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The Best Hit Below The Belt Poems

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Putting the Brakes on

I often talk about the biggest scare, that I have ever had,
Thinking back I have to say, I acted bloody mad,
And it didn’t get much better when I tried to rectify,
The cause by saving money thinking it would get me by.

Thankfully this major trauma had me staring down at sense,
And all because a foot each way would leave me no defence,
I knew me brakes were shonky but it’s something I ignore,
It took extra time to pull up with me foot down to the floor.

Then one Friday afternoon with the traffic at it’s peak,
I was driving up to traffic lights with the weather fairly bleak,
Rain was falling heavily, and when I looked up ahead,
I knew I was in trouble ‘cause the lights had turned to red.

I pumped the brakes like buggery but it was all to no avail,
So I yanked up the hand brake handle, that also deemed to fail,
New driving skills came into practice, missing cars was only luck,
I sideswiped two pedestrians before I missed a loaded truck. 

Me car spun ‘round in circles on the wet and slippery tar,
Mounted a curb and grazed a fence, then hit a metal bar 	
that stopped me on the footpath and right then I got the shakes,
And so I thought I better go and see about the brakes.

So I rang a few garages, to work out the cheapest quote,
Repairing brakes ain’t cheap at all, and there’s other things to note,
Is it just the pads? It could be the drums! The fluid may be low,
But when I mentioned what I did, they all just answered “Oh!”

The phone quote didn’t work at all; the options are too great,
And the feeling that I seem to get, I’ve left the pads too late,
The scenario is terrible; the whole system needs replacing,
And fifteen hundreds bucks they said, is how much I’ll be facing.

‘Bugger that’ I gave a shrug, and at a snail’s pace drove away,
Then it hit me like a missile, and so I grinned and thought ‘okay’,
I’ll go and see Ted Akers, he will be cheaper there’s no doubt,  
He’s always tinkering with engines, so I’m sure he’ll help me out.   

Ted took a look and said, “No worries, brakes is easy to replace,
You just leave your car here ‘fella’ and give me a bit of space,
It will be ready by tomorrow, and I declare you won’t be dealt,
A quote of fifteen hundred bucks ‘cause that’s’ a hit below the belt”. 

Then did I get a bloody shock; when I picked up and read
Ted’s bill, it’s only twenty bucks, but then me hands went to me head,
When mentioning a problem, Ted classed as trivial somehow, 
“I couldn’t fix your brakes Old Son, but your horns much louder now”.

Copyright © Lindsay Laurie | Year Posted 2015

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Food For Thought Vol.I

It's crazy how a woman & man have the power
to bring life in the world suddenly have 
2nd thoughts about that kid all because 
they were in the moment of lust and 
now...regret what they did.It's funny how 
the word love gets thrown around 
like a L in the cypher and how the use
of them four letters have killed so many
lives like a blood thirsty viper.How did holy 
matrimony ever turn into this facade this
circus act that's shown around television 
by people who see long term relationships
as long division something to divide and conquer
yeah seems like a misconception that Lucifer 
cooked up and served to the most cold hearted 
individuals, what ever happened to that we shall
over come I can do all things threw Christ mentality/
ritual. What ever happened to treating others
like you do yourself, why is it if someone wrongs
another we as people make it our business 
in the essence to hit below the belt why do people
need the esteem of others to elevate their self 
why does the truth hurt so much these so called
americans can't accept the cards that have been dealt
somebody tell me when it's ever okay to cheat on your lover
how is it so easy for people to forget the ones heart 
they broken or melted like butter 
now I ain't looking for an answer this just rhetorical 
I just thought I'd raise some eyebrows but at the
same time be warm & cordial

Copyright © Corey Ross | Year Posted 2009

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Come on kill me

Come on kill me! 
You have the dragger
And I have the soul
We both have our means
We both have our goals

You, the symbol of evil
Gather your courage
Strike with the might
When you see my soul

Ah, now you wonder 
When I say my soul
You like to play with the body
You enjoy deceiving
You, rebel, the outcast

You hit below the belt
Yet you say I am the courageous.
Your silly invitations are your weapons
Your preach treasury 
You show the ways to usury 

Gather your weapons 
Give a last try
Why keep waiting for the opportunity
You must come and strike now
Before my soul departs saying goodbye

Copyright © M Asim Nehal | Year Posted 2016