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Envious Ivy was her name I’d buy something new – she’d put me to shame My designer coat in a shade of emerald green Ivy bought an identical one just to be mean She was the most terrible copycat See your purchase and say ‘oh I fancy one like that’ If I got a new car you could guarantee Ivy would get the same just to copy me She was like a shadow that just wouldn’t leave If I had a great idea then Ivy would thieve The copying went on for many many years I got so fed up with it I'd end up in tears Imitation is said to be a great form of flattery Ivy was so jealous she should have lived in a cattery I recently heard that Ivy had passed away Do I have plans to copy her … NO WAY! Contest:It’s Spring – Show Me Green – Francine Roberts 03~25~15

Copyright © JAN ALLISON | Year Posted 2015

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She holds herself above the thorns of bitterness
So sharp  and green with envy of her loveliness
As she trembles in the chill of winter’s breath
That stills the beating of her scarlet breast
As  her petals fall like drops of blood 
Upon the snowy mantle white
As beautiful in death
As she was the rose  in life


Copyright © Elaine George | Year Posted 2007

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Flowers Emerge

            Flowers Emerge

Impose your will on the pretty flowers as you may
Trans-formative wonderment of nature 
Entrenched, defiled, they pop up any way in clusters
Vivacious are the colors above the solid stem
Cut cold to death, decay and pain, to follow winters grip    
Excellence defined in the ability to survive
Dangerous are the forces that persist to derogate them    
Yet they prevail against all odds
Death comes but they regenerate
Grass is their shield.  Dirt is their pillow there
Negative winds carry with them ice
Reds and yellows grow on below the sun
Visceral, strangled roots, fragile faces, petal soft, grow cold
Ingenious species, green with envy on the leaf, rise again
A Cacophony of nature’s birds and bees disturbs the peace  
Flowers come in abundance, remain, friendly on the green
Distinguished in divine fashion, exquisite, generous to the last 
Elevated smiles on pollen grains contain the seed of life
Flowers emerge, aware of life

11/22/14 Poetry Contest - "Encounters With Flowers"

Copyright © Earl Schumacker | Year Posted 2014

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Green Envy

When youth in full bloom
during Spring's green boom

See a robin fly by
or geese in the sky

Do not feel impressed
by Spring's new green dress

Thoughts all aflutter
tongues twist and mutter

When pretty young girls
with green bows and curls

Skip by with their friends
chit chat without end

Spring's green with envy
can't feel the frenzy

She plunks herself down
a sullen green frown

Soon clouds fill the sky
big tears fall from high

People just scatter
What is the matter?

Dear Spring takes a look
at the smiles she took

Demeanour improved
Her Green-ness is soothed.

Poetry Contest submission:  It's Spring.  Show me the green
Sponsor:   Francine Roberts
Date:   March 21, 2015

Copyright © Kimberly Shaw | Year Posted 2015

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The complexities of life colours our world We are taken on a long and sometimes complicated journey Like being on a roller coaster where there are many twists and turns No day is ever the same - it can be a smooth or a bumpy ride Thankfully we don’t know how and when it will end We can wake up feeling sad and blue Feel down and depressed on a grey day If we are jealous we can be green with envy Be described as yellow if we act with cowardice See red when we are angry Feel tickled pink or be in the pink when we are happy Fall into a dark black mood See everything in black and white Say someone has a heart of gold Look to the sky seek a cloud with a silver lining We need to hang on to precious golden memories None of us knows what fate has in store for us May the colourful ribbons in our life be intertwined The good days out-numbering the bad Lots of happy colourful ones rather than sad 01~30~15 Contest: Life is like a Maypole – Seren Roberts ~awarded 2nd place~

Copyright © JAN ALLISON | Year Posted 2015

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A Question in the Sky

The Epitaph of Earth may soon be writ
Upon the memory of a glory gone
For all things bright and beautiful, that inter-fused with death
Like harmony and breath have fled as one
   -Suzanne Delaney 

A Question in the Sky

There's a desert some place, where the sky fell through,
as the monsoons of March fervently proclaim, Must it be?
And there's a gardener some place      (looking just like you)
whose heart now floats on what can only be called Hydrangea Sea.
And there's a question in the sky, that makes me wonder why,
we think for a moment, we can do better than this our planet.
For if we're made from Dust, why not share some love,
for the ground beneath you      (do you see what's peeking through?)
For love is a fragile seed and if we don't care for it
the Epitaph of Earth may soon be writ.

... and what an elegy it would conjure! But I will weep just like a songbird,
for these tears, they carry a rebellious sheen,
taking me to the place of dandelions dreams,
that grow all the more because of it - watch as they glide
into skies unwritten - avenues forbidden ...
... but forget not your roots on the summer lawn
where malachite grass bid you good cheer,
green with envy at your escapade into azure folds.
Now only the voice of cicadas touch the dawn,
upon the memory of a glory gone.

But we will wait for you, Oh Gossamer King,
though we be tickled by twilight's tender touch,
intermixed sweetly with a hard kind of love.
If I must fall, knock me onto my back, Oh Life!
Onto the dew-laden blades, gazing up at stars,
so I might come to grips with smallness, like Biblical Seth
once did, ushering in future glory, though just a man.
"Appointed" just like the monsoons, that forged tombs, and summer blooms;
make merry the streams of laughing tears that Yeshua wept,
for all things bright and beautiful, that inter-fused with death.

And though often we may not know the reason
we must hold onto the hope       there is a season!
A purpose for this downtime... purpose for this rhyme
For we all have things we must overcome
(just look at the rose who bears a dagger on her dress)
Even she lives in the night, awaiting the rise of the Son.
May there be no requiem composed for my passing,
for I follow the crowd, with eyes on the clouds.
Let us leave to proclaim, in triumph, "It is DONE!"
like harmony and breath have fled as one.

NOTE: If you'd like to read the flip-side of this, where I write the quatrain and Suz expands the thought, please check out her informative blog on this intriguing form, Glosa, as well as her beautifully personal poem, "Living in the Middle".

P.S.S. The name "Yeshua" is the Hebrew reading of the name "Jesus". The reason I put "Appointed" in italics is because the name "Seth" means "appointed", so it's somewhat of an attempt at wordplay.

Copyright © Timothy Hicks | Year Posted 2016

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Colours in our lives

Green with envy or feeling blue
These are emotions that can affect you
Golden sunlight on a sandy beach
This dream scene may be far out of our reach
Crystal clear raindrops make us wetter and wetter
Rose tinted spectacles make everything seem better
Sultry brown eyes and ruby red lips
Bluebells in the woods and hawthorn hips
The colourful sight that really makes my day
Is seeing a glorious rainbow over Douglas Bay

22nd April 2013

Submitted to colourful verse contest
Sponsored by Charlotte Puddifoot

Copyright © JAN ALLISON | Year Posted 2014

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YOU have brought the sunshine back into my life A golden glow shines out from my radiant face Looking in your blue eyes I know the grey days of the past are behind me I blush scarlet, when you take my hand and whisper I love you Onlookers may be green with envy seeing the love we share You are the missing jigsaw piece I was desperately hoping to find We fit together so snugly and now my life is complete Never dreamed I would find my soulmate whilst out walking in the park 06~08~16

Copyright © JAN ALLISON | Year Posted 2016

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The Scent of Water

Her man was woven into love spell
By another woman, not of her smell. 

Bewitchery, she will not tolerate
To the perfumery she’ll calculate.

Apothecary had the perfect answer 
An exotic earthy whiff from vetiver! 

Happy she was her man found her erotic -
But, alas, it was only episodic!

She spritzed the air with essence of rose petal -
Then a reminiscence of the betrayal!

Love and romance the attar generated 
Very soon enough it evaporated.

Memorable scent of basil she wore next,
Pleasurable things her man not to forget,

In vain, it was she who cannot forget -
In her mind fresh the err her man had make,

Scent of her rival made her green with envy,
Scent of betrayal made her very angry,

Desperate but hopeful, she went to a lone edifice; 
Temperate and humble, the scent of water brought her peace. 


Copyright © hija de la luna | Year Posted 2014

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Wally And The Angels

...inspired by a Dylan Thomas short story.

A breezy day, and two boys biking down the lane, 
past meadows green with envy, soft as spring. 
Picnic-packed and ready for the day's adventure. 
They passed hikers. "Hey, lend us yer bikes!" they cried. 
The lads whizzed by, not giving them a second thought.

"I bet them's fire cows," Jimmy said, (he had a wild 
imagination.) "Nah, them's Holsteins, don't be daft!" 
said John. The air was full of magic, and the sky
alive with seagulls. The ocean glinted to their right,
sparkling like the twinkle in a young girl's eyes.

They hurried to their destination, breathless with
anticipation, hurtling to a Neverland they'd mostly
seen in pictures, a rocky outcrop, pounded by
the waves, a fearsome confrontation with the sea.
A playground where imaginations wander.

“I bet there's dragons in them caves,” said Jimmy,
"and trolls and such, with fangs and fiery breath!"
“You're crazy!” countered John, (he read the Bible),
“'sides there's Jesus, He will shelter you from death
for now, make sure you're well and in good health." 

Skittering on slabs as slick as ice fields, 
tottering like lambs who've found their legs;
they played until the frigid water beckoned,
then splashed and frolicked, ducking from the heat.
Opening their back packs now, they settled down to eat.

It was then, the first time they'd discussed it,
Wally, Jimmy's brother, gone to God;
dead from cancer barely two weeks previous,
disconnected, laid beneath the sod.
Their tones were sullen, conversation somber.

“Is Wally with the Angels?” Jimmy questioned,
“Yes he is,” said John, “and safe at rest.”
They cycled home in silence, friends together,
and settled in their beds, forever blessed,
the moon endowed their dreams, a welcome guest.

Copyright © Keith Bickerstaffe | Year Posted 2009

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Blemishes I see upon my body
Destroying my own temple
Could it be that simple

Damned to dream
and not sleep
As so it seem
and soon I will reap

From my own hands the cuts
Showing the pain in my soul
Tarnished it would be
if it was up to me
Unable to separate from what you see

My mind waiting for the day
I could leave as me
All my flaws already known and shown
Could this be green with envy

Head down
with nothing to say
No ones perfect
Imperfection he seeks
the down and out
He would show peace

Copyright © April Walter Skyy | Year Posted 2015

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The Pick-a-Dilly Lily NR

The once was a Pick-a-Dilly Lily,
well, she was all green, don't you see?
Though her friends ran about willy-nilly,
she sat on the ground 'neath a tree.

Dumpty-Down rolled on by shilly-shally,
never stopping to spark, or play,
even acorns would not dilly-dally,
it seems they had nothing to say.

Lily's head bowed in sadness, she whimpered,
"Am I  jealous, that could not be!"
Then an ant walking by said "It's simpler!" 
if you could get up, then you'd see.

Fair Lily prayed all the day long, "Oh, please." 
she wanted to run, to move 'round!
She prayed to the birds, she prayed to the bees,
she prayed to the thunders loud sound.

The next morn Lily spied Roly-Poly,
a fat man who said, "come with me,"
Now, she sit in a vase holy-moley, 
not under that fine acorn tree.

The moral right here is really quite clear,
green with envy, you should not be, 
be happy where God plants you, my dear,
and enjoy the shade of oak tree.

*See About the Poem

Copyright © Debbie Guzzi | Year Posted 2013

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Beyond the Leash

The world seems to be quiet and out of its mind Not to mention the words that aren’t kind Messages that won’t complete the good thought Bringing cold air and the barren nature she sought Being of the kindness of men’s being Not often lord’s hope comes and bring Kings trade merchants, watch them waft by Crazy the Earth rotates, but does not cry My hour has come, the trees do color between the lines Blue, not green, with envy they cast their shines Open the fields grow and the times have bewildered Nothing can shock more than words that cindered Work those hearts of mercy to bring you peace As there isn’t anything that offers beyond the leash Coping the loss isn’t on the agenda today I must leaven my heart, together we might sway The total being of mindless works in play I say, you can purchase my soul, with love, I say Your heart is full of nonfiction, its true May the world beat another ray beyond what we do Russell Sivey

Copyright © Russell Sivey | Year Posted 2014

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The RED Taste of Words - Alliteration

R Grating teeth, my dander rising up With red and angry swirling breath Growls and snarls to right a wrong My fury knows no boundary E I’m green with envy at your feat Lean and mean your verses seem You preen - sweet deeds meet I keen - defeat will keep D Dare I dive in, dip and dibble Dainty prose comes out as drivel A daunting task, a devilish drill At my desk I dictate - then discard
Just for the fun of it :-)

Copyright © Suzette Richards | Year Posted 2013

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Trees Of Oblivion

Leaves release from their place of honor
Firm branches remain behind as naked
Look down on diamond blue hillsides fall
That origin, location where trees begin
With a proper perspective on leaf and limb

Held firm are the branches tilting forward
Acknowledging tomorrow from the womb...                                                        
The purpose is clear 
The objective was shade
But now, no more, as it is gone 

Shade disappears under the turtle tree
Exposed by the relentless sun hanging drunk
There in the total dark of space without strict discipline
Deciding to fire up the sky in search of hiding creatures
To burn them alive if necessary

Look under the trees void of leaves
Turtles fried white turned lifeless
They lay there, outed by the sun
And anything that lays beneath its scrutiny of light
There to be revealed by the barren bark dies

Stripped of what they were, trees surrender
A breeze takes their offspring leaves off to other worlds
Green with envy never to be returned
Trees have no secrets of their own
Where they come from only they know

To keep on growing is the goal 
Hiding in clear sight with roots intact
Making new leaves to start the cycle
Every leaf is released into oblivion 
Trees believe and follow their beginning

Copyright © Earl Schumacker | Year Posted 2016

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when colors collide

 I dated Mary Browne from out of town
 She was a lovely lass.
 She'd auburn hair and freckles and a perky little *** .
 The donkey carried her to Sunday school
 And all seemed well and bright.
 The lads were green with envy , especially Parson White .
 But big Bob Gray , on that fateful day
 Said ; " WOW !!!, she'd grace my bed.
 As he thrust his lusty hand at her,the poor girl turned bright red.
 Her *** was having none of this,
 He heehawed ... heehawed... " Don't dare " !!!
 And with a flick , lashed out a kick
 Now Bob Gray is gone much greyer .
 His eyes are now  pink bloodshot .
 His groin is black and blue .
 But now he sings soprano , from the very last church pew .
 Then Sheriff Green came on the scene
 Not knowing what to  do 
 Said "never mind , I'm colour blind , can't tell my pink from blue.
 My amber , mauve or lilac could be torquise , white or brown ,
 So saddle up your donkey and get your *** out of my town".

For  Olajide's color blindness contest .

Copyright © Sean Kelly | Year Posted 2012

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High or Low on the Brick Road; traveling to and from ones own abode.
The wind crashes, smashes cans and thus: My home waltzes in a cacophony. So long is the dead wait In my red ballon hands. Am I falling up or down?
Which is which is a matter of tempo as the little notes grow into full bands Now scared I go onward swiftly into the darkness for rest to be beaten by sins so originally
A lost resolve to continue on My courage faded and legs felt rusty The beauty of a flower delivered the answer Closed but then opening, spiraling awake Reveling and dancing to each new dawn.
Green with envy for what I had seen I chose to pour water on both flowers and fear Then instantly exposed the path back home as being nothing more than a palindrome Home is everywhere and everywhere is Home

Copyright © Joshua Pracchia | Year Posted 2014

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Opposites Attract

Full of hot air
Cool to the touch
Want to jump up and scream
Why don't you use silence as the golden rule
and sit down
Want to go left
But rights the only right away
Want to paint the town in grey
Who needs colour anyway
You find yourself higher than a kite
But than again as lower than a slug
Broken brain
Fix with glue
Filling your pockets with change
Just to find out that everything stayed the same
Red with anger
Green with envy
Let the darkness foreshadow your thinking
Lights to bright
No ideas
To racing thoughts
Walk up right
Run away
Who needs circles when you can have squares
Seniors and babies are the same
except for age, wear diapers, eat soft foods and have no teeth
Miss Miya

Copyright © Miya Fontaine | Year Posted 2014

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Avocado green
Emerald grass green are too
I'm green with envy

Copyright © Rick Zablocki | Year Posted 2013

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Poetically Pathetic Crow

Just enough to make it just
I want this to be enough to make this
The last song ever, the last note ever
The last romantically, poetically sad excuse for an apology, epilogue
But I've already messed up the melody that would've carried me to the finish line from this moment in time
So if you would allow me to pick up my fragile pieces, go back to my quiet solace
Hit reset and start all over again...
This Wild Life, my muse today
A consistent mainstay
I just hope it helps okay
I made a mistake, a miscalculation
A slight misconception
Played a song to induce tears
I knew it would hurt
You'd think I would learn
It's been gone for years
And I can't get it back
You'd think I would learn
Cause for years, it's all I asked
Then I said, "Get Away, Get Away
Just give me some space"
Hey, This Wild Life
Is it okay for me to turn this into a song for myself
Give it away, give it away
Let me have this today
Don't Say no, at least not right now
For right now, I'm not fine
I'm not alright
And there goes my melody tonight...
I called you here, stay here please
I will get this right
Sarah, hey how are you
No, please don't look so confused
No, you did nothing wrong here
No, you haven't appeared in a blue moon 
Forgive me, I just miss you
So soon, everyday feels so soon
Years too late and it feels so soon
Don't leave! Wait! Just hear me out
Please just stay, no don't turn away
I need you okay, I need you okay
If I told you to listen to this song
Would you say okay?
What did you do so wrong to me?
I turned the thought over and over in my head
Found negative answers instead
I turned the thought over in my head
And wanted to go home to sleep instead
I turned the thought over in my head
What did you do so wrong to me?
And there it is, the question it seems
You don't know and I don't apparently
What did you do so wrong to me?
Played our song on repeat as you told me constantly like a tape recorder mouthing off all your indecencies
As you washed yourself of me with love and all it's other drugs
Were you snug like a bug in your rug as you took your blanket shape shifting it like a knife constructed to pierce me
Were you happy knowing that you slit both my wrists and broke my neck leaving me dead
Did you ever once consider how I felt, did you ever even hear me when I said you were all I had left
Did you ever once hear me when I said you were all I had
You were all I had
There it rises, the problem I have with you
The anger, the rage your memory ensues
My gut says to hate you for all you put me through
The lies, the false goodbyes, the way you had me by rope tugging at me
A blind dog on all fours
My gut says to hate you
Call this the end, scream for you to
JUST GET AWAY, GET AWAY! Let me dabble in the misery you plagued me with this day"
While my heart says, "No, shut up. Sarah, I love you. Don't leave, stay with me. Sarah, pick up the phone, contact me. Sarah, I love you; say something to know you remember my name. Sarah, Sarah, Sarah please don't give up on me
As my mind bust out laughing maniacally, "She doesn't love you, why else would she torture you? Torture your insides till you felt like you were bleeding all the time? 
Why would she love you, embrace you when all your love was blind?
Why would she love you when you've been living in her vicinity; you've lived in the same city as her and yet you've only seen her face once 
Nearly collapsing on sight from a panic attack when you wished it, wanted it, asked for it
You cowardly fool, why would love someone like you when it's so much more fun to torture you? Muhahahaha!"
To be fair I thought you, Sarah, were all mine
Though maybe in truth my love was blind, I thought you were all mine
How many shared your fruit with me?
And that's what brings me to my dilemma
Why I called you here
Why I play this song on repeat, intentionally messed up the melody yet still keep it intact
Please don't go away, go away
Sarah, please stay
I am selfish, I don't understand
With you, I knew what it meant to be a man
Sarah, I'm lost without you
I'm no one, you were my dream come true
Sarah, I diluted myself with poison and revenge
I've turned green with envy, wanting you; demanding that you return to me so I can have the real closure I've wanted for so long
But all this closure that I seek, is for me to kiss your cheek and say see you soon
8 years later and it all still feels so soon
Don't get away, get away
Sarah, please answer me
Do you have any pleasant memories of us?
Do you think of us anymore?
I, cluelessly in love with you
You, blissfully radiant too
All I have are these downhill memories
A giant snowball of negativity
Please share with me what you have left
Sarah, please don't go away
I still carry pictures of you for my sake
So I don't run out of my house, screaming "where are you?!"
So I don't call your phone feeling blue saying I miss you
Sarah, please don't go away, go away
I need you okay
Sarah, please don't leave me all alone again
I can't keep screaming at your moving pictures saying I hate you with rage
I can't keep staring at your heart with wonder and puppy dog eyes
Thinking softly if I'm still there, somewhere
Sarah, please don't go away
I'm lost this day....
But she never answered me
She never heard me
I stare blankly at this mirror, envisioning her face
But it's just my own, twin streaks of tears rolling
This Wild Life singing softly
"Don't say it's over"
But it's over
It has been for 8 years
I've tried to twist time, make her mine one last moment for a lifetime
I saw it once, she was my forever
I am her never
What's funny is I know the words she'd say if she read this
She'd say incredulously
"Awe Russy, I'm impressed
You have a way with your distress
I love you too but there's no more room for you
I'm happy you see
You need to move on cause you won't be happy chasing after me"
But the thing is in small steps, I have moved on
There's a lovely lady I'm chasing west coast bound
I repeat for it to be real cause honestly it still sounds so make believe to me
That I am traveling to California to be with a girl I saw in the same light I saw Sarah 
And I'm terrified, terrified
So I call back on my first promised wife
I don't say hello, and I won't say goodbye
I'm just letting my mirror know that I'm letting you go
So it can pass it on to your reflection so you can see me in your eyes one day and finally get back to me
Just don't say I love you too...
Just tell me "I remember you"
Because I can't forget you too

Copyright © Crow thepoet | Year Posted 2016

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'And I want to be free
When my heart is made from gold
And forgiveness seems too bold
I still find it in my heart
To say, "I love you."
When my heart is made from gold
And the hurt is just too bold
I still find it in my heart
To say, "I love you."' -"Heart of Gold"  - Birdy

Your selfish love taught me humility
Your downfall, brought forth fluidity
To an otherwise confusing course
Along pathways long trod for generation's security

You took the first step to destruction,
In order to guide me to back away
I pulled you back, searing my skin
And you cursed my prudence,
The very prudence your actions taught

Now you green with envy,
Sifting my love with your negligence
With umbilical urgency,
I am, from you... me
And you,
Twisting and turning in the blood that cries to make you see, 
You are nothing but gold to me


Copyright © Laura Breidenthal | Year Posted 2015

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WHITE ~ At first GLANCE your overlapped petals are delicately fringed in      
                  shades of softest PEACH.
WHITE ~ A BUZZING of bees hover near, drawn by your enticing honeyed 
                  GOLDEN anthers.
WHITE ~ Your sweet FRAGRANCE captures the air around me until I'm 
                  aroused with the CRIMSON heat of passion.
WHITE ~ What luscious FLAVOR would you leave upon the buds of my
                  seeking PINK tongue?
WHITE ~ My hand longs to STROKE the length of your tender GREEN stem
                 as you bare it in expectation of being noticed.

(Glance, peach, buzzing, golden, fragrance, crimson, flavor, pink, stroke, green)

A glance was all I needed to bring a blush of peach to my cheeks. 
I am buzzing in anticipation for you to be framed in the sun's last
golden rays of the day.
Oh thorns, do not prick me so that a drop of crimson blood does not mask your mistress's fragrance from me.
A taste of you would cast shame upon the pink stains left upon my lips
from a strawberry.
Other flowers will never feel the stroke of my hand upon them. They are green with envy because they cannot compete with the depth of your BEAUTY.

Copyright © Lin Lane | Year Posted 2015

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The Glow of Eve in my Eyes

I have the glow of Eve in my eyes. Genesis.  In the beginning there was heaven and earth.  Here I am in the Garden of Eden looking at the tree of knowledge, the tree of good and evil, and I think alright, I already have foresight.  Epiphany. I felt that was not blasphemy to feel that way, nor was it sacrilegious because if I were not religious, I would not be in the garden of Eden.  The plants were green with envy and the water was blue with denial.  It id summer in Le Afrique and I am free and feeling good.  I felt emancipated from birth. My heart beat and that was an emancipation.  When I touched my rib cage I knew that there was one rib still belonging to a man.  But it is mine now.  I am feeling good and feeling free. C'est le vie. C'est fini. Et tu Brute? Is that what I am so suppose to say?  Brutus has yet to betray Julius Caesar so what would be the point in saying that? I am free to walk through this garden capisce? There is no need to fight there is no need to take physical flight I am alright.
The flutter of a butterfly's wing can cause a typhoon across the world.  And so maybe I will twirl and turn from that tree of knowledge. And so I am here without a doubt.  And I doubt that I have to continuously smack my lips and shake my pointer finger about. And what about antonyms?  That was rhetorical. It would only be logical to understand that Genesis and Revelations are not antonyms.  IF I get forgiveness for wanting to be alone, maybe we can talk about Revelations, maybe we can just be silent. Skeptical I am that I am here alone. Revelations.

Copyright © Tameka Brent | Year Posted 2016

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if but and also
all ran down a street
whose cousin’s mother’s sister
legalized love’s distant dream

with in on and beyond 
following closely after
a key hole of time’s future now
spooked bejesus out of bounds

when shoes string along
black wholes green with envy turn
worms come out of closets
knots know not to sing a song

who’s to tell this from that
when clocks ring hollow
and all gods feel sorry
for four score is no more

the measure of all that entails
enshrined within without’s about
debts delinquent devout doubt
morrow’s mourning mewing moss

cons an injunction positively plain
predating position’s posture to fame
signing is a song’s sad dismay
crossing is a road without delay

as gold to ash dust turneth brown
merely’s mostly mitigating moves
shakes the earth’s shivering please
bordering boundless broken bones

if the sun’s heart skips a beat
then your turn will ours become
and if water cries life’s complete
put it down thou will be done

tomorrow is a stranger’s rising night
yesterday’s rose incites my light
love plays dangerous games
whose rules bend time and blesses names

the quill of now rests in peace
also how never more then ever
is not who is once was was
trolls never words were whether

Copyright © Yorn Called | Year Posted 2014

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u no who u r

I believe in the
Power that exudes from the
Very pores of love

A shroud if you will
Or if you won't, we'll not be

Rather be weaving
On a cellular level
To protect and serve

Some call it Sunday morning
Fellowship others may keep
Score with sweet karma

might look like a buck
For the one legged junkie
Down on the corner

Click each day for free
On the rain forest website
Hug a tree a day

Teachers know the way
Adopt a pet /plant /orphan
Doctors volunteer

Maybe dance naked
Beneath the silver full moon
love has many names

Love your neighbors all
Green with envy got the blues
Pink pink you just stink

Bless the mental case
Pity on all the poets
And we're all poets

Oh! those that deny
Clueless 'cause of the brainwash
They don't even know

Long lost forgotten
land of the TV worship
Too lazy to know

Call it what you like
Grateful to be your partner
You know who you are

Copyright © kristi hayner | Year Posted 2010