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Mental Hospital Bills

dadgum doctors, heads up their butts poking, prodding, pricking skin neurologist a psychopath gets pleasure as electric volts pass through my body family doctor showed little concern made me paranoid about irregular heartbeat EKG failed to determine cause left me more in doubt than at ease dentist like a character from Dustin Hoffman’s “Marathon Man” the more pain inflicted the more he rejoiced deep root cleaning caused severe infection bloodwork done by Vampira clones labs filled with tubes and needles results not shared with me yet I footed the bill optometrist an Oriental who moved so fast didn’t care if the prescribed glasses worked boo on you, dang aristocrats waving your credentials nurses so slow to respond MRI promised on CD, but couldn’t be obtained just like the blood tests, needed a “report” doctors driving me insane each should share my mental hospital bills
*Based on ongoing health tests and written for PD’s contest. Assignment Free Verse, 25 lines, category slam, sad and educational, title: Mental Hospital Bills

Copyright © Carolyn Devonshire | Year Posted 2009

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" Ike and Jane "- sequence 2

The name's Ike.
Some a ya might a met me before,
in my very first write,
and knew me as the stalker with the walker.
"Retired Romance" was the name,
Spoke about meetin' my wife,
She's here with me, name is Jane.
I likes ta call her the Mrs.,
cause I never thought that would happen again.
Now she like ta near smother me with kisses,
but gives me room ta write now and then.
We had us one of them honeymoons,
she says it ain't over yet.
But dang, if'n it ain't over soon,
we'll have ta call me in a vet!

Ennyways, I wanted ta give y'all a heads up
that I'll be a writin' from time to time .
We'd like ta thank y'all for the nice thumbs up,
'bout our first little Retired Romance rhyme,
and let y'all know that me and the Mrs. .. well..
.                                                  ..we doin' just fine !
.                  "Nite nite darlin."

Copyright © Robert A. Dufresne | Year Posted 2009

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Eclectic Wonders in Seasonal Flowers --- A Collab

Words in italic by Angeline Lim
Words in regular font by Timothy Hicks

Hydrangea blues
blooming in seven colors
versatile at heart
Storm clouds in a tantrum and yet
the rainbow
Gently wipes away a facade
reveals a layer
hidden within
Pretty just like yesterday
red-hot pokers
Playing fireworks 
on lovers' palates 
scintillating senses
The shared spaghetti noodle
growing shorter
Sunlight fading
into a sweet dream
aromatic  Osmanthus
'tween the slits of enclosed fingers
flashes of a firefly
Smolders of passion
unfolding within
Chrysanthemum  mysteries
Instead of the bee
her tender touch
Frozen fixture
all the yellow once in the field
now in the moon
Aesthetic display
of a crystallized Rose quartz
The snowy hills
at this time a strange warmth
morning blush
Purplish Crocuses
pop their cheerful heads up kisses blown
Thinking himself
to be King Arthur
startled butterflies
Surprised Tulips
opening lips with an exclamation
August heat!
there goes the evidence
of the snail
Spiraling down a Corkscrew vine
into a time portal

P.S. Haven't been on lately ... hope all is well with everyone :)

Copyright © Timothy Hicks | Year Posted 2016

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A Pencil's Point of View

We are a jelly jar full of pencils new in town.
From Europe we came heads up, points down.
No fancy names, we shared the same woodshed
and thanked Welches jelly for this practical bed. 

Lead was a number four and fatter than all.
Trim number twos, we all awaiting the call. 
Writing and erasing, sometimes we paid
For frivolous writing the humans had made.

The sharpest point in the jar was funny ole Lead.
His weftage was smooth but his family all now dead.
Lead became smaller and smaller and in time
was nothing but a stub, when #2s were in their prime

It's unfair to be held back once you know our point of view
to trash cans we go for no reason with no expectation to sue. 
Till one day we snap and die from being tossed
A point without a pencil, life is colder than frost

Copyright © julie heckman | Year Posted 2011

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Our heroes roar
There they are
Flags held high
Voices raised too high
Eyes raised so high
Heads up in the sky
The spirit of football so much
They are our heroes
To play it all
All mouths are wide open
Throats always yelling out
Our heroes truly roar
Our hearts stir to the rhythm
While we watch the ball
We widen our souls in the stadium
One world on the pitch
We catch the ball in our eyes
We all kick it
‘****in **** we goin to do it’
The cries of victory make us sane
The laughter for the goal
The red card curse
The yellow fuss
It’s in the news ;’what a hurray’
They win or lose
The heroes kick up the wind
And kick up the sun’s rays
Till the sweat reminds us of the power
We want them to get the cup for us
When they do we promise to hail them
Though not all of us can have it
Those who lose want to kill
But we remember more excitedly
It’s better than the world war three
It’s the world cup
Those who put their lips to it
Will play it and play it
Because our heroes roar! And roar!

Copyright © joyce wolayo | Year Posted 2014

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Freddy the Fly Meets Sidney the Spider

Freddy the Fly
Meandering on
the ceiling one day,
Suddenly got a "heads up!"

He glimpsed from 
three hundred or so,
Of his left side eyes,
A sight guaranteed
To make a fly's fear

For there was Sidney
The Spider...
Just "Hanging Around"
On his "Web Site"
Couple of sets of
Spider eyes,
Watching  a Spider delight...

A potential self delivered meal
What a Spider deal!!!

He waved to Freddy
In a "Come Hither" way,
With as close to
a smile, a spider 
is able to make...

But Freedy was
a "Fly Of The World"
And knew an invitation
He should not take...

So Freddy buzzed around
In teasing Sid,
Turns out,
A dumb thing he did...

Suddenly a psssstt...
A mist,
By Black Flag spray,
This fly was kissed.

He spiralled down
In a fly crash landing
Found himself...
Barely standing...

He survived, but now had
His wings would never again
Flap as fast...

He resolved venvenge
On evil Sidney...
For distracting him so much...
He'd find a way to take
The day...
There would be revenge's

(To be
"The Amazing Adventures Of Freddy the Fly"!!!)

Copyright © tom bell | Year Posted 2008

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY JAN ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ and now for the lady herself Jan Allison a birthday limerick, I hope she thinks fun I'd give more but you know the score 'It's only words' cant sing throats sore but birthday wishes oh yes a big 1 HAPPY BIRTHDAY JAN
My thanks to Tom Cunningham for the heads up, cheers Mick :-)

Copyright © Mick Talbot | Year Posted 2018

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A Spiritual War

As the new guy in school, I was blessed to be hanging around a few guys who were 
considered "cool."  I had gotten the heads-up about "Lee" the school bully.  I did what I could 
to avoid him totally.  That changed one day after gym.  On my way to 5th period I literally 
bumped into him.  I had always been a guy to show brotherly love.  It surprised me when he 
spun around and gave me a shove.  I knew this would be the day to show how tough I was.  
Even the other kids in the hall felt the buzz.
       Something inside me instantaneously began tearing me apart.  I closed my eyes and 
listened to my heart.  Of course, I could not visibly see spiritually.  But something was 
happening around me.  I felt dizzy and my choices weren't easy.  How was I to know several 
demons were very busy.  I was momentarily blind, and those demons were clawing at my 
mind.  Screaming "Hit him, hit him" and spiritually pushing me in the back.  Yelling in my 
inner ear to attack!
       While this war was going on in my head, I thought I heard a swoosh as wingspread.  I 
couldn't see spiritually but hundreds of angels surrounded me with swords of fire that blazed 
the color of sapphire.  Me and Lee stood toe to toe in the corridor.  Spiritually, Michael the 
Archangel wagged war.  Subconsciously I was aware of other kids standing around in the 
background waiting, anticipating my next move.
       Now a different softer voice whispered, "You have nothing to prove."  Around Michael 
and his glorious angels those demons lay dead.  A sense of peace filled my head.  Slowly the 
anger subsided.  My decision was decided.  I no longer felt spiritually weak this day.  I turned 
the other cheek and walked away.  Behind me I heard no curses and there was no attack.  I 
could have sworn I felt a pat on my back.....

Note: To a friend who enjoys my "stories".....

Copyright © Jimmy Anderson | Year Posted 2009

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Heads up people, a new day is dawning Important to appreciate this feeling of belonging Tell people you love 'em All the way to the end Even if you notice a bunch of them are yawning

Copyright © Jack Ellison | Year Posted 2017

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Limericks Inspired by Tom Cunningham

A LIMERICK OR THREE INSPIRED BY THE TOM CUNNNINGHAM on JAN ALLISONS BIRTHDAY ~~~~~~~~~ there is a poetry soup poet called Tom at composing limericks, so well done! a birthday wish he wrote for Jan, a birthday date I did ney ken! Oh I wish I could sing the birthday song now there's another named Mick who's birthday wishes for Jan, hic I toast, whilst having a coke nowt in't, honest no joke and now for my next party trick there is a lady who goes by the name of Jan on poetry soup you'll find her o yes you can Allison, her nee, sorry don't not know her poetry I do, it really does glow and she abides on the beautiful Isle of Man ~~~~~~~
Thanks for the heads up Tom! Mick

Copyright © Mick Talbot | Year Posted 2018

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Beach Plums

Accompanied by cool September days 
and skies, beach plums appear like tourists 
late in season when the beaches are empty,
just when goldenrods, heavy with pollen, 
can barely keep their heads up, and swarms 
of monarchs sail in.

Gorged like wild grapes with the sweetness 
of compressed summer days, I liken these
beach plums to those of us who have reached 
happy end days satisfied, and have known 
the pain and pleasure of hard work and struggle, 
and now, touched with an unselfish generosity, 
are content to let others – less fulfilled, perhaps – 
share and taste the sweetness of their labors
and accomplishments in glowing final days.

Copyright © Maurice Rigoler | Year Posted 2018

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Just like Dr. KIng I too have a dream
I have a dream that one day children of all ages and colors will receive a better 
Where they will one day have a better life after graduation
These students will hold their heads up high whether they become the next 
lawyer or doctor in the world
By stepping up to say I am now a man or woman, no longer a boy or girl
I have a dream that every child will go to school and put forth effort in all their work
So that they will not need or want for anything, a life full of happiness rather than 
These students will sit in that chair or that desk and take in everything that's 
being said
Taking in knowledge rather than putting foolishness in their heads
In this dream children will be able to thank teachers for everything they know
College is where we should further our education, so its college we shall go
I have a dream that students will not go home to parents and lie about what 
they've earned 
But go home to parents and show them exactly what it is they've learned
Children of all ages will realize that its best to attend school
Instead of sitting at home doing nothing with time,smoking drugs which is not 
very cool
I have a dream that we all will come together and help each other succeed
A place where we will be able to thank us and not you and me
I have a dream that no child will be left behind in grades
They will be able to thank teachers for the education they gave
A dream where students will work extra hard
Knowing that later on in life we all will play a major part
This dream will live across the nation as if its the last words to be heard
Because an education is not something that should be kicked to the curve
Students will not play when their teacher is trying to teach
Because not much  can be understood this way even if you are sitting in your seat
In this dream everyone will be all that they can be
Whether it comes from nursing in the hospital or on the streets
If my words can matter like Dr. Martin Luther KIng
Then guess what, I TOO HAVE A DREAM

Copyright © Brittany Garrett | Year Posted 2008

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I have something to say and 
for what lies ahead to God Almighty 
we must incessantly pray.
We look up to those we should 
We are taught about violence
We are taught to fear guns
Yet we fight with weapons
and deadly puns......

who are the responsible for 
the deterioration of the values
of our loved ones?

Are you and I free to decide
what is right or wrong or must
we hold our heads up high and
sing the song that wasn't meant 
to be sung.....

" Let freedom ring"
with it's dubious and misleading
intricacies with horror I observe 
the veiled atrocities of all those 
who continue to abuse power....

Are we truly living in the land of
the free. do we fear or are we blind
to what the elite condition us to believe

Are we Ok living in a so called
"Democracy" with the rules of those 
who are higher up? Is anyone yet fed up?

Do they now have ways of holding
our liberties hostage or our youth
in bondage... 

Dear Mr. President are we citizens
or residents are we slaves of the 
corrupt or should be thankful
and just shut the hell up....

Has our freedoms been sold or am 
I just being bold is it a sin to speak with
truth are the ones in power not the ones
hiding the proof and silencing 
the masses with drugs and trances.
I am here cause I still have a voice 
even if in everything else we have 
no choice....
I have witnessed the daily tragedies of 
of our once beloved nation with great

They say we live in democracy but we 
are not heard ,we are not the voice of the 
people; we are living in dictatorship and loving 
every minute of it because we are told what to 
think hear and speak and we care not know 
what we are fighting for " freedoms" but we are 
not FREE....

Copyright © Madelin Barton | Year Posted 2013

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Heartbreak over Yolanda: Link on how to help typhoon victims in the Philippines, thank you

I hope that it's ok that I am posting a link here 
on how to help the people who have been affected by typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda)

It is a link from Yahoo, which sort of consolidated links/ways in which 
one can help, be they be from the Philippines or in another country.

This is in hopes that  I could reach out to even just one person 
who wants to help in any means that they can...

 Seeing the devastation of the typhoon, not only in Tacloban, but in so many
other areas in central Philippines as well, 
such as in other areas of Leyte, and other parts of Eastern Samar, 
and I cannot wrap around my head the force and strength of that typhoon. 

I cannot even begin to comprehend the horror that these people are going
through right now, with the loss of lives and destruction and I can't help but also cry, just so overwhelmed, what more for those who were in the path? 
Somehow though, I feel that my tears won't do anything to help alleviate
the pain and despair.

We all have heard about how every little bit can help, and I am holding on to that
as well...

We have a word in Filipino-- "bayanihan", which pertains to the "coming together"
of each person to help a certain cause. This also comes from the root word, 
"bayani" which translates to "hero".

You can be a hero in somebody's life, in your own way, and I think this
particular disaster is calling all the heroes it can gather.

Tragic moments like these bring out something in us-- 
a solidarity that goes beyond borders and friction,
 where the pain is shared and 
compassion, empathy become  palpable...tangible.

I know I type in too many words right now 
but it is one of my ways of coping, not even sure it this makes sense.

As I type this, there have been updates about 
another tropical depression (Zoraida) that is headed along 
the similar path that Yolanda I pray and hope that these places
be spared... I am grateful that Haiyan weakened as it reached Vietnam,
and that they have prepared well for it.

Please continue praying for the Philippines, for those who have been affected,
to be given strength, patience and courage.

Rebuilding their lives could take a long time, but if we can help in some 
way, it would mean so much to them. Maybe we can try to counter the destruction
with the outpouring of support and care. 

For all those who have sent positive thoughts, prayers, concern, donations,
in behalf of my fellow Filipinos, I would like to thank You from my heart.

You can also give support through Doctors Without Borders (DWB)
-thank you, Chris for the heads up on this humanitarian aid organization

you can even opt to make the donation on a more regular basis

or also through the UN World Food Programme (WFP)

Copyright © kabuteng P.iNk k. | Year Posted 2013

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Adult Content - Your Tuesday Laugh

Tom Price phones up John Ely. 

"I hear you sell some of the best horses in the county 

I'm sending out my best guy if he likes the goods 
we're buying one of your horses. 

My guy is a midget with a speech impediment just to give you the heads up" 
he concluded and hung up the phone.

The stud groom waited until the midget knocked on the door.

"Hello, I've come to check out your hortheth", said the midget.

"Sure, do you want a male horse or a female horse ?" asked the stud groom.

"A female horth, pleath" said the midget, so off they went to look at the horses. One lovely well bred filly caught the midgets eye.

"Can I check her ears pleath ?" said the midget - so the stud groom lifted up the midget to check the horses ears, then put him back down.

"Nith ears.......... now can I look at her eyth, pleath ?" - once again the stud groom lifted up the midget to check the horses eyes, then put im 
down again.

"Nith eyth ............ now I'd like to thee her **** pleath"

The stud groom was shocked and a bit offended, so he lifted up the midget and shoved him 
head first into the rear area of the horse and put him back down again.

The midget coughed and spluttered, and then said....................

"Perhapth I should rephwase that...... can I see her wun awound a widdle bit ?"


Copyright © Maurice Yvonne | Year Posted 2014

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My Heritage and Culture

We have come a long way we have been fighting for centuries and decades to get 
where we are.

Jim Crow and the Segregated south couldn't keep us down.

We fought to be equal by marching the streets of the south all the way to D.C.

Slavery may have tried to keep us down and make us give up.

But we held our heads up high and looked to the sky and Prayed to God to help us.

And he did he saw us through he made us stronger it was another's day journey 
and we were glad about it.

My heritage enlightens me it inspires me to be a better person and to be my best.

My culture motivates to want more to educate the younger generation.

From the plantation to the white house we have come a long way.

To see the future through and have a brighter day.

The south thought they had us bound but they were wrong.

The Lord knew what he had in store for us all along.

He showed us the light............

And kept us through the night.

People like the Reverend Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson are keeping the legacy 
alive .

By making sure that we know our rights and get the respect we deserve.

I am enlightened by what Martin Luther, Malcolm X and Frederick Douglass did.

They were motivated even though they came from different backgrounds.

My ancestors pulled through so I could see something unique and divine.

Segregation turned into intergration Jim Crow evolved into the background paving 
the way for Barack Obama to become president.

If only Jim Crow knew he paved the way for civil rights.

For marches upon Washington D.C. and for Lunch Counter Sit-ins.

All those hymns and Justice he paved the way for Rosa Parks to say enough is 

To not give up her seat and to be treated as equal citizens.

My heritage and my culture breathes within me and I must keep the legacy going 

All my days long.

Copyright © Quondreika Cheatham | Year Posted 2011

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Heads Up

The clouds may vary
Tornados are scary

Cile Beer
August 19, 2010

Copyright © Marycile Beer | Year Posted 2010

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The Game of Hockey

The Game of Hockey 

By Government decree Lacrosse 
Is Canada’s national sport,
But in the hearts and minds of Canadians, 
Hockey rules supreme.
A winter sport enjoyed by Canadians since 1875,
Played on frozen ponds and rivers,
Lakes and streets and in, indoor shelters!
Officially, the game is conducted on a frozen sheet of ice: 
Two hundred feet long by eighty feet wide,
Surrounded by boards inside an arena,— 
And divided into three main areas as follows:
The defending and attacking zones both sixty-four feet wide,
And the neutral zone between the blue lines. 
The ice surface is divided in half 
By a painted red line in the middle,
And a blue line twenty five feet 
On each side from the center;
With face-off circles, 
One at center ice to start the game and for goals;
And one on the left and one on the right
Between the red and blues lines for offsides.
And one on each side of the goal net in the ends.
Eleven feet from the boards, another strip is drawn,
Called the goal line and for icing the puck.
An area just behind the net marked by hash tags,
Is used to protect the goalie from body contact,
Between the goal net and boards.

The game is played between 
The Visitors and the Home team,
Consisting of three periods of twenty minute spans
And longer, if overtime is required.
It’s usually a snarly bunch that sits in the stands,
Of the enclosure that houses the ice rink.
With the shriek of a whistle the game commences,
While coaches bark out orders 
To players, soaked in sweat sitting on benches,
On their feet are metal blades clamped to boots,
To propel themselves across the skating surface!
The players are well-protected in armor:
Shin pads, elbow pads, shoulder pads,
Hockey pants and a jock,
And padded gloves on the hands
With a visor to cover the eyes,  
Attached to a helmet on top;
And teeth protected by a mouth guard. 
The goalies wear extra equipment to compensate,—  
As well as a face mask designed with intimidating images.
To stop the piece of vulcanized rubber,
(One inch thick and three inches in diameter weighing 6 ounces),
From entering the net and scoring a goal.
For whoever scores the most (i.e. pucks in the net) wins!  
This is accomplished by the use of a curved stick,
An “L” shaped devise comprised of a shaft and blade,
Made out of wood, aluminum or composite materials.  

The game consists of five players per side,
Three forwards and a pair of defensemen,
Who race up and down the ice surface
Fore-checking and back checking;
Trying to shoot the rubber past the netminder.
There’s the wrist shot, slap shot, snap shot and backhand;
Or shoulder deke, followed by soft hands that flick the puck,
Or just a deflection; whatever the case;
Stay out of the goal crease!
Skate and stick passes occur quickly and play transitions,
As players maneuver to jockey for positions,  
Applying their skills learned from an early age,
To dance on the edges of the skate blades
And pivot like ballerinas dodging body checks,
That is to say, the deliberates hitting
Of one’s body against another.
Its heads up hockey at all times,
And knowing where your teammates 
And the opposing team’s players are.
Watching and circling, always moving—never standing still,  
Ready to rush down in unison on a break out pass. 
Over the boards players jump on and off as the game progresses,
Celebrating when a teammate scores, 
To the cheers and elation of the home team fans, —
Followed by the crowd’s subdued reaction and team disappointed, 
When the visitors chalk a point on the scoreboard.
Hockey is considered the fastest game in the world!   
The game in refereed by people dressed in a zebra shirts,
Black stripes on white wearing black pants.
A red band placed on the arms indicates the referee;
And the others are linesmen.
Armed with whistles they officiate the game
Enforcing the rules: calling penalties, offsides and icings;
And other infractions all written in a rule book!
The speed is lightning fast, the roars are deafening,
And the officials eyes are all over the place,
Focused,—following the play and player shenanigans.
Arms are raised to indicate delayed whistles,
And flopped around side to side to wave them off;
And pointed at individuals who have incurred a rule violation. 
Once a penalty is called the player heads over to the penalty box,
And not allowed to step on the ice for a short time duration,
While the penalized team plays shorthanded.
Then there’s the referee circle which means “Stay out!”
Where sometimes players can be seen mewling about. 
Skirmishes occur frequently, combatants crash to the ice:
Tripped, off balance or simply just too exhausted to skate;
Changing shifts, screaming and shorting the bench.
Rivalries are created, and playoffs fought,
In the quest for the  Stanley Cup, the Holy Grail
Of the National Hockey League, the NHL;
The oldest sport trophy awarded, 
To a franchise team in professional sports,
For success!  

Copyright © Dennis Spilchuk | Year Posted 2018

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 Rain ©  

I walk on slick shine streets 
in the night with my lover. 

Freshly out of bed and ravenous 
for other food, he pauses and 
licks the tears and rain drops 
from my face. 

Rain in its many moods 
quickens to sweep the earth and 
skies clean. 

Settles on the skin like a damp 
kiss. Cold, warm, sweet, clean, 
sharp, rain. 

Is designer bottled water 
merely rain drops from afar? 

The dog romps through the rain, 
in his perfect raincoat, oblivious 
to the wet. 
Blinking owlishly when a drop 
should fall into his eye. 

Mysterious primates of the forest 
sit forlornly, beneath the 
umbrella leaf. 
Forever patient as the skies 
rupture with a torrential deluge. 
Human-tender eyes reflect their 
disgust and sadness at the wet, 
messy coats they must wear. 

The equine turn their haunches 
to the storm to show their scorn 
for nature’s tantrum. 

Cats run for cover, sit 
majestically removing the 
wet rain from their person with a 
wet tongue. 

Wild fowl dance across the circle 
patterns of the pond’s face, 
beating their wings and singing. 

They frolic and dive celebrating 
the sublime circumstance of 
being wet. 

Man spends energy and money 
to keep himself dry and safe 
from the rain, darting from 
doorway to doorway. 

What does he fear? He won’t 
melt if he gets soaked, he won’t 
become ill or grow fins, and he 
just might get clean. 

Snow is rain in its wedding attire; 
no two brides alike. 

The rain drop falls into a rivulet 
of other rain drops atop the 
The rivulet runs into the creek, 
the creek into a stream. 
The stream rushes to the river 
and the river falls into the sea. 

The rain drops turn to salty tears 
as the journey ends. 

It is said that chickens, if left out 
in the rain, will lift their heads up 
to the sky and watch the rain 
until they drown. 

Trisha Sugarek
Butterflies and Bullets


Copyright © Trisha Sugarek | Year Posted 2014

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Underdogs Have Their Days

Well, well, well!
The whole world knows by now, impossible dreams can come true,
In the game of professional soccer, it has just been proven at Leicester,
Starting the season with a laughable 5,000 to 1 odds of winning the Championship,
Leicester has the last laugh now, they have topped  the 2016 Premier League,
They are into their victory parades and celebrations, ticker tapes and partying,
A minnow in spending with prudent management in the world of soccer,
They confounded all the disbelieving sport pundits who think they know better,
For when all the battle dust is settled, they are the Premier League Champions!

Of less epic proportions are the latest sporting achievements here in Asia,
Somewhere in the unlikely courts of Chinese Taipei, member countries of Asia,
They were battling it out for bragging rights to be the best in Asian Squash,
Of particular significance was the women teams event, team spirits at its best,
The 2nd seeded Indian team knocked out the top seeded team from Hongkong,
The Indian team were in the finals after a surprising 2-0 drubbing of Hongkong,
The Malaysian team, seeded 3rd, was a rookie team headed by Delia Arnold,
She is the only veteran seasoned in these kind of team competitions.

In the final shootout, it was rather tame affair as the players strutted their stuff,
First to court was 17year old Sivasangari who despatched her Indian rival 3-0,
Next in court was captain Delia Arnold who was classy as a 30 year old veteran,
Her game against her Indian rival Joshanna Chinappa was a quite dicey affair,
Losing her first game, then having to dig it in to carve out a win in the second,
There were many an anxious moment as each player tried to dominate the other,
But playing the captain role to perfection, Delia Arnold presevered to be a winner,
Deservedly, the Malaysian Captain secured the winning point for the gold medal!!

Back in Kuala Lumpur, a miracle of sorts was recently achieved on a playing field,
A local rugby team, against all odds and in spite of little or no publicity,
Outran and outfought other international teams to claim the Division One title,
An incredible triumph on home soil to win in this Asian Rugby Championship,
Of course we have have the services of 3 Fijians, as foreigners in the other teams,
What is significant is that we have a winning team in this international sport.

Well, well, well! Heads up, underdogs!

Copyright © KENG CHUAN SENG | Year Posted 2016

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Thought I Was a Good Friend

Thought I was good friend when I was there for you every step of the way
For the years of tears & laughs & heartaches
Thought I was a good friend when you were so embarrassed to even come out of your own house because you plucked your eyebrow a little bit too much
Thought I was a good friend when you cried for a week a month straight when you broke up with your boyfriend because you cheated on him & I told you to take a break & focus on yourself 
Thought I was a good friend when you picked out the best dress for the dance but was the person honest enough to tell you it was little bit too small
Thought I was a good friend when we stuck with each other after every argument and spoke to each other right afterwards...the very next week
Thought I was a good friend when we partied a little too much & I was there to hold your hair while I had to suffocate myself with the terrible smells coming from your damn vomit
Thought I was a good friend when I give you advice after every mistake over & over & over again & you ignore it & do the exact opposite
When I try to help you, but you’d rather do things your own way 
Make your own decisions because yes, I am a good friend but you want to hear what you wanna hear & figure things for yourself but have me here
Be there to just listen & not speak because If I say a would be useless
Thought I was a good friend when I tried to tell you a heads up, but you did not wanna listen 
Tired of the countless tries to help out a friend because I thought I was a good friend but if I shut up than I’m gonna win the award
To be a good friend I guess you have to shhh...& stay quiet because deep down your worth & opinion is not appreciated
The first one to care & apologize first after an argument is tiring 
I have better things to do right than protect the people that I love around me and care for the ones I love the most 
So I guess I thought I was a good friend but I will no longer think that
Everything I do right, is wrong 
Everything I say is “blunt”
Every time I take 2 steps forward, you push me 5 steps back
So I’m done
It’s fine
When the days are dark, the clouds are grey, and you’re looking down & out for that friend you will have no one left & no one to turn to 
You will learn because I thought I was a good friend
Day after day, you just can't anymore
It’s okay. Not everything lasts forever 
Friendship is just convenient for you
Not being selfish
Not being petty
Just being simple
And sitting back & doing my own damn thing

Copyright © Veronica Castaneda | Year Posted 2016

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Who's The Best

Again, I've been listening to people boast, you can't miss it because it's on T.V. radio and now coast to coast. More and more, people with their chests stuck out, bragging, I am the best all for me and to Hell with the rest. They laugh about it like it's a joke while around their necks they are placing a very heavy yoke. For running the world is a tremendous task, I don't think none is ready, you will have to be a true king, not and not a bit petty.

I use to hear, what can I help you with or what do you need? Now it's what can you do for me? It's become all about greed. We all have an emptiness inside that needs to be filled, we try money, sex and drugs to reach a state of bliss, like a shot in the dark we all miss. So we become miserable and try to make people see things our way, while thing it's funny when we screw up someone's day. I hear the truth shall set you free, well here's the truth, misery really do love company. 

Because from God people are getting further away and becoming worse every day. They are becoming very bold, while their hearts are turning ice cold. So I looked to The Father and while giving Him praise, I asked Heavenly Father are we really living in the last days. And this came to me, read your Bible, it's all in prophecy. They shall take God's ways and hang them on the shelf. 2Tim.3. For people shall become lovers of their own selves.

Covetous, boasters and proud to name a few, just some of the ways people will ensue. But don't loose heart the Angels are about to sing, heads up everybody cause here come the True King. Like none we've ever seen. He was here before the world began and came to Earth to take away all our sin. Now it might look like the battle has been lost, Absolutely not, the battle was won when He was nailed to the cross.

Read your Bible it's the source, it's all been worked out, just hang in there and let it run it's course. So all the high and mighty, who think you are so hard, you are about to meet, The King of Kings and Lord of Lords. No bragging, no boasting, you shall stand in awe with the rest, where every knee shall bow and every tongue shall confess. Now Who's The best? He was here before and He shall return to sit on the throne of the Earth, there's no reason to be concerned.

We shall live for ever and for ever be free, no more stress or living in poverty. For we shall be in the hands of God Almighty... Hark, The Angels are about to sing, heads up everybody here come The King.

Copyright © Milton Robertson | Year Posted 2015

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Magnificent Beings Of The Sea

Under the sea foam and skipping on waves
while holding those regal heads up high;
their beauty is pure and their magic draws raves
into the deep under moonlit sky.

Many a ship filled with sailors and such
had witnessed the mystery of their dark eyes.
Some even swore they had felt a cold touch,
had stood stock still and become mesmerized.

Womanly body and tail of a fish
were what they remembered when telling their story.
Some even were granted their every last wish;
some quite overcome by tumultuous glory.

Those tales through the years grew from timid to strong
as men of all sorts recounted their fate;
meeting beautiful creatures who burst into song
and gathered at a most alarming rate.

You may doubt these tales but just watch the deep sea
and wonderment will surely fascinate you.
As waves overtake you you're suddenly free;
some glorious being sails you through the blue.

Copyright © Deb Wilson | Year Posted 2014

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The Edge

~A Place called The Edge~

We kept our heads up high, at the boundary of the universe
We Gave no thought, closing every feeling in a wooden box
Remaining firm on two principles, practice, and good will
Letting go-
-With the idea of free falling
-I traveled with the current of air

I broke into the mindset of your whispers...
Watching over the glow, in your eyes...
With disrupted ways you reform issues,
Becoming objective, in ways I need to follow
Life and its vanity are so unfair, A goddess re-birth
Through the needle eyes of mother earth
Within the flames, one rises to the edge of games
The phoenix call, withheld wisdom that we can't feel at all

As it cascaded into dreams we recognized
A place to visit, 
When in distress, stepping on my own shoe
I walk the distance, falling into a stream of romance
A projectile performance, in an exotic trance
A new psychological pat was formed

Firm and fair, A monarch standing in my way
Beneath the fall, above the ledge,
The clouds swallow, every shadow left
Shattering every crimson sea,
Flying high with eternalness by my side

My sleepless days are aimless and carried out
Covered in ashes, with the vividness of the ocean.

Holding hands, at the edge of everything
Dangling by, as if we had a split personality 
Standing on the edge, we count our steps 
As we pace backwards, to relive a life without strife
I've been there, I am there! 
Living on the edge of everything


Copyright © Poet Destroyer A | Year Posted 2011

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Oh,Holy Night

     ~~~~~  Oh, Holy Night  ~~~~~

Oh, the voices ring on high.
Holiday music is playing.
Hymns are sung while moon is nigh.
Our prayers, to God, we're saying.
Love and laughter everywhere.
Yet underlying it all
Neath the happy banter we share
Is the solemn event we recall.
God gave his son for us all.
Hold your heads up high and sing.
This is the day to praise our King.

   ~~~~~ oh, holy night
                       .... the stars are brightly shining   ~~~~~

Copyright © Francine Roberts | Year Posted 2011