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Tribute to Harambe, The Gorilla

Harambe, living in captivity...
mock forest of the Cincinnati Zoo,
in human world, as well as you can be,
beneath those peering eyes, that visit you.

And what bad fate for you when suddenly
without your fault, a child falls in your space.
At first, you seemed to act quite caringly;
you held his hand and looked into his face.

But then the shrieks of humans made you wild
and frantic, as you soon became afraid.
You dragged him to and fro, that little child...
and chaos then ensued, decisions made.

If only they had found a simple way;
removed the crowd from scaring you with screams,
perhaps your primate nature would then play
into a more protective stance, it seems.

Or maybe darted you to bring you down
and not forever, just a little while,
to rescue the small boy and take the crown
for saving both and ending with a smile.

Poor Harambe, Gorilla, your sad day
to have them end your life for their neglect
of building an enclosure that some way
allowed a tiny child to fall direct.

Within your borrowed space of humankind,
where you knew not of freedom, nature's way,
you had to face your end of days maligned
as a dark beast to pay the price that day.

Harambe, living in captivity,
mock forest of the Cincinnati Zoo,
not many of you left on Earth to see;
so sorry that this fate has come to you.

Sandra M. Haight

~1st Place~
Contest: Any Poem You Ever Penned
Sponsor: Broken Wings
Judged: 06/08/2016

Copyright © Sandra Haight | Year Posted 2016

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Rain Forest a collaboration

The trees soar high into the sky 
Monkeys dangling, now swing 
filling the air with screeches 
Colourful parrots take to wing 
of reds, yellows and oranges 
drowned by the dripping water. 

Man-eating plants on guard, 
Fresh rivers of fruit and bark 
ground to the gorilla 
Orchids of oxygen supply the wind 
Vines hang peacefully throughout 
the rainy garden. 

~A Poet Destroyer Collaboration~ 

poem of the day 08/02/2015

Copyright © Shadow Hamilton | Year Posted 2015

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THE IDIOM I MADE UP IS - HE EXPLODED LIKE A PRESSURE COOKER My son has returned to our home He’s mouthy and just loves to moan Now nothing is right We constantly fight He’s like a dog missing its bone! His wife was once such a good looker Her red lips she just loved to pucker After botox and filler She looked like a gorilla ... He exploded like a pressure cooker! The tension between us is rife I’m his mum and not his ex wife But his reaction is mean Shouting, letting off steam She left him because of this strife! Create an idiom contest Sponsored by Jesse Day TOTAL FICTION WRITE! 07~28~16

Copyright © JAN ALLISON | Year Posted 2016

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Bring my love home

She's dying over and
From the insanity of
the missing 
The heart will
Though I wouldn't
dare say this
At the sky she
She says life must
go on
I must go on
she says

I don't want to be
without him 
As she opens the
second bottle of
If I'd had a choice
I'd of gone with him
But I'd never wish
for him to ever feel

This crushing
Not for a instance

In the night she
thinks I'm sleeping
But I hear

Dear God
I was wondering if I
could have a moment
of your time ?
I know your a busy
bloke and that,  
your tired with all
these voices
shouting up at you, 
I would be too.
But I thought I'd
give it a go.
I know your the
universal spirit and
there's  lots on
your mind, 
so I tell you what
I'll talk and you
can just listen, 
give me your views
at the end.

I was wondering if
you've looked in on
me lately
See God 
I'm feeling
incredibly unhappy, 
Distraught you could
miserably alone.
I know there's
millions, probably
I don't know the
but no matter.
I know there's
other's wanting your
The people dying
from cancer or 
The African village
women screaming for
you to stop the men
taking their kids, 
Putting them on
smack to fight there
twisted gorilla
Our boys in
Afghanistan getting
maimed and

So firstly I was
wondering if it's
normal to feel this
way ?
You see I think of
him so much he
enters my dreams as
soon as I close my
Is this your doing ?
Tell me what I have
to do to stop this
Tell me when I reach
the other side I'll
still be me,
Tell me it's ok to
still cry silently,
 without even
Tell me how to stop
the tears,
Tell me,  if this
ache in my chest
Tell me,  I'm
standing this pain
to be with him
Go on tell me ??!!!

I'm so alone I bet
you got all the
Angels up there
keeping you company,

Hay I thought they
were supposed to be
down here looking
after us ?
Point is, the real
point is
You got something of
mine and I want it

I'm not blaming you,
well I am sort of, 
I think your a
really good bloke
but took too much
We all do it now and
then don't we.
I mean the church
wrote your book
didn't it, 
It's really down to
Matthew , Mark ,
Luke, and John,
you should really
send them boys down
I know a lot of
people who want a
word with them.
They're responsible
for war, 
Famine and mass
Because be honest
all wars start at
religion one way or
another don't they.

I'm Sorry I've gone
off track,
What I was saying
my dad told me if
he'd of died when he
got kidney failure 
It's God's will.
Well if it's your
Do me a favour and
send my husband back

I wasn't finished
with him yet.

And if you can't do
Tell him something
for me,
Tell him I love him,
But lie, say I'm ok.
Say I'm getting by,
I got sleeping
tablets off the doc,
Say I'm almost
Not to worry.
Tell him I'm rushing
towards death for
That I've stocked up
on vodka.
God, tell him I'll
be there soon.

Copyright © little known nothing | Year Posted 2014

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Spidy Man Dragon

Dragon saw a Spiderman costume at the local department store.
We were there for Dragon Food- You know- little charcoal briquettes.
How else could he keep his fire a lit, on a cold and snowy night?
Naw, just kidding… They’re big briquettes for a barbecue that night.

Dragon suddenly wanted to be Spiderman. I wish this, you could see!
His suit stretched so very far… then add a tail and wings to the spree. 
He put the local spiders busy, spinning a great web in a very, big tree.
Unfortunately when he sat on it, he weighed a tad too much! Golly Gee!

It had left him hanging, upside down; nose to the ground, until his fire lit!
Next he tried to climb the walls, but couldn’t understand why he didn’t stick! 
So he used a whole tube, or two, of Gorilla glue, just to finally do the trick.
He was finally able to hang upside down, tho he couldn’t get back down, Quick!

Being a Hero Spiderman is tough, with a tail, and it’s said, a very strange mind!
He used Silly String to shoot webs from his hands. It didn’t work, not one time.
Silly String blew back into the air, getting stuck in his wings, tail, and hair.
He had to fly, to stay in the air, plus he didn’t stick when he finally, got there.

Sadly, it didn’t do well with fire. Can you say the word ‘poof’? When it sprayed!
You can say: He didn’t have enough legs to stand on. Get it? Spiders have eight!
He quickly tumbled into despair as he kept being confused with… Lizard Man…
Also: Swamp Thing, the Creature from the Black Lagoon, and Tree Frog Man…

Finally, he became known as ‘Dragon Fly Man’, and was back within the game!
I’ve always told him: If you can’t beat em! Join em! So that became his refrain.
Dragon cruised all over town, as he looked, to some how, finally, save the day.
Suddenly, a farmers’ bull got lose, and spied the Sheriff of CrazyLand. O..K..!!!

You guessed: He was bending over, a red bandana, hanging from his back pocket!
The bull tossed his head, put it down in position, then took off like a giant rocket!
Dragonfly swooped in, just in time, grabbed the sheriff, and lifted him in the air!
Flying toward the farm, he bumped the sheriff on the ground, often, but with flair! 

That was because; they say… his costume, every so often, got in Dragonfly’s way!
And of course the Bull added insult to injury, a time or two, adding to the fray!
All were saved, tho the Sheriff might have trouble sitting down, for a little while!
And everyone said, his cape, with its Capital D, was perfectly worn, in great style!

Now I ask you… Who said Dragon, when flying, can’t hit the broad side of a barn?
Well, the Trolls arrived swiftly, fixed the fence, and rebuilt the barn, so badly torn! 
Yes, it ended as a Great News Day… With film at Six… on TV… they say!
The Moral: Super Heroes come in many forms, so just be ready to save the day!!

Written 9-19-2016

Copyright © Carol Eastman | Year Posted 2016

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Active Emotions

The aardvark who was ashamed looked at the floor
The ant that was angry banged on the door
The bee who was bold ventured on a quest
The bear who was bored drew upon his vest

The cat that was calm never entered rage
The cockatiel who was content sung in his cage
The crocodile that was cheerful looked very pleased
The deer who was disgusted brushed against the trees

The dog who was delighted wagged his tail high
The eagle that was envious soared across the sky
The goat that was grateful helped a near farmer
The gorilla that was glad ate his banana

The giraffe who was grumpy didn’t like the day
The horse who was happy galloped all the way
The jaguar that was jealous ran away far
The monkey who was mad jumped upon a car

The parrot that was proud brought aloud his voice
The snake that was sad made a poor choice
The seahorse that was silly caused a lot of strife
The tiger that was thankful loved to enjoy life

Written by Geraldine Taylor ©

Copyright © Geraldine Taylor | Year Posted 2017

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Pranking the Lemurs

The lemurs perched on branches,
Fluffy tails all hanging down;
Their faces looked like rubber
And their fur was russet brown.

There might have been a dozen
In this part of the display,
When something happened that
I don’t think happens every day.

A piercing, noisy, clamorous
Cacophony of sound
Erupted from these animals;
Their terror was profound.

Such agitation, so intense,
(This was the real megillah)
Was triggered by a man who made
The noise of a gorilla.

I guess it was convincing
For the lemurs were quite crazed;
And those of us who witnessed this
Were equally amazed.

When they calmed down, a child piped up,
“Dad – make that noise again.”
The father acquiesced, to prove
The intellect of men.

The lemurs, though, did not react
For instinct did suffice
To let them recognize the fool
Who’d try to trick them twice.

Copyright © ilene bauer | Year Posted 2012

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Godzilla's Cousin: COLLABORATION

Susie's pet name was Wanda-zilla and hailed from jungles near Manila. Her poetry was swill so to pay all her bills she did strip shows for native gorillas. She went to merry old U.K. To make more money stripping all day. When folks voted for Brexit they meant Susie must exit to get rid of the smell right away. BY DALE GREGORY COZART Susie looked like an ugly gorilla A cousin of that monster Godzilla With flaccid pink lips And wobbly fat hips She appeared on the video ‘Thriller’   The director who chose her that day Said Don’t put on your make up today” … With no mask on your face You won’t look out of place And your dance moves will blow folks away”   Susie then thought she’d found the answer She’d work as a naked pole dancer But not one man would pay They said please go away … Put your clothes back on you fat chancer! BY JAN ALLISON Wanda-zilla is a great name for ugly, Susie Always batting her eyes like a low-life floozy Painted lips on a gorilla Looking like Phyllis Diller As a pole dancer she must've been a doozy BY LIN LANE Godzilla saw her and stole her away I think he wanted to toy with her play but she put up a fight all through the night and insisted that she had to stay BY MYSTIC ROSE She seductively ate a banana with zeal But that day it just got too real In her ugly mouth It all went south Her and a banana without appeal! BY ROGERPAT ADAMS

Copyright © Dale Gregory Cozart | Year Posted 2017

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Lunar Ticking

American cosmonaut
Humanity is tethered to the line,
sweating vacuum fear facing the void
Planet of the apes ...
	backwards talking
Silent film projector reel
spinning in reverse ... time capsule re-entry noise
Caveman slug in a spacesuit
	retrograde crawling
Mushroom cloud cinematography ... 
flashback to the future Stone Age trajectory
	And Superman in a Captain America spacesuit
		      ain’t trying to save no one

The giant red star of Krypton
       orbiting Washington
is gonna explode, 
sucking the Earth into a black hole

Listen to the Neanderthal war chants
devolving into military gorilla grunts
Toraburu   ...   Rising sun trouble coming
Hear the nuclear choo-choo,
rich uranium promises ain’t worth nothing
Woe, woe ... woe!
Tick, tick ... lunar ... tick, tick
Trouble means Toraburu,
choo-choo ... choo-choo
Woe, woe ... woe!
Tick, tick ... lunar ... tick, tick
lost in space translation
Hear the choo-choo,
around the bend coming is nuclear devastation

	And Super Tweetman in a Captain America spacesuit
		     	 ain’t trying to save no one

The white dwarf star of Krypton
         orbiting Washington
is gonna implode, 
sucking the Earth into a black hole

Superman can you climb
out of the bottomless black hole?
American cosmonaut 
	moonwalking ...	
	backwards talking ...
	retrograde crawling

Toraburu   ...   Rising sun trouble coming
Hear the nuclear choo-choo,
rich uranium promises ain’t worth nothing
Woe, woe ... woe!
Tick, tick ... lunar ... tick, tick
Rubble piles of Toraburu,
choo-choo ... choo-choo
Woe, woe ... woe!
Tick, tick ... lunar ... tick, tick
trouble for the United Nations
Hear the choo-choo,
around the bend coming is global desolation

insanity curse is coming soon
Death smoke from the choo-choo,
will blot out the sun and moon
Woe, woe ... woe!
Superman is kryptonite sick
Woe, woe ... woe!
Tick, tick ... lunar ... tick, tick
Captain America is radiation sick
Woe, woe ... woe!
Tick, tick ... lunar ... tick, tick


Copyright © Freddie Robinson Jr. | Year Posted 2018

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Role Reversal

Am I wrong to ponder Just how inconsiderate we are From where we used to be Today we think we're stars Trust me we're no twinkle In anybodies eyes, frankly Internally we should despise Simply look how we treat the innocent When they'll never produce our whatever Meaning means that Inhumane, as humans sever Lets just close our eyes Whilst role reversal plays When a Gorilla tells you what to do Do you have the balls to say nae Will this ever happen What humans dreams becomes I truly hope their dreams come true Evolutions succumb

Copyright © James Fraser | Year Posted 2017

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Cousin Bell

Cousin Bell moved into a maisonette,
Was promptly told she could not have a pet
Not a cat or dog
Not a fish or frog
What about a gorilla she just met?

Copyright © Caren Krutsinger | Year Posted 2018

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A Summer Sonnet For Harambe

Harambe was my gorilla boyfriend; Harambe's greatness you could not deny; He was met with a most untimely end; Harambe was one hell of a big guy; Harambe outshone the bright shining sun; Harambe was not you average boy; The ending of his life was from a gun; My boy Harambe did not injest soy; Harambe did not enjoy anime; He was not like an actor from a show; Harambe was a true friend who said, "hey"; Harambe stay woke cause he always know; Harambe the gorilla with the brain; Harambe knows everyone knows his name.

Copyright © Harambe In Heaven | Year Posted 2016

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In the streets of nowhere he walks
Speak spoken hidden hateful eyesight in beverage 
Nonstop he walks non-important talks

Crawling in self made soccer boats dodging slippery tear drops
Props made to paint identity in shapeless self applauded props 
Sweeping sharp eye-sights walking talks
Truth in scripts packed in blocks 

Nonstop he walks his spoken talks puking hidden garbage
Driven pimps pimping backseat mirrored lies 
Like a champ teasing gorilla champions in a 
Stripper pole amplifying two minute goals 

He cares not of paparazzi talks spraying 
Limping walks rushing recognition in paper walls
Skilfully walking his eyes on walls painted in rainbow anthems

Paper clips hiding lips closed in case emergency kill second thoughts 
Repairing unbroken licensed evil thoughts 
Walkers in ports transferring electrified blood suckers
In volts burning wet tongues 

Handheld emotions throw unstable expressions 
Cocky tones walking military brain expressions
Lip syncing surprise gestures 

He walks regular speech flavours  
Sleep talking dreams 

The walky talky 

(c) Ray

Copyright © Young King sa | Year Posted 2014

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God's Return Ticket

God's Return Ticket

Did you ever wonder about the Almighty’s criteria or selection process for reincarnation of souls back on Earth? Just think some famous politician, movie star, sports figure,criminal, dictator, and so on could use “God’s Return Ticket” to appear once again on our earthly plane one day as another person in body and spirit. Yet, how would you react as a transient soul in God’s Kingdom if you found out that your return options would be perhaps as an elephant, a gorilla, a lion, a toad, a snake, a bird, a dog, a cat, a fish, a whale, a snail, an octopus, a flower, a tree, an insect or even some type of inanimate object. The possibilities when one thinks about these options could be practically unlimited!
Now that I’ve maybe captured or at least heightened your attention to this spiritual possibility (even if just for the sake of conversation), imagine for a moment in the reveries of your mind and imagination of what it might be like to return to Earth as one the following:

A Former Man as a Woman: This time around you might have a definite edge since you subconsciously know how men think.

A Former Dictator as a Peacemaker: Historical first-hand knowledge of having been a brutal leader may enhance your efforts in negotiating peace in the world. (One can only hope!)  

A Former Hobo as a Wealthy Person: You’ve got a man now who may be respectful of those who are less fortunate. Such a wealth person may become a budding philanthropist. 

A Former Criminal as a Man of God (priest/rabbi/minister): Well this would be a turn-around whereby a former criminal now has the advantage of being a Man of God and has a direct connection to what he perpetrated and experienced when he was on the other side of the law. This experience may make him a better priest, rabbi or minister in the end. 

An Elephant: A quite stately and wonderful mammal indeed whose presence certainly enhances the Animal-Mammal Kingdom on Earth. Elephants are vegetarians and by their nature are not a threat to anyone. Returning as one today could be problematic given the mindless decimation of their herds worldwide by merciless poachers and criminals who represent one of the most sadistic and despicable parts of the “human race” today. (Let us all hope these individuals go straight to “Hell” when they die one day for what they’re doing to our elephants!)

A Gorilla: This could be viewed as a step back from whence you came as a human being, that is, depending on your views and belief system concerning evolution. I would think though it would be better to come back as a Gorilla in the wild than being one in a zoo. At least you would have your freedom, but then the challenge to this would be doing your best to survive the many poachers who would be trying to capture or kill you and your Gorilla loved ones!

A Lion: This choice might not be so bad. Just think, you could return as the “King of the Jungle.” A word of caution is in order though: stay in the wild and avoid being captured and put in a zoo or your “King of the Jungle” days will be past tense.														
A Toad: Just think, you’d acquire the unusual ability to hop around on “all-fours,” eating your favorite insects, and making croaking sounds all through the night.

A Snake: These reptiles are scary and are probably not the first reincarnation of choice. The real question might be what type of snake would one come back as. Good Luck! 

A Bird: Coming back as a bird would give you a chance to switch over to a diet of worms and help you to develop and hone your skills chirping and whistling all day long. Enchanting!

A Dog: This could be an interesting return to the mortal world. The question would be what size and type of dog you would come back as, and would you be the “quite type” or a “barker.” At least you’ll be man’s best friend.

A Cat: Being reincarnated as a cat would make you very popular with cat lovers and just think—you may end up inheriting the complete gene set for the nine lives’ gift of regeneration. Not bad at all! 

A Fish: Returning as a fish may give you satisfaction in knowing that you are a vital part of the world’s food consumption. If you come back as a specialty fish this might not be the case. Beware of returning as a Piranha, unless you plan revenge on someone who wronged you in a previous life. But as a Piranha—you won’t have many friends.

A Whale: Returning as one of these majestic mammals might indeed be a quite fabulous experience. Size matters in this instance and commands respect, but beware of poachers—another courtesy of mankind—at its very worst.

A Snail: This existence back on planet Earth may not be the most pleasant for you’ll be subjected to possibly being eaten or squashed by an inattentive passerby. Your very slow self-mode of movement will be challenging too.

An Octopus: Imagine your ready mobility in the sea and the newfound extent of your manual dexterity as you move under the water. You could be the new found hit of the underwater sea party!

A Flower: This could a wonderful experience especially if you were to be a radiantly beautiful flower. You would be a welcome addition to the plant world and could be the focus of people who seek out your beauty or perhaps want to pick you as a symbol of love and emotions. Think Red Rose!

A Tree: Well a tree may give a reincarnated soul a chance at a much longer finite life on Earth before dying or being destroyed by man. At least one would have the satisfaction of knowing that their presence as a tree would help improve the carbon dioxide imbalance on our planet. 

An Insect: A lot of insects are really nasty, but if you can make it back as a Honey Bee or Butterfly that would be grand.

An Inanimate Object: Just think you could come back as a plain old rock or stone or a seashell.

Enjoy these possibilities! 

Gary Bateman, Copyright © All Rights Reserved – February 7, 2015

Copyright © Gary Bateman | Year Posted 2015

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The Father Day Gift From Dragon

Father’s Day was coming and Dragon was already, in full mode.
Hubby was his Hero, a true Papa, like in every story ever told.
Everyone was talking about what’s, to be, their Papa’s Day gifts.
Yep, TV salesmanship had done, on Dragon, a great big, mighty trip.

It had to be a secret, so Grandpa Troll would be the one to supervise.
Hubby’s sacred workshop, found itself, in the making of the prize.
It had to be both: useful, yet, perfect in our little Dragon’s eyes, so… 
He picked a brand new, blinged out toolbox, his hands would supply.

Yep, naturally, mayhem ensued, as he ran out of kiddie glue, too soon!
Grandpa Troll turned away, only a moment; it’s true, as Dragon, well…
He picked up a ‘HUGE BUCKET’ of illustriously strong, Gorilla Glue! 
He’d blinged out the handle, not thinking, of it’s need to be held, on to.

When he picked it up, the bobbles came unglued so he proceeded to redo!
Yes, using the Gorilla Glue! He slathered it greatly, with a big paintbrush.
It dripped all over, till the open, folding compartments, were solidly stuck.
But they’d never have closed, anyway, with so much bling! Good Luck!

Dripping glue, from the brush, stuck hammers and all, to the new bench top.
Including Grandpa Troll, when he tried to free them, by chiseling them up.
Grandpa Troll, made a mistake, by reading the can, by holding it to his face.
Dragon just then, turned around, knocking the contents, all over the place!

Surely, you knew that was coming! Can’t tell me! You surely didn’t know!
Yes, as Grandpapa Troll fell over backwards, he got stuck now, to the floor!
The can came backward, knocking him on the head and stuck, to his forehead.
He was soundly knocked out, as Dragon knew his goose, was definitely dead.

Dragon got the idea to melt the glue, by adding a little of his fire, to the tools.
Gee, it didn’t melt! Who would have ever known? I wouldn’t have had a clue!
But now, there were great big gobs of flaming Gorilla Glue, on the bench, too.
Fortunately, the ceiling fire extinguishers, rained down on this parade, today!

But then, the glue puffed up, growing in the rain! A problem, don’t you think?
Now, in total panic Dragon decided, the fire extinguisher, off the wall, to take!
He let lose the nozzle, spraying slippery foam everywhere, even on the stairs!
Well, at least it ended better than it did last year. Yep, definitely by compare!

Hubby was shocked as he ran down the stairs, but then slipped, and well…
He’ll be out of traction soon, and I won’t tell him of his tools death knell. 
His woodpile’s water logged, and stuck in a glued up mushroom cloud.
But on Father’s Day, Dragon knows: that his Papa will be so very proud.

And the Toolbox is priceless, with it’s stories about the Gorilla Glue foam.
Yes, we’ll replace everything, clearly, before his Papa DOES, get home.
What finally happened to Grandpa Troll? We won’t ask and he won’t tell!
Moral to the story: NEVER underestimate the trouble Dragon can entail!

In parting: Happy Father’s Day… to all of you… my Friends… out there!

Copyright © Carol Eastman | Year Posted 2014

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It is a witchy tradition to pass down your first broom to
The next generation, but poor dear sweet Mable inherited an eye 
Sore from her elder granny, the handle topped end was crooked
In a twisted bent way, the middle was weather warped and taped
Together by gorilla glue, but the worst part of all the broomy
End, which instead of straw horse hair hanged like a droopy tail!
Embarrassed, Mable begged to have a different choose,
But her mother would not hear of it, it is a tradition 
After all, so make it do child, is all that she would say!
On Halloween night, all the other witch children took to flight,
Proudly riding propped side saddle upon their magical broom
Sticks of pristine condition, but poor Mable suddenly came down
With a mysterious cough!
Don’t you worry her mother said, I’ve got just the cure for you
My dearest daughter, some raw eye of newt will fix what allies
You, oh know Mable cried I’d feeling better already sorry got to
Fly, leaving her dear sweet mother laughing!
Jumping upon her broom stick of utter embarrassment, Mable
Zoomed straight upwards towards the moon, it zigged than zagged
Against the night skies, this youthful witch had a hard time just
Controlling the wobbling hobbled handle, than she felt something
Give way beneath her very bottom, the middle was splitting!
In complete horror Mable screamed, and in that moment
A disembodied voice spoke upon the winds of Halloween,
It was her long past away granny’s voice, child believe in 
My broom and it is a marvelous mystical thing!
So Mable spoke to this her witch’s broom, I believe in
You, and at that very moment, this object of distain
Turned into a golden rod, its misshapen bits shone
In brilliance against the moon’s illumination, piercing 
Through the darkness, oh my Mable sighed!
But at the end the horse hair still clung, the brooms
Energy level was low, time for refueling so to the dark
Side of the moon, where the nearest scare station,
Was located, here a stray cat jump upon Mable broom!
Skat cat, poor Mable tried to drive this calico kitty away,
After all she was a witch you know and only a black cat
Will do for her familiar, but this kitty poised itself on
The horse hair end, as if it were her place always!
Mable tried to lose it by dodging between satilghts,
Yet Mr. Tag-A-Long four paws held on with all its might,
Alright she thought we’ll test your true grit, in a free fall
Drive she zoomed, side swapping between power lines,
And street telephone poles, but when she turned around
The cat was still there, grinning right back at her!
Again her Granny’s voice spoke to her, I’ve sent you a
Gift my girl, my familiar if you’re nice to her she,
Turn into the finest kitty you’ve ever seen, so Mable
Leaned backwards ever so slightly, and patted the 
Ugly thing, and it changed right before her eyes,
Into an emerald eyed, black cat with sleek fur of 
Ebony, and the horse haired tail changed into a proper
Straw end!
Oh thank you Granny, Mable declared, I’m sorry
I judged your gift by looks alone, I’ll never do that
Again, and from that moment on Mable the witch
Judged things on a different scale, by what lies within
Not by appearances, the end!


Copyright © cherl dunn | Year Posted 2015

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I don't know why she's done it,
She normally is quite sane,
Mum said she bought a new gorilla,
It really is a pain.

She said she put it in the kitchen,
Not far from the sink,
What if I want to go to the tap 
And get myself a drink.

I wonder how large it is?
If it will sit with us to eat?
I wonder what we'll name it?
And where it's going to sleep?

But when I tip-toed to the kitchen 
A large animal I didn't see,
It was just an electric griller 
And mum cooking lunch for me.

- more poems like this can be found at:

Copyright © john williams | Year Posted 2015

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A Dirge For Harambe

Something Wrong,
I Hold My Head,
Harambe Gone,
Gorilla Dead.

Copyright © Harambe In Heaven | Year Posted 2016

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Three Dreams

As a child I had recurring dreams
Of Indians, death and gorilla themes.

The Indians rode on painted ponies,
So real they seemed, they couldn't be phonies.

Turned out they were real and scouts to boot,
My Dad was tapped out, ain't that a hoot!

The gorillas were loud and right outside,
I cried to Mom, I had to confide.

One morning she woke me and said "Listen up!"
My gorilla was only two bird dog pups!

But the worst of all was my dream of death,
I was dying or dead and couldn't catch breath!

Just how would I die and when would it be?
Turns out I'd have to wait years to see.

Mom said, "Never fear, for Jesus is here."
"Just pray to The Lord, and keep Jesus near."

Soon the dreams faded, gone from my life. 
Understanding my dreams, had lifted my strife.

Copyright © Ray Dillard | Year Posted 2013

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A Hubby and Dragon Easter

Ever wonder, the sort of things that Dragon and Hubby do when together?
Well never fear, I’m here to explain a Spring Day routine in good weather.
Easter was upon us, as they worked out in the sun, getting the yard, so ready.
Yes, for the Easter Bunny to come, and to make the wee ones, oh, so happy.
First they had to make the area, so perfect, for the Grand Easter Egg Hunt. 
That means those pesky little moles will simply, have to get out of Dodge.

Working together, Hubby opened up a mole hole and hollered, fire in the hole.
Dragon puffed hot air into the hole, as moles popped out from… everywhere.
Oh, bye the bye, they weren’t singed, for Dragon blew only hot air, my friend.
Then Hubby collected them quickly in a basket to take them to a better home.
Somewhere else, far… far… away, where scampering children will not roam.
Here, everyone stomped the molehills down, so none, could fall over or within.

Then, Hubby let Dear sweet Dragon, use the leaf blower to pile the gumballs.
You know, those spikey, golf ball size things, with sharp edges all around.
Perhaps, a tad better, directions on where to blow them could’ve been found.
For Daddy was heard going Ouch! OW! OW! Before he got out, from in front.
Finally, those little nasty spikes were piled, and ashed, and placed in the can.
This deserved a big reward, as Dragon proudly, heated a pot of hot chocolate.

Yes, Dragon added his own dear warming touch, before the coco passed around.
But never let it ever be said, that a new lesson can’t be learned, and theirs was…
Never! Bring a smoking Dragon to a hayride, as Hubby & Dragon finished off… 
The Night… In a blaze of glory… or rather… with a little touch of fright! 
The Easter Egg Hunt was to start early, so the Easter Bunny joined us at sunrise.
We all went to work, except Dragon, cause with him, nothing stands a chance.

Puddle-ie goods of yummies tend to take the fun out of the Easter Egg Hunt.
Suddenly, Dragon tried to trip the Bunz, with his tail, but the hopper, prevailed!
But by then, Dragon was totally flustered and trying to whomp him with his tail!
Then, Hubby arrived, to save the day, and find Dragon with a Cheshire cat grin.
Not to mention the bedazzled cape that said ‘The Easter Bunny’, in all out bling!
If that didn’t give up his plot: Those great big Bunny Ears tied upon his head did.

When Dragon couldn’t stop the Bunz, his penguins with their first aid box… did.
The Bunz was becoming a mummy when Hubby hurriedly rushed to intervene. 
Tho, where they might have taken him, might have been priceless to be seen.
In the end, a truce was formed, and the Bunz got Dragons cape. And Dragon?
He got to give the Bunz a ride, smack dab, in the middle of the Easter Parade!
The penguins learned Bunz's nose isn’t broke, just because it’s short and wiggles.

Thank goodness Hubby got there in time, or a Bunz with a Gorilla Glued-in beak 
Might have been hard to explain! … The End

Copyright © Carol Eastman | Year Posted 2015

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A Gorilla Face

Countenance quite disturbing, in need of a file
happiness on the flee, one thousand and a mile
nothing to disguise
wrinkles grow in size
wild facial expression slapping a ban on smile.

Copyright © Funom Makama | Year Posted 2016

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Metaphoric Lesson I Am

Though questions queued up in my attention’s pages I am an animal                                                  
I am that gorilla dream your bird flew over to shadow his series of dreams

The greasy mechanic patching up beyond repair words 
Spare words kept safe for friendly evil skies rushing backdoor love bites
Mastered the equations of divorce math problems at the wrong age
Love had unfamiliar taste
Time and aging became my trusted school                                                        
In the jungle of death a mother got lost
She could not find her way back from headache’s hidden post
Heavens assured me it’s for angelic reasons 
In and out of heaven season
I designed myself for her, Not reasons

Crawled Walked and wheel chaired multiple plausible lanes
Took no break my courage was on steroids
Feathers were too bright for a cage
Dreams turned into food for haters
Stumbled and rumbled obstacles like the soloist

Lips broke up with fear the relationship was always on tears. 
Personality fought automated choices
Wrong turns came in hateful traffic 
House of brain always furnished with useless opinions addicted to escapism

With no entrance fee or sign-in brutality 
I entered poetry's galaxy 
Six minute poetry taste became a lifetime bite penalty
Met a queen at the right age
Slapped my sleepy respect for female age
Page by page scrutinized love for her boss instructions 
Acting bossy pissing all dirt brought from the past cruises 

Till then I still wonder where I get all this ideas
She passes all preset exams
Questions I live with no answers 
Where do I get all this ideas 
The real me still wonders
In the jungle on Africa
I prefer scary dreams 

Copyright © Young King sa | Year Posted 2014

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World gone mad

World gone mad

Shots are fired, young kids expired
Schools are closed, no educators hired
Diseases spread, haven't you read
Land mines sown, too scared to tread
Where will it end, this world gone mad

The seas a mess, plastic detest
Clean the pollution, the only solution
Elephants, rhino, a homeless wino
Corruption rules, a madman drools
Where will it end, this world gone mad

The wilderness is tamed, the land all claimed
Oil prices falling, temperatures soaring
Bombs blasting, religious fasting
Third world dictators, forever asking
Where will it end, this world gone mad

Guns for sale, train left the rail
Planes falling, black boxes calling
Cities flood, covered in mud
Migrants marching, hope ever lasting
Where will it end, this world gone mad

A world of dread, monster under my bed
Famine unfolds, stories untold
A mother mourning, a daughter calling
No food to be fed, she'll soon be dead
Where will it end, this world gone mad

Sabers rattling, old men prattling
Wars unfold, soldiers grow bold, broken returning
Cowards at war, a broken door
Nuclear waste, left in haste
Where will it end, this world gone mad

Seas are rising, not surprising
Glaciers melt, the heat not felt.        
Politicians yawning, fish not spawning
Whales dead, harpoon in the head
Were will it end, this world gone mad

Fossil fuels heating, Opec meeting
Nothing resolved, riches unfold
What have we learnt, the forest all burnt
Climate is failing, our children be wailing
Were will it end, this world gone mad

What can we do, dead gorilla in the zoo
Ignorant youth, electronics a hoot
Eight billion people on a planet for two
Who's the boss, I'm at a loss
Were will it end, this world gone mad

Copyright © John birch | Year Posted 2016

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Limerick crochetes: Our great uhr-Father from Africa

Limerick cochetés: Our great uhr-Father from Africa

Our great uhr-Father from Africa
Hallowed be Thy fame in high Valhalla
	The Asian walk-about
	Down backbone coccyx snout
Who didst Thou mate in Peninsula Malaya

To produce orangutan Malaysia
Did our great uhr-cousin Gorilla
	Chimpanzee when in doubt
	Precede Thy walk-about
Swinging from tree to tree to Australia

To judge by great life in Southeast Asia
Smoke-filled lungs from HAZE in Sumatra
	Death penalty for tout
	With drugs- Hell for khalwat*
Is there doubt who preceded whom from Africa

•	khalwat:  (a Muslim – all Malays - religious law) 
According to which, no Malay may marry a non-Muslim nor be found in close proximity giving rise to suspicion of promiscuousness, law enforceable by religious courts whose officials are empowered to spy on offenders and report their activities to the relevant authorities

© T. Wignesan – Paris,  2015

Copyright © T Wignesan | Year Posted 2015

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my bet

I bet on a horse and it won
50 quid is not a huge sum
So I bet again and still won 
But 100 quid is still a small sum
So I bet again and guess what?
Yes, I won
But 300 quid is still not a big sum
So you know what I did? Yes u do
I bet again and yes I won
But 500 quid is not a big sum,
So I decided to go to the zoo 
to buy a gorilla who had flu
I got him cheap, but he was big, 
bigger then my 500 sum
I bet  he could swim, jump, play 
polo and clean out a sump
He did all this with much glee, but I 
am still not rich you see
My poorly gorilla costs me a lot, the 
vets are an expensive lot
So my 500 quids are no more, and 
my gorilla looks sad even more.
So I sold my pet to my vet, cus he 
wanted him as a pet
Now I have 500 to bet, and yes on a 
horse. I bet
My horse was called gorilla in the 
Gosh what a fantastic twist.
Surely my horse should win this 
race, and yes he did, at a casual gait.
Now I have 1000 quid to my name, 
so back to the zoo, for some other 
I brought a giraffe, with my stake, 
he had a long neck and he smelled 
But my story ends here as my Dr 
Come on he said to me, what have 
written on your pad?
Wow said my Dr that’s just great, 
now time for your medication date!

Copyright © gary phoenix | Year Posted 2013