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The Best Fight Like Cats And Dogs Poems

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Doggone*Dog *contest*

.     *DOGGY  STYLE*

Tonight! Tonight! I must display.
About my man's doggy style way.

Once he comes home he acts like I'm his "DOGGY BAG."
"It’s DOGGING ME!" The way he starts to nag.

He came from the bar with his "DOG BREATH!"
Calling me by the name of Beth.

When he settles down he starts acting like he's the "TOP DOG!"
"DOGGONE IT!" doesn't he know I'm adding this bone to my blog.

Now he's drunk acting "MEAN LIKE a JUNK YARD DOG!"
I taunt him by calling him a pig and a hog.

We "FIGHT LIKE CATS and DOGS," this really must be love?
"It's a DOG eat DOG WORLD" when push comes to shove!

Once again he will sleep "IN THE DOG HOUSE!"
This time for ripping my favorite blouse.

I wish he was a real dog, he needs to be neutered and fixed.

I think I will laugh and kiss him good night.

By morning he will be "SICK AS A DOG" and scary like a mouse.
I'm still waiting to be "Happy as a FLEA in a DOG HOUSE!"

"HE IS NOTHING BUT A HOUND DOG" thinking it's doggy style all the time!
In his rabies case his desires keeps getting worse than slobber and slime.

.Should I tell my man that his actions are  what I call humans love torch?
 With the reaction "IF you can’t run with the BIG DOG's PUPPY, STAY on the porch!"

By; smiles

Copyright © Poet Destroyer A | Year Posted 2010

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My Handsome, Your Average

I know I yell at you,
Call you out your name.
And when I do that,
I see you as average.
Your just like the others for a moment,
But that's because I'm looking at you through angry eyes.
But as I'm pissed no more,
Looking at you through those eyes with a different emotion.
I just see... The best part of me.
I know I be mean to you,
I just don't really know how to show my feelings anymore.
I want to love you.
J just don't know how anymore,
I lost Myself along time ago.
But I'm piecing myself back together a little at a time.
Everytime I look at our picture with us laughing,
I smile,
I don't know why,
God it could be so many, many reasons as to why.
Maybe remembering when we took it,
How it took forever because of me.
Or how I can look at that picture and realize I have what I've always wished for.
Someone who actually love me for me.
Happiness is what I get when I'm with you.
Yes we fight like cats and dogs,
But we make up just as quick.
Your my Handsome 
And I'm your Average
I guess that's what balance the two.

Copyright © Atedra McGhee | Year Posted 2010

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They howl, piddle, and slobber
All over your new shoes.
They eat everything in their line of sight,
And you never get to read the news!

They think everything belongs to them,
no matter what it is.
It could be a rubber ball,
it's either hers or his.

They fight like cats and dogs,
and never seem to share, 
they'd rather have the box,
than the toys you bought to show you care.

And even though they make a million mistakes,
and make you feel so old,
you never stop loving them,
because those babies are your own.

Copyright © Brooke Clark | Year Posted 2010