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I learnt the language of silence
She declares
Miming is painful for the little girl
So that her eyes moves to the rhythm of xenoglossy- Silence
“Peace!” She declares as her eyes gloss over the leaves of the fall.
Pastel shades  and spilling beans.
Of course she has no words for spilling beans and pastel shades.
Miracles do happen- the rhythm of xenoglossy
The language acquired without teaching
Visits the deaf girl
So that she feels the silent words in her bones and often in her skin
Not on her tongue.
Writing is too painful for her little hands
Reading impossible. Her green gaze is held
Permanently on the fluttering of the wings
Then a smile on her pursed lips.
Xenoglossy- bona fide kind

Beneath the xenoglossy of her own.

Copyright © YASEMIN BALANDI | Year Posted 2017

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Weapon Not The Problem

One country some often say
Since banned firearms day
Is safer than the USA

There really is no truth in that
Mass shootings there rare before Act
Little or no change after... fact

Though mass murders no reductions
Some five plus killed on six occasions
Difference was no guns as weapons

Along with USA's mass shootings...
Other countries have mass stabbings
frequent car attacks and bombings

All countries have problems this we know
People with agendas gloss over for show

May 7, 2018

Copyright © Susan Gentry | Year Posted 2018

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Love Sorrow

        blood pouring forth . . . red

           yelling . . . hate  r a d i a t i n g 

                                      shooting, dying . . .  why

“A voice was heard in Ramah, wailing and loud lamentations . . . “ Jeremiah

“. . . so much weeping!  Such a burden of lamentation!  I will not gloss over the terrible pain and sorrow that comes from vanity and anger, but neither will I forget the final word of resurrection. “  Eugene Petersen

David Meade
Live Generously

Copyright © David Meade | Year Posted 2015

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To Gabriel

I gloss over my moods
With a sparkly L’oreal
And lock eyes briefly
With no one in particular

Strangers seem plenty
I’m wary of the city 
Its perversities I distrust
Even its curiosities I spurn--

But even the homeless have homes; well they must
Maybe a pedestal in someone’s heart; Thus 
Give them claims to life and trust; But
They leave me energy for one thing, just!

Copyright © Misheel Chuluun | Year Posted 2009

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With You

The water gentle and still
Silent and calm
The sun setting nearby
I sit here with you. 
The sand sprawled messily for miles
And you and me among them
We sit and watch and I love you
I sit here with you. 
The sailboats full of dreamers
Pass by in the orange light
A crab crawls by night 
I sit here with you. 
Your skin burned from the sun 
And new freckles appear on your face
I count every single one
As I sit here with you. 
On a blanket from decades ago
Full of as many memories as years
And just as many tears
I think of them as I sit here with you.
I clear my mind each thought 
Until only one remains
And that’s you next to me 
As I sit here with you. 
I never want this to end 
But I know that it must 
All silver must rust 
I think as I sit here with you.
In your arms tonight 
I’m feeling more than alright
I feel free and right
As I sit here with you.
You wriggle your toes in the sand 
And I'm in your arms
Feeling so alive
when I sit here with you.
Years will pass before we come back here 
And that blanket will be torn more each year
And I fall deeper and deeper in love as I sit here
As I sit here with you.
I must be crazy to be falling so hard
But long ago you captured my heart
And I knew it was you from the start
And now as I sit here with you.
The waves crash down 
And you ask me to dance
And you spin me around
As I fall in love with you.
And I don’t know if this will be enough
But we’re getting tangled up
And maybe even falling back in love
As I dance with you.
Your fingers in my hair
You’ve melted away my every care
And there’s not one moment to spare
As I fall in love with you. 
I want to capture this moment 
And replay it forever
I’ve never had my heart beat so fast
As now when I dance with you.
And the moon comes out 
And you still spin me around 
And I kiss you so proud 
That I fell in love with you. 
This moment goes sober
As your eyes gloss over 
And you sink down lower
And I fall in love with you 
You pull out a ring
And all I can think 
Is you make my heart sing 
I’m so in love with you. 
You spin me around 
We go one more round 
And the sun already went down
But I’m still dancing with you 
This has to be a dream
I've never been so happy
And no one’s ever loved me 
I think as I dance with you 
The moon waves goodnight
And I loved tonight 
Let’s do it one more time
So I can keep falling in love with you. 
Just another chance at that feeling 
So I can feel it everyday 
And feel the motion of the waves
And the way it felt to fall in love with you.

Copyright © MaryEllen Gozzo | Year Posted 2014

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Prisoner of the matrix loaded

Prisoner of the Matrix loaded
Prisoner of the matrix loaded

Cattle within the herd
cages within the slaughter
Profiteers prey upon the wounded
Branded comodified beings consumed
In consumption
Led to the plunder of themselves
Within the plotted grids of bondaged earth

Still between the ranting cheers
On the verge of winters coming
Man made structures of our makings
Chemical worlds implode upon themselves
Shadowed light distorted
With the DNA rekindled
Of the place we are found today

Cameras follow in the distance
In the cold mechanical establishment
Within the ministry of fears
Passive apathy of its loathing
Within the banality of our times
We become our own police
And become the servants of its master
Do its masters bidding without its knowing
Loss of self within the crowd
Alone within its distractions
Censored from their thinking beings
To express what’s needed
Established laws to rule the herds
Silenced voices amidst the waving grass
Gate keepers limit access to
Those denied to speak

Like foot prints upon the open mind
Moving toward the light we seek

Elders of the red skies clouded
Still they dream of pastures plenty
Caretakers and protectors of the land
Spirit walkers of mother earth
Witness to age were under

Ubiquitous standardized markets
Manufactured all the same
Conveyer belted tasteless products
Mechanized world all but dead
In Orwellian times today
Categorized labeled and distracted
Controlled within the mind itself
Isolated alienation from the nature of ourselves

Institutions of their orders
That mold the way we are
Reinforce and established rules they use
With the power of its authority one day
Shall come to rest

Within the machinery between the shadows on the walls
With in the world we tread
Beyond the facades of constructed systems
Beyond the status quos
Which validates its own existence

Empires expanded till they fall
Jails so filled which become our homes
Lands so plundered
Till all but bare
In the guises of doing good 
Endless wars where wealth is made
Where church and state are one
Randian worlds of the abyss
Compulsive obsessions within its greed
To plunder all that bleeds

Through the status quo’s of its normality
Obeying laws with hands held high
Where cold steel of bullets fly
Amidst the children in the streets

Walk with me oh my brother
Heads held high and knees not bent
For which the calls of freedoms coming
Within the everywhere of nowhere

With all things one and no divisions
Within the center of its core
in the seeds that become the trees
where reality is one
in the non-doing of its doings
transcends the emptiness within its fullness

cries from the abyss that no one hears
with all its lies distilled
fractured men in fractured lands

sleep of the machine
wakes to greet the urban sun
shinning cities from afar gloss over
what lies within 
amidst the streets at shadows edge
homeless by the score
migrant slaves that do its bid

prisoners of the matrix loaded
six of one before its other
in the village of nowhere standing
stands a man upon its shores

outstretched arms within its reaching’s
tries to climb beyond its gates 
and escape for freedoms sake
declares his mantra for its calling

a freeman not a number
he will make no deals
his life his own 
not be pushed or be filed
stamped indexed or be numbered

numbered six he seeks the one
which he finds is he himself
the enemy deep within 
conflict between the individual of 
its collective
amidst the social constructs that we build

conformity within normality
its own instructions of mass destructions
within the mass extinctions of our day
standing still we feel alone
amidst the urban deserts of decay

authority of intimidations
Institutions of dehumizations
within the inquisition of the mind

mass distraction rituals 
of the daily grind
mass consumption of entertainment
fill our brains beyond the 
rapture of its pain

beyond the myths of their creations
within the prisons
though pawns within their game
break the chains is destined
within the dignity of resistance

Socratic dreams of realization
critical minds extending
calls forth in its freedoms coming

within the matrix 
waking from its sleeping dream
knowing what is true and real
to feel the pulse of living being

unplugged outside of its inside
between the knowing and its walking
where hearts and mind embrace
as one

Copyright © Ronald Tirino | Year Posted 2016

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Let's Pretend

Let’s pretend the world is okay
And that life is really good
Let’s forget for just a few hours
Things aren’t happening the way they should.

Let’s forget the pain and heartache
And all the lies and misery
Let’s gloss over the imperfections
Of this thing called you and me

Let only beautiful thoughts
Intoxicate your head
Let’s fall into each other’s arms
Then let’s fall into your bed

Copyright © Andy Morfett | Year Posted 2016

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I look around and all I see is emptiness.
Surrounded by souls but my mate is nowhere in sight. 
I search deep into my thoughts in an alternate world of colors. 
There is where you reside, along with the voices in the back of my mind. 
I find you sitting on the edge of the lustful cliff, next to the fountain of love. 
The zephyr striking your hair strands as the multicolored sun runs a radiant gloss over its floating self. 
There I stand, leaning against the tree of reasoning. 
Admiring your beauty and wondering if what I see is mirage. 
To walk towards you, or to admire you from afar? 
An unanswered question that hypnotizes me into the emotion known as infatuation. 
How strange to detach in an already detached world. 
Transcending into through my thoughts trying to find myself, 
But instead I find you. 
Are you an answer or are you a threat? 
A perilous journey that drives me to a dead end. 
A high voltage fence lies ahead, I frantically turn around only to find u standing behind. 
Speechless with wide opened eyes I stare blankly at the figure in front of me. 
What I was seeking has found me. 
I standing in between Death and the truth. 
To run away, or to face my fate? 
So many questions yelling inside of my head trying to escape,
But not a single word is said. 
Sitting on a park bench I get a grip of reality. Awakened by the pouring rain that washed away my wild thoughts. 
Observing everything with virgin eyes. 
Exploring every visible thing till I manage to go back to the state I was, 
before I was assaulted by the thought of you.

Copyright © Rahima Espat | Year Posted 2015

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Hide the Details

Everybody got a Hollywood life story
to tell
More meat on the bone
give juicier bites 
to sell
Nobody ever turns in a tarnished silver screenplay
Those warts and mistakes
get Photoshop casting couch edited away
Baby Jane rude attitude don’t make the cut
Knife in the back ...
unfriend me Alan Ladd attacks
are given no alimony Alamo 
Jim Bowie trailer publicity gossip scuttlebutt
Flash only the best Angelina smile
when the Alfie Hitchcock cameras roll
Oscar-winning performance style,
looking thru a tinted Vertigo window
Got sexy Brad Pitt eyes that Brando glow
But kissable Bacall lips 
don’t tell all that they Marlon know
Oh, Lauren say it ain't so!
Que sera sera, Que sera sera
Lovely Doris Day
Pretty Woman 
Viva Las Vegas Jolie ... 

Change the character plot
in the middle of the Elvis Presley movie
Hide the dirty Snow White details ... 
only let ‘em hear
34th Street Miracle Rosebud sleigh bells
Acting real Harry Belafonte, being so Lena Horne ...
still won’t hide the Carmen Jones stormy weather truth
A Dorothy Dandrige Star ~ West Side Story Born
got Judy Garland ways, so Phillip Marlowe super sleuth
Trading Places tabloid box office ticket trails,
peddling access to the premiere party
Hide the scandal, gloss over the gross details
A-list companions: Graceful Gene Kelly
and cool Spike Lee
smoozing with sexy starlet Hallie Berry
Gotta goody, goody
red carpet market the film
Indie producers never like to go out 
on a self-credit bad rep limb
Glida guile strongly Hayworth suggest
to script hide any weak supporting details
Best director auto bios Deja Vu invest, 
be bumping a dapper Denzel angle to sell
Color Purple ugly costumes 
duly love to makeup a nice,
Cinderella low-budget 
Fairytale projector spin
Hiding the unsavory plumes ... 
Fatal Attraction detail price 
be the Ruby Dee nugget 
Lords of Illusion reel end

Some Bette Davis souls wear Three Faces of Eve,
you never know which one they got on
Today, a different Margo personality 
said the other hidden faces got the details wrong
Plenty Hollywood stars fell from the sky,
and a few Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest
Keeping their McMurphy’s Law stumbles secret, 
they never Nurse Ratched tell you why
Hide the details in a Errol Flynn pirate treasure chest,
say Humphrey Bogart told you not to tell no one else
Or there might be Mutiny on the Bounty,
so make sure you keep it real close to the vest
The more they don’t know about Marty,
the Strawberry Blonde risk gets critiqued less
Write down to The Last Detail, 
keep it Buddusky hidden well
With every frail Marilyn misled Monroe fail,
there’s always another shape-shifting story on sale
Those hip Jayne lips never gonna Mansfield reveal
Some like the details Tony Curtis hot ...
but It Takes A Thief to keep it hidden well
Because everybody 
got a Hollywood blockbuster life story to sell

Copyright © Freddie Robinson Jr. | Year Posted 2018

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Sweet alternative

If you hedonistically entail to wage a war
If you are possessed by the longing to eradicate
If you fathom the nitty-gritty of the havoc
If you need to endorse your prerogatives in life

Leave free reign to your rational mind
Pull out of this inequitable,rotten,imbecile game
Ditch and this greed for pogrom gloss over
Thwart your apex for evil and hatred tame

Morph into something humane and peace prop up
Vent your indignation on war trivialities
Elect to live off the grid and continue to fly
Then without beating about the bush poverty target

Let wisdom sink into your depraved,wicked soul
Designate your catbird seat among peace devotees.

Copyright © Abdelwaheb dhaou | Year Posted 2015

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Colour Chart

Try to numb it down, dumb it down
Gloss over it and paint it with a smile
Rose-tinted gloss paint
With a hint of insincerity
Somewhere between Violet Desolation
And Optimistic Yellow Glow
I paint my own colour chart
Backwards from the finish to the start.
Hopeless, helpless? Then Passive Blue
Is just the right one for you;
Lost and confused best suits Muddy Brown
If you don't know if you're up or down
But when it gets too much, I find
It's easier to be colour-blind.

Copyright © Abi Morgan | Year Posted 2012

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Lunchroom Tears

She removes her hands from her face
to reveal harlequin  tears
strolling down salt colored cheeks
that glare with a thin layer of blush.
Green eyes gloss over
and pour out in public.

Her boyfriend carries on.
He laughs and he plays,
while she sits next,
while her entirety bleeds
out in salt water ectoplasm.

She runs her hands
through firey red and orange dyed hair.

Her eyes dry;
take a look inside
and one can see her hurt.
She hurts, she hurts, she hurts.

If the eyes are windows,
I can look through
and see a monster.

It jumps from organ to organ.
The monster climbs ontop,
punches, digs its long, yellow nails
into each.

We've all suffered that monster.
It's a distilled sickness
that wears a cloak of paranoia,
rests it over one's shoulders
to watch them squirm.

A common ailment
we have all experienced, or will.
I have,
You have,
The potbellied harlot on Main St.
The teachers,
The Cubans,
The old Russians.

Fret not,
For with the expulsion
of this lunatic demon
Comes life,
Comes wisdom,
Comes strength,
Comes a new appreciation.

So raise your chin, young cherub,
look up child, young, fragile darling.
Your day looms anxiously
as it waits to blanket you.

One day, you will meet the King Of Men.
He will shine bright in your teary eyes.

Think high, apple blossom.
Wade on through your tears;
allow yourself the chance to bloom.

Copyright © Alex Bruinekool | Year Posted 2010

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the slow strangling

on wednesday we’ll find out 
via Amnesty International,
just how many Palestinians have been
kept in Israeli prisons
without trial &
though the slow strangling of a people
will not cease,
light will be shed on the stark reality
of Palestine’s imprisoned---
yet as the US continues to
pump funds into its little arms box
in the middle east,
constantly increasing the aid it gives its little brother,
the mainstream media conglomerates acting on its behalf
will no doubt gloss over the issue if it is even mentioned at all
(doubtful), rather it will continue to 
point its holy finger at China, 
wanting them to release the prisoners still left from
the Tiananmen Square massacre
23 years ago.

the pot drills on 
screaming “black” at the kettle,
by beefing up the Israeli economy with the development of
new companies there & 
throwing scraps in aid to the
Palestinians, with mr. hope & change’s administration
insisting that not a cent be given to Gaza or spent on
road construction &
as turning a blind eye
to the relentless encroachment of settlements
eating up the few crumbs of land left to Palestine
is never a problem for the US,
the complete swallowing up of the nation seems to be
what is being planned.

regardless of the punchy punchy talk 
that Israel’s government continues to shout at Iran
(because it can),
the US will back whatever crazy ****
Mr. Netanyahu ends up doing,
helping the insane to go further beyond the pale,
strangling one people slowly,
while getting ready to start a war
which may be the one to end them all.

Copyright © andrew delapruch | Year Posted 2012

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Once More

I'm folding paper airplanes
I know will never fly,
Crumple them after
And I'm missing 
The basket every time,
I'd say I'm off center;
The earth isn't rotating
The way it should;
Something is off kilter,
She is gone,
Killed her heart
Driven to suicide,
Soul released
Like a flame put out,
But she took part of me
With her dying breath,
I'm a desert barren;
No rainy clouds
No breezy sun,
Just cold as death
Within me,
Where did she go?
Though I know the answer,
I'm neglecting it,
She'll never be back
And all I can do is reminisce,
Memories refresh,
Gloss over her pictures;
Cry at her laughter
I won't hear again;
Might as well give up
All my senses,
What use is it all
If I can't see her once more...

Copyright © Nestor David Armas | Year Posted 2012

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Future tough

Nothing positive about the future to write 
The future seems shite 
That must be why
I only write about what has come pass
The good bit's I somehow gloss over the bad bit's 
Because I have short term memory loss
When it involves shame and blame
So what of the future ?
Ask me tomorrow 
And I will tell my pen to lie
If I don't like the outcome 
Ill just polish my paint's 
And get someone else to play me
Portray me
As a multiple gold winner
Thinner and Majestic 
Modeled in plastic 
Science fiction 
Like making predictions 

Copyright © Christopher Flaherty | Year Posted 2017

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The Mask Itself is the

For the shadow of death comes closely after humankind
though no one ever saw the face behind the mask, humankind,
from the unclear expression and vague outline of the mask,
must visualize the expression of the face and realize 
the inner heart of the being behind the mask, 
in order for survival. The uneasiness, therefore, 
lies always with humankind

Not because humankind loves a peace, if a track is snapped off 
from an armored tank that rushes through with a deafening roar, 
the tank must stand still for a moment to gain time to repair it
or to rearrange its strategy to attack the foe. the uncertainty, 
therefore, lies always with humankind

For the peace is a limited one, when the tank, a vicious killer,
loses its function as a ruthless slaughterer and stands still,
the peace conspires for another fight yet to be ought 
though humankind is tired of war. The misery, therefore,
 lies always with humankind

For the mask stares with piercing eyes, though humankind 
dislikes the word 'nil' that brought in the world at the time 
of birth tightly in the fist like a faith, shows the smile 
to gloss over the heart. Nonetheless, the mask itself may be the death 
the agony, therefore, is the life of all humankind   

Copyright © Su Ben | Year Posted 2015

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The Cranium and Premium of Injustice

Take society’s attitude
Towards indifference as given
Although women abhor gratitude
For societal foibles forgiven

In the face of the Christian faith
That burns within a woman’s soul
When Providence breath
Scores a salutary goal

In consonance with the motto
One cheek slapped, the other cheek slapped
In a pilgrimage grotto
Where 2Pac rapped

All eyes on me
As though a woman were leper
Society loved to hate with glee
Alongside a pauper with no caper

To boast of
In the sight of men
Who grudgingly brandish love
As an inducement to women

Treated with contempt
Used, oppressed, dumped
In a haughty attempt
To get machismo start-jumped

In the full bloom of the sickness and ugliness
That womanhood suffers
In huge doses of humiliation and sadness
With no compensatory offers

For remorse unfelt
Hair tousled and unkempt
Expectations raised and unmet
In an egregious event and attempt 

To gloss over injustices
Unleashed on the fairer gender
In equinoxes and solstices
That demand women’s surrender

Although the new millennium
Demands fairness
In the cranium and premium
For women’s unstinting happiness with boldness.

Copyright © john sensele | Year Posted 2018

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The scarred desk, littered
with the wrinkles of young,
melts into chocolate

easter bunny

My ear mutters
"Are you there"
not able to finish

my homework

she reduces herself to glossed lips - 
they gloss over everything

turn on the light

Copyright © Carolyn Dewey | Year Posted 2018

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Yesterday's Dreams

I sometimes sit and wonder
If it was a dream in all its splendour
And I think back without dwelling
Do my eyes blink and tears are welling

For looking back for the good is worth a smile
And I want to gloss over my grey file
Don’t worry for it’s hard to remember
The pressure and reasons now are obscured in its render. 

© Paul Warren Poetry

Copyright © Paul Warren | Year Posted 2018