside, with her cape

Green as could be
For as far as she looked
There was no snow here
Millie felt she'd been rooked

She sat quiet at breakfast
Made barely a sound
Then she asked Grandma
"Why's there no snow on the ground?

"My big Christmas wish"
"Was to snow, snow...for real"
"It's just like at home"
"Grandma, what's the big deal?"

"We've had some strange weather"
"It's been warm every day"
"They just do not know"
"How long it will stay"

"I'm sorry dear Milie"
"This is just how it's been"
"I'm afraid that this Christmas"
"Is one that is green"

Millie, sat silent
Went outside then to play
There was no snow coming
There'd be no snow today

Depressed as she was
She had fun, best she could
Riding bikes around town
It was fun, but not good

With one day till Christmas
She called up her Dad
In the call she then told him
Of how she felt sad

She loved both her cousins
And her grandparents too
But, she just couldn't go
And do what she wanted to do

She'd come up to the north
To have some fun with the snow
She wanted to leave
But, she'd not let them know

They had dinner at six
Millie went up to bed
She was asleep in a moment
Christmas dreams in her head

At seven oh three
She woke up, looked outside
And she stood at the window
With her eyes open wide

The front lawn was covered
There was snow all around
She woke up her cousins
Down the stairs they did bound

They opened the door
To a yard full of white
Christmas had come
Bringing snow in the night

Out on the road
She says other kids too
All in their pjs
And some with no shoes

They were all throwing snowballs
Making angels as well
this was what she had wanted
Christmas was gonna be swell

During the night
While the kids were asleep
Out to the arena
Grandpa did creep

He'd called in some favours
Got the snow from the rink
Then they brought it out here
"Christmas magic" they'll think

The kids can't have Christmas
With no snow to be seen
It just isn't Christmas
With a yard that is green

Phone calls were made
To some other rinks too
And the ski hill as well
Knew what they must do

A parade of dump tucks
And machines that both blew
Came to help Grandpa Joe
Make Millie's Christmas wish true

It lasted four hours
Then it melted away
But, for Millie, our Millie
It was her best Christmas day

Wishing is magic
And dreams, they are too
So, believe just like Millie
And make your Christmas wish true

Copyright © roger turner | Year Posted 2018