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A Letter To Santa Part Two

Tomorrow we’ll have a party, all my friends will be there
And Prezzies will be opened and Christmas we’ll share
And Susie will grin in her red flaming hair
And Alice with her doll, in her new wheel chair
Ned will strum his guitar and we’ll all start to sing
And laughter and cheer this Christmas will bring
And I’ll sail my boat across the Spanish Maine
Explore the Antarctic fighting storm and hurricane
And though Timmy’s Jewish, he’ll get his brace and his bear
Hanukkah and Christmas it’s the season we all share
And we’ll be as happy as we could ever be
And we’ll thank the folks from Variety
They give plenty of Prezzies for all us kids
And they come and play with us invalids
They donate millions of dollars for all child care
Isn’t it nice to know that they’re there!
Right now I’m quite sleepy, but I hear jingle bells
The sound of a sleigh “It’s Santa!” Tim yells 
But it’s only the nurse making her round
Santa won’t come till we’re all sleeping sound
So as I lie neath the covers, all cosy and tight
I smile when I think Santa’s coming tonight
And I’m as hopeful as I could ever be
Santa got his instructions, this year from me!

Copyright © Lizzie Treetop | Year Posted 2011

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Christmas Festivities

Has much joy and celebration,
Rolled into twenty-four hours of elation.
It echoes with laughter,
Sees caring, generosity and love scatter.
Too much food and drink,
May ruin it for some;
As it ends the heartburn, will come; 
Set in for the night; to dreams we’ll succumb.

For children,
Each one is filled with magical
Surprises galore,
That, for each child,
Invokes memories of the previous ones while.
Very often it also
Invokes and joy and mirth; even
The holy family’s’ stay at, the 
Inn and Christ’s miraculous birth.
Everyone does not celebrate it; but they will break bread;
Some celebrate Hanukkah, Ramadan or Quanzaa instead.

Copyright © M. L. Kiser | Year Posted 2014

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Holiday Fest At Its Best

"Holiday Fest At Its Best"
by Renee Denise Gross a.k.a. "Grasshopper"

Glitter, Glamour, Glitz and Spritz
Shimmer and Sparkle, oh how we marvel at all the Ritz
It's a Holiday Fest At Its Best!

Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Spiritual...
whatever your ritual, it's time to reflect, reconnect 
and rejoice to be alive and revive our souls and minds 
This an awe inspiring, rejuvenating time!

Holiday songs and singalongs
messages to keep a song in our hearts 
not just in December, but everyday to remember 
regarding Love, Forgiveness and Re-inventive Starts

Now on to food, do you know what tastes good?
There is so much to choose 
any mouth watering decadence 
embraces my stomach a happy resident
I look forward and I bet you do do too!

A Fruit Cake in a Decorative Tin Bin, Well...that's Optional! (SMILE)

Copyright © Renee D. Gross | Year Posted 2015

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Don't Make Eye Contact

"But Motek, it's Hanukkah!
You MUST be with the FAMILY on HANUKKAH!!"
(Ok Mom, sure Mom, right away Mom, I'll come home)

"Rabbi Grossman DOES do such LOVELY services!
Every Jew in Suffolk County will be there!
Challah Bread! Matza Ball Soup! SONGS on the ACCORDION!"
(Merry, cheery, Hava Nagilla surface tension happiness...)

"Smile everyone, and I'll take a picture!!!"

"Motek... I DO wish you spoke with him already...
I mean, it's been over a YEAR now...notta WORD!
It BREAKS my heart to see you two like this..."
(I'm sorry Mom)

"I mean honest to ELOHIM!! 
Brothers should LOVE each other!!!
How can you be so NONCHALANT about this???
Breaks my heart."
(Your answer lies right in front of you Mom,
You just need to know where to look...and where not to)

Copyright © Yoni Dvorkis | Year Posted 2009

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Festival of Lights/ Feast of Dedication,

As a kid, Hanukkah
was the Jewish replacement for Christmas,
But even better!
We celebrated for eight nights,
Which meant eight presents!
It was the festival of lights

We ate latkes or potato pancakes, 
We Played with spinning tops called driedels
Sang the driedel song
Opened one present each night
Filled up ona chocolate money called Gelt
Got all the adults to sing along

In our beautiful nine branched candelabra
Called a hanukiah or menorah 
One Hanukkah candle was lit each night
An extra candle, called the shamash, or the "attendant" 
Was used to light the others candles
Oh what a memorable sight!

 Antiochus IV Epiphanes, invaded Judea
Came upon the Jews with a great army, took their City by force
soldiers plundered without mercy, slaying a multitude of  Jews
Antiochus spoiled the Temple, stopping the  ritual daily sacrifice
Judaism was outlawed, circumcision was banned, an alter to Zeus was erected
and pigs were sacrificed in the temple, the people lost their right to choose.

Antiochus's actions provoked a large-scale revolt
 Maccabees fought a guerilla war, and won the battle
The Seleucid monarchy was crushed
The temple was purified and rededicated
Undefiled pure olive oil was required to light the temple menorah
Only enough oil for one night, yet the oil burned for eight, the people were hushed

Hanukkah, a celebration of struggle and liberation
Whether or not the miracle occurred
Is secondary to our continual struggle to survive
We place the menorah with candles burning
In a window, to show the world
We’re here, we’re free, and we are still alive!

Copyright © barry ponneck | Year Posted 2014

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Will our world ever change

all man are born equal 
Its how god wants us to be 
and live in peace and harmony
for the goodness of  humanity
Adam and eve are our parents
And we are their children
So why are their so many wars
That seem to have no end

 We know there’re only one god
And he loves all of us
and yes  we see  people suffering 
but in god works we have to trust

we see  the holocaust in Europe 
the genocides in Africa
the inhumane captivity of Palestine
and mass murders in south America

and although our tears falls
like the rain from the skies
every time we see bombs falls
and parents holds their dead and cries

how did this world become so
why do people hate each other
if Adam and eve is our parents
are you  not sister and I’m your brother

today I’m preparing for thanks giving
last week I celebrated dewali
then will come seven nights of Hanukkah 
the same time I light my Christmas tree

then for holy month Ramadan
I keep fast for all most everyday
And give donations to the mosque
For the poor who comes to pray

Will our world ever change
Its what we hear all the time
When its full of hypocrites governments
Committing Genocides and hate crimes

But we all are so helpless
While we stands aside and look
But it’s the prophesies being fulfill
That is written in the holy book

But these things will come to past
Children having children
False prophets using Jesus name
Men marrying men

people flying like birds in the sky
 weapons of mass destructions
man bringing this world
on the brink of annihilations

some times I feel to stop writing
and close my eyes to what’s around me
but then I think of those without voice
that world forgets so easily

so if I throw away my pens
Comes like I turn my back their problems
Although I cant lead them out the dark
 I can shed some light on them

Copyright © kasim ishmael | Year Posted 2012

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Hanukkah, A Jewish Holiday

Hanukkah, A Jewish Holiday

Hanukkah, lighting lights.
Gather near; blessed night.
Give to God all thanks with heads bowed.
Holy Temple protected somehow.
Maccabees prayed to Thee.
Praise God, Macedonia is free.

Rebel troops won the sod.
Thanks to God. Holy God.  
Bring the Shamash, and light a light.
Candles glow bright eight days, eight nights.
Father guided the way.
Father guarded our stay.

Holy God.   Wondrous date.
Celebrate!  Celebrate!
For Thy safeguard, to Thee we sing praise.
Happy hearts unto God are ablaze.
Lighting one candle each day.
Lighting one candle each day.

Family fun.  Musical beats.
Playing games.  Eating treats.
God of Abraham hears us sing.
New dedication within our hearts ring!
Souls in the Temple, God claims. 
Jerusalem Temple remains.

Hanukkah, Hanukkah,
Celebrate!  Celebrate!  
God of Abraham watches love grow.
Daily prayers to Heaven still flow.
Elohim is rejoicing.
Elohim, rejoice.

© Dane Ann Smith-Johnsen
December 1, 2009

Sung to the tune of “Silent Night, Holy Night.”
Poetry Soup Member Contest:  “Holiday Songs in Poem Form” 	
Sponsored by: Deborah Guzzi  (Can we get extra credit if we call and sing it to you?  LOL! 

Copyright © Dane Ann Smith-Johnsen | Year Posted 2009

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I am from me

I am from

I am from my mom’s jean jacket with leather lining, from levi’s and converse. 
I am from the cracked blue painted walls and worn down white windows.
I am from the white calla lilies, the roses.
I am from yearly trips to Laguna Beach and stubbornness, from Patty and Camille and Marcus.
I am from the procrastination and determination. 
From “clean up your damn room” and “take out the trash”.
I am from pseudo Hanukkah. From matzo ball soup, latkes, and no religious aspects.
I’m from Santa Ana and Europe, quesadillas and pizza.
From the two different families.
I am from Natural Bridges State Beach, Russian River Campgrounds, and Foothills Park.

Copyright © Leila Benest | Year Posted 2016

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Season's Greetings

Ho, ho, ho, 
I don't think so, 
'Tis the season, 
Nope, I'll give the reasons.

Is it Christmas
When Santa Claus is indicted for murder, 
Peace and love are in the air, 
But it's hidden by the ozone layer.

The Northern Star, 
Sounds like a new warhead, 
And as for the Three Wise Men, 
They're definitely not in the White House.

The one dreaming of a White Christmas
Is your local junkie, 
Even Hanukkah
Has become 8 days a week.

Merry Christmas, 
But don't stress the former, 
Because even the Virgin Mary
Is on the pill.


Copyright © Suburban Lovechild | Year Posted 2015

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Magical Candles

Winter descend upon the metropolis
"The Festival of Lights" 
   will arrive shortly 
eight days which 
   celebrate the winter solstice 
and the victory of a people 
over their opressor
   An unlikely victory 
    whose legacy remains with us today 
Watching the candles burn 
   One is transported to a place 
  Where hopes do not die 
This will be a Hanukkah to remember 
Hundreds of years after the events 
We recall how the oil burned 
for eight nights 
instead of one 
A living expression of faith 
and a victory which belongs 
to the ages

Copyright © Matthew Anish | Year Posted 2012

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FARSI - Christmas-e-shoma Mobarak Bashad
FRENCH - Joyeux Noel
GREEK - Kala Christouyenna
GERMAN - Froehliche Weihnachten
ITALIAN - Buone Feste Natalizie 
LATIN - Natale hilare et Annum Faustumi
NAVAJO - Merry Keshmish
BRAZILIAN - Boas Festes e Feliz Ano Novo
SPANISH - Feliz Navidad
URDU - Naya Saal Mubarak Ho
HINDI - Shub Naya Baras

Copyright © Abdul Malik | Year Posted 2012

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Untitled #121 / Happy Hanukkah

This produces a big radish!
Hahaha! Happy Hanukkah!

Copyright © Jesse Jones | Year Posted 2007

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Merry Christmas and Happy New year



Copyright © Abdul Malik | Year Posted 2014

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Bunny Day

Christmas is now the Holidays.
But Hanukkah is still Hanukkah
and Ramadan is still Ramadan.

Easter still has its name.
The media needs more time
to make the change.

Donal Mahoney

Copyright © Donal Mahoney | Year Posted 2017

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A Giving Time

Christmas is a smelly time!
A pine-scented memory lane time
when those who have
give to those without
as pumpkin and apples, oranges
and peppermint give us all their gift.

Christmas is a splendiferous time,
a lightful merry delightful time.
Houses and lawns all lit in the cold
and even the homeless
find shelter to enfold
that shiny eyed feast
of hams and yams and
more pie than a body can stand!

Its grand ... this season.
Wether a birthday, Kawanzaa or Hanukkah
wish we would always be this way
throughout all our days
and the "reason" wasn't just
this special season.

Copyright © Sue Mason | Year Posted 2009

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Daddy Come Home

Daddy's been gone.
Gone for so long.
For him I pray.
He joined the core,
Fighting a war,
Somewhere far away.
He promised me he's return.
When the Hanukkah candles burn.
So, here i wait.
The blessings I recite.
By the candle light.
But its getting late.
Daddy come home, stay with me!
Let me hold your hand, let me sit upon your knee!
I see fear, in mommy's eyes.
Every time she cries, she tries to comfort me.
Its scary here at home.
My mind begins to roam.
"Have i lost you?"
I hear the phone,
And mommy's mournful moan.
"It cant be true"
Daddy come home, stay with me!
Let me hold your hand, Let me sit upon your knee!
I see fear in mommy's eyes.
Everytime she cries, she tries to comfort.
"Where has he gone? How will i carry on?
Tell me what can i say? I need to pray..."
"Lord, please hear my plead, send my daddy home to...--"
Whose that i hear? Call my name!
I run into his arms!
Home to me! HE'S ON HIS KNEES!
Home at last! Eyes a glow! 
I thought my daddy died. But now i'm not letting go!

Copyright © julia chebukina | Year Posted 2015

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The Spinning Dreidel

Hanukkah is a time for presents, potatoes and dreidels,
Everyone has fun, even babies in cradles,
They can watch the dreidel spin, and spin and spin,
until they view stars in everything,
Little presents make days and nights happier,
with potato latkes adorning the tables,
The chidren spin the dreidels while
participating in all their activities
getting a rouse out of all their relatives,
The dreidel spins from the past,
the future and the present,
creating a joyous environment,
and a glimpse into the future,
Watching themselves spinning,
and spinning the dreidel until
they are very mature.

Copyright © Margeret Bailey | Year Posted 2010

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Reasons for Seasons

A question.


For now.
Subject to chain-reaction change.

As long as we're clear
about our lack of restraining rules.

Quite so, dear.
I'm wondering about that line
"Jesus is the reason
for the Season."
What was the reason
before JesusSeason?

I mean,
Joseph and Mary
and their parents,
What was their reason
for this Season?
Whatever they called early Winter
back in better
and perhaps somewhat cooler atmospheric days?

They had Hanukkah
I suppose.
But it was more of a political victory celebration
and I'm not sure if it was in December.

What about the Solstice
or fertility rights and wrongs
and other confusing
and often bloody industrious
things of that sort?

Solstice maybe.
But fertility and harvest thereof...
Well, doesn't sound like the reason
for this Season.

Maybe the butchering and harvest part
if you're in retail
within Christendom.

Or hospitality.

Speaking of hospitality,
didn't that visit to Bethlehem
have something to do with an end of year inventory
or census
or something about adding things up
and planning for the future?

So the reason
for this Season
was death and taxes?

Maybe sales tax revenues.
They used to count productive heads.
Now we add up business profits
as Sacred Advent
anticipates income tax Season
with dread.

A very warming thought

I think we would do better
to sing
Jesus is A good reason
for the Season.

More of a traditional excuse
for blatant commercialism
and collecting taxes from poor people
for most of Christendom
wouldn't you say?

You're so cynical
in the morning.
And by evening

That's right dear.
A range of cynical through comatose.

Which probably has something to do with this dark Solstice.

Another reason for Advent Season.

Another question comes to mind.

Of course, dear,
as we both knew,
your curiosity grows insatiable.

What if Gaia
is just another name
for Holy Spirit?

And Holy Spirit
was just another KingJames name
for Spiritus Mundi
of Greek nondualistic nature-spirit mystics
speaking with Rabbinical scholars
over two thousand years ago,
while Jesus listened?

What if a post-millennial
Second Transitional Coming
of Indra's NetZero Polyphonic Age
was another way of feeling
CoMessianic Sacred Becoming
one Body of continuously Holy EnSpiriting Christendom?

as ethological reason
for CoMessianic Advent Seasons
gifting grace forward
through Matriarchal Gaian Mundi EnSpiritus.

Any good Jewish son,
in historical times and languages of Jesus
the Nazarene,
would know,
If a question of authentic interpretation of teaching,
of Original Intent
of a divine law or teaching,
a nature-spirit rule,
such as a WinWin Golden MultiCulturing Rule,
were to co-arise,
It is our unchanging exegetically orthodox Tradition
that discerning authorities
must turn to Rabbinical lines of the Teacher
to discover contextual evidence
for Original Intent.

It might, then, be important to Jesus the Nazarene evangelists
of truly good news,
to remember Greek nature-mystic nondual philosophies
embraced by pre-industrialized,
Gaian EcoSystemic MetaPhysicians
of natural-spiritual polypathic wisdom,

Listening and watching MotherEarth's 
spiraling Win-Win revolutions
and Win-Lose LeftBrain reactionary over-investments
in retributive justice
against egocentric hubris,
and older root degenerative messages

To Lose ecopolitically
predicts to Lose ecologically
predicts to Lose biologically
predicts to Lose psychologically
throughout post-industrial
Great Transitional
of Original NatureSpirit Gaian Issues
and Intent,
Ecological Deep LivingWater Means
and Sacred Wisdom WombWays.

Copyright © Gerald Dillenbeck | Year Posted 2017

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Our solution

New Year is coming, how exciting.
The bell is ringing every day.
We all make plans and resolutions.
But will we follow? Ask us again.
Best Buy and Publix, Macy's,Target, 
Already had us in their scope.
And now shooting better pockets,
To make sale numbers for the year ahead.
Hanukkah, Christmas - can we even say it?
To be completely politically correct.
What's next - the Jesus? Someone can get offended.
Lets call him Muhammad, from Nazareth.
American freedom. Its wonders and promise.
Is that what we fought for? Is that what's the goal?
To limit our freedom by walls built by lawyers?
It's easy to steer us, when we are controlled.
Or maybe the problem resides not in lawyers,
Democracy, Commies or money at all.
Or maybe it sits deep inside human nature.
To be slaves forever - until day of "call".
Whatever we call it - the Judgment Day? - silly.
We only have glimpses of days far ahead.
Just exited jungle. What to expect from the monkey?
So, we need to grow, or will destroy ourselves.
But now two stones - two philosophies, dogmas.
And people cut throats when at those extremes.
So close World War Three, but the history tells us - 
That it's gonna be nothing, but another crusade.
Some people read Bible, some people go vote, 
Some blow for virgins, some making a buck.
But where's switch in conscience? That would be our answer.
Without it - futile. Without it - death.
What made humans human? What helped us kill Mammoth?
What got us from jungle and propelled us above?
I will tell you - not fire, that's just tool of our actions.
But to control it took something, that set us apart.
The Team Work - Exactly!!!
Global talk. Global conscience.
The whole Earth is screaming - expand "tribe" to planet!
Until we're apart - we are destined be slaves.

Copyright © Russell Grushco | Year Posted 2016

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The Weather Outside is Frightful

The Weather Outside is Frightful

Christmas in Miami is a difficult sell
When the outside temp is hotter than Hell
St. Nick tries his best in the humid air
But soon sweats right through his underwear

Partridges tend to avoid palm trees
And geese hardly ever lay by warm seas
Mocking birds ignore their instinct to tease
And French hens never appear in threes

Christmas carols just don’t seem quite right
With nary a snowflake anywhere in sight
And how does one keep his sled on course
When the winds are blowing at hurricane force?

Those poor reindeer, ‘specially Cupid and Comet
Suffer from heatstroke and projectile vomit
And landing on rooftops still radiating heat
Raises painful blisters on their feet

The snowmen and wreaths are all baloney
And most of the trees are actually phony
The words: “Sleigh bells ring; are you listenin’”
Ring kind of hollow, ‘cause nothing is glistenin’

Now I’m not suggesting we give up the spirit
That’s not my message; I don’t want to hear it
Besides, much of the same could be said about Hanukkah
Especially if one lives near Santa Monica

Copyright © alan balter | Year Posted 2017

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I was sitting a the edge of the bar
thinking of my new car.
I saw her
she asked me to dance
I loved her at first glance.
She told me her was Veronica.

every day is Christmas
and every day Hanukkah
with my Veronica.

Every day is Christmas
and every day is Hanukkah
with my Veronica.

She let me sleep at night
and always treated me right.
She loved my pride
and worshipped my ride.

every day is Christmas
and every day is Hanukkah
with my Veronica.

Every day is Christmas
and every day is Hanukkah
with my Veronica.

Saturday night
singing with the band
Veronica holding my left hand.
People say to her how can you stand that man.

One day it was snowing
and I heard something blowing
my Veronica played the harmonica.

played the harmonica.

played the harmonica.

Oh Veronica.
every day is Christmas
and everyday is Hanukkah
with my Veronica.

Every day is Christmas
and everyday is Hanukkah
with my Veronica.

Keep playing that Harmonica.

Copyright © Blake Holland | Year Posted 2016

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What's common is Love

The Jesus said that Love will save us.
Will give, protect us and direct.
Then he was gone but gave example
That only Love can resurrect.
The time has passed and facts were juggled.
The faith and science are at war.
Nevertheless, one thing is common -
True Love was always in their core.
It doesn't matter what we're doing:
Make love, give love or are loved back.
A simple drop of frozen water
Just blossoms up when Love is next.
Throughout countless religions,
Civilizations, twists and turns.
The Love was always in their mission
And we have praised it in our songs.
So, doesn't matter if it's Christmas
Or Hanukkah, or other turn.
We raise our glass and hug each other
To spread the Love and thank newborn.

Copyright © Russell Grushco | Year Posted 2016

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Holiday Reflection

Christmas and Hanukkah 
mark the winter season 
Eight burning candles with a shames 
in the middle 
Pine trees replete with ornaments and lights 
In the coldest time or year 
hearts warm up 
Gifts are exchanged and spirits imbibed 
This holiday let us reflect 
on our brothers and sisters 
who are out on the street in the cold 
"There but for fortune" as the song goes 
Our hearts should open up to 
those desperate souls who need our help 
I see the lights on the bridge cutting through the darkness
Let each of us become a light to dispel darkness
For we are only dancing on this earth for a short while 
Let us remember that we owe something 
to our fellow travelers on this "solar boat"
We are not without hope!  
Let us bring hope to others!
Easy enough to write these words 
hard to live them 
Just a holiday reflection 
in the depths of a New York City winter

Copyright © Matthew Anish | Year Posted 2017

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Hollywood is trying to cash in
on an unrealistic movie about
the Earth's destruction bound
to happen in the next two years...
how could you believe it, fools?
Doesn't God create it to be everlasting?

It's all a myth leading everyone to believe 
that's what exactly will occur almost instantly;
those fiction writers wouldn't care less
where you stand on this ridiculous story...
as long they make a huge profit and laugh
all to way to their bank...don't you agree?

Hollywood used to make great, memorable movies 
to glorify the name of the Almighty, that even now
make a positive and sound impact on all of us;
every possible subject has been exploited
from drug to sex...from politics to bloodshed...
Hollywood has become the haven of ostentatious riches.

I wouldn't waste a buck and stand before
a screen that shamelessly proclaims this lie,
even the most ignorant person wouldn't fall for that!
Don't squander your hard-earned money on stupidity,
and make those greedy movie-makers rich for
a motion picture that promotes chaos and fret!

The Christmas' Season and Hanukkah are almost here and the Devil plots in Hell;
they couldn't have come up with a better idea, or a more inspiring story?
It's criminal and despicable to prey on a gullible audience,
and force them to believe in a fiction that goes beyond any credibility;
it's a time for redeem ourselves and get rid of pretense,
refuse to be brainwashed by the entrepreneurs who are awaiting their share! 

Copyright 2009 by Andrew Crisci

Copyright © Andrew Crisci | Year Posted 2009

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A Shared Spirit

You don’t have to be just Christian, Islamic or Jewish
 to share in the Christmas spirit. 
As long as we respect each other’s views, 
we can all feel connected at this time of year. 
Christians celebrate the birth of Jesus, 
a symbol of worship and faith for all mankind. 
Jews celebrate Hanukkah, the miracle of lights, 
when God saved the temple, and gave them hope. 
The many sects and beliefs of the Islamic religion: 
a religion of peace and the oldest on earth. 
All faiths are based on this simple principle; basically, 
the golden rule which in some way exists in them all. 
With kindness and compassion for everyone you meet, always a helping hand for those in need. 
A reverence for life, and all God’s creations, 
each celebrating their faith in their own way. 
Let us be kind to one another, not only in this season, 
but for all eternity.

Copyright © Betty Janko | Year Posted 2016