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Death by Chocolate

Sandy was a chocoholic,
The worst I've ever seen!
If she didn't eat some daily,
She'd become crazy mean!

It didn't matter what kind it was,
Ice cream, cake, pie or candy,
As long as it was chocolate,
Sandy was  fine and dandy!

Then one day the unthinkable happened,
To the chocolate loving miss,
While eating her favorite candy,
She choked on a chocolate kiss!

"Death by chocolate," the coroner concluded,
As to the cause of Sandy's death.
At least she died doing what she loved,
Eating chocolate til her last breath.

11/21/11  for Natalie the Rogue Rhymer's 
"Die a fun Death" contest

Copyright © Kim Merryman | Year Posted 2011

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Bibbety Bobbity bunny went shopping with his mum She bought him a pogo stick so he could have some fun For other bunnies had teased him about his enormous ears Poor Bibbety got so upset he’d run to his mum in tears Now he’d got his pogo stick he’d bounce around all day Couldn’t wait to show off and hear what other bunnies say Some bunnies gathered round him to see what he could do He gave one ginormous bounce and into the air he flew Bibbety Bobbity bunny had bounced oh so very high He left the earth’s surface and landed in the sky The other bunnies shouted for him to come back to land But Bibbety went zooming high, he was feeling oh so grand Hopping on fluffy clouds of iced pink cotton candy Bibbety thought life in the sky was so very fine and dandy For now his long floppy ears acted as a propeller He became a bunny helicopter, oh what a clever fella Bibbety Bobbity bunny thought he could have a little fun By dancing on the rainclouds and blocking out the sun Hopping about on misty clouds made him want the loo There are no toilets in the sky, what should poor Bibbety do? A stream of rabbit droppings falling from the sky Could really hurt someone if it hit them in the eye So Bibbety grabbed his long ears and made a bunny nappy He floated back down to earth and he was really happy Bibbety’s pogo stick just disappeared and his flying day is over He now just plays in his garden and nibbles sweet spring clover 10~20~15 N/A in contest judged on 05/21/16

Copyright © JAN ALLISON | Year Posted 2015

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Faeries Found Freelance Forest

faeries found freelance forest	
matched up verbs and adjectives
married them fine and dandy
the nouns were so mad	

Copyright © Caren Krutsinger | Year Posted 2018

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God Hates Divorce

Negative comments won't hold me down
I won't be wearing it like a royal crown 
It won't get rid of the divorce papers my dad received
When I heard about it, I felt myself in the inside grieve...will he ever be relieved? 
That message was received at the wrong day and the wrong time 
Drowsily, making rhyme after rhyme after rhyme time after time 
I don't want the same for us - 
This tragedy that has thrown us under the bus

Isn't my beloved mother aware
That God hates divorce? 
Is my humble father ever going to be happy just a hair?
We can't move the carriage without the horse 

How I hate unloving Satan with a passion? 
He makes sin as eye-catching as fashion
Divorce will take us on another level of lament
Momma, I want you to feel regret and I want God to inspire you to repent

I still have hope in mind still
You know what? It's all in God's will
I'll let it be and stop acting like a pill
I need to literally take a sleeping pill to chill out 
For sweet sleep isn't given to me tonight no doubt
Oh well, yeah, I fell pretty hard on my bottom
Now, I feel so numb and dumb and getting tasteless like gum
I can't put a finger on how shocked I am
This divorce process will make me a more lost lamb

I keep listening to music 
Because it's awfully therapeutic
The hardships we encounter
Is all because of her...I'm sure...
Sorry for being a blame-placer
But I'm a hater of divorce too
My fine and dandy future's a mighty blur
Now that I see my dad blue

Copyright © J.W. Earnings | Year Posted 2015

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September's Fire

September brings the sizzling summer to a welcome end.
Fall is embraced like a long lost friend.
Summer tiptoes away with warm, sunny days.
The harvest is ready to gather, a product of its blaze.

Leaves turn brilliant, lovely colors... it is eye candy.
September is a splendid peacock, fine and dandy.
Pumpkins and mums grace the porch for all to admire.
Summer will fade softly, leaving September's fire.

Contest for Autumn Colors 
Sponsor Nayda Ivette Negron

Copyright © Brenda McGrath | Year Posted 2016

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My Final Wishes Upon My Dying Day

This can be hard to talk about 
Very difficult to say
But I'd like to tell you what I'd like 
Upon my dying day

Could you throw a great big party
A wake to end all wakes
And if there's nothing nice to talk about 
Just throw a few lies my way

Stand me in the corner
Prop both my hands up high
So when all my friends come in
I can both wave hello and wave bye, bye

When the parties over
Before I begin to ripe
Fold me up for easy storage
In a cool place that night

In the morning let me ride on top of the car
So I can feel that southern breeze
Before we arrive at the funeral home
Please clean the bugs out of my teeth

When you step up to my golden casket
For one final glance
Don't look past the coat and tie
Cause I wont be wearing any pants

This all sounds fine and dandy
But I have no money for my elaborate plans
So I guess just take me out back to the barbecue pit
Then flush my ashes down the can

Copyright © Mike Hauser | Year Posted 2016

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The forgotten One

I want to write a poem about Jesus - the forgotten friend
We always talk about God
At least me
But not enough about Jesus
Who is He?
Is He a Man of equal status to God?
And more
God gave Him all the power in the heaven and earth
And when you call about His name
He will be there for you
I called upon His name
when my car - a SUV - was traveling on its roof
at 60 miles an hour as I had lost control of my car
He was with me and put me in a bubble
as upside down I saw me in one at low speed - a slow motion
I escaped with just a scratch on my finger as it had touched the road 
when I was upside down
He was with me
He was with me when I was fighting with the evil spirit on my walk with God 
before God said "no more"
He was with me when I was in the pit of hell
and I reached up my hand for Him to save me
You think it's fine and dandy
But I had to fight some demon spirits
on my way to get here
I don't get to be where I am at without doing some intercession
Oh yeah you think it was all fun
It was hell for a long time
Because I had to fight with spirits
That only God knows
Oh yeah the road to get here wasn't easy
But God was with me
And so is Jesus
And I had to call on His name
Yeah my friend 
You can call on His name when the road is easy
You can call on His name when the road is hard
But always call on His name
as He will be there for you
Check and see

Copyright © Toquyen Harrell | Year Posted 2015

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Too Busy to Say I Love You

Much too often we get consumed in work or whatever is going on. Forgetting to express our
love to our sufficient other. Working late, going in early, is all fine and dandy but you
have to ask yourself where's the quality time? Its like have you ever heard the term
"sleeping in" but sleeping in or going our to dinner doesn't exist in your relationship.
Passion and emotions have run dry, its like they've been sitting out in the sun. Not
knowing how to communicate is tearing your marriage apart. And the "spark" is long gone.
Dying to get it back, you come home early, cook dinner and wait. Wait for him to walk
through the door and see the look on his face. SHOCKED, APPLAUDED, AND SPEECHLESS! The
spark is regained with a kiss and i love you.

Copyright © Sabrina Huggins | Year Posted 2009

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Father and Son

17 March 2010

Father And Son
--Mirrored Refrain—
--xaBA xbAB xaBA xbAB xaBA xbAB—
--Father and Son—

Fare thee well, to humbly exist and live for my son
If he feels blue, I’ll be his clown
Everything will be fine and dandy
As a father knows best

Mother having the hand that rocks the cradle
Father as a pillar of the home
As a father knows best
Everything will be fine and dandy

I’ll choose clothes that fit him
Among the choices to pare down
Everything will be fine and dandy
As a father knows best

Accompanying him for his first haircut with the barber
And buying for his first pocket comb
As a father knows best
Everything will be fine and dandy

Accompany him to every breathtaking ride
Share the quiver and embrace to cool down
Everything will be fine and dandy
As a father knows best

Learn the ropes and lend an ear
For life is the epitome of adventuresome
As a father knows best
Everything will be fine and dandy

Copyright © Noel Villarosa | Year Posted 2010

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TO ACCLIMATE ACADEMIA - SOCIAL THEOLOGICAL STUDIES Once God confused the languages, humanity processed out to form religion. Yet, creation had given us our own separate places WHEREFORE, the Berlin Wall was placed to confront differences in opinion. Was one nation negated? History has shown us that man is his own dilemma, woman is his triumph, and child is his neglect when he is not about the future but only the past. Do we speak on what’s wrong? Or, do we stand by until all hope is gone? Was the walk just a facade? Did this solve any problems? As the universe, we diversify. But in a world that is structure around immigration, informed by origin and enslavement, diversification is divergently challenge through discrimination and hate crimes. Opposing a wrongful world to define the mundane is when humankind abominates from the atrocities described. Reforming a rightful mind brings a positivist unity that has never been in our lives. Unanimity, concordance, and harmony discreet. Our political leaders are not embracing antiquity... Instead, they relic the identity. Will it end? The revelation that is not shown. Is this a threat to human life formed? Inner body is the secret chamber. In the body will it remain? To put before requires us to apply one thing to another. Individuals populate as people. One person left out can cause a crucifixion where pain is the affliction. In that suffering is so great, abhorrence is by fate, Social theologically I write to depart insight from hindsight. Through not so freely gave because a mind is to decipher to become a sage Positing my thoughts for others to decrypt is fine and dandy. Of course, it is. Gen that consigns philosophers to seek the truth, insofar as the Tarot reader sees from the spread of cards. As a result, the world has become the universe. _____________________________________________________________| Written August 01, 2016!

Copyright © Verlena S. Walker | Year Posted 2016

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Okay God You proved Your point
I am going to tell you now
That I am writing about the things I learned
about dealing with You
You like to do the opposite
Anytime I said I was going to do something
You did everything in Your power to make sure
it does not happen
Anytime I am haughty you bring me down to earth
That is just fine and dandy
Anytime I was so sure of something
You made sure that I am not so sure
That is just great
Anytime I am counting on something
You made sure that it falls apart
from under me
Well God You can do it all 
Why don't You?
I am not going to count on
think of, believe in anything
Because there is nothing to believe
You have it
It's all Yours
And when You are ready
You can hand it to me
I am going to play
I am not going to waste my time
So much bull s anyway
I am going

Copyright © Toquyen Harrell | Year Posted 2015

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Chimp Jim and Dandy

Once me and my chimp friend bald Jim
flew through a forest limb to limb
his opposable thumb
got caught in my ho-hum
thank God old Jim’s not real prim.

My name is Miss Fine and Dandy
Bald Jim often brings me candy
a banana toffee
always does it for me
and him, since he's oh so randy.

Copyright © Debbie Guzzi | Year Posted 2011

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I am going to write a funny poem now
All this figuring out is driving me bananas
Have you ever thought why God is so hard to figure out?
He likes to drive me nuts 
I am beginning to think so
So now I don't want to do it any more
Any way the wind goes is fine with me
Comsi comsa lol
He likes to test my limits I'm beginning to think
Well this girl has a limit
And she has it
Wonder who would He bother next?
Because everything is smooth sailing here
He got it 
He makes all the decisions
No input from me
That is just fine and dandy

Copyright © Toquyen Harrell | Year Posted 2015

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Hang Man

   This has been a hot minute to say the cold hard truth. I second that! Glasses full of hours turn hands into long time. Darkness saves the day. Light work is easy. Take care; bear with me. Melting ice just is served; liquid metal. Aluminum caulk and spray painted plastic. Stuffing waste tied up one last loose end. Never officially complete as cycle repeats. Special exemption allows righteous passages. Bend over frankly speaking mumbled tones gagged under the table. Choice marrow is gorged in obesity's closet while starvation plagues bona fide skeletons. Goosebumps prickle pale skin. Hair falls from stress; once again stood up. Lies travel at light speed breaking the silenced sound barrier. Recorded by memories; burned by broken bonds that smoke clouds judgment.
Signals become blanketed but the fact remains that only you can prevent forest fires. Frost coats winters world meeting boy without jacket. Wind chills increase greatly in plain sight. Mountains are to the west. Tough times lay ahead. Games play broad way; at east. Stranded by circumstances; squeezed in the middle. Kicked rocks ricochet; skipping water, now down for the count; sand stands still.
Years pass by undetected; decades of despair riddle me this. Googled eyes point crooked fingers; twisting stories. Kitchen drawers begin to open and slam shut. Back and forth movements repeatedly forget why. What was I supposed to do? Lost car keys swallowed by couch cushions. Sitting right beside the answer; left without even saying goodbye. Contests stare down shows quick draw chalked outlines figured to be sticks. Blank spaces filled in by a circle. A straight line is attached. Another incorrect guess forms an upside down uppercase Y. Twenty-six letters to choose from. One word chosen at random; wrong person in the right place at whatever time that may mean. Figure it out or end up an upside down letter connected to a circle. Hang on for as long as possible man. Solve their puzzle for them. Fall out of sight. Mind your judgmental. Remain distracted and become forgotten.?Remember the number you were born with. Twenty-six ways to figure out how to hang like a stick. Play their game. Be careful what letters you choose.
Who knows what they might do to you if you win? Nails on the chalk board ring in silent ears; deafening tones keep vigilant listeners unaware of true potential. Blank spaces that you fill in with letters, if you lose you become a stick figure; hanged man. If you win they might not like that.
Time is passing by hot minutes turned cold hours; playing their game. Wasting precious time; walking in circles while talking about silent treatment; forgetting things.
Memory is jogged by filtered facts. Ignorance dances to local music streaming through policed networks. Everything seems fine and dandy. One day something strange happens. Knowledge halts the nonsense of slamming cupboards. Sun light replaces smoke-clouded-fog with jet streams of righteousness. Rationality presents a new song. The white noise pollution screeches intolerance; ignorant acceptance transforms.?Absolutely Dumbfounded by found dumbness; tears fill mind blowing eyes. Bubbles of snot nose hysteria, cohesively throw both arms straight up into the air. Crooked fingers point in line with googled eyes; leveling out. Twenty-six letters seem to form into one word. One answer is now considered optional as the question is understood. Do you want to play a game with me? Confidently postured in an assertive aspect the answer is; No! Blind Folded…


Copyright © Ir0nic ZiNk | Year Posted 2016

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Don't force it

I am the kind of person
That I don't let anyone in
But once you are in
You are in for life
So what kinds of person I will let in?
All kinds
What do you have to do?
You don't have to do anything
Just be yourself and be you
It does not matter what you did
or what you have to do to convince me
Usually it does not even depend on you
Who does it depend?
Me and I can't even control it
Once you are in, you are in
There was this one lady 
- the head of my organization
I could never let her get to me
No matter what she tried
Or I tried
I could never get warmed up to her
But one day I realized she is in
What did she do?
Who knows?
All I know is that she talks to me as usual
And I talk to her when I need something
So what caused it and why this sudden change?
Who knows?
My point is you can never make someone like you
Just go about your business
And if they warm up to you
That's fine and dandy
But don't give up
You can be a friend to anybody 
But until they consider you as "in"
You mean nothing to them
Is it cruel?
I am just telling you the hard truth
It's hard to be in with anybody
Because you usually don't even know what causes it
It just happens 
It could be something you say
something you do
a look
a gesture
You cannot control it
And when you are in
The feeling is mutual
Because that is the way God made it
It goes for all friendships
Platonic or crazily love
Ahh you do need to be in to consider yourself in love
Because if you don't consider that person as in
there is just no way you can be in love
You can be dreaming?
Oh yeah
That's a nice dream too
But don't force it okay?
And don't worry
It just comes

Copyright © Toquyen Harrell | Year Posted 2015

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The day began as most all do with my eye's  watching and adoring you, the break of dawn,
first light of morn, today a beautiful new word was born 'Lupercalia'

The night before we had laid so tight, I'd proposed and now you'll be my wife, but on one
condition to which I must obey, find a new word for the world's united romance day.

The second month, the 6th week, there was a list of word's I could not speak, instead of
feeling slightly blue, I took on the challenge whilst I gazed at you

Eros must of laughed whilst drawing back his bow, to deal me such a challenging blow, but
I accept this quest with all my might, I'll make sure that you become my wife

Through the twilight's first shot of light, I felt a twinge of failing fright, what if
word's were not to come, not a new expression, I felt struck dumb

Come now think, this can't be hard, think what you'd write in her banned word card, to
omit the word that rhymes with hours, to give her in place something that rhymes with towers.

Isn't this just fine and dandy, I'm saying this instead of blimey! Nearly made a fatal
slip, least she never took the best word, kiss

My Dove, my life my special one, who stupid found for me when dove begun, accept these
hours, and sweet flavoured dandy, 6 weeks, 14th, say that you'll marry me, I dove you now
as from the start, I hope you understand what's in my cart, Lupercalia, happy Lupercalia
day, thank goodness this word too was not struck away. 

Darling she said I dove you to, and I can't wait to carry you, I give to you my cart as
well, now when we speak of us no-one else can tell, the passion that we both deeply share,
for we'll always have Lupercalia there.

Copyright © julie Cottingham | Year Posted 2009

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August 23, 2015

Happy birthday
To u Randy!
Hope u're doing
Fine and dandy!

Copyright © Jennifer Gibson | Year Posted 2015

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Like No Other


Come back to me another day
We are walking on thin ice today 
You were never so cruel until this hour of shame
You were never so nasty until you hunted me down like game by calling me a horrid name...
That reduced me to anger 
The moment fame became my hater
See you later, I only love my family, friends, fans and my one true lover
We loved each other from time to time, but now we went our separate ways
Our friendship bond was snapped in two the moment we through one-of-those-days 


Why-why-why-why do you make me suffer??
Didn't you know-know-know that I loved you like no other??
L-l-like no other
We loved each other
L-l-like no other 
We belonged together
Now, I hate you-you
Like no other...other...
Just know I loved you above all...
Now, I hate you and that's not all...pass me the reason-behind-it-all ball

{verse 1}

With these doubtful thoughts in mind,
I feel so empty inside
I know I can make it up to you...but I can't find the words to say this time 
Negativity leaves me blind 
I feel so breathless all the time, but I'm ready for life's rapid ride


Oh oh oh oh oh
Oh oh ooooooh
Ah ah ah ah ah
Ah ah ahhhhhh 

I'm ready to burst into flames 
Ah ah, no...I can't say yes to you...
You called me all sorts of vile names...
Oh no...ah you made me feel blue...
Inside of me, outside of you possibly 
You spread rumors about me and it's meant to be
My reputation ain't ruined yet
Oh oh oh oh, I won't get upset and there will be nothing I regret

Mmmhmmm x7 
Ah da da da da da da 
Ahhhh hmmmmm.......


Why-why-why-why do you make me suffer??
Didn't you know-know-know that I loved you like no other??
L-l-like no other
We loved each other
L-l-like no other 
Now, I hate you, unlike my brothers, sisters, mother, father 
I hate you, but I love you
I love you, but I hate you 
We belonged together
Now, we can live without each other like no don't you bother-bother me about my decision of leaving you behind just like you did to me - I know it sounds so immature...
Don't ever say never...
Don't say whatever...
I can love whoever...
So, next subject - how was the weather? 
You're as light as a feather, but I can look for someone that can treat me better...waaaaay better...

{verse 2}

I wait for you to shine my direction...
I need your touch, your affection...
Oh baby, come back to me...please...
Oh darling...put my soul at ease...don't be a tease...
I-I-I don't see a way out of your captivity 
Oh-oh-oh now I believe in His Liberty
Ah-ah-ah now what am I supposed to do...
Mhm mhm when I'm sick with the love flu?


{verse 3}

I guess all along, 
I was this ghost...
Roaming around, trying to belong...wanting to sing this song...
I'm lonely, I won't boast
Because all the pride is burnt in flames
And you keep playing your mind games
Fly away, wings of flight
I beg today will be my night 
Soar away, eagle of might
You said 'sorry' one too many're bold enough to let me go tonight...
The moon is shining oh so bright, alright 
Illuminate me, my serenity plight 



Everything is just fine and dandy...just leave my side (if you can be so kind)
Just leave me be for a few...let the coffee of time brew...
If only you knew my heart's hate is serpentine (to my foolish mind)
You haven't a clue you ain't part of my friendship crew... 
Who do you think you are? 
A super star with a past scar?
You are a shooting star in the sky...
My universe eyes won't ask why...
Why do I even try?
Try? Try? Try?
Why can't I simply fly? 
I cry,
I shy away, 
I die, 
I fade to gray...this dismal day...oh my dismay goes astray this gloomy day...
What can I say? 
I want you to stay...not stray away from my side today 



But, it didn't work out as planned
Our love affair went kinda out of hand 
We don't belong together - let me change things up for a better future 
I can love whoever, whenever - our love didn't last forever...forever...
I belong with someone else now...
You weren't like no other...that was in the past...I'm making some changes at last! Infatuations don't last...
Somehow, I made changes and took a bow and a loyal vow...
You aren't like no other, so don't bother to change my mind because I had to make up my mind awfully fast 


I've grown accustomed to you long ago
But now I'm wearing an upside down frown
You collected your change and left my sight to another flow
My blessed breeze blows and I ain't coming down in this wretched town 
You won't see me around
I'll be as quiet as a church ground
I was once home-bound
I was lost, but now I'm found without a sound 
I don't want you back, alright? So prepare to leave on your first flight!
You once brought sun to my universe eyes 
I don't orbit around you like the Earth anymore...I'll  be on my own tonight! 
I suppose you were just telling me sugar-coated lies and fake lullabies just to have your way with me before your final goodbye's 

Copyright © J.W. Earnings | Year Posted 2016

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I know You heard me

Stupid, God
I won't do it no more
I won't do what you tell me to 
What? I don't know
I just won't do it no more
Why do You always ever do something?
You always have the right idea
I am being sarcastic
Whatever Lord
I don't care
I make up my mind that I don't care
as it's no use keeping up with you
You do it alone
You will not have me doing it with you
as I would not participate
You go your way
I go my way
If it happens to merge
that's fine and dandy
I will not second guess you
I am tired
You hear me?

Copyright © Toquyen Harrell | Year Posted 2015

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How's Your Old Ticker Ticking

How's your dear old ticker ticking
When's the last time you had it checked
If it's been a while then get right to it
Better safe than sorry by heck

Us old guys need to keep on top of it
Procrastination can be a deadly thing
Knew a man who's now six feet under
Thought life was just one big fling

We're all here for just a short time
So be happy and smile as you proceed
Make sure you live your life to the fullest
As the years fly by at full speed

How's your dear old ticker ticking
Don't dare say 'I'm feeling pretty well'
You may be feeling fine and dandy today
Then wham... it's the final bell!

© Jack Ellison 2012

Copyright © Jack Ellison | Year Posted 2012

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Kaos In -part 3-

Blanked out
Blanket bliss...
I pout and doubt
And all dat 'n diss
I'm not spic and span
I'm not fine and dandy
Rollercoaster my blues
I have some news...
scrambled with clues 
Wearing diffarant (being arrogant and different) shoes 

All I said
All I've sanity's gone 
Left for dead 
I lost my head...darkness won 
Go to bed...everything will be alright...fine !!
Go away...
Lead me ahead...of the commotion line ...
I pray 
I won't fall prey
To you again...
A frantic hen...

I rave about you, I'm blue and you had no clue - chow, rue 
Behave and be brave why don't you? Shoo, cruel roach stew 
Don't screw around with my mind and I ain't stupid or blind
I'm a dyslexic, bipolar guy I can't, I don't mind being left behind

You're dashing
You're passionate about everything and everyone at that 
That's quite Abashing
That you had to leave behind some friends to earn five thousand fans right off the bat

I've lost - so what? So be flippin' regret...don't get upset with me
I'm ten minutes away from losing it all
Cut the slack for me...I'm the ****, my little, sly pet...come on and be free

Fuq labels...
Doesn't it ring a billion bells?
My universe is spaced vacant route
White out the black of my heart of dig-it doubt 

I'm boss right now-ow...
I'm beast and I run dis show
Don't cow around...ow! 
I lift up a breath-taking brow 

I made up my own English
I'm not speakin' on rubbish
Jibberish in a jiffy ain't joyous, you see?
I'm a silly, immature boy...but wise like a wizard of magical ecstasy next to sea...freedom pleas crawl out of my cranium mouth (closed mouth) and you can't hear my silent screams possibly 

Can't address the past,
Running away from me so fast 
Everything here in this lifetime is corrupted and's a winky and a Willy Wonka candy bar with a twinky - happy birthday, pinky (means to be teased by little favors and belittling someone jokingly) 
Alas, there is no at last in this world of life as if it's my first day in this world of woe; your attitude of ingratitude is so dang stinky 

Elbow me with your take-your-bow flaws
I respect your perspective, based off of perception 
I honor You, but my human nature gnaws...with its deceiving applause
I suspect that you're gone and I'm left to be by myself...receiving reflecting rejection...I'm like a Trump in presidential election, yet I'm ridiculed like Bush that was in office - my arrogance and pride I don't fancy...but my bragging-humbly ways is an exception 

Don't butt in 
Don't head out
The door right before me
The floor left behind the tree 
I speak flowery and I speak cornily...I aim to please, not to inflict pain on others and waste everyone's one and only precious time...for life is short, so cease from being a torturesome tease 
I leak out words of guilty pleasures and temporary satisfactions 
Predictable pain and suffering didn't set me free from angstieties - hand me the keys of at-ease pahlease (angstieties means angsty anxieties)

Copyright © J.W. Earnings | Year Posted 2016

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Confessions of a poet

   Confessions of a poet.

A poet is an investigator of love

a poet, is beat

his motivation, his muse

his muse, his voice

a poets verse, a verse

a poets verse, his voice

his expressions, his words

his page, anything blank

A poets posture is aliterate 

a poets state of mind, an intellect 

A poets life is a poem waiting to be written

a poets weakness, anything fine and dandy 

his strength, desolation

his desolation, a reality

his reality, a written poem

A poet is a stranger

a poet is recognizable
a poet remembers anything that catches his attention

a poet forgets names but never moments

a poet hates authority

a poet questions everything

A poet has been diagnosed

a poet is a prognosis 

a poet is medicated

a poet is a figment

A poet is imaginary

a poet seeks meaning

a poet, an enigma

a poet has been born twice

A poet forgives

a poet rejects

a poet has lived

a poet regrets, just once, otherwise, why write at all?

Copyright © Feo The ugly drunken poet | Year Posted 2014

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Jokes passed around in my car…
Sure went very far…left me with a scar…
Maybe I’ll be His unique, brilliant star…
It’s awesome that I’m a daydreamer thus far…

I’m like a prowling lion, waiting for its prey – RAWR!
I’m like the lowest of the lowest bar…arrrrr!
I’m just as bizarre 
As a pirate in his ship that’s about to be at war – 
ARR maties! The other pirates laugh – HAR HAR HAR!

I’m so crazy, still wondering where you are…
You…are…in this heart of stone…a heart that is the color of tar…

But, together, we are extra courageous 
We are like a soccer team – hell, if I knew about the fuss (meaning: if I followed sports, then I’d supposedly be “a normal boy”)
We are like wealthy individuals – wow, very luxurious!  
If only my siblings and I didn’t cuss – we always do…mhm! YUS!

I’m feeling uncomfortable in my skin right now
If I were comfortable in my shoes – since I’m not – how would I be like? 
I’m like my dog when I walk him – he goes in opposite directions…somehow…
I can never understand anyone in the first place…I drift off into my own mindset and I get awfully upset afterwards – words are words and they are only temporary (they flutter and flutter in my mind like a billion birds)…not to mention the fact that we’re not on the same page…we went our separate ways and I sit here in silent rage…I’m like a bike that runs into a bricked wall – I’m all wrecked-up, but I’m feeling His healing hands on my shoulder, assuring me that everything is fine and dandy…I’m like-like-like…

The light and dark side of me: BIZARRE!!!


XD - this poem is dedicated to the weirdest Gemini side of me...ain't it strange? Please leave a comment below (: Thank you!

Copyright © J.W. Earnings | Year Posted 2016

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Fog Walking

Fog so thick that one could almost… Part it with one’s finger Enter into where dwell ghosts And mayhaps worse might linger Just a few paces and familiar things Cease to exist So few traces that memory brings Penetrates the mist Bearings lost, in droplets tossed Rain that ne’er touches the ground But floats about, like frosted floss And about me doth surround Hands before me groping reaching Sound smothered in gray cotton Colours fade like dye leaching From clothes old and rotten My mind had visions Of a pleasant walk in the fog Not frightful frissons As bristled hair on a dog Before me…Now! Looming…rearing!! Dark shape…The prow Of a great ship appearing! My heart was paralyzed My mind thrown for a loop! Til I took reckon and realized ‘Twas my own house and back stoop Seemed a jolly good idea, brash and fine A jaunty walk-about all fine and dandy But I think a better idea (next time) Is to look at the fog from out the window Recline in my chair…and sip brandy

Copyright © David O'Haolin Whalen | Year Posted 2013

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Rough Day

The Car Won't Start this Morning
It's Really on the Blink
I Tried to Leave a Note
And My Pen Ran out of Ink

I Washed the Breakfast Dishes
Put the Kids down for a Nap
The Last Thing That You Said Is
I Won't Be Coming Back

Well That's Just Fine and Dandy
I Really Love You Too
Go out and Find it Better
I Think I Don't Need You

Today Has Not Been Very Good
I Could Really Use a Change
Sometimes I Think I'm Crazy
And I Feel Rather Strange

But You'll Be Back Tonight
With a Slight Apology
Then I'll Put My Arms Around You
And I'll Know Where I Should Be


Copyright © Connie Moore | Year Posted 2013