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A Hubby and Dragon Easter

Ever wonder, the sort of things that Dragon and Hubby do when together?
Well never fear, I’m here to explain a Spring Day routine in good weather.
Easter was upon us, as they worked out in the sun, getting the yard, so ready.
Yes, for the Easter Bunny to come, and to make the wee ones, oh, so happy.
First they had to make the area, so perfect, for the Grand Easter Egg Hunt. 
That means those pesky little moles will simply, have to get out of Dodge.

Working together, Hubby opened up a mole hole and hollered, fire in the hole.
Dragon puffed hot air into the hole, as moles popped out from… everywhere.
Oh, bye the bye, they weren’t singed, for Dragon blew only hot air, my friend.
Then Hubby collected them quickly in a basket to take them to a better home.
Somewhere else, far… far… away, where scampering children will not roam.
Here, everyone stomped the molehills down, so none, could fall over or within.

Then, Hubby let Dear sweet Dragon, use the leaf blower to pile the gumballs.
You know, those spikey, golf ball size things, with sharp edges all around.
Perhaps, a tad better, directions on where to blow them could’ve been found.
For Daddy was heard going Ouch! OW! OW! Before he got out, from in front.
Finally, those little nasty spikes were piled, and ashed, and placed in the can.
This deserved a big reward, as Dragon proudly, heated a pot of hot chocolate.

Yes, Dragon added his own dear warming touch, before the coco passed around.
But never let it ever be said, that a new lesson can’t be learned, and theirs was…
Never! Bring a smoking Dragon to a hayride, as Hubby & Dragon finished off… 
The Night… In a blaze of glory… or rather… with a little touch of fright! 
The Easter Egg Hunt was to start early, so the Easter Bunny joined us at sunrise.
We all went to work, except Dragon, cause with him, nothing stands a chance.

Puddle-ie goods of yummies tend to take the fun out of the Easter Egg Hunt.
Suddenly, Dragon tried to trip the Bunz, with his tail, but the hopper, prevailed!
But by then, Dragon was totally flustered and trying to whomp him with his tail!
Then, Hubby arrived, to save the day, and find Dragon with a Cheshire cat grin.
Not to mention the bedazzled cape that said ‘The Easter Bunny’, in all out bling!
If that didn’t give up his plot: Those great big Bunny Ears tied upon his head did.

When Dragon couldn’t stop the Bunz, his penguins with their first aid box… did.
The Bunz was becoming a mummy when Hubby hurriedly rushed to intervene. 
Tho, where they might have taken him, might have been priceless to be seen.
In the end, a truce was formed, and the Bunz got Dragons cape. And Dragon?
He got to give the Bunz a ride, smack dab, in the middle of the Easter Parade!
The penguins learned Bunz's nose isn’t broke, just because it’s short and wiggles.

Thank goodness Hubby got there in time, or a Bunz with a Gorilla Glued-in beak 
Might have been hard to explain! … The End

Copyright © Carol Eastman | Year Posted 2015

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Georgia On My Mind

I've lived in Idaho before they turned our state sideways to resemble a gun
Seen lively conversation stop midsentence aftering catching a glimpse      Of the sun

Yeah and some may say we got rivers, but they're dead wrong.
These are God's Tears      And He still hasn't forgotten
How beautiful it is here.

Or perhaps it's something more,
and it's just His way of saying      I'm gonna miss you.
One last parting gift before saying farewell
to the edge of the world.
Maybe it's a free-fall into insanity      Or a flower becoming unfurled
Cause who would have known I'd ever be leaving
... not across the street ... but to Timbuktu

And for those who have been so inclined
to keep track of me
I'm sure y'all know
That I've got Georgia on my mind.

I'm told they got red clay and mud lakes
with river names that are a mouthful      Or maybe it was the humidity
But to me the only thing that's green is the okra and them fried 'maters
(my envy surely isn't)
They tell me that I live in the City of Trees, currently,
but honey      We got the entire eastern side of the New World
Or perhaps it was all a practical joke and I'm REALLY moving to Jamaica
... with the amount of limbo that's been going on in my heart

Maybe our landlord secretly takes pleasure
in watching lives fall apart.
(or maybe she's an angel in disguise
telling me that the time is come
for a change)

It's all so strange      And in any case
It's happening regardless      Whether Life's Tragedy      Or God's Comedy
Soon my domain will be reduced to that of a Cardboard Castle:
No king, no queen ...... but I hear they got a jester;
and if we're lucky, we can invite him over for kicks and giggles
when it all becomes a Yardsaler's Utopia.
Heck. Maybe I can convince those suckers
that our lemonade is actually liquid gold
and we can raise enough money to get out of dodge.

(maybe my mind would be clearer
if when I looked in the mirror
I didn't see such a God forsaken hodge-podge)

Perhaps it'll all work out
or it will all go south

(figuratively? literally? I forget which)

But then my spiel ceases      Thinking of my nieces
Whom the last time I saw      Left me in pieces

I've got one Madelyn Amelia
who just discovered the moon.
Her sister too, a rosebud,
but still in bloom.

Can I chase them to edge of the field
and twirl 'em around like a sack of potatoes?
Or just get teary-eyed in brief remembrance
of my life here in Idaho.

Can I wrap 'em in my arms forever
as they go Merry-Go-Rounds
around my heart?
Or will it be like it was before,
see ya sometime      maybe never

Yeah for those that have been so inclined
to keep track of me
I'm sure y'all know
That I've got Georgia on my mind

... but do they sell midnight tickets,
that go sailing off to the light of dawn?

... or just go careening off
the edge of the earth.

Copyright © Timothy Hicks | Year Posted 2016

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Heavenly Music

Heavenly Music

Instead of all of them still yelling EUREKA
What they ended up with was TOPEKA
Kansas where banjoes they will strum
And State Capital will never become.

Would it to many make much sense?
If an Arabian actually lived in Laurence
On horse thinking he was hot to trot
With him all the women he brought.

While State of Kansas you were touring
Was worst thing you could be enduring
They said go ahead and get out of DODGE
Like there ain't no room at any lodge.

Suppose purple was color we all wore
Went to heaven and not here anymore
Would God always allow us to be musical
And if so should we bring an acoustical?

James Thesarious Hilarious Horn
Retired Veteran and Poet

Copyright © James Horn | Year Posted 2016

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The place within the fire

Heavy is my soul
its hard to breathe
i tore out the bricks of the fire place
and in the room prior
i ripped up dirty magazines
crupling protsest
so the witches and voices and gods 
would forgive me

I've cried for years
of the perfect crime 
I never got away with
A mental victom o fmy own doing
to the substitute teacher with the last name 
of an alcohol company
and a room fire that spread like word of mouth

Don't do drugs they say now
from town to town
i was known
smart and creative
wise and noble
yeah right
i was going somewhere
going to be a doctor or a nurse
babysitting the parapalegic and autistic
and then fell into the wrong crowd
lost my sanity
dabbled in the occult
and this is the story of the original fire
an epic
of a haunted house

I tore out the bricks of the fire place
never premeditating my crime
I let the cat outside
and repented all of mankinds ways of pornographic clippings 
as i crumple dup page after page to scatter my bedroom floor

i fought it
i struggled
i tried
but the divine intervention 
of the list i was on
of the drug dealers who were out to kill me
was too strong
i had to get out of dodge
and after praying to god and repenting my sins

she kicked me out
and i lit me room on fire

she walked by the broken fireplace
like foreshadowing
never knowing the perfection of its metaphor she would one day speak
of how she was metaphysical chess
and my exit of schindlers list 
and her children were in danger
she walked into my room to tell me to leave and found
crumnpled up naked images
that would later be set aflame
walked downstairs to find her daughter already awake in her bed
terrified by my chanting of repentence of me fighting the evil within
then she found me 
in her habitat
with candles

she told me to leave
the ghosts ahd beckined me
the voices had told me
the oracle had forewarned me
but nothing prepared me for what was happening

i walked into my room
bags already oputside on the curb

i struck the match
now or never
the protest of arson
the protest of drugs 
and selling youth short to alcohol and cigarettes
the protest of ***********
and word of mouth i am trnasformed
such confusion
such wickedness i have become

i never knew gods love 
could do this
save and condemn
be loving and cruel
i lit my room on fire
i still remember the scream
the ambulance and firetruck came

Copyright © Troy Nelson | Year Posted 2006

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Racing Until the End

My heart's pounding. . .
My breath's racing. . .
Just trying to get out of dodge.

I can't take it no more
I just need to get away 
And get away fast. . .

Take me now. . . Oh Lord please
End me in my missory
End the pain and the sorrow

Let me out of this world 
And let my soul fly free
High above the clouds

I want to see friends and loved ones
that's went on before me
Oh please dear Lord- take me away

I can't take this world any longer
I need to get away. . .
Please Lord. . . Amen

My heart is still pounding. . .
My breath is still racing. . .
I'm still trying to get out of dodge

I need to get away
Or get out of this place
I'm running and not looking back.

I'm standing up for my rights
I'm breaking free. . .
But one day I'll be out of this place.

I'll see all the faces
That I'm longing to see
And I can't wait until my Journey Ends.

Copyright © Rebekah Lynn Richards | Year Posted 2009

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I'm way overdue for some excitement
need to get out of Dodge and have a little fun
I think a vacation is just what I need
a little lovin wouldn't hurt anything either!

this nine to five is dragging me down
I keep taking what they're given 
and they keep adding more
I think R & R is just what I need
a little lovin wouldn't hurt anything either!

Copyright © Jo Bien | Year Posted 2010

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New Kingdom Sign

Outside of the holy cubic building,
there was posted one sign four times 
on the tall, jasper walls:
No guns allowed!
It was written in Lamb’s blood
nailed to a cross
Then were heard
the rumbling hoof beat sound
of the Second Resurrection outlaw gang,
they were a-fast coming
And two angels of God
met them unarmed,
at the entrance of one of the twelve pearly gates
Those two cherub sheriffs
told the rebel gang this one thing:
In the brimstone city of God there is no killing,
so get out of Dodge — 
There are no guns allowed!

Copyright © Freddie Robinson Jr. | Year Posted 2017